tagExhibitionist & VoyeurLove in an Elevator

Love in an Elevator


Matt stood in the elevator, the polyester Doorman's jacket scratching at his neck. Heading down to the front desk of the high-rise apartment building, he watched the numbers crawl to a stop on 43....

The door swung open and a beautiful brunette walked in. It took everything Matt had to not stare openly, and he looked down at the carpet as the doors swung shut. Her feet stood in 3" heels and his eyes were drawn up her legs by the seam on the back of her stockings. The stockings ended just below the hem of her short skirt: a skirt wrapped tightly around the most perfect heart-shaped ass. Her short jacket allowed tanned flesh to show above the skirt, and as his eyes reached the back of her head, he noticed her staring at him in the reflection of the doors....

"Well?" she demanded. "Get a good look? Like what you see?"

As Matt started to open his mouth, she reached forward and pressed 38, the next floor....then 37, 36, 35....her fingers lighting every floor left before the lobby.

"That should give us some time.....let's see what you got, stud...."

Matt reached around her slim body and slid his hands inside her jacket, cupping her breasts with his hands. He began to trail kisses down her neck and she leaned her head to allow him greater access. He could feel her nipples swell and harden through the thin fabric of her blouse. His hands raised the shirt, and he could see her lovely breasts in the reflection. Her hand reached around behind her and began to rub the front of his pants.

The doors swung open and shut again, no one witnessing the scene. "Only 35 more to go, big boy....gonna get started soon?"

Matt's hands released her firm tits and slid down to her skirt. Sliding the tight material above her hips, he slid one hand down her ass and between her legs. His eyes met hers in the mirrored door and a wicked grin formed on her face as his hand found no panties, just warm, wet pussy. His other hand moved quickly to unbutton his jacket and free his cock from his pants.

Her hand, still on his pants, slowly wrapped around the end of his erect shaft. "Oh, nice tool, Mr. Handyman. Know how to use it?"

As the door slid open and shut again at the 31st floor, he pulled her hips to him and slid his dick between her legs. "I am not the building handyman," he corrected, a little haughty. He reached around her and moved his fingers down to her pussy, spreading the moist lips. "I am the Building Concierge. It is my job to service the needs of our residents." He punctuated the statement by sliding his cock up and into her inviting cunny.

Her face showed a mixture of surprise and pleasure as he began to pump her from behind. She leaned forward, hands on the elevator wall, steadying herself against the motion and allowing him greater access to her box. He could see her breasts swaying inside the short jacket as he began to pound her in earnest. He admired her firm breasts as the door slid open and shut again....25.

A low moan escaped her red lips as he continued to work his cock inside her. Hands planted firmly, her feet began to spread further apart, allowing him even deeper reach inside her. His motions became rhythmic, pumping steadily and determinedly.

The floor indicator stopped on 16 and the slid open again. A movement caught Matt's attention as he looked out the door. Coming up the hallway, was old Mrs. Penniman, leading her Yorkie, Bosco, along on his leash. Matt turned his face away to the elevator wall. Still pumping backwards onto his hard dick, the woman waved a small wave out the door. "Hey, Bosco. Time for walkies?" The older woman gasped audibly and snatched up the dog, shielding his eyes as the door slid shut again.

The woman giggled as Matt pressed on. "Poor Bosco....Mrs. Penniman smothers him so."

"That was a little mean," Matt chided, pounding her harder.

Her breathing quickened with his pace. Small beads of perspiration trickled down her neck and between her breasts. She moaned deeply as his cock began to drive even deeper inside of her. She felt the fluttering that signaled an impeding climax as the doors opened and closed on the 9th floor. Her knees wobbled momentarily and Matt wrapped an arm around her waist to support her. He too felt the pressure of orgasm swell within him, and he began to thrust harder and faster.

As the doors opened on the 4th floor, the quiet hallway was filled with her high whimpering moans as her orgasm swept over her. His followed quickly, as his seed mingled with her juices within her sopping pussy.

The doors opened on the 2nd floor as they were both straightening their clothes.

As the door opened in the Lobby, the woman turned and pecked Matt on the cheek. "Thank you, Mr. Concierge," she purred. "I hope you can service my needs again soon." She turned and walked away through the Lobby, turning the corner towards the Exit.

Matt unbuttoned the jacket and pulled it off. He pulled a handkerchief from his pocket and wiped the sweat from his brow. He threw the jacket over his arm and walked to the Front Desk in the Lobby.

The desk clerk looked up and smiled.

"Evening Mr. B, everything OK?"

"Sure, Jeff. Just wanted to return your jacket. The costume party was a hit...got second place." He pulled a $20 bill from his shirt pocket and placed it next to the jacket on the desk. "Thanks for the loan."

"Anytime, Mr. B. Just saw the missus heading out front; clubbing tonight? Jack should have you a cab by now."

"Thanks again, Jeff" Matt said, over his shoulder, exiting the glass doors and joining the brunette as she entered a cab.

Jeff took the jacket and the money from the desk and returned his attention to the security monitor: Mrs. Penniman and Bosco, riding the elevator down for walkies....

"No, thank YOU, Mr. B."

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