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Love Bites


Everybody thinks vampires are so damn sexy! I mean, even in the movies they are portrayed by the likes of Tom Cruise and Stuart Townshend. Meanwhile, we lycanthropes are stuck with Jack Nicholson and Michael J. Fox. Where's the justice in that I ask you? Of course, there are other issues that separate our kind. Vampires tend to be solitary creatures, while werewolves are very social, the original party animals, you might say. Another reason I've never much cared for vamps is their scent; vampires are dead, after all, and most of them smell like it. So, all in all, I've never been a huge fan of the undead...never really bought into the sexy stereotype...until I met Kim.

It was a regular Friday night for me. It just happened to also be Halloween. The full moon was out, but I've been dealing with my condition most of my life so I'm able to keep it under control. Besides I was hanging at TJ's, a hangout owned by a member of my pack, so I wasn't exactly worried. Normal humans rarely wander into rowdy werewolf biker bars, and those that do usually deserve what happens to them. I know, I know, there's another lycanthrope stereotype for 'ya. We're not all bikers. I say it's sheer coincidence that most of the big, hairy guys I hang out with turn into big, hairy wolves when the moon is full.

Anyhow, there I was, nursing a beer at the bar, when my finely-tuned animal senses noted an unfamiliar presence at the door. Yeah, okay, I saw her come in. So did most of the crowd, and every one of them, even the few women present, turned to stare at her. There was just something about her.

She wasn't drop dead gorgeous, or waif-thin like most vamp girls I've met. She wasn't dressed head to toe in skin-tight black leather either. Still, she drew the eye of everyone in the joint. Then she calmly took a step toward the bar, and it seemed the spell was broken. Conversations restarted, the juke box music faded back into focus, and the balls on the pool table in the back room cracked loudly.

The next thing I knew she was standing next to me at the bar. In an instant I knew she was a vampire. Her pale, pale ivory skin gave her away. No one's that pale unless they're dead. Everything else about her read as human though. She was dressed in faded blue jeans, and a silky-looking black top that accented her voluptuous curves. Her ash-blonde hair was short and curly, and when she turned her big, hazel eyes to look at me, I could see the faint freckles dancing across the bridge of her upturned nose. Then she smiled at me, and I caught a glimpse of fang, confirming what I'd already surmised. Surprisingly, the knowledge didn't bother me much.

I started to turn away, but again found myself surprised when she said, "Hi, my name is Kim."

Kim? I thought to myself. What the hell kinda name is that for a vampire?

But I caught myself, and instead offered up my hand for her to shake.

"Uh, Matt," I found myself blurting out.

"Nice to meet you, Uh Matt."

I chuckled in spite of myself.

"So, to perpetuate a cliche..." she said, "do you come here often?"

"Most weekends," I replied, trying to be polite...trying not to stare.

Frankly, I wasn't sure what to do. I mean here's this woman, she's hot as hell, she's a vampire, she's not the type you usually find slumming with the dogs, and she's talking to me. Chatting me up. I didn't know what to do. Should I snarl at her? Buy her a drink? I wondered what she'd drink besides blood? I was at a loss. So, like a typical guy, I just sat there and gawked.

Things got even worse when she leaned toward me, and I caught a whiff of her scent. She smelled like no other vampire I'd ever encountered. Yes, there were traces of the meaty scent I associate with vampires, but it wasn't overpowering. Overlying that was the warm smell of sugar and cinnamon, and overlying that was the musky smell of a woman.

Imagine, if you can, the smell of an extra rare steak, still dripping with blood, and at the same time the smell of a freshly baked apple pie, then add the smell of sex. Now, multiply that aroma tenfold to account for the sensitive nose of a wolf. That's what she smelled like! I was in olfactory heaven.

I barely recollect the rest of the evening at the bar. I must have been at my most charming, because the next thing I remember the two of us were staggering through the door of the slum I call home. I must have also been drunk off my ass to bring a chick like her into a dump like that. Most guys I know are not exactly neat freaks. Combine that natural tendency with my animal instincts, and well...you can probably guess what my apartment looked, and smelled like.

It didn't seem to bother Kim though. She seemed more interested in tearing my clothes off than checking out my pad. As soon as I kicked the door shut she was on me like a swarm of fleas. Her hands slowly slid up underneath my black T-shirt, surprisingly warm. I found the thought that she had probably fed earlier in the evening reassuring. Not that I feared her draining me of blood. By virtue of their regenerative powers werewolves are almost immune to vampire bites. Still, it was nice to know that she wouldn't be looking at me like a snack.

Yeah, uh, turns out I was wrong about that one.

She slid her hands along my sides, her long nails tickling my ribs as she slid my T-shirt up toward my head, sending shivers up my spine. I reached down, grabbed my shirt by the hem, and whipped it off. It joined the large pile of dirty laundry strewn across my floor. With my T-shirt gone, Kim was free to explore my muscled chest and cut abs to her non-beating heart's content. Okay, so that sounds conceited, but it's true.

I have been told by a lot of women that I have a nice body. Mostly I have my natural high metabolism to thank for that. Wolves are pretty lean. Of course, most wolves don't scarf down Twinkies and beer either, so I had been known to work out occasionally. Kim must have thought it was passable, because she dropped her hands down to my black, studded leather belt, and practically ripped it off. Before I knew it my remaining clothing was gone, and my naked ass was being shoved onto the futon.

Somewhere along the line she had also shed her blouse and pants and now she hovered above me in sexy, black panties with a lacy matching bra. Her scent and the sight of her alabaster skin already had me hard as a rock, but I felt my groin tighten further when she leaned close, brushing my chest with hers. My hands came up to clasp her tiny waist.

"Trick or treat?" she whispered. Then she kissed me!

I know from experience that kissing with fangs is not easy. First kisses are awkward as it is, never mind trying it with inch-long, razor-sharp fangs in your mouth. Still, she made it seem effortless. Her mouth melded with mine as if we were made for each other. Her tongue darted lightly into my mouth only to pull away again. She was teasing me. Only as she drew away did she nick me lightly, leaving me with the faint, coppery taste of blood in my mouth, which, I have to say, was actually a turn-on.

It goes without saying that it was a turn-on for her too. Next thing I know she's got my hands pinned above my head, and her mouth is at my throat. Still, I wasn't too worried. I figured pound for pound, my supernatural strength against hers, I could take her. Right then, unless she went for the jugular, I was still planning on getting laid. So, I relaxed, or tried to, and waited. Finally she pulled back from my throat.

I could tell she was excited. Her eyes took on a faint, reddish glow, and she had a look in them that could only be lust...or starvation. I was crossing my fingers that it was lust. Once again she leaned in close, and began nuzzling my neck, nibbling and sucking on it, driving me wild. Then I felt the slight prick of her fangs against my skin, but it wasn't enough to break through. It did however nearly break my control. My cock was throbbing as she drew her fangs down along my neck.

I felt a surge of pain-pleasure when her sharp teeth grazed over the thin skin of my collarbone, fang nearly meeting bone. She trailed her fangs and tongue down my chest until she reached my left nipple. A sharp nip, followed by a flick of her tongue had me gasping in ecstasy. Her fangs were like steel sliding across my skin as she worked her way slowly over to my other nipple, sharp and cool. A faint line of red appeared on my skin in her wake, but she didn't actually puncture the skin. I admired her control; I'd finally given up on mine.

I could feel myself arching into her as she drew her mouth along the line of dark hair on my abdomen. She released my hands, but I seemed to be having trouble making them move. Maybe there was some truth to all those tales of vampire mind control. As she kissed her way down my body her fingers drifted lightly across the exposed skin of my thighs, until finally I felt her warm hand close around my engorged cock.

Then her mouth was on me, and I was groaning with pleasure. Now, I know that having razor-sharp anything close to one's dick is pretty scary, but honestly her fangs were the last thing on my mind. I was totally focused on the sensation of her tongue as it glided across my skin like a whisper. She swirled her tongue around the taut head of my cock once before closing her mouth around me.

Her mouth, like her hands, was surprisingly warm for a dead chick. It felt so good as she sucked me, soft, wet, warm, just like I imagined her pussy would be. I could feel a climax building quickly; she'd had me on the edge even before she went down on me, so I was half-disappointed, half-relieved when she pulled her mouth off my cock, and began licking along my thigh. One hand splayed across my thigh, her nails digging slightly into my skin. Her other hand took up where her mouth had left off.

It wasn't nearly as good as having her lips wrapped around me, but it was still getting the job done. I could feel a tightening in my balls, a sure sign of things to come. Suddenly, I felt a stab in my groin. I looked down. Oh shit! She'd bitten me in the femoral artery. I felt a sharp, blinding pain, and then a warm wave of pleasure. As my hot blood spurted into her mouth, my cock spurted as well. I could feel the pulsating rhythm of both my blood and my semen as I found my release. I don't remember a time when I've come as hard.

I think I passed out, just for a second. Whether it was from a sudden drop in blood pressure or just extreme pleasure I don't know. Either way, it was unusual. We werewolves are tougher than that. When I opened my eyes again, she was licking my leg, a mixture of blood and cum smeared across her mouth. Not surprisingly my thigh barely hurt at all, there was just a slight ache in my groin. My wounds were already starting to heal. Come to think of it, I felt great.

Kim looked up at me, a sexy, feral smile on her face. Slowly, she licked her lips, then her fingers, clearing the lingering traces of my bodily fluids from her skin, and I felt my lust kicking in again. There's a lot to be said for the recuperative powers of a lycanthrope at times like this. My cock was already hardening.

Grabbing her arms I tugged her up until she sprawled full length against my body. Her breasts rubbed against my chest as I crushed her to me. I nuzzled her neck, drinking in her smell, feeling myself growing more turgid by the moment.

"My turn!"

Before she could realize what I had in mind, or protest, I rolled over, pinning her body beneath my own. She smelled delicious. I slid down her body and spreading her thighs, buried my face in her pussy. My nose filled with her rich smell, which left me quivering with need. I wasn't content just to smell her, I had to taste her, so I drew my tongue along her slick folds. The tangy taste of her pussy had me slavering. I pushed my tongue deeply into her wetness, licking and sucking her clit, flicking my tongue against her heat.

When I slid a finger, then another, inside her tight sheath, she wriggled against my mouth. Thrusting with my fingers and tongue I soon had her gasping beneath me. Finally, with a cry she arched against me, grabbing at my hair, pulling me closer as she reached her climax.

Now I had her where I wanted her, well, almost. I rose up, kneeling on the bed, and flipped her over on her stomach. Her back gleamed white in the moonlight. It awoke in me a need, a need to let my own hunger run wild. I let slip my form, let the moonlight shining through the window do its work. I felt my nails harden into claws, felt my own fangs lengthen. Enough, just enough...

Kim was still beneath me. She waited as I had, limp with desire, not afraid. I lowered my body to hers, and in the way of my pack gave her a gentle nip on the neck. She yelped, just like a bitch, but she didn't move away. So I snuffled my nose into her neck, nuzzling, and nipping, licking, nibbling. I sunk my teeth into her firm, plump flesh, feeling it give beneath my fangs, leaving red marks all over her body. She moaned beneath me as I worked my way across her back, giving her tender love bites. I drew my claws down along her sides, brushing them lightly past her breasts, down to her hips, then back up.

She began to squirm a little, still, I teased her. I could smell her arousal. Finally, I could stand it no longer. I slid an arm beneath her, hoisting her hips up. The entrance to her pussy glistened, and I couldn't resist touching a clawed finger to her cleft. She wiggled against my hand, and I could feel the warmth and wetness gathered there. I reared back on my knees, and grabbing my cock guided it into her slick passage.

My hands went to her hips, pulling her back as I thrust deep inside her. God, she was tight and wet, as warm and alive as any woman could be, even though she was dead. I slid slowly out of her, then thrust back in hard, watching as her flesh closed around my cock. It felt sooo good. She must have thought so too, because she pushed back against my hips, like she couldn't get enough of my dick.

I set up a slow rhythm of thrusts that soon had her moaning. As for me, I was panting with desire, but I knew I could hold out, I had to. I stepped it up just a little and was rewarded with whimpers from Kim. I felt a sheen of sweat building up on my body, and knew I was getting close, I just hoped I could make it last. I plunged into the warm depths of her pussy, hovering on the brink, until finally I heard her gasp. I felt a warm rush, then her muscles clamped down on me, sending me into a spiraling orgasm of my own. I stiffened and managed to thrust deeply into her one last time, before we both collapsed.

"Definitely treat," I told her.

I couldn't move. Her skin was damp beneath my cheek, and I knew my weight was probably crushing her face into the pillow, but I swear I was incapable of movement in that moment. Finally I summoned the strength to roll to the side, dragging her with me, burying my face in her neck. So much for superhuman stamina. All I wanted to do was cuddle up to her and sleep. My newfound love had other ideas however. Unfortunately, they weren't the sexy kind, they were more the get-the-hell-outta-Dodge kind.

Although I protested, she wiggled away from me and began retrieving her clothing. Normally, I wouldn't have protested, I'm the love 'em and leave 'em type myself, but I was feeling selfish. Kim wasn't human, I couldn't hurt her like I would a human woman, yet she was far more exotic than the pack bitches. I could totally see this working out.

"Stay," I begged.

"I can't."

"The sun won't be up for hours."

"It's not that," she said. "I'm a daywalker anyhow."

A daywalker, an anomaly, a child infected by vampiric bite while still in the womb. Well, that explained a lot, like the warm skin for example, and her scent.

"Why not stay then?" I asked.

She couldn't think of a reason...so she stayed.

And to think some people think love bites!

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