tagGroup SexLove Like a Blue Shell Pt. 04

Love Like a Blue Shell Pt. 04


This is it! The Grand Finale! If you've made it this far, well, what's another 20,000 words amongst friends? Enjoy!

Tim and Taylor have hosted three wild sex parties with their friends. Not all of them intentionally. Last time, it ended with all three couples fucking other people, despite a strict embargo on doing so. All of this was supposed to help the couples stay together, but the cracks are starting to show. There's only one way to fix it once and for all -- more sex!

Everyone is over 18.


When Tim woke up the next morning, Zoe was gone. He felt groggy and he tried to sort out the dreams from reality. He found, to his elation, that it had all actually happened.

They'd hosted another Mario Kart party at their apartment, and this time they'd skipped the drinking and gone straight to sex. Everyone had ended up with someone else's partner -- Tim with his friend Zach's girlfriend, Zoe.

He pictured her lying next to him the night before, covered in his seed. Getting to be in Zoe without protection had felt amazing. And as hot as it was for him to mark the tall, dark haired woman, he kind of wished she'd let him cum inside her. He'd never done that with Taylor because of her condition and his body seemed to beg for it.

He picked up his phone and found a text from Zoe, "Next party, I'm coming (a lot)." Well, Tim thought, clearly there would be other chances. Maybe even soon.

Tim pulled on some pj pants and then stumbled to the bedroom door. He could hear his girlfriend Taylor talking to his closest friend Colin in the kitchen. It stopped him cold.

"Yeah that," Taylor said, "Stick it in,"

"Here?" Colin asked.

"Wait," Taylor said, "Wrong spot."

"Are you sure?"

"Yes, I'm sure now take it out, dammit."

"Sorry," Colin said, "Sorry sorry. OK, is that better?"

"Oh yeah. That's it," Taylor said


"OK, now push it in as far as it'll go. Twist it a little. There. Perfect."

Tim burst out of the bedroom. Taylor and Colin were sitting at the kitchen table, wearing their clothes from the day before.

"Hey Tim," Colin said, smiling, "I found your Lego Millenium Falcon set and Taylor said we could start putting it together. I hope that's OK."

Tim went over to pour himself a mug of coffee. He was relieved, but also a bit disappointed. And not about the Millennium Falcon.

A moment later, Colin's wife Courtney came out of the shower wearing one of Taylor's purple towels. She smelled nice and looked even better. Maybe it was the residual high from the night before, or the things he thought he'd heard that morning. Or maybe it was just Courtney, still dripping and practically slipping right out of that towel. But Tim found himself really aroused by the auburn-haired woman in that moment.

"Everyone else left?" Tim asked. Taylor nodded.

Courtney went over to the kitchen and started to make coffee. "I hope you had a good time with Zoe last night," she said. Tim was about to answer when Colin said. "Oh yeah, lots of fun."

"And how was Paige?"

"Oh.... um, fine," Tim said, "Just fine."

"Really?" Taylor asked, "Just fine? I'm sorry, hon. I really thought she'd be a blast in bed."

"Oh it's OK," Tim said, "Don't want to kiss and tell in front of her older brother." Tim looked over at Colin suspiciously, but his friend just looked away.

"I think Paige only has eyes for Colin," Courtney said. She filled her mug and then walked back over to where Tim was standing. "I swear those two have some kind of secret thing going on sometimes."

"We're just close," Colin said, "Nothing more. I don't know where you get these things from."

"Fine. Whatever," Courtney said, "Well Taylor and I had a lovely time."

"Oh really?" Tim asked. Courtney froze. She realized she'd said something too far.

"It's fine," Taylor said, "I just watched. It was really hot."

Tim knew his girlfriend. Recognized that look in her eye. She'd done way more than watch. And that was fine. More than fine. He'd practically begged her to, right? But the fact that she'd clearly never intended on telling him...

"Well anyway, we should be getting going," Courtney said, "Thanks for another lovely time." She leaned over and kissed Tim on the cheek. Colin leaned over and did the same to Taylor.

"A lovely time," Tim said, "Yes." He leaned in to give Courtney a kiss, but she turned and pressed her lips to his. Tim looked over and saw Taylor was doing the same thing to Colin.

Both couples stood there in the living room, wrapped around each other's significant other. Tim put his hand on Courtney's side and felt her towel start to slip away. She broke the kiss and they both looked over. Colin and Taylor were fully engaged -- tongues clearly twisting in each other's mouths.

"One more for the road?" Tim asked. Colin and Taylor broke apart, gasping, and nodded emphatically. Taylor pulled Colin over to the couch and Courtney did the same to Tim. The four of them squeezed onto the sofa. In seconds, both couples were back to kissing, tongues firmly in each others' mouths.

They began to mirror each other, one pair following the other. Tim started kissing down Courtney's neck. The auburn-haired girl moaned. She slowly slid her towel down her body. Baring her freckled pink breasts. Tim wasn't going to ignore that invitation and he started suckling them.

Colin reached over and lifted Taylor's shirt over her head. The lithe brunette held her tiny breasts upward and Colin licked her little pink nipples. Taylor nearly growled as the pleasure shot from her sensitive breasts right down to her pussy.

Courtney was naked now and Tim hurried to join her, throwing his shirt and pajamas to the floor. Then he dove back at Courtney's chest like he would collapse without being latched to her. Their bare skin reverberated against each other. Tim felt his penis press against Courtney's warm wetness and he quickly stepped away.

His friend's beautiful wife lay back on the couch, legs open, auburn hair splayed all over her body. Tim looked over and saw Taylor standing next to him. Also completely naked. Colin was sitting on the couch next to his wife. His penis as erect and aggressive as Tim's.

Tim leaned over and gave Taylor a heady kiss. Then they separated and slid down to their respective partners. Taylor wasted no time, quickly devouring Colin's entire cock in one throaty gulp. Tim buried his face between Courtney's legs and soon the married couple were both moaning in unison. But not from each other's attentions.

Colin reached across and grabbed Courtney's hand. She squeezed it tight. Both of them writhed under Tim and Taylor's attention. Taylor dragged her lips up and down Colin's member, almost making love to him with her mouth. Tim buried his tongue in Courtney, used his fingers to smear her clit back and forth.

Taylor pulled back, a long trail of drool connecter her mouth to Colin's cock. "How's my tongue?" she asked and Colin just groaned. She gave him a few quick strokes. Then raised her eyebrow at him.

"S... so good," Colin gasped.

Taylor gave Colin another stroke but then stopped. She could see he was on the edge. His body practically trembling.

"Tell her." Taylor looked pointedly at Courtney, writing under Tim's tongue. Colin's penis stood upright and almost purple. He stared up at Taylor for a moment, but when she made it clear she wouldn't move, he turned to his cute wife.

"Court... She's sucking my cock. Taylor is." Taylor bent down and took Colin back into her mouth, but only licked lightly. When Colin didn't say anything more, she slowed.

"It's the b... best. Best I've ever had."

Taylor popped off Colin again. "Come on, Colin. You have to say it or I'll stop. Am I better little cocksucker than Courtney?"

"Y... yes."

"Then you need to say it."

"Courtney... ooooooohhhh Court. Taylor's sucking my cock so much better than you can."

Tim paused in his licking. He wondered if he should torture Courtney in the same way, but she replied on her own.

"Tim's licking me Col," she said, "I'm going to cum so hard on his tongue. I... I've never cum so hard I... ah Ah AH!" Courtney shook as, sure enough, she came -- a shaking, shocking scream of a cum that practically shook the apartment. "Oh my God. I've never. I mean I didn't even think I..."

Colin looked on in shock. Nearly six years of sex together and he thought, suddenly, that he'd never really made her cum. Not like Tim just had.

Taylor redoubled her efforts on Colin's cock but she knew it was no good. She picked her head up off him and kissed him hard on the mouth.

"Be right back."

Courtney lay splattered against the couch. She reached down and took Tim's hardness in her hands and started stroking. "Sssssooooo thick," she said. "Want it inside me."

"Courtney we can't," Tim said, though his body clearly was screaming something different. Taylor came back into the room holding two silver foil packets. She pushed Colin to the ground, his penis still pointing upward.

Taylor tore open the condom with her teeth and rolled it down Colin's cock. She climbed up over him. Paused. Like the hammer about to drop. Then Taylor planted her pussy right onto Colin's hardness with a triumphant cry. Her pussy squeezed down, so ecstatic to be filled.

Colin's cock was a bit shorter than Tim's and a bit thicker than Zach's. Taylor found she liked comparing the sensations. She started humping up and down with abandon, her tiny tits doing their best to flop about with her. Colin fell back, blown, as the sexy brunette drove herself to ecstasy on his cock.

Courtney took one look and lay down on the ground, legs splayed. Tim reached for the other condom, but Courtney slapped it out of his hand. She grabbed his cock, grinned wickedly, and guided him to her waiting, willing snatch.

Now Tim saw the competitive Courtney. The one who needed to win just as badly as Taylor. Who fought to always have the best grades, the best job. Good was never good enough for the girl. She sprinted through life like losing had her tail.

Tim groaned as Courtney's pussy swallowed him whole. She was tight and, even better, soaking. After blowing his load twice the night before, Tim could feel that he was going to be able to last awhile. Something about that thought made him soar.

Tim reached down and grabbed Courtney's peaches, giving them a good squeeze. "Oh, I love your tits!" he cried.

"Sssssooo thick," Courtney hissed. Rolled her head back and forth on the floor like she was delirious.

Taylor ground down on Colin harder. Faster. She reached down and strummed her clit. She wanted him to rise up. Kiss her. Nip at her nipples. Make her cum at his command. Instead he just lay there like he was in shock.

The look in his eyes was almost worshipful. He even said it. "Can't believe Taylor's fucking me." It was sweet, but Taylor didn't want sweet. She wanted to get fucked. She pinched her clitty hard and pounded her pussy with Colin's cock. Taylor reached back and grabbed Colin's sack, not too gently. "Mine," she said.

He nodded yes. Taylor arched her eyebrow at him again.

"Your cock. Your balls. Your cum," Colin said. Taylor was pleased to hear him repeat it exactly. She was in his head and she wanted to make sure everyone else knew it, too.

"T... tell her," Taylor said, the dirty talk bringing her closer to release now.

"Taylor..." Colin said, "I'm so close. God. Th... this is Taylor's cock. Taylor's balls. Taylor's cum."

"Only," Taylor said. She felt her body start to tighten. The pleasure building in her pussy and radiating outwards.

Colin could only gurgle as he tried to agree. He shook and suddenly Taylor felt his cock twitch as he filled the condom with his cum. Taylor gave her clit a few more rubs and... there! Her orgasm exploded.

"Mine you fucker it's all mine give it to me," Taylor rambled incoherently and then fell forward. Washed away in orgasm.

Tim kept driving into Courtney. Her leg was kicking out constantly now as she rolled from one cock-squeezing orgasm to the next. Her only sounds a machine gun "Uhn. Uhn. uhhhhhhhhhn."

"Getting close," Tim said.

"Ohhhh it's g... gonna be a big one," Courtney gasped. "Cum. Cum for me. I n... need it. Please."

"Where?" Tim asked.

"Inside me," Courtney said, "Like she never lets you. Fill me up. Give me your seed. Like Taylor never gets."

Tim practically wept with joy. The words spurred him forward. He pounded his friend's wife harder. Squeezed at her breasts. And then his orgasm exploded. Splattered Courtney's cervix with his cum.

Tim's ecstasy triggered Courtney's even higher. Her whole body snapped stock straight and she screamed, "Cummmmmmming."

Tim, to his shock, was somehow still filling Courtney's quim. He grunted with each burst. Missile after missile fired into her. A barrage of beautiful boy-stuff unloaded into his friend's wife. Painted her walls and filled her womb.

Finally he felt the pleasure fade. His head was practically vibrating as he rolled forward.

Courtney slowly rose off the floor. As if on purpose, she hung in front of Taylor's face as little dribbles of Tim's cum dripped out of her pussy. Taylor leaned over and gave Colin's satisfied schlong a little squeeze. Still mine, she seemed to say.

"Well that was fun," Courtney said.

"A blast," Tim said, smiling post-sex silly. He looked over at Taylor and they both shared a wicked wink.

"It's neat to play around like that," Taylor said, "Just say stuff. I don't mean those things. it just turns me on to pretend."

"Exactly," Courtney said, "It heightens the whole experience."


Colin and Courtney got dressed (again) and said far more chaste goodbyes to their friends. Then they stumbled down the stairs to their car. The morning was cold. The windshield sparkled with frost. Colin got behind the wheel and started the engine.

"What Taylor talked about," Colin said, "That's true right? We were just saying stuff. It didn't mean anything."

"Right," Courtney said, "That's all it was."

They didn't say another word the whole drive home. Colin told himself it was because they were both tired after what had been an absolutely epic evening. Besides, he'd take the silence over arguing any day.


Once again, Taylor and Tim went through a week of wild sex, recreating everything that had happened at the party. However, Tim noticed that the events of the next morning -- Tim with Courtney and Colin with Taylor -- went completely unmentioned. As if it had never happened.

But then, other things seemed to be avoided, as well. When he and Taylor talked about what had happened with Zach that night, Taylor only mentioned what their tall friend had done with Courtney. Almost as if she wasn't there at all. Though of course she had been.

Not that Tim was completely forthcoming, either. He told Taylor the truth, that he'd ended up with Zoe instead of Paige. But he skipped the grand finale, telling Taylor that he and Zoe had only done a little rubbing before he came on her chest.

Tim thought it was for the best, but he also had to concede that this second round of role play was far less exciting. Like watching a great movie with key scenes edited out, Tim could enjoy the show, but he kept feeling like the best stuff was mysteriously missing.

Still, Tim kept up his enthusiasm for appearances. He didn't want to hurt Taylor's feelings.


While everyone agreed that there had to be another Mario Kart championship, it was obvious that people needed time to recover. And then there were the usual scheduling conflicts. After much negotiation, it was decided that the final Mario Kart tournament of the year would take place on the Saturday before Christmas at Colin and Courtney's house in the 'burbs. The group had gotten so large, Tim and Taylor's apartment could no longer contain them.

Tim imagined that all this planning took a lot of effort, but he hardly noticed. Along with fairly frequent texts from Sydney, Tim now had someone else taking up his attention: Zoe. With Sydney, it was like they were friends: they'd ask each other about their day. Tell funny stories. That kind of stuff. The texts with Zoe felt more like communicating with a porn star.

Zoe -- the queen of comportment -- could not stop sexting him. Telling him how wet she was. How much she loved his talented tongue. His thick cock. She wasn't sending pics, but Tim felt it was only a matter of time before she took the next step. He wasn't sure how much he could keep it all from Taylor.

Not that he was doing anything wrong, Tim thought. Just some harmless teasing. No one was sneaking off to a neutral location for some extracurricular experimentation. Zoe was still with Zach. And Sydney seemed perfectly content to keep things convivial.

It was all in good fun.


The week before the party arrived, once again, Tim and Taylor stopped fucking. Practically stopped touching. Taylor found herself frustrated, but at this point it was almost like a ritual. She didn't want to say anything to Tim -- didn't want to hurt his feelings -- but by the end it had all felt forced. Like they were doing it all just to prove that fooling around with other people wasn't fucking up their relationship.

Finally, the big day arrived and they hit the road to Colin and Courtney's house. It started snowing on the way over and the drive took over an hour. The whole time Tim seemed buried in his phone. For the first time since the first time, Taylor felt nervous. Something about this party just felt off for some reason, though she couldn't say why. As an online gamer, Taylor know that some days you wake up and your game is just off for whatever reason. Your clicks are a bit too slow. Your responses are a bit delayed. There's nothing for it.

The suburban neighborhood looked like a Christmas card- the pretty houses covered in white. All Taylor could think about was turning the car around and driving home before things got worse. And then they were inside the warm house, and Taylor couldn't imagine driving back in the ever-worsening weather, and so she let herself be drawn in all over again.

Paige greeted them at the door. She smiled and gave each a kiss on the cheek, just like a regular old Christmas party. Tim and Taylor took off their coats while Paige introduced them to her college friends: two girls and a guy.

Taylor knew the two women were going to be there, but she was still taken aback by them. They were both redheads -- twins in fact. Apparently, they'd met Paige her freshman year and the three of them had been inseparable ever since.

Both twins had deep blue eyes and pale skin. Freckled noses and thick, pink lips. Their fiery hair hung long to the middle of their backs. And while Taylor didn't have much of an eye for their bodies -- their boobs looked big, their waists wasp thin -- she could tell by Tim's reaction that these girls were above and beyond beautiful.

The twins were close to identical, but Taylor could see minute differences. The one with a slightly more pronounced nose was named Anna and the one with the slightly larger bosom was Alexa. Both said their greetings and then bounded off to the kitchen.

The third friend Paige had brought was a freshman who also happened to live in her dorm. Isaac had a shock of curly brown hair and sharp features. He seemed to be all angles, from his nose to his arms and legs. Even his ears seemed less rounded than they ought to be. Isaac was sweet. He gave Taylor the same gaping look that Tim had given Anna and Alexa. He shook her hand very formally, then fixed his glasses and followed the twins to the kitchen like a sad, lonely puppy.

"Close friend?" Taylor asked. Paige laughed, though not cruelly. "Not exactly. But Isaac owns a Switch and with so many people coming I figured it'd be helpful."

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