tagGroup SexLove is Like a Box of Chocolates

Love is Like a Box of Chocolates


"So, what's everyone doing for Valentine's day?" Phil asked as he sat down at the lunch table he usually shared with the other members of his loose-knit group at the Community College. Interestingly it was evenly broken down with 4 women and 4 men. Some knew each other better than others, but they shared a few classes and occasionally more. Some had dated a few times, and some had gone to the same high school, but none were in a serious relationship at the moment. It wasn't quite a "misery loves company" group, but it was a group that felt that hanging out was much better than being alone.

"You mean International sex day?" piped in Lori. "What do you think? Nothing here. Might backup some files, clean the fridge. Whatever."

That drew a snicker and a few mumbles from the others, but no one seemed to offer any definite plans for the upcoming holiday. "Aw, come on. Someone has to have some plans. If not, how about we all get together and do something?" Phil wasn't going to let it go. It might be that he had some idea or maybe it was just that he had had enough of never doing anything for Valentines' Day.

A couple looked down and went back to eating, but several of the others nodded in agreement. Tom spoke up. "You might have a good point, Phil. Instead of another night alone feeling sorry, why don't we do something fun. As a group. I'm in."

"There we go. Who else is up for doing something? After watching the damn New Year's Eve ball drop at home alone, I decided that was enough. Let's party or do something. Who else spent New Years' alone?"

A couple of hands slowly went up went up. If nothing else, Phil had struck a nerve. Tara, one of the women at the table spoke up. "Okay, a party of some type does sound better than nothing. A lot better. Any ideas, like where, when and so on?"

"Well, I brought it up, so I will put together a few plans and we can go from there. I think I have all your numbers, so I'll shoot out a group text. Sound like a plan?" Phil looked around. He took the nods as agreement. "Good! Stay tuned. I'll come up with something. Something better than 'New Year's Rockin' Eve' for Valentines' Day".


A few days later a text arrived in all their phones. "VD plans over lunch today. But which is better 2/10 or 17? Phil"

Lunchtime arrived and the group assembled at their table. Lori, Tara, Tom, Bob, Amy, Jerry, Deb and Phil were all present, and since he had announced the reason, Phil began. "So glad you could all join me here today. It looks like the 17th wins out, 6-2. Does that work for everyone?" Everyone looked around and it seemed that there was consensus. "The 17th it is!"

Amy commented. "It's my grandmothers birthday, but I think she will be thrilled that I have a party to go to, so she'll let me slide. Especially since I'll tell her there are men attending. She's afraid I might be a lesbian." A few chuckles along with some stares.

"Well, are you?" Jerry asked, only half joking. "It's cool if you are, but just asking."

"Okay, back to the planning." Phil had the feeling he could lose the whole group if they kept on this track. "I was thinking of a game night. But not cards or board games. How about something more along the lines of 'Truth or Dare'? Something with a bit more of an adult theme?" The silence around the table was almost complete, except for the quiet shuffling as some shifted in their seats or moved their feet uncomfortably. "Okay, who here has played the regular "Truth or Dare"? I bet most of us have." Phil raised his hand.

Slowly the others raised a hand. All except Amy. "Never played it - I mean, I know the concept, but never actually played. Seriously? Everyone? But me?" She blushed a little. Partly from embarrassment, but there was part of her that was a little excited by the idea.

Phil continued. "Great. I have a place, all my roommates are gone for the weekend, so I have my apartment with the big living room available. I plan to have a little variation on the game to make it a little more 'Valentiny' which I will explain on Saturday. 6 o'clock sound good? I'll get drinks and food. Just plan to pitch in. Also, if you have any concerns, rule requests, ideas, let me know. Mainly I want this to be fun for us all. That said, remember, 'no means no', respect each other, but as Lori so eloquently put it...it is kind of 'National Sex Night'."

The group ate in relative quiet. A few side conversations sprang up, but mostly it was quiet. You could almost hear people considering the get together in just over a week.


During the next few days, a few texts made it to Phil with suggestions, concerns or ideas. "Have condoms handy." read one. "Cover any mirrors and the windows." One that he agreed completely with, "Leave all phones at the door. No pictures or recording." Pretty basic ideas. It sounded like most people were on board with this. It might be a good Valentines' Day for them all. Now for some special touches for the theme. First on the list, clean the apartment some.

The day arrived and Phil had things ready. A reminder text was sent. Check. Place cleaned. Check. Food in fridge and ordered. Check. Drinks - beer wine, soda. Check. Ice. Check. Candles for mood and maybe more. Check. All that was needed was the group. So far no "Sorry, can't come" replies. That was good.

About 5:30 the time seemed to drag. Phil heard a knock on his door and as he went to see who it was, he saw the door open and Amy came in. "Oh, hi. The door was open, I just decided to try it and it opened. I thought I would get here a little early to see if you needed help. Maybe set up. And maybe talk a little." Amy was usually quiet, but maybe it was nerves or maybe a little excitement that made her a lot more talkative tonight.

"I think I am pretty well set, let me grab your coat, and show you around before the others get here." Phil did remember a few manners. He was also glad to have someone here so he knew at least someone was going to show up.

"Thanks." Amy offered her coat. She was wearing jeans and a sweater. She had always been a little self conscious about her body, she wasn't fat, but she was not thin, either. The sweater was loose enough to hide some of the curves and the jeans loose enough to not cause rolls. "So, what do you have planned? I mean if you want to wait and tell everyone at once, that's fine, but, well, I have never played, so I thought I might get some advance information, maybe you can tell me a little of what to expect." There she went, running on again. It was nerves. "I'm sorry, I'm just a little on edge. Can I talk to you just a little about tonight?"

"Of course, Amy." Phil tried to sound empathetic. "You aren't thinking about leaving are you? I really hope you stay."

"No, I'm not leaving, but it is just that, well, I am not that experienced with anything like this, I mean, I'm not a virgin, but I really haven't done much. So, I hope I don't make a fool of myself or disappoint everyone." Amy sounded just a little short of panicked. "I mean, I don't even know if I'm a good kisser, let alone..."

Phil grabbed Amy by her shoulders and leaned in and kissed her hard on the lips. Her lips parted and their tongues entangled. She wrapped her arms around Phil and returned the embrace and actively engaged his tongue as their lips locked.

After a moment that seemed much longer, Phil pulled back. "Amy, you kiss fine. Better than fine. Shit, I'm half tempted to cancel the party and help you practice for the rest of the night. You'll do just fine! Have fun tonight. And if you hadn't noticed, the rest of the group is not exactly the fastest movers. You okay?"

Amy blushed a little, she felt her heart racing, among other sensations. "Yes, I'm fine. Thanks. I think that was just what I needed. Strange, it seemed to calm me down. But yeah, maybe we can practice that some more." She pecked him on the cheek, he was taller than she was, so she had to stand on her toes. "Now, anything I can help put out?"

Phil laughed. "Look at you, already talking about 'putting out'. I do think you're ready. Sure, help me put some of these snacks out." He handed her a pair of bowls filled with chips and pretzels.

"That's awful, Phil. You know what I meant. But yeah, maybe I will put out tonight." Amy headed for the living room. "Oh, by the way, where do you want all the phones?"

"Crap. I forgot about that. Think a bowl by the door is good enough? I might have a box or something with a lid. What do you think?"

"A bowl or basket should be fine. I'll go get mine so people can get the idea. Where's my coat - Ah there it is." She fished her phone out of the pocket and took the basket that Phil offered.

"I think I got all the popcorn out of there, that is what we use that for. Set it over by the door. I'll put your coat in the bedroom now." Phil headed off to the bedroom as Amy went into the living room.


A few minutes after Phil rejoined Amy the others began to arrive. A couple had come together so the driveway was full, but no one had needed to park in the street which was always risky. A few moments of gathering coats, collecting phones and dispensing a few drinks and the party was underway. Folks were talking, but mostly superficial exchanges. Phil decided it was time to lay the ground rules and start the evenings' festivities.

"Hey people. Listen up. First off, welcome. I'm glad to play host, and I hope you have a good time. Just a few basic rules. First, no one leaves drunk. That is why I collected keys and phones. We have plenty of room to spare, so sleep it off here. I mentioned it before, but 'no still means no', so if someone doesn't want to do something, respect that." Phil stood in the middle of the room and turned to look at each of the others as he delivered his opening. "Now, for the actual game! Everyone ready?" From the nods and raised glasses, he knew they were. Even Amy was leaning forward and nodding in agreement.

He continued. "Now in a standard Truth or Dare game, you have to make up your items or pull the pre-made suggestions from a can or similar. Well, to make it a little more festive for a Valentines' party, the Truth questions are in this box of chocolates." Phil held up a heart shaped box. "The Dare slips are wrapped around the stems of these carnations." He pointed to the bouquet in the middle of the table. "One tidbit, to make it even, there are only four articles of clothing. No counting extra socks, jewelry or extra items. Any Questions?"

Lori raised her hand. "So, what if you don't like chocolate. I mean, I like it, but I'm trying not to eat too much of it..."

Tom was to her right and laughed a little. "Hell, pass it to me. I'll eat it and give you the slip. Or just take a Dare. Problem solved. Unless it says 'I dare you to eat the chocolate'."

Phil tried to get things back in line. "Right Tom. You get the chocolate. But seriously, just take the slip out if you don't want the candy. I was trying to make it fun and keep to the theme...you know, flowers, candy, Valentines." He was really trying.The group felt it and really wanted to get started. As much for their own sake as Phil's.

"So, who goes first? We draw numbers?" Bob had been quiet, but asked the best question of the night.

"How about the person with the birthday closest to Valentines' Day start it off. You get to choose a Truth or Dare, or you can designate who goes first. So who has a date close to February 14th? Mine is in April." Phil looked around and sat down.

Amy looked around. "I think it might be me, I'm March 1st. Anyone closer than 14 days?" From the shaking of heads, Amy took it as she would lead off. "OK. Well, I could pass it to someone, but I'll take one of the flowers. Give me a Dare!" Several people, including Phil were a little surprised, but Amy was definitely setting a good tone for the evening. She unwrapped the paper from the flower "Unless you are already naked, remove an article of clothing" she said and set the flower and paper down. "Fair enough. It's getting warm in here anyway. Off with this sweater." She pulled the sweater off revealing a very nice bra which met with approving looks from the men and even a clap or two from Quiet Bob. "And now I say we go clockwise to the next person. Jerry, that would be you."

Jerry reached to the box and took a chocolate. "I guess I'll go for the truth." He bit in and removed the slip from his mouth. "When did you first have an orgasm. Describe the circumstances. Man. Really? I guess I was 11 or 12. I found some of my brothers magazines and, well, got hard looking at them and jacked off. Couldn't really call it much of a jack off. Only took a few tugs. That good enough?"

A few snickers, but most of the group could relate, so they were kind. Next up was Lori. "Yeah, I'm taking Tom's advice. Give me the Dare flower." She took the stem and read the dare. "Remove one article of clothing and flash the person of your choice doing it. Be creative." Lori hesitated. "What the fuck does that even mean? And isn't it two dares? Really?"

The group turned on her hard. "C'mon, you know what it means. Show something. Moon someone as you drop your pants. Something like that." Tom was the loudest.

Phil spoke up. "If you don't want to show, don't. Just take off what you want. Let's keep moving."

"Ah hell. Here you go guys." Lori lowered her jeans and exposed her cute ass, letting the jeans fall and then pulling her panties back up. "Happy? I'm gonna make one of you kiss it, so I hope you got a good look."

Tom picked a dare and had to remove an article of clothing. Deb chose a truth chocolate "Have you ever given oral sex to another person? Give details if yes, explain why not if no". Deb turned red, but proceeded. "Yes. Once. I was on my period, he didn't want a hand job, so I tried to blow him. He came really quick, it surprised me, and I kinda bit him." The group was howling by this point.

Bob took a chocolate. "Deb - we aren't laughing at you, but that is funny shit. All you need is practice. I'm sure there is a volunteer or four in here right now. But my truth awaits. 'Have you ever wanted to fuck one of your teachers'." Bob chewed the candy. "Mmmm Caramel. Yes, Mrs. Davis. In English. She always bends over right by my desk, Sometimes I want to just reach over and, well, you know."

Tara took a dare. "Remove one item of clothing." She stood up. She had been the only one of the women to wear a skirt. "Let's make it fun. I'm removing my panties, so I'm commando under the skirt." With that she shimmied her panties down without lifting her skirt. Clearly a move she had mastered before. "And now to our host."

Phil took a chocolate. "Who would you most like to make out with at the party? Describe it." He paused and then answered. "I'll go with Amy. I had a quick taste of her once with a kiss, and I think I could do better. Maybe back her to the wall, lower my head down to hers and move in so we connect by our lips and then I part her lips with my tongue, kissing her deeply. Then I move a hand behind her neck to stay joined as our tongues continue to entwine. My body moves in so we connect through the chest and down to the belly and my leg moves in between hers as we continue to kiss." You could hear the clock tick on the wall as Phil described his kiss with Amy. He had their attention, even more than when he was explaining the rules. It made the temperature climb even more. "OK, I think that is enough for that Truth." And Phil passed it on to Amy.

The group went around again, a few more clothes were removed and a few more embarrassing and suggestive moments were disclosed. It came to Tara. She picked a dare flower but before she read it she stood up and looked around. "How about this. I could read this or we could move things along a little faster. I say we all remove the clothes we have remaining. And I have a dare for the group. What do you say?" She looked around at the group and lightly tugged at her top.

The group was a bit surprised, but as each looked around, no one seemed to be visibly opposed to it. Tom broke the ice. "Yeah, I'm game. I'm halfway there already, so why not. Interested to hear this group dare anyway." The others nodded in agreement.

"Okay then." Tara started to remove her top. "Come on then, off with it. No time to be shy. Phil, be a dear and go freshen up some drinks. I think we may need a little social lubricant to move this along." With that, Tara dropped her skirt, removed her bra and stood naked before the group. Her blonde hair came mid chest and tried to cover part of her chest, but her perky breasts were more than evident. The pink nipples were hard and obviously happy to be free and seemed to enjoy the attention they were receiving. "Come on people, let's get those clothes off."

Everybody started to strip. It was interesting to see each persons routine. Some, like Amy, Deb and Tom were neat and folded each item as they removed it. Others were less worried about their clothes and wrinkles and just created a pile. That would be Lori, Jerry and Bob. Phil had gone to the kitchen for some refills and stripped in there. He had a good view when he came back into the room. Seven naked people in his living room. Definitely a step up from his regular roommates.

"Okay folks, fresh drinks. And Tara, you said you had a dare for the group? More than just getting naked?" Phil looked around and couldn't help but notice the others bodies. Like him, most of the guys cocks had started to rise up. He noticed that they were all about the same size. That came as a bit of a relief, it might be a little awkward if someone had been either larger or smaller. Tom was the only one uncut, all the rest were circumcised. The women were a bit more diverse. Amy was trimmed, but had a neat bush, Deb and Tara were shaved and Lori sported a full bush of dark hair. "So how about that dare?"

"Right, Phil. Just pausing for effect. Here's the dare. We're going to make a 'daisy chain', so turn to the person on your left and rub their crotch for 30 seconds. I'll keep time and will say start." Tara dashed back to a seat in the circle and everyone moved in closer so they could reach the other. The women sat cross legged while the men sat with legs out. "Okay, GO!"

Phil felt Tara grasp his cock and he felt himself stiffen as she moved slowly up and down the shaft. He reach over to Amy and cupped her pussy, feeling the warmth and began to slowly rub the area as he watched her reach over to grab Jerry and wrap her fingers around his dick. Tara stroked him faster, but he watched as Amy slowly pumped Jerry, clearly familiarizing herself with his hardening cock. The visual as well as the sensation of touching and being touched had the obvious effect on everyone. Outside of the soft sounds of hands on others genitals there were just a few soft moans and quick intakes of breath. In what seemed both too short and a longer time, Tara announced that the time was up. "And stop! Hands back to your own selves. I think that might have gotten things moving along. I think you are up, Phil."

"Wow. The proverbial tough act to follow. I'll take a dare - give me one of the flowers." Phil reached forward and picked one from the vase that Jerry passed to him. "Bend over and let each player who wants to spank you." He shook his head. He knew he should have remembered which dares were which. Too late now. "I'll assume the position. Be kind." Phil went to the middle and bent over grabbing his ankles.

"Hell yeah. I've wanted to do this for a while." Lori was the first to her feet. She reached out and smacked Phil on the right cheek with a good sounding "whap" that left a red patch where her hand had made contact. She looked like she was ready for another turn when Tara moved in.

"One swat per person." Tara swung and connected with a slightly less loud sound, but a similar pink mark. "Okay, next."

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