Lovers and Sluts


'Robbie, I...'

'What mom?'

'I love you very much.'

Robbie stands and walks to him mother. He hugs her tightly. 'Mom I love you! I love you so much sometimes it hurts. Now go and have a good time.' He pulls back slightly to look into her eyes. Claire stands on her toes and presses her lips to his in a soft, wet, loving kiss. Then she turns and leaves.

Claire walks unsteadily to the car. Robbie calls Jason to tell him the events of the afternoon then masturbates several times to the photo of his mother.

'I don't know Donna. I almost can't be in the same room with him without getting wet. I try to control myself but no one has made me feel like he has, not even his father.'

'I know. I'm always horny having him around. I try to masturbate thinking of anyone else, but Jason ends up creeping into my fantasy. I've given up trying to fight it. Oh my god Claire what are we going to do?'

'I don't know. I do know if the dam ever breaks I won't be able to hold back.'

'Do they want us as much as we want them?'

'I would like to think so. You have to promise if something does happen you're going to tell me right away.'

'Right away, why the sense of urgency?'

'If you give in to your desires I'm going to be right behind you.'

'Look I think we should just keep the status quo. Don't do anything different till we sort everything out. Now, we have each other for support. If things get a little crazy we call. Agreed?'

'I guess you're right, for now. I just hope we don't wear Mr. Big out. Now strap him on. It's your turn to give me a good fucking.'

The sexual tension does not subside. If anything it is growing stronger. The boys increase the innocent physical contact with longer hugs and caresses, and soft hello, good bye and thank you kisses on the lips. They have stuck to the plan. The mothers try to cope with their desires by satisfying each other. Their exchange of new and heighten fantasies about their sons fuel their desires. Each meeting is the same. They are quickly naked recounting the encounters with their sons, their masturbation fantasies, and then 'Mr. Big'. Taking turns pound each other's pussies, at times calling out their son's name. The release is complete though temporary. Less time elapses before they need to meet again.

Jason enters the kitchen. He hasn't been this excited since the State race. 'Hey mom.'

'Jason what's got you so excited?'

You know I've been helping Mr. Jones at the school pool in my spare time. Well he wanted to thank me for volunteering. So he is going to let us have his lake house for the week. The place is great. Remember he took the swim team there last summer. It's private spot on the lake and has plenty of room.'

She would be alone with her son for a week at a private lake house. Donna immediately became nervous. 'That's great Jason, but...'

'No buts! It will be great. We haven't been away all summer and besides I told Robbie and he already asked his mom. She said she'd go if you did. Come on mom!'

Claire would be there! 'OK when do we leave?'

'Sunday afternoon.'

'Well we have a lot to do to get ready. You'll have to help.'

Jason approaches his mother. He holds her tight. 'You know you never have to ask for my help. I'll always be there for you, always.' He leans in and softly kisses his mothers lips lingering longer than ever before. Donna accepts his affection. She is ready to part her lips and offer her tongue just as Justin breaks their kiss. Looking deep into her eye, 'I love you. I always will. I'll go call Robbie to give him the good news.'

Jason goes to his room to call Robbie. Donna only thoughts are 'Thank god Claire will be there'.

Up in his room Jason and Robbie plan the last phase. They talk about the number of times they could have seduced their mothers but stopped wanting it to be them to initiate the final act.

'Man they are as ready as they are going to be. This better work because I'm starting to climb the walls. I don't think I can hold out much longer. How hard was it to get Mr. Jones to let you use the house?'

'Not hard. I told him how our moms really needed the time off and we wouldn't see them much after we left for college. Besides being the first State Champs the school had he was more than happy to let us have it. Listen it's going to work. And if it doesn't, well then all bets off. You can press the issue when we come back.'

' Make sure you tell your mom to pack some going out clothes. We can hit a couple of the restaurants. Getting them dressed up will go well with the plan. Now what else do we need?'

They arrived at the lake house late Sunday afternoon. The house was everything the boys said it would be, large and rustic. Each mother had a master suite with their own bathroom. The boys share the spacious third bedroom. It was open and airy with a large kitchen, dining area and living room with a fire place. They had their own dock and small boat. It was perfect.

After unpacking they had burgers and called it an early night.

Jason and Robbie anxiously talked about the next steps. 'OK man how are we going to do it?'

'We make this happen tomorrow night. I figure we spend the day tanning, swimming, maybe a boat ride, and then we go out to dinner. We'll go to that Italian restaurant across the lake. There's a bar so they can have a couple of cocktails. As always we take charge to make sure they know we are doing our best to see that they are have a good time. Then we come back here and more cocktails. Ask them to let us have some drinks since we are in for the night.'

'OK, I figure it's going to be more of a challenge with both of them here but if we can get them going...maybe somehow separate them. Get them alone. See if we can get things rolling.'

'Let's try to get some sleep. Tomorrow's a big day.'

The next day goes perfectly. The day is sunny and warm. The day is spent lounging on the dock sunning and taking dips in the lake. The boys offer to rub sunscreen on their mothers. They put up little resistance. Lying on their stomachs from their neck and shoulders down to their manicured toes slowly, sensually the take their time rubbing every inch of exposed skin, working the lotion. Both mothers are wet trying to control their breathing as not to let on to their arousal. Finally, it ends.

The next sound is the boys hitting the water. They swim out to the raft partially to cool off but mostly so their mothers don't see their raging erection. Claire raises herself to see the boys swimming away. 'Donna how are we going to make it through a week!?' There is no answer.


Finally Donna turns her head to look at Claire. 'I don't know if I want to. Let's not talk about it. I just want to be quite.'

It was late in the afternoon and everyone was starting to get ready for dinner. The boys poured the mothers a glass of wine before they went up for a shower. While the boys waited for their mothers Jason tells Robbie about his encounter with his mother.

'So, mom and I are in the kitchen getting drink for everyone. Just before we are about to go back outside, she comes up behind me and...'


'Geez mom I didn't know you were right behind me.' Turning his mother is looking into his eyes.

'Jason, I wanted to tell you how much I love you.'

'I love you to mom.'

Looking down, 'No I don't think you understand or maybe you do, I don't know. I've been so confused lately. But I do know I want to make this a special week, a week that we will never forget. You won't think badly if I try to do that, will you?'

'Mom, I told you I love you. I will always love you no matter what. I wouldn't want to be with anyone else.'

'Oh Jason,' Donna presses her body against her son's. She rises on her toes as her slightly parted lips meet her son's. Her hands reach out holding his hips as their tongues lightly touch sending sparks through their bodies. Parting Donna looks deeply into her son's eyes. 'Tell me again that you love me.'

'I love you more than anything.' They kiss again before going back outside.

'I tell you man it wasn't like anytime we were along together. She had this calm about her. It was like a burden was lifted off her shoulders. What are you grinning at?'

'It's going to happen! I know it. When you were inside my mother want more sunscreen. She was on her stomach with her legs spread. I was rubbing the insides of her thighs so close to her pussy that...'

'Alright we're ready. We hope we didn't make you wait to long.'

The boys snapped out of their conversation to look up and see two hot women. Claire wore gray cuffed short shorts, black spaghetti strap top that hugged her firm body and four inch heels. Donna walk in behind Claire in a black mini skirt, white cotton dress shirt with enough buttons opened to show an ample amount of cleavage. She also wore heals. 'Well should we get going?'

Robbie was the first to respond. 'Sure, I'll drive since you've had something to drink.' He takes his mother's hand and walks her to the care. Jason and Donna follow arm in arm.

Dinner is everything everyone expected. Jason orders a bottle of wine for the women. There is a piano player entertaining the dinners and bar patrons with light romantic music. As few guests dance slowly. The entire restaurant seem relax and having a good time.

Robbie excuses himself. Walking to the bar he waits momentarily to ask directions to the men's room. That was all the time needed for one of the three cougars to start flirting. Jason caught somewhat off guard engages in conversation trying to understand what she wants. Before he realizes what is happening she is holding his hand as she move closer. Robbie smiles at her. Then he said something that makes her laugh. She releases his hand and points to the men's room. None of Robbie's encounter went unnoticed.

Returning to the table Claire looks at her son. 'What was that all about?'


'What was going on with that woman?'

Robbie starts to quietly laugh. 'Well, I guess she was hitting on me.'

'What she's old enough to be your...grandmother. What did you say to her?'

'I told her I already had a date and she was beautiful and quite the jealous type. She told me how lucky my date was and to look her up if you ever dump me.' Robbie's laughter increases. 'Then I ask her were the bathroom was. That was it.'

Claire emotions are getting the best of her. She is Jealous but how can she express it. She sits quite not knowing what to say or do. Robbie sees what is happening and seizes the situation. Standing he walks behind her. Leaning over, Robbie whispers in her ear. 'I've want to dance with you and hold you close all night. Come dance with me.' He pulls out her chair as she rises and leads her to the dance floor.

Donna and Jason look at each other as the couple leave. 'I don't want you going over to that bar'

'Why would I? Everything I've ever wanted is right here. Do you want to dance with me?'


The ride home is quiet and peaceful. Arriving back at the cabin the Robbie lights a small fire to take the evening chill out of the air as Jason pours the mothers a glass of wine. 'Is it alright if we have a glass since we are in for the evening?'

'It's OK with me if it's OK with Claire.'

'Sure, they can have a glass or two. Robbie did you look at the pictures you took today?'

'Yeah, we looked at them while you were getting ready to go out. Here check them out.'

Robbie hands Claire the camera as the women get comfortable on the couch. The pictures are rather good, showing off the cabin, lake and surrounding. There are pictures of each of the boys. There are also pictures of the mothers sunning, lying on their backs and stomachs. It is obvious all the picture of the mothers are candid pictures. The pictures of them as the stood on the lake raft, wet and glistening from the swim were erotic. 'Robbie when did you take these of us on the raft?'

'Well I took them today.'

'I know that! I meant...their...'

'Don't you like them? I thought you and Mrs. Robinson look great.'

'Your right Robbie you made your mom and me look like swim suit models. You're very talented. Since you're documenting the entire week you should take some pictures of us all dressed up.'

Claire turns and looks at Donna. Her last photo session flashes through her mind. Donna looks back at Claire. 'It'll be fun Claire. We'll be just like fashion models. What should we do Robbie?'

'OK, Mrs. Robinson you and mom stand in front of the fire place.'

'Robbie, don't you think you should call us by our first names since we are going to be your models.'

'OK, sure Mrs. Rob...Donna. Jason, help me get some lighting. OK now just relax. The pictures from this afternoon were so good because you were acting naturally. Just let go and relax.'

The mothers struck poses as Robbie snapped one picture after another. Unknown to each other everyone's hearts were beating hard. 'Great, put your arms around each other. Good, now face each other and hug as you look at the camera. That is fantastic.'

The feel of pressing against each other and the sexual electricity was rapidly having it effect on the women. The boys were not immune from the situation. Without speaking both knew this was the moment they had planned for.

'OK, now look at each other. Perfect! Do you want to do something a little erotic?'

'You're the photographer, right Claire?'

She gazes into Donnas' eyes as she had done so many times in the past. 'Yes you're the photographer; just tell us what to do.'

'Yes tell us what to do, Robbie.'

The boys can hardly catch their breath as Robbie takes control. 'Lean forward and touch your lips like the start of a kiss, click.' The women hold their soft wet kiss. Their hands involuntarily move over each other's bodies. 'You want to do some lingerie photos?'

Slowly breaking their kiss both women tells each other with their eyes that they will not resist their desires. 'Just tell us what to do Robbie.'

'OK move in front of the couch.'

Donna turns to the boys. 'Should we take off our clothes?'

'Yes, I guess that's what we need for a lingerie session.'

'Is that what we should do Jason, take off our clothes?'

Jason swallows hard. 'Yes.'

Donna faces Claire again. 'Claire you're not wearing a bra.'

Claire's chest is heaving as she is trying to control herself. 'It's OK, I don't care.'

'You don't care or don't mind.'

Why was Donna teasing her so? She was purposely pushing her to the edge. 'I don't mind and I don't care.'

'Well then I should take my bra off. We should make it even.'

The women slowly undress each other as they have done so many times in the past. Click, click as Claire's short fall to the floor. Click; click as Donnas' shirt is tossed across the room. Click; click as Donna kicks her skirt aside. Never losing their gaze into each other's eye, as if to give each other support and approval for what they are doing Donna remove her bra as Claire pulls her top over her head. Claire's nipples are hard and extended. Donnas' large breasts hang slightly, her inviting nipples sitting high.

'OK, now give me that hugging, kissing pose, unbelievably erotic. OK now turn away from the camera and put your arms around each other.'

As the mother's turn Robbie motions to Jason to take off his shirt. 'OK, let's add another dimension to the next shot. Face me and Jason stand between them.'

As both women turn they see Jason walking towards them bare from the waist up. Neither woman knows how much longer they can continue this charade.

'Good, now Jason, look directly into the camera. I want each of you to look right at him with your arm around him, click. OK, Mrs. Rob...Donna kneel down next to Jason and put your hands on his leg. Good keep looking at him. Jason and mo...Claire look at each other, click. OK same pose. Everyone relax. Claire I want you to give Jason a kiss.'

There is no hesitation. Claire's lips meet Jason's mouth. Her mouth is open and her tongue is searching for his. They are locked passionately as the camera clicks away. Donna is torn between her son's erection inches away from her face and her best friend losing herself in her son's mouth, click.

'OK, ladies switch positions. Claire!'

Jason eases Claire away from his mouth and down to her knees. His mother is already standing staring into his eyes as he turns his face to her, click.

'OK how about the kissing shot again.'

There is the slightest hesitation wanting to ensure what was about to happen was real. Jason wraps his arm around Donnas' waist and pulls her to him as her arm go around his neck. Their kiss is soft, wet, deep, and passionate. Their bodies are on fire.

Claire glances at mother and son, then back to the package in front of her. She reaches out to undo Jason's pants to let out the erection that is begging to be released. The camera stops clicking. There is no need for instruction as his mother guides his friends cock into her mouth while mother and son are lost in each other's mouths. Robbie undresses and stands next to Donna. He reaches out placing one hand inside her thigh as the other cups her breast. She is brought back to the moment by his touch breaking her kiss. Donna and Jason look down as Claire is pumping Jason's cock in and out of her mouth. Donna turns to Robbie. Reaching down she takes hold of his cock and lead him to the couch. Sitting him down Donna move between his legs and begins to lick his cock from the head to his balls and back again.

Jason manages to get Claire to stop long enough to move next to Robbie on the couch. Claire follows slowly crawling towards him never taking her eyes from his cock. Both mothers are lost in lust. Their long time desire for a real cock has them deep in the emotion of their oral performance. Each performance is different but, equally expert.

Donna is taking Robbie's seven inches deep into her mouth stopping near the base before pushing hard to swallow it all deep into her throat. She continues to deep throat Robbie's cock as she rubs his balls. Her saliva makes it wetter and easier to take.

Claire has never been able to deep throat a man. Even if she was Jason's cock, slightly shorter then her son's was much thicker with a large mushroom head. Still Claire took as much into her mouth as she could, sucking hard as her hand pumps the base of his cock. Continuing to pump his cock she licks down his shaft to his balls. She sucks one into her mouth rolling her tongue around it before returning to the head of his cock.

Neither boy lasts very long. They have been pent up sexually since the beginning of the day. The photo shoot leading up to this moment has them ready to explode. Robbie and Jason look at each other. They did it! Then they look down to see their mother's. Seeing what their mothers are doing to their friend, Donnas' deep throat and Claire sucking balls is more than they can take.

Robbie is the first to cum. Donna senses he is ready and pull back enough to catch all of his cum. She wants it to fill her mouth so she can savior it. But, the volume is too much. It begins to ooze out the side of her mouth before she must swallow. His cock continues to pulsate filling her mouth again.

Jason starts to cum right after his friend. His first rope explodes as Claire is returning from his balls to take his cock into her mouth again. It splatters between her upper lip, nose and cheek. The second rope catches her full on the mouth as she tries to get his cock back into her mouth as quickly as possible. Finally, with her lip firmly around his cock Jason continues to unload as Claire swallows over and over again.

Everyone is trying to catch their breath as the climax of their actions subsides. The boys sit limp, heads back, eyes closed. Mothers are breathing hard still trying to milk every last drop of cum from the cocks in their hands. They look at each other. Their lust is still on their faces. Claire reaches out to wipe her son's cum from the side of Donnas' mouth. Slowly, her hand moves to her open mouth. Her eyes lid half shut as she tastes her son's cum.

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