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Love Gone Wrong


The yellow crime scene tape surrounding the house one Maple St. had the neighbors wondering what had happened in such a quiet neighborhood and at the home of such a beautiful, loving couple as Bill and Ann Bowling.

Bill and Ann had been married for seven years and had what anyone would consider a good if not a perfect marriage. They met in high school, fell in love at first sight and dated each other exclusively. They married with their parents blessing two weeks after graduation.

Bill had worked with his dad in his construction business during summer vacations while he was in high school. After graduation he began working with him on a full time basis. It was hard work but paid well and kept him in great physical shape. Ann attended community college and in two years earned her associate degree in respiratory therapy. She then obtained a position at the local hospital.

During the first three years they lived in a makeshift one bedroom apartment in Bill's parent's basement. They appreciated the kindness but there was very little privacy. Ann tended to be rather vocal during love making. The knowing smiles from his dad gave away the fact that he always knew when they had been engaging in amorous activity.

They were very frugal with money and by the end of that third year were able to put a sizable down payment on an upscale duplex. They lived in one side and rented out the other for enough to pay the mortgage, insurance and taxes. Continuing to be careful with money, a year later they had saved enough to purchase a second duplex where one side paid the overhead leaving the rent from the other as cash flow. They saved that cash to use for the purchase of a home.

During their fifth year they built a very nice two story home with three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a full finished basement on a half-acre lot. They used the income from one duplex to make the mortgage payments on their home. The rent from the other duplex made the mortgage payments on both duplexes. They now had two rental properties and a nice home with no out of pocket mortgage expense. Financially, they were doing very well.

The back yard was surrounded by a ten foot high privacy fence. The fence allowed them to enjoy nude activities such as sun bathing, love making, and using their in ground pool and hot tub, all without fear of being spied upon by their nosey neighbor, Mrs. Jennings.

They loved to entertain using their well furnished basement game room as well as the patio. The game room was equipped with a pool table, wet bar and a large screen entertainment center. The patio area included the pool and hot tub along with a very nice grill. They were both very outgoing and friendly. Their friendliness might appear to be flirtatious to some but seeing them together, everyone knew they were very much in love and devoted to each other.

Their love life had been great. In the beginning there was the excitement of their being new to each other. They explored each other's bodies with hands, lips and tongues and gradually learned each other's likes, dislikes and WOW areas.

Bill's five foot ten inch frame carried his 170 pounds of solid muscle well and being with him made Ann feel safe and protected. His jet black hair and hazel eyes gave him a very handsome stature. Ann loved to have him hold her snuggly while she ran her fingers through his thick hair and lightly over his skin giving him goose bumps.

Ann stood five feet four and on her heaviest days would tip the scales at a meager 110 pounds. Her thick, dark brown hair accentuated her blue eyes and angel face. She carried her perky "B" cup breasts high on her chest and even when braless they stood proudly with no sag.

Bill took great pleasure in wrapping his arms around her, lifting her off her feet and swinging her around while feeling those soft, firm breasts pressed against his chest. When he did this she would squeal with delight and pound on his shoulders with her clenched fists pretending she wanted him to stop but actually wishing he wouldn't.

At least once a month Ann would put on a strip tease show for Bill which drove him into a sexual frenzy. By the time she was naked he would be quivering with desire for her. Sometimes she would extend his discomfort by giving him a lap dance while not allowing him to touch her with his hands. Lips and tongue were allowed which he would use to perfection. He would center his attention on her breasts with their puffy half dollar size areolas and dark pink nipples. Doing so always brought her to the same height of desire he enjoyed. Once she had him begging she would slowly strip him drawing out his torture.

By the time they made it to their bed her pussy would be dripping wet and his cock would be rock hard, profusely leaking pre-cum.

Their combined lubricating juices afforded easy entrance into her warm velvety channel. It would then be Bill's turn to tease. He would rub the head of his cock up and down her sopping gash being sure to hit her swollen, highly sensitive clitoris with each stroke. She would force herself against it but he wouldn't let her capture him until she begged. They had explored every position and technique they had heard or read about and only discarded a very few.

Oral sex was a favorite for both of them and each enjoyed giving and receiving. At first, Bill was terrible and clumsy at eating pussy. However he took direction well and with Ann's' gentle coaching he soon became much more than simply proficient. He knew just how long to spend licking and kissing her outer lips before opening them and paying homage to her inner offerings. He perfected the use of his lips, tongue and teeth to bring her pleasure. Her moans and gyrations would indicate when she was aching for release. He would then wrap his arms around her thighs, push back her clitoral hood, suck the sweet, pink tidbit between his lips and lap at it like a thirsty puppy. Throughout her resulting orgasm he would hold on tight enough to maintain contact and ride her bucking frame until her thighs released their death grip on his head. As her orgasm subsided, she would settle back onto the bed in a soft, exhausted, rag doll posture. The first thing she would see as she recovered and opened her eyes would be his smiling face covered with her sweet juices.

Next she would notice the head of his engorged cock pressing against the opening of her soaking wet vagina, begging admission. She would tease unmercifully for only a few seconds before her desire became as great as his. She would then relax the muscles of her vaginal opening and press against him allowing his penetrating journey to begin.

She had always felt that his thick six inches were all she needed to feel full and complete. He would slide into her warm, velvety sheath an inch at a time titillating both of them as he deepened his penetration. Her walls would caress him tightly and their pace would increase in tempo making increasingly loud sloshing, sucking noises. When he felt his release approaching he would support his weight on his left arm and reach between them with his right hand to stimulate her clitoris. Doing so would bring her along with him to a simultaneous climax. As her orgasm approached she would scream, "Oh God Bill, please don't stop, fuck me, fuck me with your big hard dick."

As if this weren't enough to drive him over the edge, she would reach between his legs and give his swinging balls a gentle squeeze. As the flames of ecstasy flashed through their bodies his cock would pulsate, ejaculating rope after hot, thick rope of man juice deep inside her vagina. As their orgasms subsided they would collapse in an exhausted sweaty pile of tangled flesh and stroke each other through the afterglow.

At first, Ann resisted putting Bill's cock in her mouth but once she tasted the sweet, salty flavor of his pre-cum she decided to find out what else she had been missing. She found the texture of his cock against the roof of her mouth pleasing and loved running her tongue up and down the thick veins that ran the length of his shaft.

By reading Bill's reactions and carefully listening to the satisfied sounds he made, she soon became an accomplished cock sucker. She would kiss up and down his shaft flicking the tip of her tongue against it. She would then flatten her tongue and lap from balls to helmet as though his cock was a delicious candy cane.

Gently holding his balls in one hand she would pump his shaft with the other while sucking first the head then all but the last two inches into her mouth. Ann never acquired the talent to deep throat and Bill never pressured her to try. She would bob her head up and down while flicking her tongue around and across its' dark purple crown. At the same time, she would be pumping the lower half of his shaft with her small, soft hand. Bill found her technique more than satisfactory and complimented her often. She found the taste of semen to her liking and would sometimes push him over the edge and then be forced to wait for him to recharge before he could fulfill her needs.

Some nights after showering together, Bill would smooth lotion over Ann's entire body. With Ann on her stomach, a sensual massage would follow beginning at her neck and shoulders. He would knead his fingers into her muscles helping them relax. Continuing, he would work his way down her beautiful body. He lingered at her tight ass and would eventually arrive at her delicate feet. He would then roll her over and work his way back up to her breasts. He would finish by centering his attention on her labia and clitoris. Her body would tremble with anticipation since she knew the end result would be his fucking her to an explosive orgasm. Other nights, she would take on the role of masseuse and give as good as she had received.

Why then had she strayed, and with Bill's best friend of all people? Why also had his best friend, Jeff, betrayed him?

Ann loved Bill but when it came to sex, she had never been with anyone else. As all people do, she fantasized about what a different partner might be like. She had never contemplated acting on her fantasies until the fateful Fourth of July party. Margaritas had been the order of the day and all four of them were feeling the effect. She, Jeff and his wife Jane were in the hot tub chatting while Bill went to refresh their drinks. Ann wore her tiny, yellow, bikini which left most of her body exposed.

She couldn't help but notice Jeff admiring her breasts, bobbing just above the surface of the water. The torrent of bubbles prevented Jane from seeing Jeff's thigh rubbing against Ann's, or his hand caressing her knee before slowly inching towards her crotch. Bill returned with the drinks just in time to prevent Jeff from reaching his goal. Ann's face was flushed and she hoped neither Bill nor Jane had seen what Jeff had been doing. She had mixed feelings about it herself. She pondered whether or not to tell Bill but then decided it was just the alcohol and decided to let it pass.

Steaks, tossed salad and baked potatoes were served on the patio along with some excellent red wine during which Jeff and Ann kept sharing glances. After clearing away the dishes the four of them settled into lounge chairs listening to music, sipping more wine and chatting. Bill asked Ann to dance which she gladly accepted. Soon, Jeff and Jane joined them. When the next slow number started Jeff asked Ann to dance with him. She looked at Bill for approval and he nodded his ok. As they danced, Ann could feel the pressure of Jeff's erection pressing against her exposed abdomen. When her back was turned away from Bill and Jane, she also felt his hand slide beneath the fabric of her thin bikini bottom and squeeze her tight, round ass cheeks.

Ann knew she should stop him but she felt her pussy becoming very moist, her nipples elongating and a strong electric tingle of desire building in her torso. She looked up into his eyes and saw that he was smiling devilishly. His sparkling grey eyes told her that he desperately wanted her. That is when she made the decision that she would act on her fantasy of knowing another man in the Biblical sense.

Jeff volunteered to assist Ann when she announced she was going to the kitchen to get a platter of cheese and crackers along with another bottle of wine. Once inside the house and out of sight of his wife and Bill, he wrapped his arms around her and pulled her to him. At first she made a feeble show of pushing him away but soon abandoned her struggle. She looked up into his face and their lips joined first in a soft caress then with unbridled passion as their tongues wrestled. Their bodies pressed tightly together and their hands explored. Jeff, knowing that he and Ann both had the same days of the week free, asked if she would like for him to come by around noon on Monday to continue where they left off and she enthusiastically agreed.

Although she had second thoughts several times between Saturday and Monday, she made no effort to cancel the date. She excitedly began preparations around ten A.M. She spent extra time showering, shaving and applying just a hint of unnecessary makeup and light perfume in strategic areas. She put on pale pink bikini panties which accentuated the dark all over tan she had acquired lying by their pool but didn't bother with a bra. She put on a thin white polo, a pair of khaki short shorts and a pair of flip flops. She tied her hair in a tight pony tail that swished back and forth as she walked. She checked her appearance in the full length mirror and decided that she was even more irresistible than when she had been in her bikini.

Jeff arrived promptly at noon wearing a yellow pique polo that highlighted his firm muscled chest and dark tan. He wore a loose fitting pair of shorts, which did little to hide the bulge his swollen cock presented, sandals and his ever present mirrored sun glasses. He was clean shaven and there was a slight hint of cologne about him.

After closing the door behind him, he took her hands in his and opened her arms so he could look her over from top to bottom. She looked both beautiful and sexy. Her sex appeal radiated all around and her excitement about what was about to happen had her nipples protruding against the thin material of her top. He spun her around and admiringly smiled his approval before their lips joined and their hands again began to explore.

He grasped the hem of her top and as he pulled it up she raised her arms to allow easy removal. It caught on her breasts and they jiggled up and down only slightly as they came free. He tossed the garment aside and cupped a firm, soft orb in each hand testing the spongy texture. He leaned forward to taste them and paid homage to each with hands, lips and tongue. Her already excited nipples appeared to elongate even more than before. Satisfied for the moment, he released them and allowed Ann to remove his shirt which she tossed onto the floor next to her own.

They caressed with her breasts pressed against his chest and kissed while working feverishly to remove each other's shorts. Leaving their discarded garments on the foyer floor, they jogged up the stairs to her and Bill's bedroom in only their underwear. Jeff enjoyed the view of her cute jiggling ass just in front of his face as they climbed the stairs. Twice he reached out and gave it a gentle pinch causing Ann to flinch.

Just inside the bedroom, Ann yanked his boxers down, exposing what appeared to be a cock much larger than Bill's. When released from the waistband, it slapped hard against his abdomen. He held onto her shoulders as he stepped out of his boxers which Ann tossed onto a nearby chair.

He backed her against the bed so that the back of her knees hit the side of the mattress and bent allowing him to lay her across it on her back. He grasped the waist band of her panties and slid them down her shapely legs and off, then tossed them onto the chair to join his boxers. He helped her slide fully onto the bed, before joining her. Remaining near the foot of the bed afforded him a vantage point from which he could observe all her naked beauty splayed openly before him.

With a hand on each knee he gently pressed her legs apart. He kissed and licked his way up her inner thighs alternating from left to right until he reached her soft tuft of dark brown pubic hair. Her sweet musky aroma was intoxicating. He salivated as he examined her beautiful outer lips, the sharp thin edges of her inner lips and the swollen, pink bud jutting from their juncture.

Using only his mouth he expertly made love to her womanhood and his hands found their way to her breasts. He stimulated her nipples with his fingers and the palms of his hands while his lips and tongue worked their magic on her labia and clitoris. She was soon writhing like a trapped animal trying to escape. She raked her pussy back and forth across his face searching for the release she so desperately needed. He applied pressure and backed off time after time holding her on the edge until she screamed out begging, "Oh God Jeff, please let me cum." He complied and her thrashing practically tossed him from the bed before she settled onto the mattress exhausted in the afterglow of her first bone crushing orgasm of the afternoon.

He kissed his way up her body savoring the sweet, salty flavor of her skin. He suckled at her swollen nipples before moving to her soft, puffy, quivering lips. Their tongues played as Ann reached for his manhood. Finding it now unencumbered by clothing, she realized by the way it fit in her tiny hand, that it was surely much larger than Bill's in both length and girth. This gave her pause to wonder if she would be able to accept all of what he had to offer.

She rubbed the swollen, bulbous head with its' covering of glistening pre-cum up and down the length of her gash. She then held it at her opening waiting for him to force himself inside.

With a forceful shove, the head entered her with a noticeable popping sensation. He hoped he hadn't hurt her and held still waiting for Ann to indicate her desire to continue. She hesitated only for a moment then pushed against him forcing another inch of his massive tool inside. She found that she could accommodate him with relative ease.

They rocked back and forth with her vagina capturing more of his length with each stroke. Finally, his entire nine inches were buried inside her velvety smooth, hot cocoon. They held each other caressing, and kissing while ever so slowly increasing the tempo of their in and out rotation. They moved in such a way that his pubic bone or the upper surface of his cock pressed continuously against her clitoris stimulating it with every movement. Their breathing became erratic and each knew the other was reaching a crescendo. Her body shook uncontrollably with her second orgasm of the afternoon. His cock joined her vaginal contractions, alternated between flexing and relaxing. She felt it jettison rope after rope of hot man juice that splashed against the back of her love tunnel.

Soon recovered from their exhaustive romp, they began to explore each other again. Ann slid down his chest dragging her breasts across him on her way to his semi erect organ. She used her tongue to clean their combined juices from it and in doing so made it jerk uncontrollably as it came back to life. Applying her experience with Bill, she brought Jeff to near climax in only a matter of minutes. Ann's technique was much better than Jane's and he told her so.

She thankfully gave his cock head a kiss and his balls a gentle squeeze before crawling up his torso, straddling his hips and impaling herself once again onto his massive organ. Entrance this time was faster and smoother since she had only moments ago been stretched by his massive tool. As she rode him like a bronco her tight breasts bounced ever so slightly. He reached for them and rolled the hardened, elongated nipples between his thumbs and index fingers.

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