tagNovels and NovellasLove Lost, Then Found Ch. 03

Love Lost, Then Found Ch. 03


Hanks' mind was spinning as he walked out of the house. What had just happened? Amy had attacked him in the bathroom and it seemed things were moving pretty fast. Where was it all going? Damn her father! He grabbed a cold one and cheese burger. He was starving. He also needed to say hello to Amy's mom, Elsie.

He found her seated in the shade, seemingly enjoying watching the happenings. "Hello, Mrs. Morris."

"Why, Hello, Hank. And don't call me Mrs. Morris. Call me Elsie." and she flashed that smile. "It seems you have been causing quite a ruckus."

Hank began to apologize.

Elsie raised her hand to stop him. "No need to. Seems those two needed it, especially that Perry fellow. Don't see what Joe sees in him. Enough about them. How are things with you?"

Hank felt right at ease talking with her. He talked about school, his new job, even his future. Things just flowed until Elsie asked, "You're quite fond of Amy, aren't you? I know she is of you."

Hank was speechless. Suddenly he couldn't find the words to express the way he felt. Elsie sensed his uneasiness and changed the subject. "Are you staying the night? It is a long ride for you to go home, isn't it? How long is it?"

"It's 4 hours and I wasn't planning on staying", replied Hank.

"Nonsense! You'll stay the night. We'll fix up the extra room. No arguments."

Jesse came by just as the decision made. She was saying her good-byes. Her daughter Lindsay was getting tired and they wanted to get home. Jesse had heard that they just issued a severe thunderstorm warning and she didn't want to get caught in it. Off to the west, you see thunderstorm clouds building.

Hank rose to say good-bye. "Sorry I didn't meet your husband. Was he here?"

Elsie stifled a cough. "He never comes," replied Jesse. "Doesn't like big gathering and is too busy with work." With that she gave Hank a big hug and a kiss on the cheek. "I never have seen Amy so happy. You're good for her."

After Jesse left Hank went looking for Amy. A lot of people were leaving as they too had heard about storms. With less people it was easier to find her. He found her in heated discussion with Roger Perry. Hank wasn't close enough to make out what they were saying but both were making their feelings known. He decided to wait.

He didn't wait long. Amy got in the final word and walked off. He ran to catch her.

"You OK? He asked.

"NO!" she replied. "He is such an ass. He said now that he is a lawyer and settled he thinks that he and I should get back together. The nerve of him! We never were together. He makes me so mad! Wait! You not going now, are you?"

"No, your mom said we could fix up the extra room or something. She doesn't want me driving 4 hours in the coming storm."

"That's great. Let's go help mom cleanup then we'll get that room ready."

It wasn't until close to 10PM that everything was cleaned up. Hank helped out in the kitchen and put away some things. He had a chance to talk to Amy's mom. She was really down to earth. Hank caught her by surprise when the radio they were listening to play a disco song. He grabbed her hand and started dancing around the kitchen. It was only for a few minutes and when they stopped, they were both laughing.

Amy came into to see what all the commotion was.

"My, young man, I haven't dance like that, well, ever," Elsie said, catching her breath.

"My pleasure, Ma'am." Hank bowed.

"Don't let this one go," Elsie said turning to Amy, who just smiled.

He never saw Amy's dad and he began to feel that he had earned some more negative points with him. Beat him at horseshoes, basically embarrassed him in front of his cronies, helping clean-up and not sitting on front porch swapping stories, smoking cigars, and drinking whiskey with the boys. Roger was there. When Roger left he made sure he made his good byes to Amy and her mom. They seemed to be happy to see him go. The fact that Hank was staying didn't set well. He overheard, how could he miss it, Dad's objections to it but Elsie said he staying and that's it.

The storm seemed to be cooking up and moving closer as Amy showed Hank his room. It was a room in the attic that wasn't used much. It was clean. The bed was good and there were two windows he could open. He needed to as it was quite warm. Amy asked him if he needed anything and then gave him a kiss on the cheek as she said good night.

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