tagExhibitionist & VoyeurLove Sees Me Walking Naked Pt. 02

Love Sees Me Walking Naked Pt. 02


This is the second part of Sarah's story, as told by Rose. In part 1, she introduced herself and her need for exhibition, did a naked walk around town, met Rose and was waxed by her, and was the centre of a party. Here's what happened next.

The final night: A close encounter

This is the third morning I wake up since having done it. No, I am not taking about having sex. First done that a year ago (in Part 1), as I told you, when I had intercourse with a man. Once. I was not put off, mind you. Just not in a hurry to repeat the pleasure. I did masturbate countless times. That counts too, in my book.

No, when I say 'having done it' I refer to my exhibitionist streak. I feel that that is where I lost my virginity, because I believe showing myself is at my core.

I awake slowly and muse over what has happened the last few days. I have gone from strength to strength. First, I did a solo walk around a small town and showed myself to a man in the light of his downstairs window. I did not know then that a young woman named Rose also saw me that night. (And there may be others. Exciting to realise this!) But Rose seeing me had immense consequences for me and my progress. The next night she turned up at the school and told me that she had seen me on the first night. She then invited me to her apartment to talk about it. And for her to wax me, as it turned out, and make me as nude as the day I was born, in the true sense of the word, that is: minus any pubic hair. The third night she helped me take my exhibitionism to another level by throwing a party for me. I showed myself to a dozen people and masturbated in front of them. In fact, I masturbated together with Jane, who'd been ordered to strip by her boyfriend and follow my example. I am still under the spell of all of these adventures when I do get up and prepare for the day in hand.

This will be the last full day we spend here. I am having a late breakfast with my parents. We make no plans. We will probably take a short walk but spend most of the time lounging around in the sun, chatting and reading.

I sit in my lovely red bikini in a beach chair reading, when I hear someone call my name. I look up and see a smiling Rose approach me. My parents look up, ready to welcome our visitor. I get up and kiss her. 'Mam and dad, this is Rose.' I am hesitating on how to explain how we met, but Rose is quicker.

'Sarah and I met on a late evening when we took both a walk. No one else around and she did not look dangerous, so we got talking.'

'Mum and dad, it was when I couldn't sleep and left my bed for a walk.'

Rose sits with us for a while and makes conversation. By day she is as energetic, bright and cheerful as by night. And even during the day she looks great. She has got the greatest auburn hair, with a hint of red, that is naturally wavy. Now, when the temperature is rising, she wears the lightest of floral dresses but also her trademark black tights, the thinnest possible it seems. She sees me looking at her legs.

'Tights, you are wondering? I like the look, but really, I need them for my sensitive skin. I burn so easily. You don't have that problem, it seems to me? But I will take them off for now, just to fit in.'

She turns in my direction and away from my parents. She starts taking off her tights while seated on the edge of the chair. My parents can't see what I am seeing, that she is not wearing panties. In the half-shade under her skirt, I can make out her naked slit. Is she trying to tell me something? I blush, I think, but my sunglasses allow me to hide somewhat.

After this diversion, the four of us resume the conversation and it soon meanders along as before. Sometimes silences fall, but there is nothing painful. The languor of a summer's day takes care of that.

Suddenly, during one of these silences, Rose looks at me and says, 'Sarah, wanna come and go skinny dipping? I know a nice little lake nearby, where few people seem to come.' She turns to my parents and adds, 'You can come too, of course. If you can stand seeing two naked girls, including your younger daughter!' Wow, the cheek! I feel the ground slipping away. God, pray they say no!

My mother smiles to my dad, then to us and says, 'You don't think we have not done this? Or that we are shy opposite our daughter? I'd like to think we are quite open to her. Ray, if you are game, let's go and revisit our not-so-distant past!'

Oh, no! I cannot stop this train of events.

My dad replies, 'I am game, if Sarah does not think it embarrassing to see her old man and mum in the flesh? If you do, Sarah, I will keep my trunks on.'

All turn to me, my parents with an open, enquiring look, Rose with a sly smile... Now what can I say to that?

'Well.. If you are both fine with this plan, so am I! I am a little shy, I have to admit, but I know I should not be... I should be above being uptight opposite my parents, right?' I hope the smile I muster is confident.

My mum stands up to get a bunch of towels and snacks. I am thinking of the prospect of getting naked in front of my parents. What a week this is turning out to be! I am good with them, but to go to this level... To see my mum and especially dad naked... For me my exhibitionism has been a sexual act. To be naked with my parents can't be that, not for me anyway, nor my parents, I hope. Yuk!

We arrive at this lake. It is a hidden gem, away from it all, surrounded by a variety of trees and shrubs and with patches of sunlight and shade all the way to the lake side. We are alone here. Not sure if it would help or hinder me should there have been others. If those others would be skinny dipping too, it might help. If they'd be wearing swimsuits, it might hinder. Unless exhibition was on the cards, but as I said with my parents here I can't play on that. Anyway, I am a big girl and can handle this!

We lay out the towels side by side. Then the moment comes to strip. For me, it is the loose top and shorts I have slipped over my bikini and the bikini itself. If they care to look, my parents will see my side and back. I decide to run to the lake straight away - ooo, my breasts sway like crazy -, dive in and splash away. God, the cold-water shock is immense, but I soon get used to it. It is a new experience, actually, to be in the water naked. Another novelty! The feeling is great.

A few minutes pass and I am still in the water by myself. I have not seen my parents or Rose undress, but they have done at some point. I see my naked parents and Rose standing around and talking, as if nothing is the matter. Of course, nothing IS the matter. It is just me adjusting. My parents are just on this side of middle age and look pretty good. My mum's breasts sag a little, but then she has breastfed two children for a few months. She has a full bush that hides her sex. My dad's dick is pretty average, I think, but he has big, low-hanging balls. Mesmerising. I have to stop looking.

Then something hits me. A memory from early childhood, when I was five or so, which suddenly comes to the surface. The four of us spent a camping holiday at what would have been a nudist campsite. Seeing my dad naked brings me back to when I was confronted with his nudity day in day out for a period (three weeks?) when I was young. My memory issues three of four visual images of our naked family, naked other campers and lots of naked kids we played with. Plus, the vague notion of me not getting over my father's sex. Nothing threatening, nothing sexual -- just a mighty, unfamiliar part of my oh so familiar dad. My sister, although double my age then, had not undergone any change of shape yet. And my mum, her breasts would have been familiar to me. The fact that she had pubic hair would have been noticed during occasional baths together but not been of great interest. I don't think I would really have considered me and my sister part of the same group, the women, as my mother, to set us apart from my father. It was kids against adults then, no matter how different adults were between them. Of course, I could not have articulated any of this. I don't think we were at nudist campsites again after this holiday. I am not sure if I would be able to remember any holidays prior to this one. Were my parents nudists before they had us? It has not come up in conversation. My parents are no prudes, so would not have held back mentioning their nudist holidays had there been any, so they cannot have been passionate about nudism. Did this holiday in any way foster my own form of nudism? No idea. It is the first time I remember this, the memory triggered by my seeing father's sex again.

Note from Rose: I should not overstress the point, but Sarah emphasised the fact that nothing untoward happened, or was seen by her. She has happy memories of her youth, dad and mum. Her memory is just about the first time she saw and registered the adult human body, including her dad's scrotum.

I see Rose talking to mum and dad, in naked intimacy. Their conversation looks to be confidential. I am easy, but also curious about what is going on. The three of them hitting it off well is good, but also a little disconcerting. They will be talking about me some way, somehow. I would have expected Rose to stick with me, but no, not yet. After five minutes or more of me splashing about alone, it is mum that first enters the water, not her. I love mum, no worries, but I am unsure of Rose's game plan. Well, she clearly has a mind of her own, might be teasing me. She and dad have sat down. When mum is with me and we are swimming around, treading water, she says,

'We really like Rose, Sarah. You did well to meet a new friend like that. Holidays are great for this. She likes you very much. We know that much and that's all we need to know. We are cool. As we are leaving tomorrow, I just want you to know that, if you would like to spend the night with her, that is OK with us. It may be the last chance for a while.'

What??!! What set off that thought? Something Rose said? Something about the way I looked? I am confused, don't ask what I would like to ask, but instead say,

'Thanks, ma. You mean at her place? Or in my tent?' She looks at me with a puzzled look.

'Wherever you wish, dear. The point is, if you are interested in her, we are fine.'

My look will be equally puzzled. 'Mum, I don't know.'

'I understand. This is a strange place to have a mother to daughter conversation. But we are leaving tomorrow and I did not want to have you worry about what we would think. I am sure your dad agrees.'

'The thought had not crossed my mind, mum! In love? I like her very much and we get along great. But we have just met. And I'm interested in boys, I think. I have never been in love with a girl. But I don't know... I am certainly charmed by Rose and have nothing against being bi- or lesbian. She has not shown any interest in striking up an affair with me, I think... Did she tell you she is interested in me?'

'Yes, she did. And did ask whether you two could stay together tonight, if that was OK with us. I'd thought she had asked you first! Didn't she?'

'She did not! I don't know what to say!'

And I really don't. What a cheek to ask my mother, well... for my hand, so to speak! Don't know whether to laugh or cry. To expose me as a lesbian before I am even aware of it myself. If I will ever be one. The only reasonable explanation is that time was of the essence and she didn't think I would take the initiative. She was right. But she should have asked me first. There were opportunities! The cheek!

'Mum, since we are on the subject... I am no longer a virgin. Lost it a year ago. To a boy. A one-time affair, by choice. But I liked it, so if anything, if I am not simply straight, I may be bi-sexual. There, I am out!'

My mother does not appear to be fazed. God, what happened to generation conflicts!

'Sarah, I've been there and done it. Before marriage. For my part, you can do what you like. Best to think a little bit as well as follow your feelings, and never do anything you feel forced to -- that is the only advice I would give you.'

'OK, mum, I wouldn't, but thanks. I will think about Rose, but she must ask me, in any case.'

Then a thought strikes me -

'Now that we are talking confidentially, I have a request. Hope you don't think I have gone crazy. Can I be naked at home? I think I want to try that. I can't explain why. I have tried it when I visited Rose. And we have all seen each other in the nude now anyway.'

She doesn't answer but looks at me, inquisitively at first, openly later, then answers,

'When we asked Rose how you two had met, she told us that she saw you walking nude around the village at night. She said that it had excited her. So, it figures you want to be nude at home too.'

Rose! Did you give me away completely?

'I will discuss it with dad. He must feel comfortable with it. I will have to get used to it myself, but have nothing against it per se. It is unusual, but you're my daughter and you look fine. You don't expect us to follow your example, I hope?'

'Mum, Rose should not have told you all that!'

'Why not? If it is the truth? Would you have told us? It does not matter, do what you like, as long as you don't get yourself into trouble. Getting arrested is the lesser evil. Beware of creeps and perverts, more importantly. I would hope this village is safe, though perverts are anywhere... Maybe especially in villages! Anyway, it is done. Just be careful in future.'

'Yes, it's the truth. You really don't mind?'

'I don't, as long as you don't get into trouble. Or get raped. Not that I understand why you do this kind of thing. Is it to do with sex? Or is it the purist nudist urge, to be free and as nature intended, as they say?'

'You are right, I would not have told you. I will be honest. It is to do with sex, certainly. I want to tease, to be seen and desired. And I want to shock a bit too. But it is not the way I wanna pull the guys. All the explanation comes after the fact and I can't say that I understand my inclination fully myself. When I first read about exhibitionism in the paper, I was drawn to it. Period.'

'OK. I have done my bit of teasing in my day. Let me tell you that dad and I still have good sex. Don't worry, I'll spare you the details. Children don't want to know. It is just that I want you to think of us as sexually active. These days, my showing off is limited to liking to be found attractive in a pretty dress, bikini, whatever. Don't mind the odd wolf whistle.

'Anyway, let me discuss you being naked around us with your dad. We have dabbled with nudism ourselves. We'll let you know, Sarah!

'Now, let's go and join the others.'

We swim back and get out of the water. Dad and Rose are both watching us come out. My dad does not look away and will see me in full glory.

We don't touch upon any of the topics mum and I discussed right away and just make small talk, lazing around on our towels. Mum has the right idea when she suggests, 'Ray, let's cool off in the water and leave the girls alone for a bit.' Dad yawns, stretches out and gets up. 'Alright, race you to the water.' Rose and I watch them run into the water and splash in. Even from behind, dad's swinging balls are impressive!

Before I get to speak what's on my mind, true to form Rose anticipates my axes to grind. 'Sarah, do you want to spend the night with me tonight?'

I look at the naked young woman opposite myself, naked as well. Her posture is tense, leaning in my direction.

'Rose! You should have asked me first, before telling my parents about your intentions. And it is not on to expose me by telling them how we met.'

She looks at me tentatively, as if the check whether I am serious. She sees that I obviously am.

'I know. You're quite right. I am sorry. About asking you to spend the night with me, I can only say that I blurted it out without thinking. I mean, I had no idea I even wanted to spend the night with you, until a surge of feeling hit me. My question threw them a bit, yes, but not long. Cool parents you have! They asked whether I'd asked you and upon 'no' said that I needed to do so, but they would not stand in the way. I felt guilty about not asking you first but was so happy with their stance. They are easy. Also, sorry for exposing you to parents by describing how we came to meet. I had premeditated that I would answer honestly and candidly, should they ask how we met, because I was convinced they could take it and I thought I'd help you be the exhibitionist you are!'

And she smiles a cheeky smile!

'Rose!! It could have ruined me, you know! I guess my parents would not have killed me, that is true, but still! Anyway, maybe I do have to thank you. My mum and I discussed my exhibitionism. And then I thought to ask mum if I could be naked at home. I blurted that out too. And she was positive but needed to discuss it with dad. It may be awkward for him, a naked daughter around. Don't want that. Could I stand seeing his erection? In his pants or face-to-face, should he or should they follow my example? My mum might be game! But I am running ahead of myself. I am not there yet!'

'That would be super, if they let you be naked at home.'

We look at each other and then I can't help a smile coming through. She reciprocates. We hug. And suddenly break into a long kiss straight on the mouth which leaves us gasping for air.

'You are quite something, Rose. I can't be mad at you. I am very glad I met you.'

'Now, Sarah, the more pressing matter. I want you, I want it, I want you! I won't use the heavy words "I love you!" That will be ludicrous. We have just met. But I am in lust! I hope you don't find the word "lust" vulgar, repelling. Lust! I am turned on by you and can't help that. There, my cards are on the table. I don't think lust is wrong. I also like you very much, mind you, and would not force myself on you. You are a great person, both thoughtful and fun. And sexy. I lust after you and want to sleep with you. Stay with me tonight. For now, that is our only chance. I know, I am the elder here. But it's me that finds herself infatuated by you. Your parents allow it! So, if they can take it, can you?

'Oh, Sarah! Here we are, stark naked. Naked! I can see all of you. Your breasts, your cunt, your hips and shoulders, your legs, your head, your sweet, sweet face, your eyes, your lips... I see your cunt. I had plenty of time to see it when I freed it from the pubic hair and I fell in love with the wonderful organism it is. Look at me and my cunt and lust after me a little too.'

We look at each other in silence for a minute.

'Quickly, answer. Your parents are coming back.'

'Yes! I will come to you. Now hush. My head is spinning. I have a lot to take in.'

My parents sit down with us. It is small talk again and we eat the snacks we have brought, drink water and a little white wine, as if we were not naked. That is fine. Why be uptight? This should be called being natural, shouldn't it, as the day we were born.

Before we go back 'home' to the campsite, my dad asks me discretely, whilst mum is talking to Rose, whether I will go to Rose's for the night. First mum, now dad! A rolling stone gathering no moss! What a question for a parent, let alone a father, to ask! As if indeed the matter is giving away my hand in marriage. But these are unusual times. I reply in the affirmative. Dad nods. 'That is fine. We want you to be happy. But also want you not to do anything you don't want to do. I am sure your mum said the same. Anyway, you have your head screwed on right. Though this going around town naked is odd, you know?! And that other thing... Yeah, try us and be naked at home. If it freaks me out, I will let you know.' And he smiles his wise-daddy smile.

'Rose and us, we also talked about her waxed pubes. She showed off those of hers without any inhibition. I had to swallow, to be honest, but your mum was there and it was all, what, really very normal. She told us she took care of you too. Anyway, all I want to say is, your mum and I know. In fact, your mum may be interested and seek some advice from you.'

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