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Loving Bitch


This story contains elements of BDSM, including bondage, smoking fetish, cuckolding, and physical torment. If you don't want to read about such things, find another story.

Gilbert nervously dialed Jaicie's number. Her profile on the Boy Toy Phone Sex website indicated she had numerous BDSM interests, including smoking fetish, bondage, and cuckolding. He hoped that a sexual conversation with her would be interesting.

Gilbert heard a pleasant voice answer the phone.


"Is this Jaicie?"


"This is Gilbert. Are you available to take a call now?"

"Sure. How long of a call would you like?

"An hour please."

"Would you give me your credit card number, please?"

"Sure. 4329..."

While Jaicie processed the credit card information, Gilbert thought back on his phone sex experiences. Years ago, you called an expensive 900 number and didn't know who you were talking to, or what they might talk about. He tried a couple of times, but didn't care for the experience.

Recently, Gilbert found some phone sex websites advertised as erotic services on Craigslist. The websites were informative, with pictures and profiles of the women, and with more reasonable costs. Gilbert called one of the women, and had an interesting time. Every so often, he'd call a woman whose profile looked compatible. Jaicie was the seventh phone sex operator he'd called.

Jaicie's voice interrupted Gilbert's thoughts. "Your credit card was accepted. What's your fantasy?"

Gilbert leaned back against the pillow. "I'm not interested in role play. I'd like to have an erotic conversation with you."

Jaicie lay down on her bed, adjusting her headset so she'd be comfortable. "Ok, sure. What do you want to talk about?"

"Um, I have a smoking fetish."

"Interesting. Do you want me to smoke now?"

Gilbert fished his cock out of his pants. "No, that's not necessary. In my fantasy you're sitting on the sofa, naked, smoking a cigarette. I'm kneeling in front of you, naked, with my wrists bound together in front of me, holding a large glass ashtray. There's a cord tied from my wrists to the head of my cock. When you want to flick the ashes in the ashtray, you have me move the ashtray closer to you, the cord pulling on my cock."

Jaicie's hand lightly stroked her clit. "Mmm, I can see that. Sounds like fun for me. Imagine if I had a girlfriend sitting with me, and you had to move the ashtray for both of us. Your cock would be sore before we were done using you."

Gilbert stroked his cock thinking about Jaicie's words. Curious, he asked, "What smoking fetish role plays have you done before?"

Jaicie thought a bit. "Most callers want me to use them as an ashtray, flicking the ashes in their mouth."

Gilbert shuddered. "No, that's too much for me. I just want to hold an ashtray."

"I understand. I'd rather have a slave hold an ashtray than be an ashtray."

"Um, I also have bondage fantasies."

"What kind of bondage fantasies?"

"Well, I like to be tied to a bed and teasingly masturbated."

"I see. You'd want me to play with your cock but not let you cum."


"Mmm, and I'll bet you'd want me to smoke while I teased you, wouldn't you?"

"Yes. You could lie beside me and blow smoke in my face while I suck on your nipple and you tickle my cock with your fingers."

Jaicie rubbed her clit hard thinking about teasing Gilbert like that. "That sounds like fun. You'd have to suck my nipple for a while before I'd let you cum."

Gilbert leaned back and enjoyed imagining Jaicie teasing him like that before continuing the conversation. "I have another bondage fantasy."

"Mmm, what?"

"It depends on what kind of bed you have. I'm imagining a huge wooden four-poster bed. You tie me standing at the foot of your bed to the posts, lie down, and play with yourself while you watch me try and rub my cock against the footboard.'

Jaicie laughed. "You wouldn't get much pleasure from that, would you?"

Gilbert smiled. "Exactly. While you're pleasuring yourself on the bed, I'm entertaining you with my futile attempts to masturbate myself."

Jaicie wondered if Gilbert knew she was lying on the bed playing with herself right now. "You are so imaginative. Where do you get these ideas?"

"Uh, I write erotic stories and publish them on the Internet. I've written several female domination stories."

"Really! Could you send me the address, please?" Jaicie thought that Gilbert's stories would help her create some interesting role play.

"Sure. What's your email address?"

"It's on the website."

"Uh, ok, I'll email you tomorrow with the address."

"I'd appreciate that. What else would you like to talk about?"

"I have a cuckold fantasy."

"Ooh, I love cuckolding. Tell me about it."

"Well, I wish I had a cuckold girlfriend. We'd have a normal relationship, going out and doing things together. When we're intimate we'd lay in bed, kiss, and cuddle, but I never fuck her. She'd have me eat her pussy, or she'd buckle a leather ball gag on my face with a dildo attached to the front and fuck the dildo."

"I'm having trouble picturing her fucking the dildo on your face. How does she do that?"

"Well, she could be on her hands and knees sideways on the bed while I'm kneeling beside the bed. Sort of like a doggie position. Or, I could be lying on the bed while she straddles my face in a sixty-nine position."

"Hmm, thanks. I can see that you'd make her a happy woman. What about you? Does she do anything for you?"

"She can watch me while I masturbate, or she can masturbate me while she straddles my thighs, or lays beside me. "

Jaicie smiled, thinking she could dominate you and own your shriveled up little prick. "Does she ever give you oral sex?"

"No, I don't want a woman to do that. I'd much prefer she used her hands so I could see her face and kiss her while she masturbated me."

Jaicie wondered why she never met guys like Gilbert. Probably because so many guys talk the talk but don't walk the walk. "That's so sweet. She'd be a lucky woman to have someone like you. And she can fuck who she likes too!"

Gilbert smiled. "Exactly. In my fantasy, after I stripped naked, she'd lock a cock cage on my cock, gag me with the leather ball gag, and tie me to an old wooden dining room chair near the bed. She would get ready for her boyfriend while I watched. If she wanted to tease me some, she could ask me to choose which underwear and dress she should wear for him. After she dressed, she would stay in the bedroom and primp until the doorbell rang.

She would go downstairs and entertain her boyfriend for a while. They might have a drink, talk, watch TV, whatever. After a while he would bring her upstairs. Ignoring me, he would undress her and she would undress him. They would get in bed, kiss, cuddle, and fuck however and as much as they wanted.

Afterwards, she would lie in his arms and coo while he held her. At some point, he would kiss her, get up, get dressed, and leave. Sometime after he left she might notice me. If she felt like it, she would get up and untie me from the chair. If her boyfriend wore her out, she might roll over, go to sleep, and leave me tied to the chair all night."

Jaicie rubbed her clit to a quiet orgasm. "Wow, she sounds like a super bitch in the bedroom. Are you sure you'd want her to ignore you all night?"

Gilbert laughed. "Well, it is a fantasy. I'm sure it would be uncomfortable to be tied to a wooden chair all night long, but it arouses me to think about someone fucking my girlfriend so completely that she has to recuperate before she unties me."

Jaicie rolls over and looks at the clock on the end table. Shit, the hour's more than over. "Gilbert, I'm sorry but our time is up. I really enjoyed your cuckold fantasy. Please email me the address to your stories tomorrow, ok?"

"Sure. Have a good evening."

"You too. Call again soon; I had a great time."



Gilbert smiled. He enjoyed the way Jaicie interacted with him, like she shared his fantasies. He masturbated, imagining Jaicie being his cuckold girlfriend, before he went to sleep.

Jaicie grinned. It'd been a couple of weeks at least since she'd had so much fun on a call. Damn, Gilbert had some good fantasies. She drifted off to sleep, thinking about a young stallion pounding her silly while Gilbert was tied to a chair, watching.

Gilbert emailed Jaicie the next morning with the address of his stories. Jaicie emailed back, thanking him. Gilbert emailed back, attaching a picture of himself. Jaicie's phone sex email service wouldn't let the attachment through. Jaicie emailed back, asking where the picture went. Gilbert explained what happened. After thinking about it for a couple of days, Jaicie emailed Gilbert and gave him one of her private email addresses, where she could receive attachments.

Gilbert emailed Jaicie with his picture. She was pleasantly surprised at how long his hair was, nearly shoulder-length, and how pleasant his face looked. She found herself thinking of him now and again, hoping that he would call soon.

A few weeks passed before Gilbert had the opportunity to call Jaicie again. He dialed the number and heard her pleasant voice answer.


"Is this Jaicie?"


"This is Gilbert. Are you available to take a call now?"

Jaicie grinned. "Gilbert, can you call me back in ten minutes?"

Gilbert wondered why. "Sure."

"Great. Bye."

"Bye." Gilbert hung up, and paid for the call using the website. Afterwards, he leered at her pictures and played with his cock, thinking about Jaicie and wondering what she was doing.

Jaicie took off her clothes. She wanted to easily play with her nipples and clit during the call. She went to the bathroom, and came back to her bed. Her nipples stiffened as she tickled her chest with her fingers, thinking about what they might talk about. The ring of the telephone startled her out of her reverie.


"Hello Jaicie, this is Gilbert."

"Thanks for giving me some time. I appreciate it. How are you?

"Good, and you?"

"I'm feeling great, thanks. Did you pay for the call?"

"Yes. I used the website this time to pay for an hour call."

Jaicie smiled. She was glad she didn't have to get up and deal with credit card processing. "Great. What do you want to talk about?"

"Well, I've told you my fantasies. I'd like to hear some of yours."

"Mmm, ok. I thought about you last week when I came across a four-poster bed in a furniture store. I stood there, thinking about tying you up to the footboard and watching you trying to masturbate against the smooth wood. A salesman snuck up on me and scared the crap out of me when he asked, 'Can I help you?'"

Gilbert laughed. "I'll bet he'd have been surprised if you'd have said, sure, 'Let me tie you to the footboard and see how it looks.'"

Jaicie laughed. "That'd been funny. I was reading one of your stories the other night, and it turned me on so much I couldn't finish it."

Gilbert reddened slightly "Thanks for the compliment."

"You're welcome. I thought, wouldn't it be great if I had you tied up kneeling by the side of the bed while I lay across the bed. You'd gently lick my pussy and clit while I read your stories. That way, I wouldn't have to stop reading to come."

"Mmm, that's interesting. Do you want me to try to get you to come or just tease you with my tongue?"

Jaicie pouted. "Hey, I'm supposed to be the tease here, not you!" She felt her nipples stiffen. "Oh, I'd just want you to gently lick me, to stimulate me a little. I want to come to your stories, not your tongue."

"Gee, thanks. Do you have any cuckolding experiences?"

"Once, a long time ago. I've role played a cuckolding bitch a few times. Most guys want to participate by jerking off the boyfriend or cleaning up her pussy afterwards. I find it interesting that you just want to watch."

Gilbert shuddered. "I'm not interested in participating. It might as well be a threesome if I took part."

"I understand. One other guy had a fantasy similar to yours, except that his wife tied one hand loosely. The rope had a loop in it that she could hook on the headboard to take his hand away from his cock. She and her boyfriend would sit on the side of the bed and watch him play with himself for a while before she would pull his hand away. She made him get himself hard before she and her boyfriend ignored him."

"Mmm, that's mean. I could see my girlfriend doing something like that to me."

"Yes, I thought you'd like that." Jaicie fingered her clit, enjoying the sensations shooting through her body. "Do you want to talk about any other fantasies?"

"Well, I do have this fantasy..."

"Mmm, what is it?"

"I have a shed in the backyard. I'd like a woman to shackle me inside in the morning, and lock the door. I'd like her to leave me locked in the shed for a couple of hours."

Jaicie sat up in the bed. "Wow, that's intense. What do you mean by shackle?"

"I have these leather wrist and ankle restraints. She'd padlock the wrist restraints to chains hanging from the ceiling and padlock the ankle restraints to chains bolted to the floor."

"Ah, I see. She'd lock you in a standing spread-eagle position. Are you clothed or naked?"

"I'd prefer to be naked. It's going to be hot enough in the shed without clothing."

Jaicie laughed. "I see. And I'm wearing a skimpy bikini, right?"

"Yep. Or nothing at all."

"Right. I'm sure the neighbors wouldn't mind. So what am I doing while you're roasting in the shed?"

"Whatever you want, I suppose. Watch TV, sit out by the pool, whatever."

"You have a pool in your yard?"

"No, but in the fantasy I can have a pool."

Jaicie laughed. "Ok, I'll lay out by the pool, then. Sounds like an interesting fantasy. Maybe you'll find a woman that will do that someday."

Gilbert's voice saddened. "Probably not. I doubt I'll ever have a girlfriend like that."

Jaicie knew how he felt. She wasn't living her fantasies either. "I understand."

"I wish you were my girlfriend."

Jaicie heard this many times before, usually in a joking tone of voice. She tried to laugh it off. "Sure, every guy wants a phone sex operator for a girlfriend. I'm sure you'll find someone."

"I doubt it."

Jaicie could feel the sadness in Gilbert's voice. Shit, if it were that easy to find kinky girlfriends, phone sex operators wouldn't have a business. Since when did she start caring so much about her clients' happiness? Since Gilbert called, she realized. Better think of something to lighten the mood.

"So, when I unlock the shed after a couple of hours, what happens then?"

After a long pause, Gilbert answered, "You come in holding a glass of iced tea. You tease me by holding the glass just out of my tongue's reach. You won't let me lick the outside of the glass, much less drink any of the tea."

Jaicie laughed. "That's very mean and bitchy. And you standing there, drenched in sweat."

"I'd probably be rather dry if I were locked in the shed long enough. I'd be nearly dehydrated."

"Hmm, how do you know so much about being locked in a shed? Have you done this before?"

"No, I've never had the opportunity. I've worked outside in the heat of the day before. I'm guessing."

"Oh. Then what?"

"You hold up a glass of your pee for me to drink."

Jaicie smiled. "And you drink my pee. Have you drunk pee before?"

"Not out of a glass. I once laid in the bathtub and had a woman pee on my face."

"Did you like that?"

"It was interesting tasting her pee, but I haven't wanted to repeat the experience."

"I see. I've done a few pee role plays but I've never peed on anyone."

"Tell me about the role plays."

"Well, I've seen pictures of a tiny stool with a hole in the middle. I have the guy lie under the stool while I squat on it. I pee on him and he cleans my pussy with his tongue."

"Mmm, that would be interesting to try. Where does the pee go?"

Jaicie laughed. "All over the floor, I guess."

Gilbert smiled. "I really enjoy talking with you, Jaicie. I can tell you're a nice person that can act like a bitch. I've spoken with too many bitches that try to act like a nice person."

"Thank you Gilbert. I've never heard anyone describe me that way before." Jaicie looked over at the clock. Darn, the hour's more than over. "Gilbert, I'm sorry but our time is up. Call again soon; I had a fantastic time talking with you."

"Sure. Have a good evening."

"You too. Bye."


Jaicie leaned back, squeezing her clit, thinking about locking Gilbert in a shed, until she had a violent orgasm.

Gilbert thought he was connecting with Jaicie, but he wasn't sure whether she liked him or his money. As time passed Gilbert and Jaicie revealed more about themselves in their emails. Gilbert, who started out lusting after Jaicie's pictures, cared more and more about her as a person.

Jaicie thought about Gilbert more than any other client. She had to keep reminding herself that he was a client, but it became more difficult. Gilbert would call every other week or so, and they would talk about themselves and their feelings. Even though Gilbert was still paying for hour calls, the clock went out the window. They would talk for ninety, one hundred minutes, or as long as two hours. Jaicie may have wanted to talk longer, but Gilbert didn't want to impose on her time too much.

During one call Jaicie mentioned that she had worked as an outcall dominatrix. Gilbert asked her to come see him, and she jokingly replied that he couldn't afford her. Afterwards, he occasionally asked her during a call to come and dominate him, so one day near the end of a call she decided to play along.

"Ok, you want me to fly down there and dominate you. It'll cost $4,000 for a weekend, plus the hotel room." Jaicie figured that was so expensive that he'd stop bugging her now.

Gilbert swallowed hard before he could answer. "Ok Jaicie. What weekends are you available?"

Jaicie was amazed. "I'll have to check my calendar and get back to you."

"Great. I'll be looking forward to your visit."

"Ok, bye."


Gilbert was excited that he was going to meet Jaicie, and that she was going to dominate him.

Jaicie wondered if she really wanted to meet Gilbert. Who was she kidding, of course she wanted to meet him and spend time with him. He seemed a very safe way from her to act out some domination fantasies. She worried whether she could be bitchy enough for him. Could she be $4,000 bitchy? She figured she'd better finish reading his stories and come up with some new and exciting torments for him.

Jaicie emailed Gilbert with three weekends and her requirements. He emailed back that the weekend of April second and third was good for him, and that she'd be staying in the Capital Hill Marriott in Washington DC. She had three weeks to prepare.

Jaicie called up a casual fuck buddy, Corbin, and explained what she needed from him. He was to fly with her, and discreetly watch in case Gilbert gave Jaicie any trouble. She called the Marriott and made a reservation for Corbin.

Gilbert had everything on Jaicie's list, except for a pin prick cock sheath. He had trouble finding one, as many online BDSM stores did not carry it. Finally, he found one and ordered it even though the store did not have a good picture of the sheath. It arrived a couple of days before Jaicie.

Lastly, Jaicie emailed Gilbert and told him that the pictures on the website were of a model and not her. Gilbert was concerned, and hoped he wouldn't be too shocked at her appearance.

Gilbert waited for Jaicie at the airport. A nice looking brunette, about 5' 4", came up to him and said, "I'm Jaicie, follow me."

Gilbert followed Jaicie outside, where she lit a cigarette and took a puff. "Rub my neck and shoulders, slave," she commanded. Her shoulders felt stiff from the flight, and his rubbing felt so good. She hoped she could be the super bitch he wanted.

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