tagBDSMLoves Chances Section 04

Loves Chances Section 04


As Dina looks up at the hospital ceiling, her thoughts went back and forth from the last time she was in this same hospital. Everything was fuzzy as it had been for so long now or perhaps it was the numbing feeling she was sensing. Though she couldn't let those thoughts cloud her mind now, putting them aside she let out a slow breath. While her eyes close and she relaxes back as the gentle darkness took over her.

"Ms Adina Taylor?"

The voice woke brought her out the daze as she opens her green eyes settle on the officer and doctor in front of her. She didn't have the energy to correct the man though nodded softly to her name.

"How are you related to Leslie Taylor, Ma'am?"

If it wasn't for the situation she would have found the look on their faces funny when Dina told them that they where married and Leslie was her wife. It was clear the officer and doctor was in a bit of shock before they went on. The officer began explaining what happened or what they believed to have happened. As she listens to him speak none of it seemed to make sense. Or perhaps she was in too much shock to understand it all. Though the picture was being painted clearly in her head of the events that happened.

Leslie was driving home after work on a dismal day of rain, though the rain had let up everything was still soaked. Her car hit a slick spot and spun out of control, after bouncing off the guardrail it ended with being wrapped around a tree. It had taken the jaws of life to get Leslie out from her vehicle.

The doctor then took over explaining Leslie's condition. A lot Alot of what he was saying was way over Dina's head in understanding. He must have noticed the confusion on her face and started breaking things down in terms that would be easier to understand. Leslie had sustained major bruising inside and out, a few broken ribs but they where watching for swelling and bleeding in and around the brain.

Even though everything was explained to her, nothing could have prepared Dina for the sight she saw as she walked into Leslie's room. If Dina hadn't have known better she would have denied that that was Leslie laying in the hospital bed. Taking a shaky breath so moved closer, trying to be strong. Though as she looked over Leslie's badly bruised face and arms it was hard not too. She couldn't tell if there wasn't a spot on Leslie that didn't have a bruise.

Tears ran down Dina's cheeks as she sat down beside the bed. Lightly grasping Leslie's hand. She thought all that had happened this day and could only pray for the best. Her reason for being was because of Leslie, because of her strength. With out her, she felt like she couldn't do this all alone. Not with having just found out that they where to have a child in the next seven months.

As weeks turned into months Dina kept as close to the hospital as she could. Most of the time the nurses would shoo her to go home to get some rest, for the babies sake if not for her own. Always promising that if Leslie woke up they would call. Leaving the hospital Dina deep down knew that they wouldn't be calling. The out look had not changed one bit over the months. She had over heard the nurses one night saying that they where surprised that Leslie had made it all these months.

Tossing her keys onto the end table back at home Dina settles down into the chair slowly. It was taking more and more out of her, between working, the hospital along with getting heavier and heavier in her pregnancy. Now eight months pregnant she knew she should slow down, perhaps tomorrow she would put in for time off at work. Lightly her fingers ran over the large belly as eyes closed. Her thoughts drifting to Leslie and how she would have loved to watch her belly growing.

Dina's thoughts was interrupted by the telephone ringing. With a soft grunt she pushes up off the chair to answer the phone. She was brief on the phone before it was hung up then picked up again. This time she called Melissa, telling her to meet her at the hospital. Then once again she picked up her keys and headed toward the door.

The drive to the hospital seemed to take forever. Her thoughts racing of perhaps her hope and prayers had been answered. Leslie was awake and alive asking for her. A smile formed on her lips at the thought of it. Just as she pulled into a parking spot Melissa pulled beside her, Dina tried her best to move quickly into the hospital. Which was a sight in itself as she waddled across the parking lot.

Breathing slightly heavy as they went up to the nurses station, Melissa told them who they where and who they where there for. The nurse directed them into a private room and told them to wait for the Doctor. With a smile they both headed for the room, chuckling and talking about how good it will be to have Leslie up and going again.

Settling down the two talked while they waited until the Doctor came in. It didn't take long for him and a nurse to enter the room and head toward the two women. Both looked up at them with a smile, though it would quickly fade as the Doctor started to talk. There had been some complications, they had tried everything that could be done, Leslie had died.

Tears ran down Dina's cheek as she turns into Melissa for comfort. The Doctor and nurse had stayed in the room for a few moments more speaking to Melissa. Afterwards they went to the nurses station to collect Leslie's things, then headed off to Dina's truck. Placing everything up into the truck Melissa had grabbed Dina's keys and settled her in the passenger side.

Dina had been so out of it that she had not noticed that Melissa had called a friend on the cell phone to come take her car to the cottage. As they drove there, the long ride was taken in silence. Even as Melissa helped Dina into the cottage, the friend dropping off the keys, then jumping into their own car that someone followed behind with.

Everything had become numb and unfocused. Even as Melissa tried her best to get things settled, Dina didn't say much. When questions where asked it would take a moment before she could think of what the answer would be. Curling up on the couch Dina watched as Melissa made phone call after phone call. All the while making two cups of tea.

It didn't take long before Melissa moved close to Dina, handing her one of the cups of tea. Then settling down she spoke softly about the calls and how everything was going to be taken care of and for her not to worry. Dina couldn't think of how she could not worry, she was a widow now and with a child on the way. Though she kept those thoughts to herself as she sips on her tea, listening to what Melissa had to say as best as she could without falling back into a daze.

The next few days seem to pass slowly as people would come in and visit. Dina's parents of course drove in and was staying in the guest room. The funeral itself was beautiful, though again not much of it made sense to Dina. Not since the day that she found out Leslie had passed on did she cry. Though it was good to have everyone there, she had suspected the reason being was because of how far along in her pregnancy she was.

Nights seemed to be the longest for Dina, though she would disappear into her bed room she didn't sleep much. Just laid there looking out the bedroom window. Though as she closes her eyes, her thoughts and mind drift back to Leslie. The way she looked, the way she would make Dina feel so safe. Her mind racing with thoughts of her beloved wife.

Pains swept through Dina that brought her to the here and now. Her eyes flew open as the Doctor and nurses told her it was time to push. It had been a little over a week since Leslie had passed away and here she was in labor. Melissa holding her hand offering encouragement as she breathed with Dina through the whole process.

As the Doctor rested a beautiful baby girl in Dina's arms, Melissa lightly dabbed at her brow and whispers, "Have you thought of a name?"

It was funny now, all this time she had never thought of names because she had been confident that Leslie would be here with her to help. Tears of joy and pain started to run down her cheek as she looked at her daughter. She never thought she could love anyone more then she had loved her wife. Though now looking down at this perfect little girl she knew, this was the love of her life. Leslie had given her the best gift ever by allowing her to have this child. She would always love her wife Leslie, though knew now that life would go on. That she would love again, though most of all she had a love that would never go away.

Brushing her lips lightly across the baby girl's forehead in a soft kiss. Dina smiles and whispers softly to the child, then up to the small crowd within the room, "Leslie Marie Taylor, after her mother."

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