tagMatureLoved by Late Mom's Dear Friend

Loved by Late Mom's Dear Friend


Brad was an only child. He was six years old when his mom, Karoline, died in an accident. He had fond memories of his mom, especially of the one summer he spent in Northern California at her family's beach-front home. Often, he looked at a photo taken on a beach that showed him being hugged by his mother and a woman with long neck and legs. The woman called him, Berde, a Danish name. After his father remarried, he did not have a good relationship with his step mother, Brigitte. He saw her as an immature and selfish woman. Brad was a good student and had a part time job as soon as he could work; he also got interested in computer networks. However, he did not have enough confidence to convince beautiful girls to go out with him. On his 18th birthday, Jenny, a member of the school swimming team, let him see her pussy; it was a beautiful narrow slit covered with light growth of brown hair. When he reached to touch it, she pushed his hand away.


Brad had a good friend, Tim Taylor, who was a year older than him and a grade ahead; often, he hung out at Tim's home. Tim's dad drove a long-distance truck and was away from home quite often. After staying home for several years, Tim's mom decided to accompany her husband on long hauls. Fortunately, Flo, her mom, agreed to live in her home. Flo, who was accompanied by Vyron Hall, took care of Tim; she also made Brad feel welcome when he came to visit Tim. Brad assumed Flo and Vyron, who seemed to be much older than her, were married. Most of the time, Vyron sat in a La-Z-Boy chair in front of the TV.

Flo kept the modest house immaculately clean and was active all the time. In the backyard, either she worked in a small garden or sat on the large bench-type swing at one end of the patio and read romance novels or magazines. Brad helped her remove weeds, carry loads of soil, and water her plants. Occasionally, she invited him to go with her either to the grocery store or a nearby shopping mall; afterwards, she and Brad would have a soda or cup of coffee. When she went out, Flo wore Capri pants and a tight blouse, and looked attractive. Brad liked her because she reminded him of his kind grandma and was affectionate to him; soon, she invited him to Sunday dinners with her family. Couple of times, when Tim was not around, Brad saw her eyeing his muscled upper arms and chest; later she rubbed his thighs surreptitiously when he sat next to her. He stole glances at her lovely face and big bosom. Because she was Tim's grandma, he did not think there would be romance between them.

After Brad graduated from high school, Flo said to him, "You should go to college. It will help you in the long run." Brad said, "It costs too much. I can not afford it." She said, "You're a smart young man, you can find a way." On his 19th birthday, she baked a chocolate cake; Tim and his girl friend, Myra, also were on hand for the celebration. After he blew the candle flames off, Flo hugged him tightly, kissed him on his lips, and said, "Congratulations and many happy returns. You're going to be a good man." Blushing from the tight embrace and kiss, he mumbled, "Thank you." For the first time, Brad became fully aware that Flo, about 5ft 3in and 130 lb, was a voluptuous woman: blonde curly hair, large blue eyes, small nose and mouth, and full lips.

They were on the patio and Flo, who was sipping Zinfandel wine, put on a CD of her favorite songs from the 70s. Soon, Tim started dancing with Myra and said, "Brad, dance with Flo; she's a good dancer." Indeed, Flo was a good dancer. Brad noticed she had on a pink tight, sleeve-less, blouse that showed her cleavage, a short floral cotton skirt, black stockings, and high-heel sandals, and large dangling ear rings and a three-strand necklace.

After dancing to two songs, they heard Vyron call from the living room. While Flo was attending to him, Tim and Myra left after wishing him a 'Happy Birthday.' Brad was thinking about going home when Flo returned. Noticing she looked concerned, he asked, "Are you ok? Is Vyron ok?" Softly, she said, "I'm ok, but worried about Vyron. He is drinking too much beer and refuses to exercise." Brad offered her his hankie to wipe her tears and said, "Let me know if I can help. You know I care for you."

Flo smiled and said, "I gave Vyron his medication; he is resting. I guess Tim and Myra went out. If you don't mind dancing with an old lady, I'll put on another CD." Boldly, he said, "You're not old; you're a beautiful woman. You can be my date tonight." She giggled and blushed, and put her hands around his neck. He held her close to his chest as they began to slow dance; in turn, she pushed her chest in to Brad and put her head on his shoulder. He became aware of the scent of perfume on her cleavage and her large boobs pressing in to him. He rubbed her smooth, bare upper arms, and kissed her cleavage for several minutes. She worried for an instant that she had not shaved her underarms for couple of days. She held his face and, after French kissing him passionately, asked, "Do you want more cake?" He said, "Sure."

Smiling, Flo returned with a piece of cake on a paper plate, led Brad to the large swing on the patio. After they sat in it, boldly she sat in his lap, put a small piece of it in her mouth, and French kissed him while pushing some of the cake with her tongue in to his mouth. When she stopped kissing him and was giggling happily, Brad whispered, "More cake, please," and again, she French kissed him with her mouth full of cake.

Brad tried to unzip her blouse, but Flo said, "I had a long day. I like to watch TV for a while before sleeping." Smiling, she added, "I will be working in the garden tomorrow after lunch. Again, Happy Birthday."


The next day was a warm Sunday. Flo showered, and shaved her legs and arm pits for Brad. She was sure that Vyron would sleep for about an hour while she let Brad neck with her. Brad knew Flo would be working on her flower beds; he recalled her words, 'after lunch.' Early in the afternoon, he went in to the backyard without entering her house. After he turned a corner, he saw she was at the back of her flower garden. His cock stirred when he saw she was dressed in short denim shorts, a low-cut pink tank top, a wide-brim straw hat, and sunglasses. At that moment he hoped fervently that he would have the opportunity to fuck Flo at least once.

When she saw him, she said, "I'm glad to see you. I hope you don't mind my skimpy clothes but it's a warm day." Brad handed her the single long-stem red rose he bought and muttered, "You look fabulous. I also put on a tank top and shorts."

She said, "Thanks for the rose. Love your muscular arms and thighs. Please dump this cart of weeds and bring two glasses of ice tea from the patio. I need a break." He blushed realizing that granny Flo liked his body and mumbled, "Thanks," and hauled away the cart of weeds.

She took the glass of ice tea he brought, walked to a bench under a large oak tree, and nudged him to sit on it. As she stood smiling in front of him, he saw she had on wire-rimmed glasses, and costume ear rings and necklace. But, he was strongly attracted to her sexy cleavage and chest, and smooth bare arms; her cleavage was sexier than Jenny's. Slowly, she sat in Brad's lap, and cooed, "I love your muscular body," and rubbed his bare upper arms and tank top-covered chest. Softly, she mumbled, "It's been so long, very long," as she continued to rub his muscled chest. She then hugged him tightly and initiated a French kiss that lasted a minute; she followed it with another while slowly swaying her crotch on his now hardened cock.

In turn, Brad rubbed her bare upper arms, and planted many kisses on them and her lightly perfumed neck. When he tried to lift up her tank top and remove it, Flo held his hands firmly, and said, "I can't be top less with Vyron at home during day time." Disappointed, Brad mumbled, "I just want to fondle them; they look so sexy underneath the tank top. Sorry, if I ---." Flo put a finger on his lips, and cooed, "No need to apologize. I put on a tank top to look good for you. I understand a young guy wanting to touch my big boobs. I'm glad you like them. It's only fair you touch them," and reaching behind her back, she unhooked the bra clasp, removed her bra, and laid it aside. Brad saw her boobs drooped and jiggled sexily underneath the tank top.

She took his hands, placed them on her boobs, and cooed, "Go ahead, play with them." When he grasped both of her boobs, his cock jerked uncontrollably in his shorts. Flo moaned with pleasure when he gently tweaked her nipples. When she leaned forward and French kissed him, it was the first time in his young life that he French kissed a woman while holding her boobs in his hands. She said softly. "Let's take a walk," and giggled happily when Brad did not let go of her boobs and kept kissing her neck.

She stood up and holding his hand led him further in to the back yard; he followed her until she stopped and bent down to look at new plant buds. When he touched her shorts-clad-wide buttocks, she looked up and smiled at him. She giggled when he pulled her up and held her tightly from behind; when he put his hands underneath her tank top and grasped her soft boobs, she lifted her arms and put her hands around his neck, and he planted many kisses on the nape of her neck, shoulders, and under arms. When he whispered, "Love your smooth under arms," she turned to face him and lifted her arms. Happily, Brad kissed both of her underarms and arm pits.

After they sat on a bench, she said, "I've been a passionate woman since my teen age. I first fell in love with a young man; he went to fight in Vietnam and was killed there. Soon afterwards, Ted Hall came courting me. He matched my passion. He died in a motor cycle accident five years ago." After a long pause, she added, "Now, you are bringing out my feelings. Don't you see I'm an old woman?" Brad said earnestly, "Honestly, I see you as a sexy woman. I have not met a girl I liked as much as I like you. I want to love you."

After a long pause, Flo said, "I'm glad you want me." Then in a firm tone, added, "You can be my lover. But, we can meet only when it is safe. I don't want Vyron to ever find out I've taken a lover." As she spoke, Brad could see determination in her big blue eyes behind the wire-rimmed glasses.

Slowly, Flo pulled Brad's hands off of her boobs and said, "I have to check on Vyron. Meanwhile, please move a bag of soil by the rose bushes," and walked away. Several minutes later, she returned and said, "He drank little bit of apple juice. He did not recognize me again; may be he has Alzheimer's. He is resting comfortably. He has a check up next week."

Somehow, Brad had the presence of mind to say, "You did not say who Vyron is?" She stopped, turned, and said, "I'll tell you one day, I promise."


Brad knew Flo would be busy taking care of Vyron and did not try to see her. Two weeks later, while working at the drive through window of Chicken Nuggets, a fast-food restaurant, he heard a familiar voice ask for Special #4. He was delighted and surprised to see Flo drive her large sedan to the window. Even though she wore dark glasses and covered her hair with a red scarf, he recognized her. She had on a light white jacket, red tank top, red stockings, and white shorts. As she paid for her food, Brad whispered to her, "I'm done here in couple of minutes. Pull over to the side. I'll bring your order."

After Brad changed in to shorts and tee shirt, he went to Flo's car, settled in the passenger seat, and hugged her. Earnestly, he said, "You look gorgeous in red and white. Here's the food you ordered. How did you know when I would be getting off work?" She giggled and said, "I called the manager an hour ago and asked him your schedule. I told him I'm Mrs. Hall. He also said you worked only two hours today. Congratulations on graduating from high school." After taking a deep breath, she said, "I missed you. I've been busy setting up Vyron in a nursing home. I needed couple of days to recover. It's a nice evening. Do you know a quiet place we can go to and talk?"

Brad said, "I missed you too. The only park I know is the State Park," and gave her directions to get there. She smiled and said, "I'm excited going to a park with you," and rubbed his thigh. As she drove, he could not take his eyes off of her face and chest; she looked gorgeous. Knowing that he was staring at her, her pussy tingled more. At the park, he directed her to a secluded spot under a tree and not too far from a lamp post. She opened a small cooler, took out two cans of soda, and gave him one. She took a small bite of the sandwich and said, "It tastes ok," and handed him the rest of it.

Brad said, "I want something else in my mouth. Move your seat back," and put the bag of food on the back seat. She moved her seat back, looked at him, and said, "What?" When he put his head in her lap and looked up, she leaned down and, while nuzzling his head with her boobs, French kissed him. He whispered, "Take off your bra, please." She covered his head with her jacket and whispered, "I didn't wear one," about the time he saw her bare boob underneath her red tank top; he began to suckle on her nipple. He heard her mumble, "Ahhh. Ummmm. Oh, baby. Babyyy. Don't stop. As good as Ted."

Encouraged that Flo liked what he was doing to her, he began to fondle her right boob, while he continued to suckle. Brad was feeling great suckling and fondling a woman's boobs for real. Gently, she nudged his head to suckle her right boob. A short time after he resumed suckling, his nostrils picked up an aroma new to him and its intensity increased as he continued loving her boobs. He guessed that the aroma was coming from her pussy. He wanted to check it out, but was afraid Flo would push his hand away.

He stopped suckling and looked in to her passion-filled eyes and mustering all the courage he could, he pleaded to her, "Please, may I touch you." She said anxiously, "What if a cop comes to check?" He said, "Truthfully, cops don't come around before eight. We have plenty of time. It's dark in here. No one can see us." Blushing, Flo lowered her shorts below her knees, and said, "I'm going to cover us with my jacket."

Brad found himself within inches of heaven in many of his dreams, albeit in semi darkness. He explored her panties-covered crotch and thighs with his fingers, and inhaled the aroma in the fluids around her pussy. Her thighs were smooth and soft. The panties were flimsy and very wet around what he guessed was her pussy. He wanted to lick her oozed-out fluid, but his neck would not bend and twist. He felt around the edge of her panties and was able to slide his middle finger over her pubic hair-covered wet mound. He heard her breathing became more rhythmic and, when his finger found her wet gash, she moaned softly. Quite by chance, his finger rubbed a protrusion no larger than his thumb's tip which led her to close her thighs around his hand, her crotch to convulse, and send her in to louder moans, "There, there, there. Babyyyy. Cummmming. Ohhhhhh. Ahhhh."

After a few moments, Flo giggled, and cooed, "I let a darling boy masturbate me, a grandma." Brad was ecstatic he brought Flo an orgasm and hugged her passionately. They were jolted by her ringing cell phone, but she said, "Who ever is calling can wait." After she pulled her shorts up and combed her hair, they saw head lights of a sheriff's car go by them.

She listened to the saved message on the cell phone and said cheerfully, "Tim is not coming home till tomorrow afternoon," and began to drive her car. At Tim's home, she said, "It's a nice evening. I want to sit with you on the patio swing. I'll be back in a minute," and went to her bedroom; she returned wearing a beige house coat and sat next to Brad on the swing. She hugged Brad and said, "You have been patient. I'm excited being on a date with you."

When he did not reply, she smiled and asked, "What are you thinking? You can tell me. I won't get offended." Some how, Brad mumbled, "Can I taste you?"

Blushing, Flo whispered, "That's the sweetest thing to ask for. First, I want to see your cock," and knelt on a large cushion in front of him. She undid his belt buckle, helped him remove his shorts, and gently grasped his cock lump in his briefs. She then pulled his briefs off and, after his cock sprung up like a wound up spring, cooed, "It's big and throbbing. It's oozing." She quickly removed her house coat to reveal her beige bra and panties, and grasped Brad's stiff cock in her fist. After she pumped his cock couple of times, he begged her, "Please let me see your boobs."

Flo blushed and removed her bra. As he fondled her left boob with his right hand, he watched her small, wrinkled, hand pump his cock slowly along its full length a few times. He leaned his head back and saw stars burst in the sky as jets of his cum erupted which she trapped in facial tissues. She cooed, "I'm glad that came out. It's still hard. Is it because you like my drooping boobs?" Smiling, Brad said, "I love your sexy boobs," and, leaning forward, grasped them in his hands. Flo held his hands, stood up, helped him get up, and said, "Let's get cleaned up."

In the bath room, in an open hamper, Brad saw the red panties she wore earlier. Flo blushed when she saw him pick them up and smell the wet crotch area. Giggling, she put them around his neck, and said, "You look real cute now." She was still giggling when he hugged her and nudged her to stand against the vanity. He slid to the floor and, as he rubbed her thighs and panties-covered crotch, muttered, "Wow. Wow, that's pretty," in awe of her sex garden. When Brad buried his nose in her crotch, Flo whimpered, "Oh, baby, it feels good, very good. Let's sit on the swing under the stars. I'll be there in a minute."

She had on an open beige silk robe when she came to the swing. In the reflected light, she looked very desirable in her red stockings, sandals, swaying boobs, and red lipstick-coated lips. After he French kissed her, he tugged at her panties and she helped him pull them off. After Flo sat comfortably, Brad got on his knees on the large cushion, opened her thighs, and ran his fingers through her curly pubic hair for a short time. He stared at her dense, curly, grey, pubes, and pussy glistening with a fresh coating of love nectar; unlike Jenny's pussy, it was open partially to reveal her inner labia. As he rubbed her thinly-creased thighs and continued to stare at her sex garden, she mumbled, "Enough staring. Use your mouth," and pulled his head towards her crotch. He licked her slickened, inner, labia and her engorged clit until she had her orgasm, "Ohhh. Braaaad. Ahhhh. Gooood. Goood." It took a few minutes for Brad to connect her moans with the spot she wanted licked most, her protruding clitoris.

Later, Flo leaned forward, held his head, kissed him on his lips, and said, "You sure did a good job for a young guy. Remember, you just have to be in tune with my breathing and moaning."

He stood up with his throbbing cock sticking out of his loins. Grasping his cock firmly, she giggled, and cooed, "You're at your sexual peak; I don't think I'll ever see your cock flaccid," and pushed him to sit in the swing. She got on her knees between his legs, and began to fondle his balls and slowly pump his cock. Much to his joy, she started to lick his cock head, and cooed, "Ted loved to have his cock licked like this."

While she was happily licking his cock, the phone rang. After she picked it up, while pumping his cock, he heard her say, 'I'm sleepy, but not sleeping.' 'There are leftovers in the fridge. See you tomorrow.'

Flo said to Brad, "That's Carol, my daughter. She and Ed will be home after midnight. Now, lean back, look up. You may see stars bursting," and resumed pumping and licking his cock. During his climax, several stars indeed burst in the sky. Flo held his twitching cock firmly and caught his cum in a wad of tissues. Afterwards, she fixed him a large slice of apple pie and a glass of milk. As Brad ate the apple pie, she said lovingly, "You are a good lover."

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