tagExhibitionist & VoyeurLove Thy Neighbor

Love Thy Neighbor


She couldn't remember the first time she watched her neighbor exit the shower massaging his hard body so meticulously. He dried off and applied lotion as if he knew that those touches created the pulsating feeling between her legs. Her lights were always off, his were always on.

She awaited his appearance every evening and sometimes even dressed herself in a negligee and thigh-hi stockings in the dark. She refused to touch herself before he stepped out of the shower in fear of exploding too soon. She twitched her hard little nodule between her fingers as she watched the water drip from his ass muscles.

He always turned to face the mirror revealing his large luscious cock, she'd slide her hand down her panties and twist her nipple with the other. Watching him caused an unreachable pleasure as her hips rocked against the cold radiator beneath her window.

She had always been so careful as to silent her moans when her speed increased teasing her stomach muscles with an earth shattering orgasm. This particular night he had reached down and slid his hand over his shaft sending her into frenzied convulsions before letting out a long shriek followed by and "ohhhh...g-o-d."

"See something you like," he said wondering if he was that corny out loud. "Why don't you come here and have a closer look."

Their windows were only a few feet off the ground with only two small bushes between them. She slipped out of her window and approached his, he turned his light off and all she saw was his engorged member begin to protrude from the window. How magnificent it looked with the orange street light bouncing off the veins that created a map to heaven.

"Stick it in your mouth," he said as he pulled on his foreskin.

"I wouldn't know what to do with it," she replied in a shy and shaky voice.

"I'll guide you, now s-t-i-c-k it in your fucking mouth." His abruptness brought her nipples to attention and she felt the folds of her pussy swell. She cupped one hand at the base of his swollen cock and wrapped her lips around the rest.

"That's a good girl. Now slide that mouth up and down, make sure to keep it wet." Him saying wet, made her wet. There was something about his cock dangling on the window sill and his powerful voice that made her want to faint from sheer ecstasy.

She sucked and licked his cock with crazy force as if she wanted his hardness to intrude upon her soul. She realized that she needed him in her mouth to calm the frustration in her belly. She sucked and tugged as he wrapped his fingers in her hair. She did not need his face or his body as long as this portal to his cock and hands remained open.

She felt her face muscles relax as he pounded his hard cock towards the back of her throat. She no longer needed her own movement after he began face-fucking her using her brown locks as reigns. He began to shiver, released his hands and said "Fetch that recycling bucket and bring it over here."

She responded quickly by dragging the yellow tub towards the window. "Flip it over, stand up on it with your back facing me, and pull your panties to the side" he ordered from the dark. She did as she was told and felt the hand resume its position in her curls.

Her knees felt weak when he rammed his cock past the black lace of her panties and into her dripping wet pussy. She stood on her tip toes rocking with the tub beneath her.

She fumbled with her hands flapping her arms in the air balancing herself on his cock. He held her up by the hair as he repeatedly pounded her steadily raining vagina. Her love walls closed around his manhood as he rammed her with long hard strokes.

She reached her hands between her legs to pull at her lace clothed clitoris. The seam of her bunched up panties ran directly between her lips, which made her clit feel as if it was being turned inside out.

Her heart pounded and her thighs trembled as she screamed "Fuck me, ram me, love me..." His grip tightened around her locks and she felt his other hand graze past her ribs and cup her left tit. He pinched her nipple hard as he allowed his cock to fall completely out of her folds before ramming it back in.

She let out a grunt followed by a sigh as she felt her body flood with sadomasochistic juices. He growled as he pounded her with quick rough strokes before holding his cock deep inside her and releasing all of his tension filled cum.

His cock swam in delight of her overflowing cavity as they came repeatedly together. Their moans harmonized as both their bodies trembled under the flickering street lights.

The tip of her nose went numb and the rest of her body followed before going limp and dangling on his still hard dick like a marionette. He pumped three last effortless shots into her swollen pussy before releasing his hands allowing her to softly tumble to the ground.

She laid against the cold earth for a few moments before gazing up and seeing that the immense cock had disappeared from the window sill and she was once again alone.

She returned home and headed upstairs to her bedroom, she glanced over from the window in the stairwell to see the light in his upstairs room being turned on, she assumed he was preparing for bed and his wife still lay sleeping.

She climbed into her bed smiling and as she pulled the covers from beneath the leg next to her, she thought "How blessed I am to have such a loving neighbor and how lucky I am to have such a sound sleeper for a husband." She patted the wet lace panties before slipping into a euphoric slumber.

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