tagNonConsent/ReluctanceLove in the Leagues Ch. 02

Love in the Leagues Ch. 02


Lauren tossed and turned that night as she seriously contemplated Keith's proposition. She couldn't imagine Zach in prison even for a day. She knew how Keith would portray Zach. He would say because of Zach's physical and grueling training and his size as a football player he could've easily seriously injured Keith. She nearly broke into tears at the thought of visiting Zach behind bars, not being able to kiss his perfect lips or feel his throbbing member bring her to almost unbearable heights of pleasure. She had to admit that she was becoming sprung off of Zach Lomax. She prayed that everything would work out the next morning. She finally fell asleep still whispering her prayers.

Zach was in a worse state than Lauren. He had to sleep on a cold steel cot that was offensive to be called a bed. He had no sheets and the AC had the cell freezing. But at just the thought of woman who had turned his world upside down had him hotter than Hades. Lauren was truly something special to him. He was always amazed at how her honey hued skin was flawless and even though she was drop dead gorgeous she remained humble.

Zach pictured Lauren's soft brown tinted face and imagined she was in the cell with him giving his twitching cock the attention it deserved. Opening his drowsy eyes he saw her and knew he was dreaming but didn't care as that smile that had been embedded in his brain crossed her face and she unbuttoned his jeans and pulled them down along with his boxers. His thick ten incher sprang to life and Lauren wrapped her delicate hand around the shaft and began a swift jerking motion. Zach threw his head back and marveled in the moment. "Zach, I love you." he heard her whisper and place a kiss on the head of his dick.

"Lauren." he moaned and felt himself explode heavily. When he woke up the next morning he saw his jeans were soaked and dried up cum was inside his boxers. He hated scrubbing himself clean in the communal shower but had no choice. His father had brought him a suit to wear to his court date and expressed his disappointment in his son but Zach shook off his comments since the older version of himself had been to jail more times than he could count on both his hands and toes.

Zach was taken to City Hall in a government vehicle and had to be escorted inside with two deputies and was led inside in handcuffs like he was a hardened criminal. He took his place at the defendants table and looked around at the faces of the spectators. A smile crept across his face when he saw her but it quickly faded when he saw how sad she looked. Her head was down and focused on her hands in her lap. Keith walked through the door and a look of pure anger and shock appeared on his face when he saw Keith sit next to Lauren. He grabbed her face and placed a kiss on her lips, the lips that belonged to him. She didn't, he thought as Keith looked up and met his stare. He had on a Cheshire grin and wrapped his arm around Lauren.

The judge came to his seat and everyone stood. "Be seated." the judge said and everyone sat in their seats.

"Your honor before we begin, the victim, Mr. Keith Platt, has decided to drop the charges against Zachary Lomax." the district attorney stated and Zach held his head down. Lauren had thrown their relationship down the drain. How could she? Before he could look back at her Keith had drug Lauren out of the court room.

"Get your hands off me!" Lauren said through clenched teeth as she yanked her arm out of Keith's grasp. "I only agreed to this for Zach."

Keith huffed and pulled Lauren to him as they walked to his car. "Trust me baby, in a week you won't be thinking about Zach." He opened the door of his Cadillac Escalade and lifted Lauren into the passenger seat. He slammed the door and walked around to the driver's side. He got inside and drove to Lauren's apartment. When he pulled up to her building he parked his car and stared at her. "Go and pack an overnight bag OK sweetie. And make it fast, I'm throwing a party tonight and I need you to help me set up." Lauren was silent as she got out of the SUV and headed inside the building and gets on the elevator to her floor. She goes inside her apartment and packs.

Zach literally bolted towards Lauren's apartment from the precinct downtown. He was not about to lose her especially to a spineless coward like Keith. When he approached the building he saw Keith sitting his brand new Escalade bobbing his head to the new Lil Wayne CD. It took all of Zach's strength not to drag Keith out of his ride and beat the shit out of him. The thought of Lauren calmed him down and he easily slid into Lauren's building unnoticed and took the stairs up to her floor. He approached her door and was thankful she left it unlocked. He knocked softly as he entered. Lauren walked into the living room with two bags.

"Keith, I'm coming." she said and looked up and saw Zach.

"Baby, what the hell is going on?" he said after they spent the last five minutes just staring at each other.

"Zach, I'm sorry but I couldn't see you go to prison. I didn't want that for you." she cried.

"Baby, I made the mistake in attacking Keith but you can't throw away us. Please don't do this." He approached her and got on his knees and pulled her stomach against his head. "If going to prison means keeping you away from this asshole then so be it."

Lauren pulled Zach up from the floor and stared into his gorgeous bluish green eyes. "No, let's just let this mess run its course. I love you, remember that OK." she said and pulled him to her for a soft kiss. She pulled away to leave but Zach wrapped his arms around her slender waist and pulled her to him and tightly enclosed her in his arms.

"I can't let you go. I won't." he whispered in her ear. Lauren was now fully crying as she clung to the man of her dreams. Keith was a undeniable prick for putting her through this. All because he wanted something he couldn't have. He didn't love her the way Zach did; hell all he wanted was his trophy wife, a beautiful woman on his arm that he could show off and flaunt for his own sick pleasure. She knew that Keith was only interested his own happiness and was willing to have her sacrifice her own to please him.

"Don't worry. Everything will work out." she said through sobs and rested her forehead on Zach's lips. "I have to go. Please don't make a scene." She pulled away from Zach and carried her bags to the door. She stopped and stared at Zach. He reluctantly walked to the door and stopped in front of Lauren. He stole one last glance in her amber eyes and gave her a deep kiss on her lips.

"I love you too." he said softly and walked out the door. When he was out of sight Lauren pulled walked out and pulled the door close behind her. She walked outside and got into Keith's car.

"What took you so fucking long?" he sneered and Lauren shot him a look that could kill.

"You wanted me to pack so I packed." she said under a tight breath and looked ahead. Keith started the car and headed to his newly acquired condo. Once they stepped inside Keith grabbed Lauren's bags and took them to his bedroom. "So, what time is the party?" she asked pretending to care.


Lauren looked at her watch. It was barely noon. "It's gonna take us nine hours to decorate?"

"It may take you that long." he said from his room. "I've got practice in about two hours so I'll be leaving soon." He emerged from his room a few minutes later and pulled out his wallet. He handed her his credit card. "Buy whatever you need to snazz this place up. I'll be home around six so it should look amazing by then." He kissed her cheek and she turned it in disgust. "I'm gonna hop in the shower. Care to join me?" he smiled incredulously and Lauren sucked her teeth as she fixed her heart shaped face in a scowl. Keith laughed as he walked into the back and started a shower.

Lauren sat on Keith's couch and watched CNN while she waited for Keith to leave. He came out of the back wearing his team jersey and carrying a large sports bag. He tossed her keys to his Mercedes and grabbed the keys to his Escalade. "Listen, Lauren I don't want things to be sour between us. I really do care about you. I kept my end of the deal so please keep yours. Be ready when I get home all right." he smiled when he walked out the door. Lauren felt her body tense as she took in his words. He was expecting sex from her but Zach's name was tattooed on her kitty and Keith was getting nowhere near it or his eyes would be scratched out. How was she going to get herself out of this mess?

Zach breathed a sigh of relief as he left the dean's office. Keith had called his coach the day of his arrest and Zach was dangerously close to being kicked off the team which would've caused him to lose his scholarship but the dean had gotten word of the charges being dropped against him and warned Zach to stay out of trouble, especially since Mecca University was in the state finals and needed Zach in order to secure a win for the school for the third year in a row. Zach assured the dean he would be a model citizen from that day on and left the office and headed to a class he was already late for.

He couldn't concentrate on the test that was in front of him. Every word was 'Lauren'. The numbers were her measurements: 36-26-40. The diagrams and pictures all formed her face and Zach felt he was going crazy. He gave up on the exam and turned it in to his professor even though it wasn't nearly half way done and majority of the answers he gave were all half-assed. He didn't sweat it too much though, he was acing the calculus class and a low C or even an F wouldn't hurt his average too much.

Zach had to get Lauren off his mind so he decided to grab a bite to eat before he practice at 2:45. As he ate the quesadillas Zach couldn't help but think what his life would be like without Lauren; it wasn't a happy thought and he refused to see it become a reality. He consumed his food quickly and headed to the locker room to change.

A few of Zach's teammates had heard about his arrest since Keith ran his mouth like a female. Many of them were happy he didn't get kicked off the team since without him they didn't stand a chance against this Saturday's game against Breckview College. "Ready for the big game?" Jason Peters said as Zach opened his locker which was next to his.

"As ready as I'll ever be." Zach mumbled and threw his clothes inside the locker and slammed it with a forceful flick of his wrist.

"What's gotten into you?" Jason asked as Zach walked off and joined half of his teammates on the field. Their coach entered the field as the usually late players ran ahead of him.

"All right ladies, we've got three days to get your asses ready for a brutal battle. Breckview is itching to take our title from us! Are you gonna let that happen?!" Coach Gregor yelled.

"NO!!!" Zach heard his teammates scream at the top of their lungs.

"Then get your lazy asses in gear!" Coach yelled and the team prepared for a grueling practice.

Zach's head wasn't in the game as he tried his best to focus on using his talent to the fullest. Coach was down his back for missing a few passes, fumbling the ball more than once and failing to get rid of the ball in time before being tackled.

"Lomax! What the fuck is your problem?! Have you forgotten how to play the goddamned game?!" Coach Gregor yelled and Zach saw that his veins in his neck were popping out to the max as he was chewed out. "We're gonna get murdered if you play like that on Saturday." Coach ran to Zach and grabbed his helmet and drug Zach to the bench and nearly threw him on it. "You sit there and when you're ready to play some football let me know!"

Zach sat on the bench and pulled off his helmet. He ran his hand through his short hair and then over his semi-rough face which looked more paler than usual. "You feeling OK?" Hank Jacobs asked as he ran over to Zach and grabbed a Gatorade from the table next to him. He downed the liquid and waited for Zach to respond.

"Yeah, I'm good." Zach lied. At six o'clock practice was over and Zach sulked the rest of the day when he entered his apartment driving himself crazy over what was going on between Keith and Lauren. He had only hoped what was going through his mind wasn't happening between the two.

Lauren had just finished decorating Keith's condo when the door swung open. Keith entered and he smiled. "The place looks great!" he exclaimed. He then frowned when he saw Lauren. She looked like a farm hand in a loose fitting oversized T-shirt, baggy jeans and a head scarf was wrapped around her beautiful hair. She wore no make-up and looked as if she was already letting herself go. "You don't." he grinned.

"You expected me to decorate this entire house in a mini skirt and heels?" she said with mad attitude.

"Well I was hoping you'd meet me at the door in that ensemble." he smirked and placed his bag in the closet next to the front door. He walked to Lauren and stopped in front of her. "I'm really glad you decided to take me up on my offer." he began and removed the scarf from her head. Her silky hair fell to her shoulders and Keith reached out to touch a few strands and she jerked her head back.

"Lauren, why don't you want me? Hundreds of women would kill to be in your position. I mean you should be honored that I'm choosing you." Keith said and Lauren broke in a laugh.

"I'm so thrilled." she said with as much sarcasms that she possessed.

"You don't have to be this way. I just want to make you happy baby. All I need is for you to forget about that loser Zach and get with the program here." Keith said and Lauren kicked herself for agreeing to be with this man...no boy.

'Keith, you know I only agreed to this to keep Zach out of jail for kicking your ass and you have to admit it was something that has been long overdue. I don't like you and I don't want you looking at me let alone touching me!' she screamed in her mind as she stared at Keith and wanted to vomit.

"We've got three hours to kill until my guests arrive and I can think of something we do to occupy ourselves." Keith smirked and grabbed Lauren's hips and pulled her close to him. "You are incredibly sexy, you know that right?" he moaned and kissed her cheek. "I've been wanting you since the first day Ginger introduced us." His lips traveled to her neck and then he quickly squeezed her breasts through her shirt. She squirmed away and forcefully pushed Keith off her.

"You are a fighter." he smirked and then gave her a serious look. Baby, I've never raped a woman in my life but I want this pussy and I'm getting it right now." he said with such intensity in his hazel eyes it caused Lauren to tensed up and she started to back away from him. He inched closer to her and he was a man overcome with lust. She saw an extreme erection forming in his basketball shorts and she was hoping Keith would come to his senses and back the hell off.

"Keith, I don't want to." she said as her back hit the wall. She held up her hands to shield herself from Keith's intrusion. He grabbed her arms and pinned them above head.

"If you don't want me then why the hell are you here? You could've just let Zach go to prison, wait for him for five years and live happily ever after. I think deep down inside you want me just as much as I want you." He grabbed her face forcefully with his free hand and kissed her hard. Lauren felt Keith's manhood poking her in the stomach through her shirt. When Keith released Lauren's lip he spun her around and buried his body against her and held her hands against the wall. Tears streamed down her face as he literally tried to fuck her through her jeans.

Keith roared as he stroke her right ass cheek hard and brought his lips to her ear. "Damn, girl. I haven't even fucked you yet and I've already come twice. I was right, your shit is good." He took her earlobe in his mouth and sucked on the hanging flesh. Lauren started to cry more freely as Keith pushed her into his bedroom. He slammed the door with his foot while still holding tight against his defined frame. He moved with her to his bed and threw her on it. She scrambled to get off the bed and Keith blocked her every exit route.

"Stop fighting me." he said as he removed his jersey and shorts. When he was completely naked he grabbed Lauren and laid her on her back.

"Keith, don't do this. Please." she begged and Keith climbed on top of her. Ripping off her shirt and bra Keith grabbed one of her succulent breasts and squeezed it into his mouth. Lauren screamed as she wiggled beneath.

"You would enjoy this more if you just relax. I don't want to hurt you." Keith told her after her tit was released from his lips. "Lauren, I want to be with you. I want you so fucking bad." With that being said Keith pulled off Lauren's jeans and panties from her swirming legs and planted himself between them. He guided his engorged member inside Lauren's vagina. She clenched her body and squeezed her eyes shut as he pumped furiously into her. His upper body had her pinned to the bed and Lauren shrieked as Keith fucked her roughly.

She tried to push him off her but it was to no avail. "I bet Zach has never fucked you like this." Keith stated as he drove into her violently. When he repeatedly moaned signaling his orgasm he pulled away from Lauren and rolled off her body. Keith took a few deep breaths and got out of his bed. Lauren immediately grabbed the sheets and covered herself. She pressed herself against the headboard and cried uncontrollably. "Stop your crying. You loved it." he said and bent down to pick up his shorts. He slid them over his slender but muscular legs and walked towards the door. He stopped and said over his shoulder to Lauren, "Be ready when my guests get here." He slammed the door when he left.

Zach felt a tight pain in his stomach as he laid on his couch and it wasn't from the nine bean burritos he had eaten earlier as comfort food. He curled into a ball as the pain rolled through his chest. Doing steady breathing the pain subsided and he walked into his bathroom. He turned on the faucet and cupped a handful of water. Splashing it on his face he felt the tightness of his facial muscles relax. He fought the urge to call Lauren; she could always make him feel like Superman even when he felt like crap. He decided to call it a night even though it was barely 8:30. He had been agonizing over the Lauren and Keith subject for far too long. He hoped he could make it through the night without Lauren by his side.

Meanwhile Keith was dressing for his get together and Lauren hadn't moved from her spot. "Lauren, baby I need you to get dressed. My friends will be here in less than half an hour and I want to be able to show you off. Can you get out of bed please." Keith talked to her as if he hadn't just violated her in a multitude of ways.

Lauren clutched the sheets tighter and balled her fists tightly. "You are a fucking bastard." she chided and shook horribly.

"There was no gun to your head to come here! You made your choice now stop acting like a fucking child and get your ass cleaned up!" he yelled and Lauren got out of bed. She took a extremely hot shower; she wanted to wash any trace of Keith off her body. The water burned her slightly and left her beautifully brown skin red and blotted. After her shower she wrapped a towel around her frame and sat on the toilet until her skin returned to its natural state. A few minutes later Lauren heard a knock on the door. "You've got less than 15 minutes."

Lauren dried her body and placed on a red and pink Chinese dress that fit her like a glove. She slipped on a black pair of heel-less sandals and curled her hair. She walked out of the bathroom and Keith looked her over and expressed his approval of her look.

The doorbell rang and the first ten guests arrived. Eight of them were men and after they greeted Keith they turned their attention to Lauren. "Who is this?" one of the men asked. He harbored the same look Keith had in his eyes when he had returned home.

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