tagCelebrities & Fan FictionLove Thy Enemy Ch. 01

Love Thy Enemy Ch. 01


It takes a special kind of crazy to be a Starfleet fighter pilot. When a direct hit from a starship's phaser or disruptor banks can kill you in one shot, things can get insane in a hurry.

Lieutenant Jason MacKenzie was that kind of crazy, which was the main reason he earned the callsign "Friday". He seemed to have no fear of anything. His former academy instructors and fellow pilots were both impressed with his skills and scared to death of his implacable nature behind the stick.

Over NZ8-257, a lush Class M planet just on the Federation side on the edge of the Romulan Neutral Zone, Jason pushed his Valkyrie's nose down as his target heeled over and dove, trying to avoid his phasers. His target, the last Falcon class heavy fighter in the flight he and Rash had chased down, was trying like mad to just survive. Its shields were gone and it was venting plasma from its starboard nacell.

The whine of the target lock sounded, and Jason fired his last Quantum missile. The missile struck, and the Falcon erupted. Jason smiled grimly, then looked over at his wingman, just off his starboard wing. "How'd you like that one, Rash?"

"Not bad, Friday. Heads up. We have a pair of Kestrels inbound! 5 o'clock low!"

"Roger that, Rash." He yanked hard on the stick and pulled the throttle all the way back, spinning in place and aiming his fighter directly at the lead Kestrel, pushing the throttle all the way forward. "Rash, you take the wing, I'm on lead."

"Tally ho, brother", said Rash.

Both Valkyries went full impulse in an instant, closing quickly. The Romulan wing broke to starboard, and Rash went after it. Jason stayed on the lead, and fired his pulse phasers as soon as he had a lock. The Kestrel juked left and his shots grazed the shields on the Romulan bird as it returned fire. Jason went into a barrel roll and barely avoided the volley.

"Friday! Need a hand, here!" shouted Rash over the comm. Jason squeezed off another quick burst and saw it connect as he snapped his stick left to assist his wingman. He saw the situation, and Rash was in trouble.

"On my way, Rash. Hold on." Jason hit his warp burner and zeroed in on his wingman.

"This bastard reminds me of you, Friday! He's fraggin' good!"

"Not as good as me, Roadrash!" Jason grinned, knowing that Lieutenant(J.G.) Ryan Rasher hated that nickname, which he had gotten as a result of a hovercycle race gone bad.

"Screw you, Jason! If I die here, I'm gonna haunt you!"

"Don't do me any favors, pal." Jason finally had the shot and fired an extended burst, just as the Kestrel's own burst hit Rash's starboard wing. The Romulan ship disintegrated.

"Man, could you have cut that any closer? Hey, what happened to your target?" Rash asked.

"He's back there somewhere. Your damage is pretty bad. Go ahead back to the Nimitz. I'll mop up here and head on back in a moment." Jason kicked his nose up and spotted the last Kestrel on his scope. He smiled and hit his warp burners.

"Roger that, lead. Skull Two is out. When you get back, beers are on me!" And with that, Rash warped out and was on his way back to the USS Nimitz.

"Now, you sonofabitch, let's dance!" muttered Jason as he accelerated directly at the last Kestrel. The Romulan pilot was still hitting his warp burner as well, and seemed determined to play Chicken with him.

Jason shunted all shields forward and locked his finger on the trigger. His burst slammed into the Romulan's forward shields as he saw the incoming green glow of a Romulan missile.

"Hell, this guy is as crazy as I am!" muttered Jason, as he banked hard right and barely missed being hit directly by the photon missile. Then the proximity fuse on the missile blew it and killed his engine. "Dammit!"

Caught in the planet's grav well, his ship slowly began to descend into the atmosphere. He checked his scope, and the Romulan was on his tail. Romulan fighter pilots always made certain of their kills. Jason smiled. "Good. Come on down, the atmosphere's fine." He kept juking and jinking his ship left and right, not giving the Romulan a solid lock.

He was deadsticking the Valkyrie in, but he had something nasty in mind for his killer. 'If I die today, I'm not dying alone', he thought to himself. As soon as he had enough atmo around him after the intial burn of superheated gases around his hull, he pulled the stick straight back, flipping his Valkyrie upside down and locking the trigger to his stick. The blasts of pulse phasers shredded the Kestrel's portside wing, and then he switched to the starboard side, shredding that wing also.


On board the Kestrel, Commander Delaara couldn't believe what she was seeing. "He's insane", she muttered to herself. First he had risked himself to save his wingman while leaving his back to her, and then he had burnered toward her at top speed while firing his phasers constantly, depleting her shields. She proxed a photon missile and fired, knowing he would have to turn away. Her forward shield was gone, but the missile did its job and the Federation Valkyrie was dropping dead stick into the atmosphere.

Then the unthinkable happened. She followed him at a leisurely pace to make sure he burned up upon atmospheric entry, and was actually impressed that he had survived the initial burn. She smiled to herself and reluctantly rearmed her disruptors to fire on him when he heeled over upside down and shot both of her wings off with the last bit of juice in his phasers. She cursed profusely in Romulan as she tried to use her maneuvering thrusters to bring herself in. She followed the deadstick Valkyrie with her own now deadstick Kestrel, and made sure her repulsors were still working. At least she wouldn't die in a crash.


Jason did a quick systems check and discovered that his repulsors were still working. At the rate they were falling, it was going to be a hard landing for both fighters. He checked his six and saw that the disabled Kestrel was following him in. "Great. Phasers are dry, I'm out of missiles, and now we're gonna have us a shootout on the ground. I salute you, sir." With that, he launched a middle finger behind him and made sure his phaser pistol was ready.

The impact of both fighters was pretty bad. The Valkyrie hit the ocean and skipped like a stone up onto the island beach. Jason popped his canopy as he saw the Kestrel hurtle by overhead, bounce off a giant pseudo palm tree, and flip end over end backwards into the ocean.

He watched in stunned bemusement at the sheer comedy of it, then realized that the floating Kestrel hadn't popped its canopy yet. It was capsized in the water, and Jason made a life-changing decision.

"Dammit, nobody deserves to die that way", he said to himself as he dove into the water and swam out to the capsized fighter. He dove under and saw through the canopy that the pilot appeared to be knocked out. He drew his phaser and burned the catches on the canopy off, holstering it and unlatching the pilot's safety harness. He dragged HER out of the seat and made for the surface as the remains of the Kestrel sank to the bottom of the sea.


Commander Delaara felt lips on hers shoving air into her as she regained consciousness and turned her head to violently expell the water from her lungs. She continued to cough as she felt moderate openhanded blows on her back to aid in the expelling of the water. She finally regained control of her breathing and thanked her rescuer.

"Well, I had to express my admiration for that prox fuse trick on the missile. Couldn't let you die before I did that. It wouldn't be honorable."

She leapt to her feet and glared at the smiling face of the Federation pilot standing up before her. Then she smiled.

"Well, you not only survived intial entry with a dead engine, but you managed to shoot my wings off. Well done."

Jason bowed slightly in respect and thanks for her compliment and looked her over. He had to admit that she was gorgeous, and reminded him of a Vulcan woman except for some minor forehead ridges that Vulcans didn't have. That and this lady was actually smiling, something Vulcan women didn't do. Her body under the flight suit she wore was toned and athletic, judging by how she had felt when he carried her ashore.

"Well, if we aren't going to continue to try to kill each other, my name is Friday. And you are?" he asked.

"Callsign? Must be, unless Human parents have sick senses of humor. My callsign is Foxhawk."

"I noticed your rank insignia. Commander, right? Well, you're definitely a fox, so it kinda fits." He smiled at her and turned to walk back to the wreckage of his fighter.

'What does he mean by that?' she thought to herself as she followed him. She looked him over and thought that he was definitely well built for a Human. He had short black hair, dark blue eyes, and he had a wiry musculature that she had to admit was attractive, even if he was Human.

"Oh, hell. Dammit!" said Jason as he held up the destroyed distress beacon. "Your photon missile ripped my engine apart AND destroyed the distress beacon."

"Well, we could go get the one off my ship", she said.

"No dice, Commander. We can't dive that far down. I know Vulcans and Romulans are tougher than us Humans, but even you couldn't survive that kind of depth. I took a scan on my way down and the drop from the land shelf is approximately 2 kilometers straight down after the first 50 meters off the beach. Unless that beacon is automatic upon crashing, it's useless." Jason looked at the ground and shook his head.

"You're lying. You just don't want to end up in a Romulan POW camp!" she snarled at him.

Jason walked toward her until they were nose to nose. "Look, Commander, I want to get out of here as much as you do, even if it's as your prisoner. Now I guess we just wait and see who comes looking for us and if they care enough to do suborbital scans. This planet's ionosphere wreaks havoc on shipboard scanners." He then walked back to get his tricorder and survival rations from his ship, leaving her standing there dumbfounded.

"Wait!" she yelled and ran after him.

They made camp and Jason unzipped his flightsuit down to the waist, tying the arms around himself like a belt. Fixing the damned beacon seemed to be a lost cause, but he had to try. Sensing eyes on him, he looked over at Delaara and noticed that she was staring at him.

"You look like you want to say something, Commander."

"I was wondering what your rank and name are. All you've told me so far is 'Friday'." She chuckled. Her voice was kind of low and smokey, and he had to admit she was drop dead beautiful. He couldn't believe he was thinking this way about someone who was trying to kill him only a few hours ago.

"Lieutenant Jason MacKenzie, ma'am." He extended his hand, which she shook after realizing that this is how Humans introduce themselves. She also flushed a bit at the term of respect he used.

'He's definitely built, and he has a nice smile.' she thought to herself.


He finally gave up on trying to fix the beacon and sat down beside her to watch the sun set. There were some light clouds in the sky and they turned red as the sun started to dip below the horizon.

Friday looked at Delaara and said "There are worse ways to spend the day than watching the sun set with a beautiful lady."

She felt the smile on her face as she heard what he said and turned towards him. "Thank you, Jason. You have manners and show respect. You're not so bad yourself, for a Human", she said in her smokey voice, and he actually blushed.

"Where are you from in the Empire, Commander?" he asked.

"Romulus. I miss it, sometimes. I love the stars, but my parents are there, still." She gazed up at the stars as they started to appear overhead. "By the way, we shouldn't stand on rank here. You can call me Delaara, Jason."

Jason smiled at that. He couldn't help but like her. Not only was she a hell of a pilot, but she was also beautiful and he was definitely getting hard under his flightsuit. That was the main reason he had tied his flightsuit arms around his waist, since his thoughts about her had caused his current erection, and it hadn't gone down yet.

"Hmm? What was that?"

"I asked where you were from", she said with that sexy smile.

He blushed. "Oh, I'm from Earth. A town called Santa Barbara, California."

"Do you miss it?"

"Occasionally. This beach reminds me of it, though. Same type of sunsets", he smiled back at her.

Delaara was suddenly hot below her belt as he smiled at her. 'What am I thinking? He's the ENEMY!' Then she thought 'But he's a nice guy, too. He even saved my life! Blast it!'

"Do you have anyone special back home?" she asked then, feeling the burning in her pussy grow as she found herself more and more attracted to this Human.

"No. It wouldn't be fair to any lady I was with, since I'm gone so long at a stretch. How about you?"

"Nobody. I just haven't met the one yet, I guess." She couldn't believe she had opened herself up like that.

"Well, there's someone out there for everyone. I'm a firm believer in that", Jason replied with a hint of a smile on his face as he stared up at the stars.

She couldn't take it anymore. The burning inside her wouldn't be ignored any longer. She reached over and turned his face towards hers, leaning in and kissing him hungrily.

Jason was caught a bit offguard by this at first. His eyes went wide as the enemy pilot kissed his lips, then thought 'to hell with it', closed his eyes, and kissed her back.

They kissed hungrily at first, then with even greater urgency as their mouths opened and their tongues began the ages old duel of passion. He laid her back on the soft sleeping mat that they had been sitting on, and moved over her as she reached up and undid the catches on her flight jacket. He helped her with it, his mouth never leaving hers as their kiss became even more passionate. She sat up and removed it, letting it drop to the mat behind her. She then reached for the bottom of the t-shirt he wore under his flight suit and lifted it up. They broke their kiss for a split second as he raised his arms and she lifted it above his head, tossing it aside. They saw the sheer lust in each other's eyes.

Jason looked at her breasts and guessed she was a C cup by Earth standards. He lifted the tanktop she wore under her flight jacket over her head, then ran his hands down her body as he leaned in and kissed her deeply, his tongue slowly caressing hers inside her mouth. He reached down and hooked his hands in the waist of her flight pants, and she raised herself up a bit to allow him to pull down her pants and panties in one shot. She kicked of her boots to help as he pulled them down past her ankles.

Once she was naked, Jason moved on top of her, kissing her as he reached down and started to pull his own flight suit off. He could smell her arousal, and his cock was harder than a tritanium spear.

"Stand up, Jason", she commanded in a voice that was pure sex. He did so automatically and she reached up and pulled his flight suit down for him. She saw his cock for the first time and nearly lost her mind. 'He's HUGE' Once he was naked, she pulled him down on top of her. "Fuck me, baby..."

Jason was only too happy to oblige her. He guided his cock into her pussy like a quantum torpedo, and thrust into her hard and fast. Her hot, wet, and extremely tight pussy seemed to suck him inside of her. He started to thrust hard and fast. Slamming his cock into her over and over and over. Faster and harder each time until she was moaning loudly in his ear. Her arms and legs wrapped around him as her passion skyrocketed, feeling herself about to come.

Jason was balls deep in her with each hard thrust, and he knew deep down that she was on the edge of orgasm. He knew because he could feel the contractions of her pussy and felt his own orgasm rising. She pulled him inside her as she came, screaming "OOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHH FUUUUUCCCKKKKKKKKK YYYYYYEEESSSSSSSSSSSS!"

She felt him swell up even more inside her and knew he was about to come. "DO IT IN ME! COME IN ME BABY!" She was screaming as her first orgasm led into her second as he erupted inside her.

Jason shot load after load into Delaara, filling her womb as he collapsed on top of her.

They lay there breathing heavily together, as Jason rolled off her and pulled her into his arms. She reached up and kissed him softly on his lips. He kissed her back softly as well. She was the best he'd ever been with. He couldn't deny that. That was the hardest he'd ever come in his life.

Delaara sat there thinking the exact same thing. He put the Romulan men she'd been with to shame. None of them had ever made her come that hard, and none of them had given her two orgasms in a row. If he were Romulan, she would pledge herself to him on the spot. Those thoughts were still with her as they both drifted off to sleep in each other's arms.


He woke up the next morning before Delaara, and he spent some time gazing at her body. Her wiry musculature was similar to his, and he could see the muscle definition in her arms, legs, and stomach. She was the most athletic woman he'd ever been with. He leaned down and kissed her softly on her full lips, then kissed down her neck as he heard her moan. He kissed down to her beautiful breasts, and her hand came up to hold his head to her as he sucked her left nipple between his lips. She moaned louder and arched her back slightly.

She woke to find Jason sucking on her breast, and moaned as she held his head to her. She smiled even wider and she let out an even louder moan as he reached down between her thighs, rubbing the sparse hair on her pubic mound and then slipping a finger between her wet pussylips. She gasped as he rubbed her clit with his thumb and nearly came all over his hand right then and there.

"Good morning, beautiful." Jason smiled as he said those words to her, and she looked deep into his eyes as he looked deep into hers. Her eyes were the softest amber-brown he had ever seen.

"Good morning, love", Delaara replied. Their encounter last night had been one of need and lust. She hadn't expected this when she woke, but was indeed enjoying it. She somehow knew that this was meant to be. She wondered if he felt the same.

Jason read in her expression what her question was and hesitated for a moment. He knew that if he told her, she might freak out and possibly kill him. He also knew that if he didn't tell her, and she got away, he would never forgive himself.

"Delaara, I hope you don't think less of me, but I am in love with you. I've never met a more genuine woman, and you are exactly what I've been looking for in my life. If you don't feel the same way, then I understand. I wouldn't presume that you feel the same way for me, especially since we're supposed to be enemmmmphhhhh", he had to shut up as she thrust her tongue down his throat in the most passionate kiss that he had ever felt. He returned it with all that he had.

"Soooo, I guess you feel the same way?" he asked as they finally came up for air.

She giggled "What was your first clue, hotshot?"

"Honestly, when you didn't kill me out of hand after I rescued you", he said wryly and grinned.

She laughed and he kissed her again....

To Be Continued

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