tagNovels and NovellasLove, Lust, Neon Lights Ch. 01

Love, Lust, Neon Lights Ch. 01


I lived in a flop house in Greenwich Village before it became trendy to do so. It was a six story walk up with five rooms per story. My place was on the fourth floor. Almost all of us were aspiring artists of some kind and it felt like home to me shortly after moving in.

On my floor there were two male dancers, both gay. They each had been the last chosen for a job over the other more than once therefore could not stand each other.

Also on my floor was a very pretty but vacuous guy trying to become a male fashion model. He would at times accept a "male escort" job from some rich older lady but he found that distasteful. He was mostly gay.

Then there was Carol. She was a singer aspiring for Broadway stardom. Although she had a very nice body she was not close to being pretty. Her face was always set to "severe", she looked like a villainous schoolmistress. Her place was next to mine and I could hear her singing through the walls. She was very good.

I won her over as a friend by treating her like one. I made the assumption that her face and her personality did not match and I was correct. I told her enough stupid jokes that she found a few of them to be funny. Her smile completely changed her looks and so I tried to keep her smiling.

When I arrived in New York I had enough money for a room in a hotel but not knowing how things worked in the city I opted to crash with relatives, first my Aunt Dee then with her son.

My New York native cousin Bobby worked at a recording studio as a technician. He asked a friend there if there was work for me, (I was a percussionist). The friend wanted to know if I was union and Bobby said I was. I was invited to come over the following week. Bobby immediately took me to the union hall and paid for my registration and first month dues.

When I got my first check from studio work I used the money to get out of my cousins apartment and into the furnished flat. There was enough money for me to get everything I needed for the place and pay my cousin Bobby back .

My work at the studio was sporadic and so were my checks. One morning the assignments boss at the union hall, (normally referred to as "God"), asked if I played congas and spoke Spanish. I said "Si senor to both" and was sent to a studio that specialized in latin music.

I had no trouble with the language and was able to provide the phrases in rhythm they wanted. I was apparently working on three different albums at one time. Mambos, merengues, boleros, and cha chas danced in my head for weeks. More than once I ended up sleeping in the studio overnight. My love life became nonexistent. In fact for several weeks the only woman I saw for any length of time was Carol. My first check was good and the next several checks were very good, enough to actually start a savings account. Then the marathon sessions began.

My last check from the studio was a bonanza. I had lost track of how many hours I had worked and my check was three times larger than expected. I called my cousin to invite him to celebrate with me but he had a "serious lady to attend to".

So I asked Carol. She did not seem to think I was serious about spending a night on the town with her but my insistence won her over and she agreed. After cleaning up and donning my only dress shirt and sport coat I returned to her room and knocked at her door. When she saw how I was dressed her face went pale. She was wearing a floppy sweater and jeans.

She asked me, "Where are we going?"

I gave her the name of an Italian restaurant and Off Broadway playhouse.

Carol blushed and said "this will take just a sec." She removed her sweater revealing the best set of tits I had ever seen in person. She was not wearing a bra. While hurrying towards a closet she removed her jeans treating me to a view of her magnificent ass.

For a few seconds she was clad in only bright red panties. As my dick rose in salute I reminded myself that Broadway people did costume changes on the fly and Carol was apparently operating in that mode. Her complete transformation took less than two minutes.

When she was done I had to applaud. She was now in a sleeveless dark green dress with matching shoes. She had applied makeup and wore a necklace, earrings, and bracelet. She had not put on a bra. I knew her panties didn't match but I enjoyed knowing for a fact that her panties didn't match.

Carol took note of my hardon and said, "what's the matter, haven't you seen tits before?'

I said, "Yes, many. But none nearly as good as yours. That also holds true for your ass."

She blushed and smiled and off we went. We started holding hands as we walked from the restaurant to the theater and continued to hold hands throughout the evening. I opened doors for her, pulled out the chairs for her, treated her like she was an important date for me. The result was that she was constantly smiling and therefore I was out with a not too bad-looking lady.

It was still a surprised when, at the end of the evening and after I gave her a soft, lingering goodnight kiss, she asked me to come in and make love to her once and fuck her once.

I followed her in as she immediately kicked her shoes off. By the time I had closed and locked her door she was hanging up her dress. Before I had my coat off she was removing her panties. As soon as she saw how far behind I was in the process of undressing she hurried to me and had me naked quickly. When she got to the bed she laid down on her back, legs carelessly apart, a look of expectant passion on her face.

I crawled into bed at its foot and kissed my way up her body. She was moaning by the time I reached her inner thighs. My lips made love to her pussy lips. She had a large orgasm when the flat of my tongue scraped her clit. I kissed and nibbled my way up her flat tummy while noting that dancers had very firm but supple bodies. I kissed and nibbled her tits. I did my best to engulf them into my mouth.

My dick entered her pussy as I kissed her. Her cunt was very tight and I had to go much more slowly than I wanted. By the time my pubic bone pressed on hers her body was squirming. She climaxed again.

Her cum lubricated both our sexes and I could start fucking in earnest. I had not lost my hardon all evening. I told Carol "the fuck needs to be first. I will love you later".

She responded by placing the heels of her feet on my ass and pulling me into her hard. I fucked her with all my being. I was dimly aware that she had cum after cum but I did not pause, I needed mine. When it came it was with such force that I became light headed. My body trembled and so did hers. I collapsed to her side. I kissed her on the cheek just before I drifted off. She was already asleep.

During the night I got up to take a piss. When I returned to the bed I assumed a spooning position behind her, one hand draped over a tit. She was awake.

She asked me "Are you staying the night?" There seemed to be some surprise in her voice. It occurred to me that her lovers normally did not stay the night.

I moved back just enough to roll her onto her back and gave her my best kiss.

"If you don't mind " I said. "Plus, I owe you the love making part."

Before giving her a chance to answer I kissed her again while caressing her tits. Her body relaxed and melted into mine. I kissed her cheeks, her nose her eyelids. I kissed her neck and her ears. I ran the tip of my tongue over her lips.

With a loud groan she pushed me onto my back and straddled my hips. Betraying a great deal of impatience she lowered her pussy into my dick and started to furiously fuck me. I managed to hang on until she was overcome by a massive orgasm and collapsed on me. She was once again out.

I moved a pillow to my shoulder to cushion her head. I kissed her cheeks and caressed her naked body. I had not cum again but it was not urgent I do so. I dozed off for a while and when I recovered I found Carol still draped over me and my now half-hard cock still in her warm, wet pussy.

I resumed caressing her which the effect of making my dick rise deeper into her pussy. I began a slow and gentle fuck from underneath her. She moaned and started to softly match my thrusts.

We fucked for about twenty minutes. I had one of those small mini cums that have no ejaculate. It was not the first one of my life but they still confused me. My dick softened by half but did not lose its purpose.

I had paused in my motions and found that Carol had returned to a deep slumber. I was positive that she had never completely awakened during the fuck. My dick was still in her pussy with no intention of leaving.

I was nearly asleep when Carol shifted her body a bit and while doing so her cunt squeezed my dick. My cock swiftly rose into her and I resumed the slow fuck.

Carol was a little more awake this time and upped the pace of the sex a bit. Her motion told me that this part was for me and I need not do anything. Her body betrayed her however, and she suddenly found herself on the verge of a major cum. She jammed her pussy hard on my dick and allowed the orgasm to sweep over her.

After a slow recovery she kissed me and slowly rose off me and out the the bed mumbling something that sounded like "need to pee."

When she returned to the bed we resumed the spooning position. My dick was still mostly hard and when Carol felt it she raised a leg and draped it over mine, giving me better access. I moved closer to her and felt her hand guide my cock into her pussy. I began to fuck her slowly when again I had another mini cum. I was as tired as I was frustrated but kept my dick in her pussy. She was sound asleep in seconds, I dozed off and on for about two hours.

When I next awoke it was early morning. I felt the tip of the head of my cock in Carol's pussy and was rapidly growing into it with my morning erection. As it invaded her pussy I felt soft fingers caressing its underside.

As soon as it was completely in her Carol began to thrust backwards. I began to match her thrusts. Soon we were moving so frenetically we could not hold the position. I grabbed her hips and turned her onto her stomach, her hips raised. The new position allowed deeper penetration and I quickly began my rise to a cum. I reached around her hips and started working Carol's clit.

Like two runaway trains we raced to our orgasms. Hers hit a fraction of a second before mine. Our combined roars must have shaken the building. We collapsed on the bed and within seconds we were both asleep.

I awoke at about noon. Even though I had dozed off during the night I had not slept soundly until after the last fuck.

Carol was not there. After taking a leak and getting partially dressed I noticed a note by the door. It read that she had an audition and her key was on the floor by the door. She would come get it tonight.

The last part was written in large red letters. It read "THANKS. LOVED THE EVENING." It was written in lipstick and was signed with the imprint of her lips.

Yes, it had been a very good night.

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