tagErotic HorrorLove Potion Number - Dyin'

Love Potion Number - Dyin'


Hello and welcome to my readers. I hope you have a happy Valentine's Day. Thank you for the votes, feedback and comments on my previous submittals. In this tale, Dave discovers the price he must pay to satisfy his desires. Enjoy.


"Is the gentleman interested in a love potion this afternoon?"

Dave Colby flinched at the sound of the reedy voice behind him. He turned and saw a haggard old woman with long gray hair, her wrinkled lips parted in a toothless smile. Creepy old broad, she looks like a witch.

"Uh, I'm just looking, yeah, just looking," he replied, suddenly embarrassed. Who am I kidding. I could use a love potion right about now. His ego had taken a hit since Mandy had left him last week. The jewelry store would not take back the engraved ring he'd bought her, so he decided to hock it.

He had seen the odd little shop when he was leaving the Pawn Emporium. 'Philters and Potions' its sign read, the cursive lettering exotic and mysterious. As he approached, he saw a sign tacked to the front door, 'Special things for Valentines Day'.

The shop's interior was dark and musty, the smell of age and decay reminding Dave of the attic in his grandparents house after a hard rain. Jars and bottles of all shapes and sizes were everywhere. Dave saw a red basket filled with small bottles on the counter. A hand lettered sign reading 'Love Potions' hung from its handle. He had started to read the writing on a label when the old woman surprised him.

"Oh, just looking? I think not, young man," she chuckled, her bony fingers plucking the bottle from his hand. "This will not bring her back. She no longer loves you. It is time to forget her."

Dave's mouth fell open in surprise. How in the hell does she know Mandy left me. She is a witch, or something. I'm gettin' out of here…

"However," the woman continued, "I do have something here that may be more suitable." She shuffled to a cabinet and returned with a squat jar filled with bubbling green liquid. "You have always desired beautiful women and lusted after them. This will attract them to you and they will satisfy your every whim. In addition, it will also enhance your libido, although I doubt that a virile young man such as yourself would need such enhancements. You must be careful, for the mixture is quite potent."

Dave took the jar from the woman, turning it in his hands, watching the bubbles rise. "What's this gonna cost me?" he asked suspiciously. "What if you're puttin' me on and I just hand over my money for a bottle of green water?"

"My, you are a trusting soul," the woman chuckled. She handed Dave a folded sheet of paper. "Follow these instructions and enjoy the results. If they are not to your liking, return here for a refund. That will be twenty dollars please."


Dave removed his backpack and sat on his threadbare couch. Mandy had taken the good furniture when she moved out. Then again, it was her stuff. Dave had never cared much for decorating, or much of anything else except riding his bike and pursuing women. Being a bicycle messenger took care of the former, the latter…well. He thought Mandy was his true love, but when that cute server came on to him at lunch, he couldn't resist.

Mandy had caught them in bed and pitched a fit. He knew he shouldn't have hit her, but she wouldn't shut up. Even when the other girl was gone and he tried to explain what had happened. Mandy had just lain there on the floor, holding her jaw and staring at him with sorrow in her eyes. He had gone out for a drink to let her cool off. When he came back, she was gone.

Munching on a fast-food hamburger, he removed the jar from his backpack and stared at it. Why is it always bubbling? Maybe it is magic. Maybe that old woman wasn't putting me on. I'm too beat to think about this now. He pulled the paper she had given him from his pocket, placed it under the jar on the kitchen counter and went to bed. Tomorrow was going to be a busy day.


"Happy Valentines Day, my ass," Dave muttered to himself as he flopped on the couch. Practically all the items he had delivered were boxes of candy, perfume, jewelry and other expressions of love. Everyone seemed happy but him. Then he remembered the green love potion. I'll try it out. What do I have to lose? I'll go back there and get my twenty bucks from that old hag if it doesn't work. He went in to shower and change clothes.


The instructions were simple enough. 'Take one-quarter cup and enjoy the results,' Dave read. 'Do not take over one-quarter cup; you do so at your peril. Love, Helena.' One-quarter cup…okay, let's see here…there we go…oh jeez, this tastes terrible…now we'll see what happens.


Dave walked down the block to his favorite pub. McGarrity's was a good place to meet girls. He felt strong, more alive, his cock pulsing with each heartbeat. Several women he passed stared at him and one even winked. Maybe there is something in this potion, he thought, taking a seat at the bar. Dave sipped his Jack and Coke and looked around at the red and white streamers, paper hearts and cardboard cupids.

Then he saw two beautiful girls walk in and they were looking at him. The blonde haired one kept whispering in the redhead's ear and they were both smiling. The blonde sat at a nearby table as the redhead walked towards him. She was tall and shapely, her black dress fitting her like a second skin. "My sister and I wondered if you would like to join us for a drink," she asked. Her voice was low and sensual, giving him a shiver.

"Uh…yeah…sure," He stammered, not believing his luck. Rising from the bar stool, he followed the redhead to the table. Her sister greeted him with a dazzling smile, her long hair draped over her bare shoulders. Dave looked hungrily at her large breasts, barely constrained in a tight blue dress.

"So why is a handsome man like you drinking alone on Valentine's Day," the blonde asked in seductive voice as Dave pulled up a chair.

"My girlfriend left me for another guy," Dave lied. "I just came here to have a drink and remember the good times we had."

"Oh, you poor baby," the redhead replied, her fingers sliding through his brown hair. "We'll keep you company, won't we Jane?"

"Yes, Isobel, we will certainly keep the gentleman entertained," Jane purred, covering Dave's hand with her own.


"Well girls, welcome to my home," Dave said, opening the door and waving his giggling companions inside. After having several drinks, Dave had invited the women to his place for a private party. Before he could fix them a drink, Jane and Isobel sat down on the couch pulling Dave between them.

Dave laughed as they undressed him, kissing his face and chest. His cock felt as hard as steel as Isobel stood and shrugged out of her dress. Breasts swaying, she dropped to her knees and sucked him into her mouth.

Jane unzipped her dress and joined her sister, alternately slurping on Dave's cock, cupping and fondling his balls. He could barely breathe as Jane deep throated him, rubbing his cock against the back of her throat. Then Isobel took him back in her mouth, her throat muscles contracting on his throbbing rod.

Dave tangled his fingers in Isobel's red hair, fucking her face as Jane's warm tongue explored his mouth. Then Isobel stood up, lifting his legs on the couch. Swinging her body over him, she impaled herself on his throbbing cock, sighing in ecstasy as it sank into her wet pussy. Jane straddled Dave's face, grinding her hot cunt against his wiggling tongue, exchanging deep kisses with her sister as they fingered each other's clits.

With one hot pussy riding his cock and another on his face, Dave was in heaven. Isobel and Jane drenched his throbbing dick and eager mouth in hot cum, screaming in their passion. Finally, Dave could take no more. Grunting into Jane's pussy, he blasted huge blobs of sticky cum into Isobel's gripping cunt, his body draining of strength as his cock abruptly wilted.

Dave couldn't believe it. He never got tired this fast. He could hardly move as Jane and Isobel continued to kiss and nuzzle him, stroking his limp cock in their slender fingers.

"Dave, what's wrong," Isobel purred, licking his ear as Jane sucked his flaccid tool in her warm mouth. "Are you done already? I thought we could have a lot more fun than this. Didn't you, Jane?"

"Oh my, yes," Jane replied, a puzzled look on her face. She had stopped sucking Dave and sat back on her heels, her breasts swaying. "I so wanted a good ass fuck, didn't you Isobel? I guess Dave isn't ready for it right now. Do you think we should go? There were some other cute guys at the bar."

Dave rose from the couch with an effort. "Wait, don't go, I was just resting, honest." He remembered the love potion, how it made him feel, as if he could screw all night. "I…I'll be right back." He stumbled to the kitchen and grabbed the jar of bubbling liquid. I'll take a lot more this time. I'm gonna fuck 'em both in the ass. I'll never get this chance again. Here we go…oh wow…that taste...

Dave felt strength flowing back into his body, his once limp cock rising between his thighs. He turned and walked back into the living room, his stiff tool bobbing. "Okay girls, whose ass do I fuck first," he cried, laughing at their delighted squeals.


"Ohhh, fuck her, baby, fuck her ass hard," Isobel moaned, grinding her pussy against her sisters face. Dave slammed his cock deep into Jane's tight asshole, her cries of pleasure stifled by her sister's pussy lips as they clung together on the couch. Dave could feel the pressure building in his balls and wanted to shoot his load in Isobel's ass. He pulled out of Jane's ass with a loud slurp. "Isobel," he hollered, "Your ass, now."

In a flurry of motion, the women exchanged positions. Isobel on her knees, ass high in the air. Jane on her back, her legs spread as her sister devoured her juicy pussy. Dave sank his cock up to the hilt in Isobel's puckered hole, thrusting wildly as she pushed back against him. He leaned forward, jabbing into Isobel with rapid strokes, fingering her pussy and clit. Jane screamed and came, grinding her crotch on her sister's face. Isobel howled into her sister's pussy, bucking and thrashing as her cum flooded Dave's hand. With one more deep thrust, Dave shot his hot cum into Isobel's ass. Moaning and gasping, they collapsed in a sweaty heap.


"We had a wonderful time with you tonight, Dave," Jane purred, running her fingers through his hair.

"Yes, a wonderful time," Isobel added, kissing his cheek.

Dave was so exhausted he could hardly move. He had drunk the last of the potion and fucked each of the sisters to more screaming orgasms, finally shooting his load into Jane's tight cunt. "You girls were great," he panted, fatigue making his eyes heavy.

"We have to go now, Dave," Isobel said, "Mother will be waiting for us."

"Yes, Dave," Jane said, "Besides, we promised her a Valentine's Day present."

"A…a present?" Dave mumbled, "What kind of present?"

"Why, you of course," Jane growled, her eyes turning a smoky red, "The jar please, sister."

Dave watched in numb horror as Isobel went into the kitchen and returned with the empty potion jar, her eyes like flickering flames. She handed it to Jane saying, "Take it sister and let's go."

Dave's eyes rolled back in his head as Jane's hand disappeared into his chest. She withdrew something that writhed and placed it in the jar. Slipping into their dresses, the sisters smiled as the naked corpse crumbled into dust.


"Good evening mother," Jane called as they entered the musty shop.

"We have your Valentine's Day present," Isobel cried happily.

"What sweet daughters I have," Helena said, striding towards them, her body voluptuous, her flowing hair as black as night. Helena's beautiful face curved in a broad smile when Jane handed her the potion jar. Lifting it to her glowing eyes, she gazed appreciatively at the tiny figure within.

"He was right where you said he would be," Isobel said. "We had some fun first and now he's yours."

"Oh yes, our skeptical customer from yesterday," Helena chuckled, tapping on the jar with a red fingernail, "A splendid addition to my collection of errant souls." She watched with amusement as the figure beat its fists against the glass, its mouth open in a soundless scream.

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