tagSci-Fi & FantasyLove in the time of Evony

Love in the time of Evony


Lady Reinbow was tending the fire in the LVL 8 COTTAGE, turning the logs so the embers underneath glowed red. The warm orange light warmed her face, highlighting her fair skin and fine features. Her long auburn hair was braided over one shoulder, hanging nearly to her waist.

A loud knocking at her door startled her, making her braid twitch as she swung around. She grabbed an IRON RAKE from beside the hearth. Gripping it by her side as she strode towards the door, her heart beating fast. There had been many battles in THURINGIA lately. Powerful DUKEs had formed a HOSTILE ALLIANCE, creating fear amongst the gentle citizens of her city. True, they had LVL 9 walls to protect them, but there had been rumours of battalions of BALLISTA being hauled across the countryside, razing whole cites, kidnapping their HEROs and leaving soulless NPCs in their wake.

Reinbow pushed these fears down inside her, calling bravely "Who goes there?"

After a pause a deep voice replied, "Please ... open the door."

She moved closer to the door, and could hear ragged breathing. She was sure that no barbarian would say 'please' if they were trying to attack CAKETOWN, and surely she would have heard the battle cries from the ARCHERS TOWERS if they were being attacked by the enemy.

She slid back the bolt on the door and stood aside. A stranger lurched into her cottage, falling onto her rough-hewn bench. He was tall and muscular, with the honey brown skin of a man who had spent many hours in the sun. Across his bare chest was a LEATHER HELM OF ROBINHOOD, and a flat broadsword was strapped to his back. Reinbow stepped back, wary of his bulk and weapon.

"Who are you stranger? What is your business here?" She asked him. He looked up at her, his shining hazel eyes piercing. "My lady," he said, struggling to his feet and bowing deeply to her "I apologize for the intrusion. My name is Marcus Maximus. I am a soldier with the alliance. Our troop has been garrisoned at your EMBASSY, but there is little room there."

Reinbow gasped. If alliance troops were reinforcing the city, it meant that a battle was looming. There could already be DUKE troops marching towards the city. " Sir Marcus, you are welcomed as a friend of the alliance. " Reinbow curtsied "You must have marched for many hours to reach our city, we are nearly at the border of FRANCONIA here. " Marcus Maximus nodded, his hands resting heavily on her table.

Reinbow swept her skirts behind her as she busied herself at the fire, heating the pot that contained barely enough soup for two. She reached into the little brick nook above the fireplace, retrieving yesterday's bread, which was now warm again. She looked over to Marcus Maximus, and was shocked to see him staring at her, his bright eyes taking in her face. As she watched, his eyes slowly strayed down her body, lingering on her small waist and round HILLS.

Reinbow turned quickly back to the fire, a red flush rising on her face that had nothing to do with the heat from the flames. She assembled the meagre meal on a tray, and brought it over to the table. " Here my Lord, eat, and be strong." She served him the soup and bread, filling his goblet from her last flagon of wine.

He ate in silence, his piercing eyes looking into hers as he ate. When Marcus pushed away the empty bowl, he looked more vital, as if the wine and food had replenished his spirit. Reinbow remembered how, not so long ago, her own father had been called to war. He had left the family LVL 5 FARM, and had enlisted as a WARRIOR. She had watched him march out of the city gates, armed with nothing more than a pitchfork, to attack a far-away LVL 9 DESERT. He had never returned. She has searched the MEDIC CAMPs for survivors, but there were barely a handful of brutalised men, ravaged by the arrows of the enemy ARCHERS.

She knew that tomorrow, when the enemy came, the MAYOR would OPEN CITY GATES and Maximus Marcus would be a SWORDSMAN, valiantly defending her city for the sake of the alliance. Already RIOTS had broken out in town, that citizens were losing their LOYALTY and fleeing. It had not helped matters that the TAX RATE was so high. Their lord was desperate for GOLD to pay the professors at the academy, who were working frantically to develop a more advanced form of ARCHERY.

Reinbow cleared away the bowls. She dipped them in a bucket of water to clean them, feeling Marcus' eyes on her as she bent over. "My lady ..." he murmured. She shot back upright again, instantly aware that this made her ample LEVYs bounce beneath her low-cut dress. Her face flushed again, and she turned to look at him angrily.

"My lady," he began again " You have been so generous in your hospitality to me. Perhaps there is one more favour I can ask of you."

Reinbow quickly scooted around so that the table was between her and Marcus. She noticed with shock that his HERO PACKAGE was tight against his thick trousers. His eyes were hungry with desire, and his lascivious look alone made her wish that her full HILLS did not spill out so prominently over her flimsy bodice.

"Please my lady," he said softly. He walked slowly around the table, his eyes holding her. Marcus reached out and gently touched her arm. She shivered at his touch; the warmth of his calloused fingers flooding ran through her, bringing heat up to her face. Reinbow turned away, but Marcus held on her arm and pulled her back to him. He continued to stare into her eyes as he leaned in to kiss her.

He pressed tenderly against her lips at first, but soon his tongue was brushing hers as he kissed her more passionately. Reinbow tried to pull away, but he had placed his hand behind her head, entwining his fingers in her hair and holding her to him. She gasped at the intensity of his need.

His other hand began to run down her body, following the curve of her CORSOLET. Reinbow felt her body yield to his, as his forceful touch lowered her DEFENSIVE TREBUCHET. She felt like a LAKE of warmth was washing over her as she leaned into Marcus, returning his kisses.

She knew that the threat of a HOSTILE ALLIANCE was affecting her judgement. The white dove of peace above their city gates was already flashing crimson. Enemy troops camped in the surrounding VALLEYS would soon advance on their WALL DEFENCES. She herself had sharpened stakes made of saplings to build cruel ABATIS. It was rumoured that the DUKE warlords favoured CAVALRY in their attacks, and even the traps dug deep in the ground would not deter them.

Reinbow stepped back from Marcus with a start, shocked that she was letting the intensity of war and passion threaten her HONOR. Marcus held onto her waist with one hand, his clear eyes boring into her once again. She noticed an AMULET around his neck, beautifully fashioned out of plaited IRON. It indicated that he was a man of high PRESTIGE. Perhaps he was even a VICE HOST, come to support his men in battle. She could not imagine many men of power daring to leave the comfort of their FEASTING HALL to become a HERO in battle.

He stood in front of her, patient and unmoving, yet bristling with energy and power. She made the barest move towards him, and he gathered her in his arms, lowering her to the STONE floor. The contrast of the cool stones made the touch of his body against her feel like he had soaked up the deep heat of the sun during his long journey. Marcus adjusted his position on top of her, so his legs straddled her hips. She felt the colour rush to her face again as she felt his hard BEACON TOWER pressed against her.

He swept her braid from across her décolletage, kissing her creamy white skin. He began to kiss the tops of her generous HILLS that protruded from her muslin bodice. In a quick movement, Marcus tore the fabric away from her chest, leaving her exposed and gasping. He leaned in and licked her pink SCOUTS, pert now from the shock of cool air that has washed over them. He grasped one between his teeth and bit her softly. Reinbow cried out at the unexpected pain and tried to shift, but she was pinned to the floor between Marcus' thighs.

He moved slowly down her exposed midriff, kissing her down to her navel, his tongue trailing along the line of the top of her skirt. She felt his hand begin to run up her leg, under her skirt to the top of her thigh. His fingers brushed her RALLY SPOT. Reinbow moaned and pushed her hips against him, giving into the heat and need that coursed through her body. His fingers rubbed against her GRASSLAND, while he kissed her HILLS and SCOUTS. She ran her hands down his back, feeling his strength under his warm skin. Marcus pulled back for a moment, and slid his ROLLING LOG out of his britches with one hand. Reinbow stared at in surprise ... she had seen naked boys before, but had no idea that an IVORY HORN could be so large or hard.

The tip of his horn had drops of clear fluid on it, and he gently rubbed it against the entrance of her RALLY SPOT. It felt soft and warm, and her own juices seemed to flow out of her to meet his. Marcus ran his hands up her arms, pushing them above her head. He held onto her wrists with one large, rough hand while he used the other to spread her PLOWSHARES apart. He positioned himself at the entrance of her GATES and slowly slid his full length inside.

Reinbow moaned and struggled against his strong grip as he filled her up. He began to pump slowly in and out of her, building up momentum as he enjoyed her warm, yielding flesh. He released her hands from above her head so he could grip her hips, drawing her up off the stone floor so he could enter her more deeply and easily. Reinbow's full HILLS bounced against her body as her raised hips were repeatedly pulled against Marcus, his BATTERING RAM ploughing into her.

She began to thrust against him, moaning as he took her with long, deep strokes. He abruptly drew out, and said gruffly "Turn over wench". She scrambled onto her hands and knees, the position putting her face closer to the hearth. The heat of the flames and her already warm body combined, and she felt a light sheen of sweat prickle over her skin. Marcus sat back on his heels for a moment, enjoying the view of her soft, creamy BLAST FURNACE in the air, and her long hair gleaming in the firelight, coming loose from its braid and spilling over her shoulder.

He positioned his hand over her left BLAST FURNACE cheek and gave it a resounding smack. Before the 'Ow!' had even escaped from Reinbow's lips, his hard EXCALIBUR had reamed her wet MEDAL BOX again, and he resumed his deep thrusts. His left hand moved to her hips to hold her, while the other reached over to her mass of hair and gripped it, pulling her head up. She arched her back, pulling herself closer to him, her HILLS bouncing to the rhythm of his thrusts.

Reinbow felt his hand moving from her hips, and a calloused finger begin to gently rub at the entrance of her INN. She cried out and tried to pull away, but his grip on her hair was strong and he was impaling her on his WAR HORN faster and faster. She felt his finger begin to slip inside. She was shocked, and tried to resist him, but as he continued to pound her she submitted to his insistent fingers and relaxed her body.

The sensation of his finger up her INN was strange at first, but as he moved the thrusts in unison with his OFFICER, she began to love the DOUBLE SAW. He released her hair and she tossed her head, making her silky tresses brush against Marcus's muscular chest. The sensation was too much for him, and he dug the nails of his left hand into her skin as he exploded like DYNAMITE, his finger deep inside her INN as he filled her with his HOLY WATER.

Marcus rolled back and lay on the floor; letting the STONEs cool his sweat soaked body. Reinbow collapsed into a heap, fighting to calm her ragged breathing. When she had regained her composure, she crawled over to Marcus, resting her head on his damp chest. He wrapped his strong, brown arms around her and held her tight against him. She knew, that whatever the war brought them tomorrow; her days of HERO HUNTING were over.

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