tagIncest/TabooLoving Aunt Liz

Loving Aunt Liz

byBig Gunz©

Elizabeth Martin looked good for 46. She took care of herself and it showed, even after three kids, she still had a body some women half her age would have loved to call their own. Like most ladies her age, she had put on some weight over the years and certain areas might not have been as perky or tight as they once were, but she carried her figure well with her ample bosom and sexy curves still impressive enough to turn more than a few heads. She was undeniably a beautiful woman, with an infectious smile, alluring eyes and a head of fiery red hair that matched her personality in spades.

Tonight, she was stuck at an unbelievably long and boring family wedding, that of her niece Dinah. Her husband Russell was unable to attend due to an out-of-town business conference, but that was of no particular concern to her, since she had plans of her own to capitalize on the situation.

Elizabeth, or Liz to most people, was looking as stunning as ever at the wedding. She was wearing a chic open backed black halter top dress with an embellished v-neck plunge that nicely showcased her plentiful cleavage. On her feet were sleek and sexy black platform pumps that helped step up the wow factor of her outfit, and her red locks were spicy and breezy, a softly curled mane that topped off her sexy bombshell look perfectly.

As the wedding reception mercifully wound down, Liz readied her preparations to set her plans in action. She had her eyes on one of the groomsmen in the wedding - a long-time family friend named Jonathan with whom she had always been attracted to and a flirted with numerous times in the past. Earlier in the evening she had been fortunate enough to share a slow dance with the handsome young man and had strongly hinted to him that she would be more than willing to share a bed with him at the hotel later on.

Clearly, this would not the first time Liz had strayed in her marriage. While she did love her husband, it was fairly common knowledge to anyone who knew the couple that both she and Russell had been unfaithful numerous times throughout their union. But both were seemingly content to turn a blind eye to their spouse's indiscretions, preferring to keep things status quo and continue their adulterous ways in an almost unspoken acceptance.

Tonight her plan was fairly simple. After flirting with Jonathan and not so subtlety suggesting a rendezvous later, she kept her eye on the young man for the rest of the evening and picked her spot. While he was out on the dance floor at one point late in the evening, she casually wandered over to the head table to seemingly chat with one of the bridesmaids. In truth, her actual purpose was to stealthily slip her hands into the pockets of Jonathan's tuxedo jacket which was draped over the back of one of the chairs. Like a seasoned pick-pocket, Liz was able to sneak into the jacket and locate the desired item. Still maintaining the illusion of an attentive participant in the conversation with the young lady from the wedding party, she was able to slyly glance down at the article she had taken and now held in her lap underneath the table. The little folder from the hotel across the street said 'Room 617' on the outside and contained two key cards, just as she had hoped it would. She swiftly removed one and slid the folder back into the pocket before hastily wrapping up the conversation and bidding farewell to her unsuspecting conversation partner.

With phase one of her plan completed, Liz quickly said her goodbyes to a handful of people at the reception and made her exit. She wanted to get over to the hotel as fast as she could to set up the next part of her elaborate scheme. After a brief stop in her own suite to pick up a few items, she made her way to the sixth floor of the hotel and quietly used the stolen key card to let herself into room 617. Not wasting anytime, she swiftly prepared herself and the room for the arrival of her new lover.

When the door to the hotel room opened, Liz was ready. Stretched out seductively across the foot of the bed, she had removed her dress and was now clad in a drop-dead sexy outfit consisting of a black satin and lace push up bra, matching thong, garter belt, stockings and her black pumps.

"Well it's about time you got here," she purred. "I was starting to get pretty lonely all by my..."

Her sentence was cut short due to the fact that her jaw had dropped and she was now at a complete loss for words. Standing before her in the doorway was her nephew Bill.

"Holy shit!" Was all the stunned young man could say as he stared at the scantily clad sister of his mother.

"Bill, honey... I can..." Liz started, jumping off the bed and onto her feet.

"Explain?" He interrupted, shaking his head in disbelief as he ventured further into the hotel room, towards his aunt.

"I... I thought that..." she began to attempt an explanation, but found herself struggling to come up with an even remotely plausible justification for her being in the room and dressed like she was.

"You thought what?" He questioned nervously, unable to take his eyes off the beautiful older woman before him.

"I... umm..." Besides being unable to come up with any excuses for being caught in the situation, Liz was also becoming aware of the fact that her nephew was getting quite the view of her half naked body. Quickly she grabbed her dress off the back of the nearby chair and attempted to cover herself a bit by holding the garment in front of her thin bra and panties.

"Whose room did you think this was?" Bill asked, finally regaining some of his composure and taking stock of the situation he had stumbled upon.

"Well, I thought... umm..." she was clearly stalling now, hoping some kind of brilliant lie would manifest itself in her head and help her escape.

"Wait a minute," he suddenly interjected, rescuing her from needing to spit out whatever half-assed excuse she was working on in her mind. "You thought this was Jon's room, didn't you?"

"Bill," she began, speaking softly and trying to take control of the situation. "Let me just get out of here and we can pretend none of this ever happened, okay. We'll just keep this between the two of us, alright?" She was desperate to get out of there.

"Shit, you did, didn't you?" He asked, ignoring her attempts at closing the conversation. "You thought this was Jon's room and were waiting for him, weren't you?" He smiled, pleased with himself for figuring out his aunt's scheme. "I guess you grabbed the wrong jacket. I was wondering where that other key to my room went."

Liz cursed to herself as she realized that no amount of creative storytelling would be able to trick her nephew into believing anything else about the situation now.

"Bill," she said quietly, swallowing hard after saying his name to clear her throat and steady her nerves. "I don't think there's any good reason to make a big deal out of this." She smiled at him reassuringly, attempting to mask her worry. "This is just a silly misunderstanding, that's all. No harm, no foul. So I'll just get out of your way and..."

"Hold on," he interrupted as he removed his jacket and tossed it onto the chair behind her. "You're right, I think we can keep this between the two of us."

She sighed and shut her eyes in relief, hoping the end of this embarrassing incident was forthcoming. As she took a deep breath to prepare herself for a final bit of fast-talking before her escape, she suddenly became aware of the fact that her sister's son had made his way in behind her and was now standing unnervingly close to her minimally clothed body.

"You know Aunt Liz," he whispered from behind her, his breath warm on her neck. "It would be a shame to waste such a sexy outfit like that." He was so close to her now that she could feel the fabric of his shirt brushing against her bare back. "After all, I'd hate for you to leave without getting what you came here for."

Her head was spinning as she listened to the words coming out of his mouth. Was he actually suggesting what she thought he was suggesting? Did he expect her to go to bed with him -- her own nephew? Those questions were immediately answered as she felt his warm lips press against her neck at the same time as his body slowly pressed against hers.

"I've always thought you were so beautiful Aunt Liz," he said softly as his lips pulled away from her flesh. "And seeing you in this sexy outfit, my God..."

She could feel his hardening cock pressing against her ass as he whispered his desires in her ear. Her mind raced to grasp hold of the situation as it spiralled out of control. Squeezing her eyes shut, she quickly took stock of her options, as well as her own emotions. It was fairly obvious to her that Bill was now going to expect her to have sex with him if she wanted him to keep quiet about her failed rendezvous with Jonathan. Clearly, she did not have much of a problem with having yet another extramarital affair under her belt, but even she had her limits, and going to bed with her sister's son had to be over the line, even for a woman like her.

Still, she had to admit that he was an attractive young man. Maybe not the epitome of 'tall, dark and handsome', but the 23-year-old was certainly enticing enough to be noticed by most women. A shade under six feet, he kept himself in good shape and was always dressed sharply. He was a clean-cut guy with neatly trimmed brown hair and piercing blue eyes that gave character to his strong jawed face. Liz easily found herself imagining what it would be like to make love to her nephew, and had to admit that she also easily imagined herself enjoying it.

Her wandering mind was brought back to reality as she felt his lips return to her neck and begin make their way their way up to her ear. At the same time, his hands had now found their way onto her hips, pulling her in tighter against his body.

"C'mon Aunt Liz," he whispered. "We both know how much you'll like it... and how much you want it." He began to kiss her neck more forcefully and slowly started to gyrate his hips against her ass, grinding his rigid manhood against her.

Her body was beginning to respond to his movements, and she could feel her dirty mind starting to join it as she leaned back against her nephew. Slowly she let go of the dress she had been holding in front of herself to cover her seductive underwear and slid a hand up to wrap around the back of his head as he continued to kiss her neck.

"Bill..." she groaned softly. "We can't... this is wrong... so wrong." Her words said 'no' but her body suggested otherwise as she began to match his hip rotations with movements of her own.

"I know..." he replied quietly. "It's so wrong... it's dirty. But I know that's how you like it Aunt Liz."

She could not believe how turned on she was becoming as her own nephew spoke to her like that and continued touching her the way he was. He was absolutely right -- she did like it dirty, in fact she loved it. She had long known that she was attracted to things that were taboo, hence the many affairs over the years. And now she knew she was about to bite into the most forbidden fruit of all -- an incestuous encounter with her sister's son.

Tossing aside any lingering inhibitions, she turned her head to the side to face her nephew. She looked into his eyes with a look of submission and desire and slowly pulled his face towards hers. As their lips connected, she felt a surge of excitement shoot through her body and she hungrily took his tongue into her mouth and offered hers in exchange. The two of them kissed vigorously as Bill's hands quickly began to further explore his aunt's now fully willing body. Her body shivered as she felt his hands slide up over her bra covered breasts and give them a forceful squeeze. She moaned into his mouth as he pulled down the thin material and exposed her now attention starved tits. Pinching her quickly stiffening nipples, he broke their impassioned lip-lock and stared into her eyes with a lust she never could have imagined seeing in his eyes.

"Tell me what you want Aunt Liz." He breathed, almost commanding her as he massaged her aching breasts.

"Suck my tits." She answered, desperate to feel his mouth on her nipples.

More than willing to oblige, Bill turned her around and headed straight for her waiting bosom. His hungry mouth took hold of one of her tits and he began flicking his tongue across her rock hard nipple. She moaned in approval as he ran his tongue around the outline of her areola and then proceeded to seal his entire mouth around her breast, sucking it as hard as he could as he slowly pulled his face away from her, stretching her flesh as he pleasured her. He gradually relaxed his suction on her tit, eventually keeping only her nipple in his mouth and then slowly clamped down on the sensitive nub with his teeth. She groaned mightily as he pulled his mouth back quickly and let go of her nipple with a sharp recoil. As he ventured to her other breast to repeat his routine, she ran her fingers through his hair and pulled him closer to her chest.

"Oh, Bill..." she cooed, losing herself in the passion and enthusiasm in which he attacked her heaving bosom. "Suck my tits baby."

Soon Liz found herself being propelled backwards and onto the bed as her nephew positioned her for the next phase of their encounter. He moved quickly, removing his shirt and tie in a matter of seconds as she made herself comfortable on the bed. Looking into her lust filled eyes he joined her on the bed, kneeling in front of her. With both hands on the waist band of her thong he slowly pulled it down, her neatly trimmed pussy wet and sticky against the thin material. Tossing the panties aside, he moved down in between her legs.

He gently spread her engorged cunt lips apart to reveal her hot pink slit, glistening with moisture as it awaited his touch. Burying his mouth into her mound, within seconds he found her sensitive clit and began to work it vigorously with his tongue. His hands also went to work, grabbing her legs behind her knees and pushing them back, spreading them wide to give him greater access to her fiery pussy. It did not take long before she was uncontrollably bucking her hips, fucking his face and panting loudly as she began to come. She reached down and grabbed hold of his hair with both hands as she cried out in ecstasy.

As she came down from her orgasm, Bill continued to lick her pussy tenderly until she had finished coming all over his face. Once she was fully recovered, he stood up slowly and stared down at his aunt with a look of sheer lust.

"Why don't you come here and help me get out of these?" He asked her as he began undoing his belt.

Immediately she got onto her knees and leaned forward to help him off with his pants. Her eyes lit up as she slid his underwear off and got a look at the size of the cock she was about to receive. Her sister's son looked to be at least a good nine inches long. Licking her lips, she began wrapping her hand around the base of his shaft and slowly ran her tongue up the underside of his dick, letting it linger at the tip and tasting the drop of pre-come that had formed at the head.

"Oh, Aunt Liz..." he growled in satisfaction.

She circled her tongue around the tip of his cock several times then gently rubbed her hot cheeks up one side of his shaft and then the other before lightly kissing the head and then gingerly wrapping her lips around it. Moving her tongue in circles, she teased him with her slow and deliberate pace, his moans confirming the effect her method was having on him. Finally she opened her mouth wide and slid down over his prick as far as she could and began to move faster. Gently massaging his balls as her lips slide up and down on his manhood, she felt his hands come down and his fingers comb through her red curls in an attempt to lead her without causing her to stop. He began to thrust his pelvis forward in time with her rhythm, causing the head of his dick to brush against the back of her throat as he grunted and groaned.

Moaning herself now, she slowly lowered a hand down in between her legs and slid a finger into her dripping cunt. She was still soaked and throbbing from her orgasm and with the help of her busy hand she knew she would be quickly building to a second climax as her head bobbed faster and deeper on Bill's cock. Her hand continued to stoke and rub her pussy as she sensed her imminent release. With his hands pulling her head forward and causing her to swallow him deeper and deeper, she let out a low, guttural whimper as another orgasm washed over her. Waves of pleasure crashed over her, from her clit to her extremities, and she pulled away from his throbbing penis as she moaned breathlessly while her entire body shuttered in rapture.

"Well," he exclaimed as he tried to catch his breath, "looks like you enjoyed that blow job even more than I did!"

Liz was still recovering from her second orgasm of the night, her heart racing and head spinning. She struggled to respond verbally, but the wide smile and lust filled look in her eyes were enough of an answer.

"Now let's see if my sexy aunt can fuck as good as she can suck." He said with a devilish grin as he flopped down onto the bed, his ready cock pointing to the ceiling and awaiting her attentions.

Eager to feel his wonderful manhood inside of her hungry snatch, she took little time in moving over to her young lover and straddled him. Taking hold of his hard dick, she slowly guided it into her waiting pussy as she lowered herself onto it. They both moaned as he slid fully inside her, the two of them fitting together like a hand in a warm glove.

"Fuck me baby." Bill groaned as she began to move up and down in long, slow strokes.

Reaching back behind her, she unclasped her bra and tossed it aside, freeing her bosom and allowing her aching tits the freedom to bounce up and down in rhythm with her fucking. He put his hands on her hips and guided her motions as she moved atop him with long methodical motions. She began to moan steadily as she gradually built up speed until she was riding him like a cowgirl on a bucking bronco.

"Fuck me!" She cried out as she bounced up and down on her nephew's cock. "Fuck me! Fuck me!"

Her hot cunt gripped his shaft like a vice as he pumped in and out of her. Liz pulled him up so the two of them were both sitting up right, giving him full access to suckle her bouncing tits as they danced in front of him. Dining on her breasts for several minutes, he finally managed to pull himself away from her ample bosom to kiss her passionately as they rocked back and forth in the throes of their incestuous fucking. He could feel her pussy quivering around his cock as her juices began to trickle over his shaft and knew it would not be long until she achieved yet another orgasm. Wanting to delay his own release as long as possible so that he could enjoy his aunt in as many ways as he could, he quickly pulled her off of him and moved to reposition them yet again.

Flipping her onto her hands and knees, Bill moved himself right up against her ass, his hard dick slapping against her cheeks as he wrapped one hand around her waist and used the other one to bend her over completely.

"Fuck me!" She demanded, flipping her red curls back over her shoulder as she looked back at her nephew.

"Is that what you want Aunt Liz? You want me to fuck you doggystyle?" He asked her as he brushed the tip of his cock against her slick pussy lips.

"God yes!" She cried out. "Fuck me from behind like a slut, I love it!" She was almost begging now as she stretched out her arms in front of her to brace herself and shifted her feet further apart in anticipation.

He moaned at his aunt's filthy words as he grabbed hold of his shaft in one hand and pressed down on the small of her back with the other. Pushing forward, her hungry cunt engulfed his cockhead and the first few inches of his prick with gusto. He pulled back a little and then roughly pushed forward again, burying his dick inside her completely with a grunt.

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