tagNonHumanTammy's Wolf and Mate

Tammy's Wolf and Mate


She felt his presence as soon as she walked into the club. Tammy could not see him through the web of tangled bodies on the dance floor, but she knew he was there watching her. Tammy couldn't exactly explain how she knew, however the skin on her arms seemed to ripple every time he was near.

Tammy loved the sizzling atmosphere and was glad that her girlfriends pulled her into the doors of Club DNA eight months ago. It was not only the beginning of an eternal relationship but the first steps in discovering her true nature and what that entailed.

She smiled to herself as she reached out and grabbed the closest male and began to move sinfully against the contours of his anatomy. Tammy's maneuvers elicited a moan every time her womanhood rubbed shamelessly against his growing bulge. She was well aware her actions would draw him out of hiding and to her. It seemed to become a game to them. One of which she stumbled upon after her first visit to the club.

As she wantonly continued her grinding, Tammy's mind flashed back to that first night at the club. How she was standing at the bar with her friends and felt a pair of eyes intently staring at her. The pull of that stare was so strong that It compelled her to look around.

She finally found the man behind the stare at a back table surrounded by people laughing and talking. Their eyes met and a shiver went down her spine. Tammy heard a voice in her head growling, "Mine." "What was that?", she asked as she shook her head and focused on the male.

He had long brown hair, piercing blue eyes, and a beard she longed to rub her skin against. Tammy smiled and something drove her to walk forward never taking her eyes off of him. As she approached the table, he looked away and began to speak to a beautiful red head sitting beside him. Tammy growled again surprising herself once more.

"Wtf is happening to me, she asked herself. She didn't remember walking across the dance floor or even stopping at the table. She stared at the breath taking male before her and attempted to introduce herself. He ignored her which made her angry.

So after the second undertaking failed, she decided to say fuck it and turned and walked toward the dance floor. She grabbed the first body that tickled her fancy. Tammy began to move sensually to the music, massaging his body with her own. She could feel those eyes on her again, but she chose to ignore him this time and continued her fun.

Tammy reached up and pulled the nameless male to her and covered his lips with hers. She deepened the kiss and there tongues began to do a forbidden promenade. Then all of a sudden Tammy was very much alone on the dance floor wondering what happened to her new friend. She opened her eyes to see the man whom she was just molesting restrained against the wall opposite the dance floor.

It took her a moment to realize who the perpetrator was, the man from the back table. Due to the loud music, Tammy couldn't hear what was transpiring. The unknown male seemed to have her dance partner pinned by his neck growling at him. Tammy approached the two men and over heard the tale end of the conversation, " She is my mate, and if you touch her again young one I will teach you what 600 years of existence can teach a vamp." With that statement, Tammy gasped and those piercing blue eyes turned toward her. She wasn't sure if she heard correctly but even the possibility scared her, and Tammy managed to turn away from his intense stare and head toward the door. Tammy had never been more focused or determined. She was not going to let this, "what did he call himself vamp" pollute her mind then proceed to control her.

William, the man from the booth, smiled as his mate moved through the snarled mess of bodies on the dance floor towards the door. He thought to himself, "Only someone who is my true mate, equal in strength and power could turn away from my impassioned stare. Wow her movement is beautiful for a lycanthrope, but does she even know what she is?" A question that he intended to investigate to it's fullest.

Tammy never looked back as she pushed her way through the doors of Club DNA. She let out a breath she didn't know she was holding and headed towards her car. Tammy finally arrived back at her apartment and allowed herself to rehash the evenings event. From the growling coming from her, the overwhelming pull towards the man with the blue eyes to the vamp comment, Tammy was exhausted. "Things will look better in the morning, " Tammy told herself and let sleep capture her at last.

Tammy had a vivid dream of a beautiful black wolf drinking from a stream. She could actually feel the cold water go down her throat. Tammy was a little scared but embraced the dream. It wasn't until a man approached the wolf that she felt the menacing growl from deep inside her. The man looked familiar and the she wolf stopped growling and cocked her head.

It was something about his eyes, blue and penetrating. The man approached her and reached out his hand. He had a strong but gentle caress and his smell was driving her mad. The kind of madness which made the she wolf want to expose her belly to him. What was it about this man the wolf wondered.

The black wolf continued to look over her companion. Strong hands, long legs and oh my the man invading Tammy's dream world, the man invading her wolf's space was naked. Tammy's wolf as she started to call her for some strange reason felt there was a connection, and wanted to start licking his shaft.

It was striking, the most beautiful cock she'd ever seen yet it was the only one she'd ever seen as a wolf. It was protruding proudly from his sculpted body. The wolf couldn't look away. The man's cock was three inches thick and nine inches long. She had to taste that magnificent tool. The wolf approached the man and began to sniff him and he stilled. Again his smell was maddening. And as the wolf was about to take a tentative lick a loud horn sounded in the distance. Tammy sat up in bed panting and very wet.

Tammy realized it was no horn at all but her alarm clock. It was 8 am and she remembered she was meeting her friend Sonia for breakfast. Tammy decided that two analysts were better than one, therefore she decided to decipher her dream with Sonia's help. They've been friends for three years and she trusted Sonia because she possessed some special gifts.

She arrived at there designated restaurant as the hostess was sitting down her friend. Her and Sonia hugged across the table and Tammy proceeded to tell Sonia about her experience at the club and her dream. Sonia thought for a moment and told Tammy that it sounded like the man in her dream seems to be the same man from the club.

Ok that explains the man but what about the growling in the club and the wolf. Sonia said she wasn't sure, but if she wanted to on Saturday they could meet with her mom who had more gifts and some books on interpreting dreams. Tammy agreed but was a little apprehensive.

Tammy arrived at Sonia's mom's and felt as though her life would never be the same. Those thoughts would come back to haunt her because Sonia's mom told her some incredible news. Tammy had known she was adopted but didn't know anything about her parents other then they died during an animal attack while camping. Maria told the two friends that she had done some investigating into her past and found that she was not quite human. Tammy and Sonia listened intently to the tales of werewolves and other supernatural beings. Since Tammy was adopted by human parents and raised as such, she had suppressed her inner wolf.

Maria further explained that wolves mate for life and they have only one true mate. Tammy had not shown any traits of her wolf side until the mating pull started. Which explained the growling and someone talking in her head screaming "mine" when they crossed paths with vamp with the blue eyes. "OMG are you telling me that I found my mate?" Tammy's head was spinning when she left Maria's house with Sonia.

She thanked Sonia and went to her lonely apartment stating she had to go home and digest what she had just learned. Tammy had tried to sleep but could only lay in her bed and stare at the ceiling. It was two hours later when pure exhaustion took her and she fell asleep.

Once again Tammy dreamed of a black wolf drinking from a stream. But this time she was no longer confused because she knew the beautifully muscled wolf was her. However, Tammy was also there in her human form.

Tammy the woman approached the wolf and held out her hand. "I am so sorry that you were suppressed for so long my gorgeous friend, Tammy stated as the wolf licked her hand. If I would have know my true nature, your life would have been different. I would have allowed you to roam free and maybe even got a place deep in the woods so we wouldn't be discovered. Woman by day and wolf by night. Tammy giggled at that cause she made herself sound like a superhero.

The voices in my head lately was you wasn't it girl. The wolf shook her head and Tammy smiled. No worries my new friend, you will never be suppressed again. Tammy started to pet her wolf and soon the petting became tugging. The tugging turned into play fighting and the wolf had her counterpart pinned in no time. Tammy looked up into her wolves' eyes which were like looking into her own and smiled. I promise that I will learn as much as I can about our kind and make sure your needs are taken care of as well a mine."

Her wolf began to wag her tail and at that moment, a branch snapped and both wolf and woman turned quickly. The black wolf got in front of her human and lowered herself in a fighting stance, growling at the man approaching them. A realization hit making both woman and wolf relax. It was the same man from Tammy's first dream which she also knew was the same man from the club walking towards them in all his naked glory.

"Do not touch her, Tammy said almost snarling at the man as he bent down to pet her wolf. We do not know you but it seems we want to." The man just smiled as the wolf bared her belly for him to scratch. Giving all his attention to the wolf, he started to scratch her and spoke. "Yes indeed it does seem I have piqued your interest especially you wolves'. I guess you will only find the answers you seek at Club DNA if you are brave enough to come and ask the questions." And with that the vamp stood capturing her eyes with his own.

With her wolf lying content, Tammy approached the man never turning away from his gaze. She decided it was only a dream so she could indulge in some fun. So she reached out and wrapped her small hand firmly around his cock. He became instantly hard and moaned at the skin to skin contact. Tammy felt a surge of power run through her therefore, she began a slow deliberate torture.

Tammy started at the base of his cock and slowly moved her hand to the head of his cock then back again. She noticed the contrast of his pale skin to her sun kissed skin and thought to herself, "how beautiful" as she stroked him again and again until his cock head glistened with precum. The vamp hissed,"Oh little one how you will pay later for the game you are now playing. Shut up Tammy stated boldly. This is my dream so I have the control here." Tammy was unaware of how real the dream was and how much actual power the vamp had to make that threat a reality.

Tammy grinned and lowered herself to her knees and licked the precum off the vamps purple cock head. He let out a breath and Tammy looked up into his eyes but this time she didn't see blues eyes staring back but black. Tammy gasped and the vamp let out an evil laugh which showed his elongated fangs. Tammy regained her composure and once again gave his 9 inches her full attention.

Tammy stuck out her tongue and made circles around the head of his throbbing meat and began massaging his balls. Tammy liked his taste and she decided playtime was over and engulfed his cock. He watched intently as Tammy's head went up and down sucking and stroking him and after a few moments the vamp began face fucking her.

He kept his beast in check going slowly at first until Tammy on instinct squeezed his balls. Her actions were the catalyst to what happened next. The vamp embraced the pain and his beast broke through. He hissed, "Oh yeah that's it" and took control. He grabbed the back of her head and slammed his pulsating cock into her mouth repeatedly. It was Tammy's turn to moan which pleased his beast. He was face fucking his mate vigorously and she liked it.

The vamp reached down and roughly pulled on her nipple through her nightgown. Tammy moaned louder. Moments before his orgasm hit. The vamp thought, Mmmmmm my little wolf likes pain. This is going to an interesting mating." With that thought still lingering in his mind one of the most intense orgasms overtook his body. Tammy felt his balls tighten in her hand, his body began to convulse and she heard the most unearthly roar escape the vamp's lips as he filled her mouth with his seed.

Tammy woke suddenly panting with the taste of cum in her mouth. "What the hell." she thought. She felt something wet on her face and reached up and wiped it off. She looked at it and realized that it was in fact cum. With her heart still racing, she asked herself, "It was only a dream wasn't it?" Tammy then went over the events of the past several days in her mind and became conscious of the fact that if vampires and werewolves exist then that amazing dream face fucking was very real.

She laid back down and closed her eyes trying to regain control of her breathing and pulse. Only a few seconds passed when her eyes shot open once again and she felt nauseous. "Oh my god I just teased and told a powerful 600 year old vampire to shut up and that I was in control. I hope that when given the opportunity for retribution he will take pity on me that I had no idea he was truly in my dream. Don't panic Tammy if he truly is your mate, he won't hurt you right?"

The sound of Nelly's It Hot In Here blaring from her night stand brought Tammy back from the brink of a panic attack. It was Sonia and she had a name and number of a local Alpha. Her mom thought it would help me to understand myself if I spoke to someone of my own kind.

And from the feeling Sonia got from her mom, it seemed Drake Armstrong was interested in speaking to me as well. I guess it's time that she kept her promise to her wolf and she got up and began to dress. Tammy decided that she would deal with the vamp later. Her past needs addressing so she can learn about her wolf.

Across town in a luxury apartment underneath Club DNA, a vampire opened his eyes. Oh my little wolf ignorance will be no excuse for the delicious plans I have in store for you. I will not hurt you without bringing you pleasure but I will have a little retribution for your actions tonight. A laugh echoed throughout the apartment as the vampire closed his eyes once again for some much needed rest.

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It feels very rushed. And she adjusts so quickly it's freaky.
Naming songs relates it to our world, but unless there's substantial differences, that you didn't tell us about, the vast majority of peoplemore...

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