tagLoving WivesLoving Carolyn Ch. 2

Loving Carolyn Ch. 2


Morning. Never my favorite time of day, until I began waking up with Carolyn in my arms...I like to watch her sleeping for a few minutes before I slip out of bed to make her breakfast. Yeah, yeah; I've heard that most guys don't do this sort of thing. But most guys don't get what I get after breakfast, either.

After our first weekend together, Carolyn jokingly told me, "If you promise to make my breakfast every morning, I will marry you." So I did. In fact, I went one better and drafted a contract promising to prepare her breakfast every morning on which we should wake up in the same bed. Of course, a necessary element of any contract is "consideration," and to fulfill this requirement I inserted a clause indicating that, by way of good and valuable consideration, I was entitled to "one sleepy kiss" on every such morning. Craftily, I neglected to define "kiss" or to stipulate parts of the body to which it might be applied....

This morning, I was tempted to have breakfast in bed. Without going to the kitchen first. The memory of last night was very fresh...and I was very ready to start again. She was so soft and warm beside me, her beautiful face innocent in slumber; a faint smile of contentment on the lips that I love. I peeled back the sheet to look at her breast, kissing her nipple gently. She sighed but did not awaken. Reluctantly I withdrew my arm from beneath her neck and went to the kitchen.

We're not talking complicated breakfasts here. I sliced fresh strawberries into small bowls, added yogurt and a few almonds, and put a couple of whole berries on top. Tall glasses of fresh orange juice, coffee, and a sprig of wisteria from the back porch; all that on a big tray and I was ready for my reward.

Back in the bedroom, I set the tray on the nightstand and stretched out beside my lover again. Softly I kissed her closed eyes, her nose, the corners of her mouth until her eyes opened and met mine.

"Breakfast," I whispered. "You owe me...."

Carolyn struggled to sit up in bed. "Coffee, please."

I handed her a cup and she smiled at me over the rim of it, making my heart do back-flips. Something about that smile...you might think it innocent if you didn't know better.

I picked a ripe strawberry out of a bowl, collecting a dollop of yogurt on the end of it, and offered it to her, changing my target from her mouth to her right nipple at the last moment. She gasped as the cool yogurt touched her skin and her nipple hardened instantly. I put the berry to her lips, and gently licked the yogurt from her breast as she bit into it. I couldn't help sucking it into my mouth, flicking it with my tongue...

I sat up and handed her the bowl. "Eat," I told her. "You will need the energy."

She cupped her breasts in her hands, showing them to me. "I feel unbalanced," she pouted.

I took another berry, bit the end off it, and squeezed the juice onto her other nipple, then licked it off eagerly. It, too, hardened invitingly, making a matched set. She moaned and pulled my head to her breast. I began to migrate southward, kissing along the way. As I neared her waist, her legs began to come apart, and I knew my breakfast was warming nicely...then she clapped her knees together.

"I need to wash first," she told me.

"I don't care."

"I do."

"Just a taste?"


I groaned and rolled off the bed. "I'll be right back," I said. "Don't go anywhere."

I soaked a washcloth with hot water in the bathroom, and brought it back to her with a soft towel. She reached for it but I held it out of reach. "I'll do the honors, if you don't mind."

I parted her legs with one hand and put the warm cloth over her pussy, rubbing gently. She squirmed against it, sighing contentment. I removed it, and bent to taste her....

"Now you," she said, taking the cloth from me and reaching for my stiff cock. "Hmmm...we may have to do something about this swelling."

She pushed me back onto the pillows and continued washing my cock, finally substituting her warm mouth for the cloth. I clasped my hands behind my head, closed my eyes, and moaned as she slowly and tantalizingly sucked me deep into her mouth. So good....

Suddenly the heat of her mouth was replaced by something cold. Startled, I opened my eyes to see Carolyn coating my groin with her yogurt. I started to protest when she did not lick it off immediately, but began artfully arranging the nuts and berries to make a sort of sundae with my cock as the centerpiece.

I sighed. "This is nice, but I liked what you were doing before a lot better."

She peeked at me mischievously. "The contract does not specify any particular table ware that must be used for my breakfast...."

I closed my eyes again as she began delicately spooning up the yogurt and fruit, knowing that trying to rush her was useless. My cock tingled in anticipation as I awaited the time when she would begin to lick the bowl....

I became aware of someone else in the room with us. Cynthia stood in the doorway, her face a comical study of curious dismay.

"I'm so sorry. I should have knocked."

Carolyn giggled, and my heart sank. As did my cock.

"Come in, Sweetie. Why don't you join us for breakfast?"

Reluctantly she approached the bed. "I hate to interrupt," she said.

Carolyn patted the side of the bed. "Sit here," she told Cynthia.

Gingerly, Cynthia perched on the edge of the bed next to me. Carolyn collected a spoonful of yogurt and reached across me to hold it to Cynthia's lips.

Cynthia drew back slightly, a look of distaste on her sleepy face. "I don't really like --"

As she opened her mouth to speak Carolyn popped the spoon into it. "Now, isn't that good?"

Cynthia nodded, and Carolyn continued to feed her until she had scraped nearly all the yogurt and fruit off me. My cock stiffened again as she continually grazed against it with the spoon.

"Now we have to clean up," Carolyn instructed. She began licking the last of the yogurt from my skin as Cynthia watched. When all that remained was my throbbing cock, Carolyn said, "This is my favorite part. Would you like to try it, Cindylove?"

Cynthia shook her head vehemently and looked away. "I couldn't...."

"I'm quite sure you could," Carolyn told her. "But for now, just watch." She engulfed the head of my cock with her hot mouth. Involuntarily I moaned and thrust upward.

Cynthia's face burned with embarrassment, but she did watch as Carolyn moved up and down on my cock. Carolyn put on a terrific show, pulling back slowly to expose all of my wet cock to view, then swooping back down to take it all, moaning with pleasure as she did so. Normally I would have been thinking seriously about coming right about now, but I couldn't imagine that happening with an audience present.

Carolyn stopped, slowly stroking me with her hand as she spoke to Cynthia. "Are we feeling a little warm, Sweetie?"

I noticed that Cynthia did look somewhat flushed above her voluminous nightgown. She nodded, still staring at my cock, fascination and faint disgust on her pink face. "What if he, you know...in your mouth?"

"He would like to," Carolyn told her. "And I wouldn't mind, either. In fact, I would love it. But it's not all that easy to do, especially with somebody watching; right, Lover?"

It was my turn to flush with embarrassment. "Right," I croaked.

"Move over here a little closer, Cindy," Carolyn coaxed. "Just relax and do whatever you feel like you want to do."

Nervously Cynthia scooted closer to me on the bed, her nightgown brushing my thigh. The brief contact was electric; I felt a sudden surge inside me and a drop of clear liquid appeared at the tip of my cock.

"Oooh, look!" Carolyn squealed. "I think he likes you!"

Cynthia peered at it clinically, wrinkling her snub nose. "Is that all there is to it?"

"That's only the beginning," Carolyn giggled. "See how slippery it is?" She rubbed her thumb across the head of my cock, making me wince. "That's so it can slide into me soooo easily...." She licked the head of my cock deliberately, making sure Cynthia was watching. "And it tastes soooo sexy...."

Cynthia leaned even closer, fascinated in spite of herself, and Carolyn raised her head from her ministrations to me and kissed her on the lips, gently at first; then more passionately. As her tongue slipped into Cynthia's mouth I was again torn between dismay and voyeuristic excitement.

"Do you taste him?" Carolyn whispered. "Do you taste Brian's cock in my mouth?"

Blindly Cynthia reached for my wife, fondling her large, perfect breasts, and leaning onto me in the process as if I were part of the furniture. Carolyn kissed her at length, stroking her hair and neck before tugging at her nightgown.

"You're really overdressed for this occasion, my dear," she said.

I could feel the panic in Cynthia's body. "Please don't make me take my clothes off," she whimpered. "I really don't want to."

"Of course you don't have to," Carolyn told her. "I've heard there are lots of women who never take their clothes off. Of course, they're all dried up old sticks. But it IS a matter of choice, certainly." As she spoke in this lecturing tone of voice, I felt her hand creep across me to insinuate itself beneath Cynthia's nightdress.

Cynthia blushed deeper and sighed as Carolyn stroked her thighs, and more, but did not move to lift her tangled gown. At length, Carolyn removed her hand from beneath it and licked the tip of her index finger. "You taste so sweet, Cindylove. I would love to eat your pussy, if you didn't have so many clothes on."

"Couldn't we go to my room; just you and me?" Cynthia asked plaintively.

"Pardon me," I broke in coldly, when Carolyn hesitated in her reply. "You are in MY house, in MY bed, and now you want to leave with MY wife? I think NOT. In fact -- "

Carolyn firmly placed her hand over my mouth. "You should really go get dressed for work, Cindy. It's getting late."

Cynthia left; Thank God. I reached for Carolyn and rolled her on top of me. She wriggled away and ran to the bathroom, locking herself in. "You're mean!" She shouted through the door.

Suddenly my honed legal mind kicked into action; suspicion dawned. "Cynthia doesn't even have a job. What are you planning?"

"She does now," Carolyn shouted. "She's our receptionist."

"Since WHEN?" I howled.

"Since I hired her yesterday."

"God, NO!" I screamed. "We won't have any privacy any more!"

"Maybe I'm sick of getting fucked morning, noon and night anyway!"

"I didn't hear you complaining...."

"OK, so maybe I'm not. But I AM sick of being your paralegal, secretary, receptionist, and office manager all in one. So I hired someone to help. OK????"

I turned on my heel and stalked to my closet, yanking out the first suit of clothes that came to hand. This sucked. This REALLY sucked. I started to pull on my pants and noticed that my thighs were extremely sticky; yogurt and strawberry juice. I swore and kicked the pants off.

"I have to take a shower!" I roared at the bathroom door.

"Then why don't you come in and join us," Carolyn giggled. I tried the door. It was unlocked...

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