tagNovels and NovellasLove Lost, Then Found Ch. 04

Love Lost, Then Found Ch. 04


Hank needed to think. As he lay on the bed in his boxers, the breeze from the opening window was blowing over him and he tried to make sense of today. He never got a chance to talk to Amy and tell her how he felt. Amy's behavior was so different today than any other time. Starting with the kiss when he first arrived, the moment in the bathroom till just a few minutes ago, what was going on?

As he lay there trying to sort things out, Amy's voice called out quietly from the bottom of the stairs.

"Hank, you awake? Can I come up?"

"Sure," Hank replied but there was an air of confusion in his voice.

Amy turned on the light at the bottom of the stairs. Hank could see Amy in the soft light it gave off. He could see that she was wearing a cotton t-shirt that barely covered her ass and as she lay down on the bed, he could smell the shampoo in her hair. She had just finished a quick shower.

Amy laid on her stomach across the bed so she could look out the window. This way it caused her shirt to ride up reviling her ass cheeks. As Hank shifted to lie next to her, he could see them clearly but in the dim light he wasn't sure if she was naked or wearing a thong. Whichever it was, her ass was perfect. It was a good thing he was on his stomach because his cock began to grow. When Amy moved closer to him so they were touching, it grew harder.

Amy found herself talking about the weather outside. She suddenly realized how nervous she was. She was about to take a big step and she hoped she didn't disappoint Hank. She was now afraid that she might mess up a good thing and she didn't want that. So she rolled on her side to face Hank and began to speak. Before she could, Hank kissed her. She knew it was the right decision.

After the kiss, Hank pulled away and gave her a look as if to ask if was OK. Amy stood up and pulled her shirt over her head. For the first time she was naked before a man and it felt right. She lay back down on the bed and smiled at him.

Hank knew it too. This was not like others he had been with. This wasn't about feeling good and the physical sensation of good sex. No, this was about making love. True love. His whole being and senses were filled with her presence, her smell, her skin, her hair, her heart and soul. He began to gently kiss her. Her mouth, then her neck, her shoulders, slowly working to her breast and nipples. While her kissing her, his hands were exploring the soft curves of her hips and legs, gradually working his way up to her pussy. She was already wet and let out a soft moan as he touched her. He moved his hands up to her breasts and started kissing his way down her body. Amy reached her hands up and placed them over his, making him squeeze her breasts harder and roll her nipples between his fingers. Hank's mouth reached her pussy and he was delighted to find she was all auburn, soft and downy. She spread her legs wider.

Of all the women Hank had been with he had never found one so wet. Her wetness flowed from her pussy. Her clit was sticking up and he began to lick and suck on it. She let out a low moan and grabbed his head. She bucked her hips upward shoving her pussy into his face and erupted in an orgasm. She stifled her scream with her night shirt. Then throwing the shirt aside, she grabbed his shoulders and pulled him up to her. She kissed him deeply and then said, "God, I'm so in love with you! I never dreamed it could feel this good. Now it's my turn."

She rolled Hank onto his back. Reaching down, Amy pulled off his boxers. His cock popped free. It had never felt this hard. Amy looked at it for a few seconds. She had never seen a real cock before. She and her sister had looked at some magazine and she had watched a porno film once. It seemed big to her but she wanted it. She bent down and slowly began to move her long auburn hair up and down his chest and stomach, letting it fall gently around his cock and balls. The feeling was incredible. His skin was never so sensitive. Straddling his legs, she began to caress his chest, arms, and sides. Then she leaned down and kissed his nipples. It was electric. She tongued, sucked, and nibbled on them. Hank's cock seemed to grow another inch it felt so hard. He reached for her breasts but Amy moved his hands away. 'It's my turn," she said again and placed his hands at his sides.

Amy now began kissing her way down to her cock. She kissed all around it and then grabbing her breasts, placed it between them and began rubbing up and down. It was an amazing feeling as each time she would give the head of his cock a little lick, nibble, kiss, or suck. Hank could feel his balls constricting.

"I'm going to cum," Hank said.

"Good", Amy said, "I want to watch it."

She laid her head on his stomach and began stroking him with her hand. A few seconds later Hank came in a flood of cum. It went on his chest, her face, her hands, her chest. She kept stroking, milking every last drop. She stopped and put her fingers in her mouth, licking them clean.

"Mmmmm, you taste good." She had an impish look of pride on her face.

They used her shirt to wipe the rest. She then moved back beside him.

"I've never done that before," she said.

Amy looked at Hank for a moment, then she said, "Hank, make love to me, but be gentle, I've never..."

Hank cut her off. "Are you sure you want me to?"

"Yes. I never been more in love or wanted someone as badly as I want you right now."

They laid together, kissing and caressing, until Hank was hard again. Amy rolled on to her back and pulled Hank on to her. As he moved into position, he couldn't believe how beautiful she was. He leaned down and kissed her. "I love you", he said, "I've never told anyone else that. I have never felt like I feel right now."

Amy started to cry lightly and hugged him. Hank kissed away her tears. Amy shifted under him and he felt the head of his cock enter her. She felt wonderful. So hot, so wet, and tight. Hank had never made love to a virgin but he knew he didn't want to hurt her. He slowly entered her. He pulled out and inched in deeper. On the third push he met resistance.

"Are you sure you want me to do this?" he asked.

"Yes, please yessss."

Hank eased further into her until he felt a popping sensation. Amy winced and then hugged him tighter.

"Keep going, please keep going," she pleaded.

He slowly continued to work himself in and out of her. After few minutes she wrapped her legs even tighter around his waist. Then she pulled them up with her arms, pulling her hips up to an angle where he could get deeper penetration. Now Hank began to shove harder and faster. Amy was saying, "Oh, oh, oh," in a kind of high pitch whimper with each thrust. She got a little louder with each thrust and her breaths shallower.

He knew he was on the verge of cumming. He couldn't let go now, not until she came. She began crushing him with her arms and legs. "Oh God, Hank, I love you, I love you," she was saying with each thrust. He began driving into her with everything he had. The bed was banging against the wall, the bed springs were squeaking, and Amy was screaming out loud at this point, "I'm cumming!" Hank also let go and they came together in a mind blowing orgasm that left them both drained and exhausted.

They had lost all track of time as they laid there. Hank rolled off her and lay on his back next to her. Amy rolled onto her side. She reached down to his cock and began raking her finger nails on it.

"Does it always stay this hard?" she asked.

"Just for you," Hank replied. It must have been true because he never stayed this hard this long for any other girl he was ever with. He was surprised at his hardness but ready to go again.

Amy threw her leg over his and her breasts cradled into his side. He could feel the heat and dampness of her pussy as they lay there.

"Do you always stay this wet?" he asked as he reached down and stroked her pussy.

"I don't know. This all new to me" she replied as she began to squirm at his touch.

With that she climbed on top, and eased herself onto him.

This time the lovemaking was slow. Amy leaned back and rocked herself front and back, then wiggled her hips left and right. "Mmmmm, that feels so good," she said. Hank was in such a state of bliss he couldn't reply. He reached up and caressed her nipples.

"My breasts are so sensitive," she said with her eyes closed, "That feels soooo good!"

Hank pulled her down and kissed her. Her nipples were barely brushing his chest and it felt wonderful. He looked into her eyes and it was amazing the love he felt at that moment. Amy started to tense up, her hips began to buck up and down. He moved his knees up so he could get more leverage to meet her bucking with his thrusts. Hank was in heaven. This woman was a perfect fit. Again, She was moaning, then saying, "Oh, oh, oh", in that breathy whimper she made before. Then she began crying louder. Her auburn hair moving and shimmering around her, her breasts bouncing, she was beautiful. He grabbed her waist and began shoving her down each time he thrust up. Their rhythm was perfect. Moments later they both came again at the same time. A perfect climax. They lay together, exhausted and sated. Before he drifted off to sleep, Hank knew he had found his true love.

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