tagNovels and NovellasLove Lost, Then Found Ch. 25

Love Lost, Then Found Ch. 25


The wedding was going to be a small affair and held at Joe's and Elsie's farm. Only the family and close friends were to be invited. Jesse and Carrie were Amy's attendants and Hank had Amy's brother, Jim, for his best man. The most important person to be there as far as Hank was concerned other than Amy, was his sister, Ginny, who came from California.

Hank and Ginny were close and she was Hank's only family. Amy knew this and had asked Ginny to be in the wedding party. She accepted and Hank was pleased. Only two years younger, Ginny looked up to older brother as her protector. In reality as they grew older it seemed she took care of him. Hank changed after the break-up with Amy. He seemed colder; as if he put a shell around himself. When their dad died, then mom, he seemed to build a thicker one. He didn't want anyone to get too close. The only one he let in was his sister. Ginny knew his marriage to Susan was wrong from the start but was helpless to stop it. Hank wanted to love Susan but he couldn't let her in. Deep down inside he knew it and would pour out his feelings to his sister when they talked, either by email of phone. Ginny tried to be there for him but she had her own family.

Ginny was anxious to meet Amy. Hank had told his sister about her when he first met her in college. He even told her about the 4th of July and all the events that spun out of that day. He called her all excited about finding Amy again that day in DC. She told him to take it slow. What she didn't tell him was she was worried he would get burned again.

Hank picked Ginny up at the airport. She came alone as her husband couldn't get time off. He was a lawyer and had an important case that week. Tom wasn't like other lawyers. Hank actually liked him and he treated Ginny like a princess. And he was great father to their two children, one girl and one boy. Both were involved in sports so they stayed behind.

As they drove, Hank brought her up to speed. He told her about Carrie and how she was his daughter. He told her that Amy was pregnant with his baby. He also told Ginny that he was certain that Amy was the right woman for him and he loved her.

Hank dropped Ginny off at Amy's so the two could and get acquainted. Hank drove off to do some errands. The two had a light lunch on the deck. They cautiously felt each other out. At first they made small talk but Ginny brought up the big question. "So your daughter Carrie is Hank's?"

Amy explained the whole long story.

"Didn't you know for 15 years?"

"I know what you're thinking. How can a woman be pregnant and not know it? That time was so stressful that I don't remember missing my period. What good would have it done? I was still going to have to marry Roger."

"Now, you're pregnant again?" Ginny probed for information. There was a tone of skepticism in her voice.

"Yes, I am," Amy explained. "For almost 10 years I was married and never became pregnant with my husband. I thought that Carrie was just one of those things. I thought I couldn't get pregnant again. Now I know that isn't true. Before you ask, no, I didn't do it on purpose to try to trap your brother. I love him with all my heart. I've hurt him enough."

As Amy finished speaking, Carrie came home. "Carrie, there someone here I want you to meet."

As Carrie entered the room, Ginny gave a small gasp. It was like seeing herself in a mirror only younger. Carrie walked over. "Pleased to meet you. Dad has told me a lot about you."

Ginny stood up." The same here. Call me Aunt Ginny or just Ginny."

By the end of lunch Amy and Carrie had won over Ginny. Hank's sister had found out what she wanted. Amy was what Hank needed. Too bad it wasn't done 15 years ago but it was going to be good for him. Ginny knew why Hank loved her.

Hank opened the door to the bedroom and tip toed in. Amy was standing with her back to him, clad only in her panties and looking out the window. Even from the back, she was beautiful. As he grew closer he could smell her perfume. He kissed her neck.

Amy screamed in surprise and spun around. "What are you doing here? You scared me to death!"

Hank pulled her close, crushing her breasts to his chest. "I love you," and kissed her.

She kissed him back then pushed him away. "Its bad luck to see the bride before the wedding especially dressed this way!"

"There is no way this is bad luck," Hank replied. He moved behind her and pulled her close. He rubbed his hands over her baby bump. She was just barely beginning to show. Amy leaned back, laying her head on his chest. Amy gave a contented sigh. Being in his arms she knew there was no way there could be bad luck.

At that moment Amy wanted Hank to make love to her. She didn't care about the wedding. Being with him made her feel alive and appreciated as a woman. She was finally making love with the man who cared how she felt. She never wanted this feeling to end. Hank kissed her. "I better be going or something might happen right here." He patted her ass and walked out.

The wedding went off without a hitch. Amy let Carrie wear a strapless dress for the first time. Hank wasn't wild about but when he saw her walking down the aisle he realized Amy was right. Carrie's dress was a light aqua with a yellow ribbon around the waist. She held a bouquet of yellow roses and carnations. Hank was proud to see their daughter looking so beautiful.

Ginny and Jesse followed. Ginny wore a light purple strapless dress. Her smile told Hank the whole story. Jesse's dress was light yellow and strapless also. It showed off her figure well especially her breasts. Dave, her husband, was here and her children also. Amy told Hank that this was the first time since her marriage to Roger that Dave had attended a family gathering.

Hank looked down the aisle and the sight took his breath away. Amy was standing there with her father. She was dress in a light champagne colored dress that was strapless like the others. She was radiant. Her hair shone and the sun reflected of the clips in it, adding a sparkle. Suddenly Hank felt his palms grow sweaty and his mouth grew dry. When her father handed Amy's hand to him, Hank took a deep breath and faced the minister.

After the ceremony the people mingled about. There were about fifty of them. Most were either relatives who Hank had never met or close friends of the family. There were even some faces Hank recognized as Joe's old political friends. The food was delicious; mostly finger food and Elsie had made the cake. The DJ played a mixed bag of music and an area had been set aside for dancing. Ginny and Jesse found common ground to talk about, their teenagers. Carrie was hanging out with her cousins so everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves.

Hank and Amy finally got a few minutes alone off to the side. "I have waited a long time to say this," Hank said. "I love you, Mrs. Dixon!"

"And I have waited a long time to hear those words," replied Amy.

They kissed but not long enough as there was commotion out front.

"What is going on over there?" Hank asked as he walked with Amy towards it.

There was a big black car and two men in black suits standing around it. Amy's father and brother Jim seemed to talking loudly and waving their arms. It didn't look good.

Amy froze. "Oh my God! It's Roger!" she exclaimed. "What is he doing here?"

"Amy, stay here. I'll take care of this," Hank said as he headed off towards the noise. He pushed his way past Joe and Jim.

Extending his hand, Hank said, "Roger, nice to see you again!"

Roger looked at him surprised. Hank quickly kept talking. "I'm glad to see you could take time out of your busy schedule to stop by. What can I do for you?"

"Ah yes," Roger answered. "I was going to congratulate Amy... and you too." Hank could smell alcohol on his breath.

Hank turned to Joe, "Dad, calm down. I'll handle this." He turned to Jim, "Could you find Amy and tell her, Roger is here. We'll be near the barn.

He took Roger by the elbow. "Here, follow me. I'll take you to her."

Hank and Roger walked towards the barn. Hank figured if he could get Roger away from the others this might go better. They entered the barn.

"So Dixon, you finally got her. Instant family too," Roger laughed.

"Yes I did. And Carrie too. By the way it's DR. Dixon."

"Ok then its Senator Perry if it is going that way! How did you take it when you found out that the little brat was yours? After all these years. How many? 15? Well, we have something in common. It seems like your little Amy held out on both of us."

"I'll remind you Senator you're talking about my wife." Hank could feel his composure slipping away.

"What is the matter? Your perfect Amy isn't so perfect? Remember she was my wife too. For 10 years!"

"Senator, you need to leave now. I don't want you ever to come back. I know what you did to Amy. She told me. You won't hurt her again. As a matter of fact if I see your face again..."

"You'll what, Dr. Dixon," Roger spat out the words. "I know people in this State. I can make things rough for you."

"I realize that but you won't," Hank smiled. "You want to be US Senator someday. You forget I know people in DC who can make your life there rough. So you'll go now." Hank clenched his fist at his side.

Roger stepped closer and raised his arm.

Stan Jones, aide to Senator Perry, had lost sight of the Senator. He caught a glimpse of him going into the barn with that other fellow. He moved from the car and headed that way. As he entered the barn, he stopped. There he saw the Senator on the ground. A man kneeling over him.

Hank stood up. "Quick, get someone. The Senator fell and hit his head."

Some of the guests were already gathering outside the barn. By the time Jones returned, Roger was sitting up. He had a mouse under his eye which was already swelling. He had a large bump on the back of his head.

Luckily there was a doctor at the wedding so one was there in a minute. Hank explained what happened to Jones. "We were talking over there by the horse. I don't think Roger knew the horse was in there. It spooked him. Roger stepped back, tripped over that bucket and fell. He hit his head when he fell."

By now Roger was up. "I'm alright. Leave me alone," he said sharply.

He stalked off towards the car, flashing Hank an angry look. Jones thanked Hank and asked that he say nothing to the press, if any show up. Hank said, "Fine with me."

As Roger drove off, Amy got Hank away from the crowd, "Now tell me what happened. No lies. You have to tell the truth to your wife."

"Just like I said. The horse spooked Roger; he backed up, tripped over the bucket and fell. That's all."

Amy took Hank's hands, looked into his eyes and smiled. He felt himself starting to crack.

"Really?" she asked.

"You know I can't lie to you." He smiled.

"Ok," Amy said as she kissed him. "Perhaps you should get some ice to put on that hand."

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