tagRomanceLove Turmoil Ch. 04

Love Turmoil Ch. 04


Authors Note:-

Thanks for the encouragements *_*

Reaching her apartment, Lisa decided to call her dad to let him know where she was. She did not mention what happened to make her hurried back, simply offered that she chose to return back since she was not feeling all too well. No, she did not think it will be possible for her to go ahead with the restoration plans since Cassie had taken too many projects lately and they were struggling to meet deadlines.

Her dad sounded septic but she managed to get off the phone without offering the true reason of her hasty departure. She simply replied that Dominic had gone for some urgent work and that she had left a note at the reception to keep him informed of her decision as well, which she had.

Checking her phone, Lisa noted that she had some messages; her mobile phone was off since she left the hotel.

It was Dominic, he sounded worried in his first ten messages and clearly irritated by his twentieth that she was not reachable and on why she left the hotel without explanation. He even sounded disappointed! Lisa switched back her phone to silent and mechanically started unpacking. She would not start crying again, she repeated to herself over and over again.

She decided to go to office the next morning, after a long sleepless night. It will occupy her mind enough for it not to wander again to that man.

It took Cassie one look at her to know that she was not ok and Lisa could not help but pour out her heart.

"Baby, you are definitely not going to waste yourself over that pathetic bastard" Cassie was furiously trying to comfort Lisa.

"I still can't believe that he did not breathe a word about being engaged to another woman" Lisa wept.

"I did not even have the courage to face him and I do not think he knows why I left and I will certainly not give him the pleasure of knowing how he broke my heart. It's better for him to think that I was simply bored" continued Lisa. They were interrupted by Noelle, L&C assistant, "Hi Lisa, hope you are fine. Am so sorry to disturb: there is a phone call for you, I do not know the caller he said it was very urgent. Would you attend the call?"

"It's okay Noelle"

"Lisa here"

"Princess, why the hell aren't you answering my calls? Why did you leave, Lisa?" The imperative voice of Dominic Gladden shattered her tiny resolutions to say cool and she impatiently answered "What it is Dominic? You left a wrong impression of being an important call to Noelle."

"What the hell is the matter with you? You were supposed to wait for me and what about the manor? What about the night? Us?" Dominic sounded really furious. But then, so was she!

Lisa let out the words before she could stop herself. "There is no 'us'. Use the 'us' with the woman to whom you are getting married to next month!!" shouted Lisa.

There was a brief silence before Dominic started "I was hoping to give you an explanation about this myself, Princess. I know how it must look to you but if you would just give me a chance..."

"A chance for what? You mean these is a plausible, acceptable reason on why you have not mention the fact that you are engaged to marry during all our time together? It didn't occur to you before you slept with me?"

"Please Princess, I never meant to hide this from you. This is what I had to talk to you" pleaded Dominic.

"All of this is just too late. You should have said all this right from the beginning. I will not be able to believe you as it is, not only you hidden the truth from me but you are far from being faithful as well."

"Lisa please..." she could not hear any more of this, she slammed the phone down.

Cassie was right beside her and hugged her friend tightly. "Hey com'on, you have had enough days off. You need to start working." Lisa was happy her friend understood that she needed distraction right now.

The following week, Lisa did what she was best at – she worked, worked and worked. There were truly many assignments which they had taken and it had to be completed. Cassie spent the nights at Lisa's apartment since her boyfriend, Roy, was not in town. Lisa was grateful to have her instead of walking to an empty house.

Her father had been calling her every night and she chatted away as cheerfully as possible, gently refusing to elaborate anything concerning the manor.

She nearly choked when her father announced that Dominic got married on Sunday evening. "I did not even know that he was engaged," continued her father "Dominic is actually in Paris and we were informed by his manager. It seemed that he rushed over there on the day after you reached Small Greck, sweetheart, now am starting to worry about the manor: surely it could not be some obscure forces driving everyone away, is it?" laughed her Dad, unaware of how Lisa's heart contracted with pain over his words.

"Am coming home by tomorrow as well, Lisa. All the paper work concerning Harry has been completed."

"That's great Dad, am happy to have you back" managed Lisa. She could feel a physical pain constraining her throat. 'He phoned me to accept his explanations on the same day he actually went to Paris to get married.' She was astonished by the man's nerve. She thanked her stars to have kept her pride even if it was too late for her damaged heart.

Lisa was still standing with her mobile in her hand when Cassie came back home. She immediately sensed her friend's pain.

"Roy is back today and we were going to the club but am calling him right away to cancel. You cannot stay along here" said Cassie, after hearing out Lisa.

"Oh no Cass, please, you go ahead" just as the doorbell ringed.

"It must be Roy. He was to pick me up." Cassie rushed to open the door to greet Roy. They made such a fantastic couple that Lisa could not help a tiny spark of jealously, not that she was jealous of them, only that she missed having someone in her life, reserved as she was and when she had finally met the one person of the opposite sex which did not scare her away, it had to be one who clearly was interested to bed woman after woman.

"How is my favourite girl doing?" asked Roy as he enveloped her into a big bear hug. Cassie had no doubt told him all going on.

"Am good, Roy, it's good to have you back."

"Baby, can we just postpone our clubbing for another night, please" Cassie started.

"Roy, just dn't listen to her. Am fine, you both deserve this night out."

"Lets make it a movie night, instead and all three of us go to the movies?" proposed Roy

"Excellent idea" Cassie jumped with excitement. Lisa was in no mood to go out but she surely was not crushing out her friends' time.

"Just give me some time to get ready" she prompted, trying to sound as cheerful as she could manage.

They had dinner at McDonald first. Their cheese burger was her favourite and Cassie was trying in all ways to be supportive. The movie was good and she did laugh over Roy various attempts to make her happy. It was actually that he seemed so happy about his jokes that made the girls laugh harder. It turned out to be quite an evening afterall.

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