tagLetters & TranscriptsLove Letters for Him: No. 12

Love Letters for Him: No. 12


Author's Note: This letter compliments Love Letters For Him: No.11 by RedHairedandFriendly. She keeps challenging me for more, I hope you are enjoying them

Hey babe,

I didn't know you were going to the Library, but glad you found some movies. Haven't I told you before that keeping your little massager in your purse would get you into trouble one day? I guess I can't be angry though, I mean it did provide me with a very hot juicy vision that certainly helped relieve some sexual frustration today.

Remember when we were dating and spending most weekends in bed, and we would masturbate for each other? I remember being surprised that you would be turned on by watching me stroke my cock. I also remember one time you said your girlfriends would get turned on watching me. Ha, well I used that fantasy many times when you were not around to help satisfy my urges.

In my fantasy it would always happen on a night you went for dinner and drinks with Carol and Nancy. You know how attractive I find them. Well, anyway, you would be out and I would be on the sofa in my sweats, bored without you being home. I'd decide to watch a movie just to get myself all horny for when you came home. It wouldn't be long before my tee shirt would be off and my sweat pants tucked under my balls.

I would be so focused on pleasuring myself and watching the movie that I wouldn't hear you arrive home until I heard you giggle. I'd look up, my hand still around my cock and see not only you but your girlfriends as well. I'd turn beet red and quickly cover my hard cock. The three of you would move further into the living room, still giggling and I'd hear someone say there was no need to stop. I'd be so embarrassed that my body would begin to perspire but my sweats would still be tented. I'd look up into your eyes and, I guess because of the drinks you had, I'd hear you tell me to go ahead, to stroke myself in front of all three of you. I'd shake my head no, but my cock would jerk and you would know I really wanted to do just that. You would encourage me, telling me your friends had already seen me hard; why not give them a real show.

I knew you were proud of my body and it was true that Carol and Nancy already got a good view of my hard cock, so I'd figure why not. I would tuck my sweats back under my balls, my cock would point straight up and when I looked up all three of you had smiles on your faces. I'd wrap my hand around my manhood and begin stroking up and down slowly, my eyes shifting back and forth between my erection and the three sexy ladies watching me. I would catch the three of you whispering back and forth, I couldn't hear what was being said but knew it was about me.

Then in my fantasy I'd hear you tell me to take my sweat pants off so I could spread my legs further apart and to also use my other hand to pleasure my body. I'd do as you asked and lay back deeper into the sofa with my legs spread wide. By now my cock would be leaking precum and I'd use a finger to rub it over the head which, as you know, always causes me to moan. My other hand would be rubbing my chest and stomach stopping only to pinch my nipples. I'd stroke myself and move it to give you three different views of how hard I was. My hand would slip over my stomach to my balls and you would watch as I fondled myself. I was getting into showing off so much that my eyes would be half closed; I wouldn't realize I was licking my lips or moaning.

When my hand went back to pinch my nipples I heard Carol say something about how my balls were tightening. I'd watch as you would move over, kneeling on the sofa. You would bend over and give me the hottest most passionate tongue kiss forcing me to moan even louder. When you pulled your lips from mine you'd whispered in my ear to come for your friends, to show them how much I give you. Then you would lean back to watch the show as well.

The kiss you gave me made my cock leak even more precum and now it was glistening. I began jerking myself faster and fondling my hardened balls. I would hear your voices coaxing me on. It would take but a few more strokes and my cock would begin spurting a thick creamy load over my stomach and chest. I would tense my body; close my eyes, grunting as I emptied my balls in front of you. I would hear all three of you moan as well watching me jerk and shoot. I'd lay there, my body coated with my seed too embarrassed to open my eyes.

I would smile when I hear your voice, telling your friends the show was over, that I as all yours now. They would leave us alone and when I felt your tongue begin to lick my chest and stomach clean I would open my eyes.

Oh, dear, that was a fantasy of mine for a long time. It still gets me aroused when I think about it. Funny, neither of us has ever spoken about exhibitionism before. Maybe we should try something together.

Love ya,

Your hubby

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