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Love Your Neighbor


He had moved into the apartment across the hall about six months ago. One morning they had bumped into each other, literally, outside her door. The few times after that they had stopped to say hello and inquire about each other's day. A friendship of sorts had begun to form and as the building was one that required a card key to enter, she tended to keep her door open during the day. as did most of the residents on her floor.

Lately they seemed to be getting closer, sharing popcorn and a movie now and then. He came over to have dinner with her once or twice a month. Laughing, they had teased for days. Neither of them thought it would ever bloom into more than that. At least until the day the teasing grew a little more serious. She had just spent one of those nights. You know, when you're so upset your mind seems to turn and twist, keeping you from sleeping. She seemed to be more receptive to the teasing, the taunting.

All it took was that one little kiss on the cheek, the scent of his aftershave wafting through her senses like a charging rhino. She shivered as the urge to lean in and lick his cheek overwhelmed her. Turning away was the hardest thing she had ever done. As he walked out into the hall, something funny happened and without thinking she called him back to tell him about it. That was the final straw. She watched him laughing and knew, she had to have him.

She flushed, embarrassed, at the thoughts running through her head. Noticing the puzzled look on his face she smiled and moved back a step or two. She wondered why she hadn't noticed the color of his eyes before. Or the way they crinkled at the corners when he was laughing. The deep sound of his voice seemed to grasp and pull her hand toward his cheek, it was almost impossible to control the urge to touch him.

She shivered again and turned away, softly reminding him it was time for work. She knew, if he didn't go soon, she would probably shock him and be completely mortified by her actions. When did she become so attracted to him she wondered. They hadn't even known each other that long, it amazed her that she could feel this strongly about anyone. He smiled down at her when she said goodbye yet again.

When he swatted her on the bottom, she groaned softly and gave him one more kiss on the cheek. He whispered that she was making it hard to leave. That one statement was almost her undoing. She took a deep breath and told him to go, that she had things to get done...and laughingly said that he was just in the way. Finally he closed the door behind him and left her to do the things she needed. There really wasn't much to do, but she took a deep breath and worked to get it done as quickly as possible.

Finally she stepped back to see that every task was completed. With a sigh of relief, she poured a glass of iced tea and sat down in the big soft recliner by the south window. The sun was beautiful today. so she picked up the 'zapper' and flipped though the channels until she found an old black and white movie with Gary Cooper in it.

She smiled when the thought came to mind, they didn't make men like that anymore. Well, except for, and as that thought reminded her of him again, she softly grumbled to herself. The longer she sat there, the sleepier she became. Finally unable to keep her mind on the story, she closed her eyes and wiggled around to a more comfortable position. Soon she was fast asleep.

The soft sound of his voice whispering "wake up, baby" in her ear caused her to open her eyes just a little and peer up at him.

He was bending over the back of the chair, smiling down at her. She struggled up into a sitting position with a sleepy smile, trying to smooth her hair, certain she looked a mess.

"Did you know you snore?", he asked, "'not much, it's kinda cute actually. Almost like a kitten purring."

She said indignantly ... "I do not snore!"

"Yes, you do." he replied.

Her face flushed and he laughed.

"Don't be embarrassed." he said "I told you it was kinda cute."

She groaned and rolled over onto her side.

"Oh, did I embarrass you?" he asked.

Muttering behind her hand she sarcastically said "oh no, what makes you think that?"

He laughed and came around, squatting in front of the chair, looking into her eyes.

"I'm sorry sweetheart, I didn't mean to. I really think you look adorable sleeping all curled up in this chair."

She wanted to curl back up and die, but looking into his eyes so close to her own, she reached out and cupped his chin. For some strange reason, it seemed the most natural thing in the world for him to lean in and kiss her. And even more natural for her to return the kiss. Her hand moved from his chin to the back of his head, holding him as her lips slanted and moved across his. Before she realized what was happening, he picked her up and turned to take her place in the chair, holding her on his lap.

She sighed into his mouth and wrapped both arms around his neck. Neither of them made a sound as their tongues teased and tangled together. There was no reason for either of them to say a word because they both knew what they wanted. Slowly she shifted on his lap and turned to face him. She began to suckle his tongue. Her legs opened more and she unconsciously tilted her hips.

The feel of his growing response to her movements made her moan without thinking. His hands dropped to cup her ass and pull her closer. Her lips slide from his, back across his cheek until they settled under his earlobe. The tip of her tongue slid back out to lick the soft skin. The harsh sound of his breathing sounding in her ear made her heart beat even faster.

As she looked up at his face, her tongue slide around the rim of his ear, and she whispered softly "'I want you".

He smiled and slide his hand down between their bodies, as the backs of his knuckles brushed across her mound, her breath caught in her throat. The soft sigh was all he heard as his lips took hers again. She kissed him hard as her hands clasped behind his head. She moaned as she pressed against the back of his hand, rubbing harder. He felt a sudden tingling spark and forced down the zipper tab. It took only a moment for him to free his swollen shaft.

His hands moved to her shirt and tugged if off over her head. As her arms went up and back, he bent his head to bite at the nipple straining toward his mouth. She arched her back to thrust the nipple deeper between his lips. Tossing the shirt onto the floor beside the chair, he began to work her shorts down across her hips. He looked up and watched her eyes as his fingers teased her closely trimmed mound. She slid her tongue slowly across her lips, eyes soft with arousal.

With a smile he slowly slid his tongue through the deep valley of her cleavage and up around her other nipple. Circling it once, then again, his teeth closed around it and bit gently. She moaned softly and seemed to melt in his lap. He eased her back...to stand in front of the chair, allowing him to push her shorts to the floor. She stepped out of them and stood looking down at his pants still covering his legs and hips. He grinned up and stood, she had to step back to keep from falling and softly giggled. She opened the button on his jeans and with a little push, sent them down to his knees.

She smiled at the boxer briefs he wore and said, "ummm, now I like those."

He just smiled and hooked his thumbs in the waist and slide them down to fall onto the jeans still around his ankles. One small hand reached to slide two fingertips along the underside of his shaft. At the sharp intake of breath, she looked up. He wasn't smiling anymore. He took her face in his hands and with a low growl kissed her hard. His tongue pushed past her lips and searched for the tip of her tongue. She had never felt so alive or on fire for anyone before.

The fingers teasing his cock, now curled around it, grasping it tightly. He groaned and sat down again...pulling her onto his lap. His lips kissed the corner of her mouth and began a slow, agonizing descent down across her chin. Pausing to bite gently on her throat. The hot feel of his tongue on her shoulder, just before his teeth nipped her, made her shiver.

He held her by her upper arms, the tightness of his grip moving her body where he wanted it. Her body couldn't have moved away from him, even if her mind had allowed it. Suddenly he picked her up and pulled her down onto his erect cock. She hadn't realize she was so ready for him but, from the smoothness of his entry, she was. He held her still for a moment while they both caught their breath.

Then he bent his head and began a soft nibbling of the skin covering her breasts. His tongue and teeth learning every inch of her. Helplessly she began to writhe on his cock. Her gasps at the pleasure his mouth was giving her faded to soft cries. His body was tense as he struggled to remain in control and not begin thrusting wildly as he desperately wanted to do. The tight, hot wetness surrounding his cock flexed every time she squirmed.

She began to beg him to give her more, whispered that she couldn't stand the intensity of the passion. He looked up at the glazed eyes and was lost. He pulled her against his chest and held her tightly in his arms. He whispered into her ear, telling her how sweet she felt wrapped around his cock and began to thrust his hips between her spread legs. When he heard the first soft sob, he leaned back and looked at her closed eyes.

The look of bliss on her face triggered the first shock that slammed into his heart. Dropping one hand onto her ass, he thrust harder up inside her. She pressed her mouth to his shoulder, suckling at the sweat dampened skin. His free hand moved to her breast rubbing against his chest, teasing the nipple between his thumb and forefinger. It grew harder, and fuller with each gentle tug.

Their bodies moved and thrust in an almost frantic struggle together. Seemingly to reach a climax that would rock the world around them. The recliner squeaked in protest as her hips rocked and lifted, only to slam down onto his throbbing shaft.

He murmured, "I'm close, baby." and she shuddered at the harsh sound of his voice.

"Please, love, please --- I need you --- I need to feel you cum!" were the only words he heard, as he pulled her hips as tightly to him as he could fit them together.

With a loud groan, he said, "NOW!" and white hot cum filled her.

As the heat coated the inside of her vagina, it triggered her own release. The pulsing spasms tore through her like a hurricane and she didn't even attempt to resist it. The screams that rolled from her lips sent a delicious shiver up his spine. Holding this small delicate woman in his arms seemed so right, so perfect. He wondered why they had waited so long to share this passion.

He smoothed back the red curls and kissed her cheek, as she lay panting in his arms.

With a smile, he said "I think I'll start coming home early more often."

She softly giggled and then sighed in contentment, "You do that."

They talked and cuddled until he looked up and realized it was dark outside the apartment windows. Laughing they decided to shower and go out for dinner.

"I think dessert here, after dinner, would be the perfect ending to the perfect afternoon.", he said.

She smiled and walked naked to the bathroom. Watching her, he was glad he had taken the afternoon off, making a mental note to do it again soon as he crawled off the bed and followed her.

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