tagExhibitionist & VoyeurLoving in Silence: The Ride Home

Loving in Silence: The Ride Home


Joyce accepted Roger's hand as she exited the taxi that he'd arranged an hour before they were scheduled to arrive at Reno's to meet Joyce's sister Abigail and her date Tucker. Her slim fingers rested snugly in his strong hand. They were welcomed into the restaurant where Roger pulled a small card from inside his jacket, handed it to the hostess and then they were immediately taken to a small table in the corner.

Roger's eyes brushed over Abigail rather quickly, not sure if she was serious about agreeing to the conversation her and his wife had earlier in the day. The quick glance did give him enough ammunition to make his fantasies about the after dinner entertainment increase with more erotic colors. He pulled out a chair for Joyce, glided her up to the table and kissed her neck before claiming his seat at her side.

"Where is Tucker?" Joyce signed to her sister. She angled her head to the side and waited for an explanation as to why her sister's date was not at the table with them.

Abigail blushed and placed her goblet of white wine down on the table then lifted her delicate fingers and signed back to her sister and her brother-in-law. "Tucker is a Doctor and was called in on an emergency."

"Oh," Joyce signed. "A doctor...impressive."

Roger shifted in his seat and tried not to look too happy about having the evening's meal include only him and the ladies, but it was apparent in his grin. Abigail noticed his unmasked happiness and laughed before rolling her eyes and sticking out her tongue.

Lifting his hands he quickly told his sister-in-law that she would now have to watch herself with her tongue. He had every intention of trying it out later. This brought a blush to Abigail's cheeks and a punch in the ribs to Roger from his wife's small fist. He jerked back and laughed at them both, raised his hands in mock confusion.

Their attendant came and both Roger and Joyce signed to Abigail what they wanted to eat and she in turn informed the restaurant employee. The young girl stared at the deaf couple. A look of both curiosity and pity crossed her face, but she smiled an artificial smile and left with their orders in tow.

Abigail rolled her eyes.

Joyce passed the tip of her right index finger and ran it from the index finger to the little finger of her left flat palm. "What?"

A puff of air escaped Abigail's lungs and her blonde bangs lifted slightly. "I do not like it when they do that... stare at you," she signed.

"I see," her sister replied. "We are used to it. I thought you would be by now too."

Abigail shook her head. "I still do not like it."

"Neither do we, but that is life," Roger signed back, joining the conversation.

"It sucks," Abigail signed.

Joyce giggled. "For some yes. For us it is beautiful."

"What do you mean?" she asked.

Roger wrapped an arm around Abigail and pulled her close before signing to his sister-in-law. "You hear everything around you and that is good. I am jealous sometimes... I want to hear my wife say my name. I want to hear the words come out of her mouth when we make love. . .I can't. But... I also know we are lucky. We go through life seeing the things you refuse to hear. The sad look of a child for example. They will tell you something, but we can see it with our eyes that their words do not match their feelings. You rely on their words to guide you... we rely on their faces."

Abigail watched her brother-in-law's hands fly quickly and for once she was lost in his words and not in the stares that were coming from the restaurants' occupants.

"You also speak of things you don't like to hear, or so you have in the past. Noises that happen when you made love or had sex with your husband. We do not hear these things... You have said they distract you." His lips rose in a smirk. "We are rarely distracted," he added with a wink and a thumbs up.

Joyce blushed and pinched his side. She then lifted her hands. "Abbey, remember when we were kids and you would pretend you could not hear?"

"Yes. I used a lot of cotton. It upset mom," Abigial signed turning her palm forward and nodding her right 'S' hand up and down.

"You could hear though couldn't you, even a little?" she asked with her slim digits.

"Yes," Abigail repeated her actions from earlier.

Roger watched the two women intently, unsure of where his wife was going with the discussion, but curious as to how it was going to end.

"Roger's hearing students are required to spend one week wearing ear plugs. Industrial strength. They wear them so they know what their partner experiences living with silence," Joyce said.

Roger leaned back against his chair, understanding that his wife was speaking of his American Sign Language class and what she was saying was true. The spouse or partner of the deaf individual or hearing impaired individual had to "be deaf" for as many hours they could possibly be: without harming themselves or others or placing their jobs in jeopardy. Most of his students were able to do a few days out of the week or a few hours everyday. It was a jolting experience for all of them. When they came back to class it was with a sense of awe that their loved one had survived the world around them for so long. They also came back with feelings of mixed emotions. . .some envy over never hearing the noises that pollute the day and some with pity and that was quickly dealt with in exercises Roger provided.

Joyce explained all these things to Abigail and then finally "pitched" her idea to her sister. "You are still wanting tonight to happen?" she asked.

Abigail glanced at Roger and then back to her sister; she shifted nervously but nodded yes.

"Then I want you to experience love making like you have never experienced it before," her sister signed.

"You mean with the ear plugs?" Abigail asked her hands forming the required motions.

Roger leaned in and signed, "Wonderful idea Honey," he told his wife.

"I do not know how it is to make love with noises," Joyce motioned, "but I do know we are only distracted by each other or by the lights that will occasionally go off. A phone or door light blinks and that is a distraction."

Abigail laughed. "I bet I have been one of those distractions then. You type horrible sometimes," she added with dancing fingers and a wicked wink.

The group laughed and their food finally arrived. The evening progressed quietly with few interruptions. They enjoyed a light sorbet for desert with raspberry sauce before calling it a night.

Roger escorted both women from the table and out into the early night air. The time change had been made earlier in the month, so it was still light out, something that many, including Joyce and Robert found annoying. They enjoyed the night sounds and the sparkling stars, they loved watching them in the stillness of the summer air. However, on this night there was no annoyance in either of them, only anticipation.

Abigail walked her sister and her brother-in-law to her car and they all got in. When Joyce chose the back seat and signed for her husband to take the front, Roger's grin grew. His wife giggled, rolled her eyes and signed to her sister one word that spoke volumes, "Men."

The ladies laughed and Abigail began the drive back to Roger and Joyce's.

Roger sat next to his sister-in-law and felt a mixture of excitement and nervousness. His wife and he had agreed to the upcoming nights activities; he was still nervous. It was different talking about having sex with someone else with your wife, but the fact that it was your wife's sister and you were supposed to set the mood while the wife was with you, was a bit nerve-racking.

Joyce had told Roger that Abigail would expect him to make the first move and so Roger did. He casually placed his arm on the back of the driver's seat and let his hand rest comfortably against the headrest while his fingertips occasionally slid across his sister-in-laws neck.

Abigail bit her lower lip and looked in her rearview mirror. Her stomach was in twittering knots until she saw the smile and the nod of approval in her sister's green eyes. Abigail relaxed as best she could and sent a smile over to her brother-in-law.

Roger's fingers continued to tease across her skin. He saw her shiver and knew he'd found a place that was sensitive to the touch and he locked it inside his mind. He turned in his seat and looked back at Joyce, who inclined her head and widened her eyes, an age old sign between both hearing and deaf partners that said, "get on with it." He chuckled and she stuck out her pink tongue. He furrowed his brow and she knew he was silently saying, "Watch it." She grinned wide.

"Touch her," Joyce signed. "If you do, I will touch." She pointed to her breasts and casually ran her hands down her stomach, promising him she'd touch more if he'd "get on with it" like she'd indicated.

Roger smirked and lifted the arm rest that had been left down; he scooted closer to Abigail. He signed an "O" and a "K" to her and Abigail signed the same back to him. Roger noted her sharp intake of breath and he slipped his hand more firmly across the back of her neck, kneading the tender flesh. His fingertips pressed into the sensitive spot he'd found earlier and his sex grew another inch when she shivered once more, this time in pleasure and not nervousness.

Joyce saw her sister's wiggle and even caught her heated glance in the mirror that was directed at both her and Roger. She watched her sister's eyes and knew that her husband was doing what she'd told him to do earlier.

They'd discussed the evening events in their bedroom after their much needed and very active shower. She'd told him things that Abigail had confided in her long ago when Abbey and her husband were having problems. He knew he would do his best to fulfill those needs.

Roger's fingers played with the tendrils of blonde curls, curls that were darker than his wife's, but soft and welcoming just the same. His other hand moved to Abigail's left thigh and he placed it there, leaving it to rest while she grew comfortable to his closeness.

Abigail's pulse raced and again she looked for the nod of acceptance from her sister. It was readily given. Abigail opened her legs just enough for her brother-in-law to slide his hand between them. She whimpered from the desire of knowing what he was going to find as he slowly eased up her short dress. The silk hem ran up her black thigh-high stockings and were a welcoming path that led to a pair of crotch less lace panties. She chewed on her cheek while she waited for Roger's reaction.

Joyce watched her sister and as she did she alternated her glances to her husband's face too. His eyes grew wide and something told her that Abigail had done what she'd suggested too. She had called her sister privately while Roger was doing yard work and gave her suggestions on what to wear. By the look of things Roger had discovered the panties that Abigail had bought a long time ago, but her now, ex-husband had labeled trash; she'd never worn them again. Joyce licked her lips, imagining what was happening up front.

"Oh my," Abigail whispered, when she felt the first touch of sin run across her slick pussy. She shifted and eased herself into his caress. Her blue eyes flickered to his and she licked her lips. Her gaze moved back to the road and she toggled between concentrating on driving and concentrating on the thick finger that was pushing in between her wet lips and then out again.

Roger pushed his fingers into her hair, tangling in the curls that were piled on her head. His other fingers continued to tease her sex. He'd dive in slowly, caress each side and then scrap the front with his fingernail. When she bucked against him he chuckled and was lazy in repeating the action several times before his mouth moved in to tug on her ear lobe.

Abigail moaned and whimpered. Her hips rose and fell in tune and her driving had slowed, but she still managed to stay somewhat focused. Her fingers gripped the wheel tighter and her knuckles were slowly growing white as she held onto the only thing she could at that moment.

Roger swirled his finger in and out of his sister-in-law's pussy; his tongue toyed with her ear. He paused briefly to glance at Joyce and saw her fingers moving over her nipples. He knew she was imagining what he was doing. A thought crossed his mind and he slipped his slippery finger from Abigail's cunt. A wicked grin rose from his lips when he noticed how Abigail's shoulders slumped and her mouth frowned from his abandonment of her pussy. He ran his wet finger to his lips and cleaned it off, before reaching up to adjust the rearview mirror.

A low throaty groan came from the back seat, its sound lost to everyone but the driver.

Joyce watched in the mirror as her husband scooted her sister's dress so high she could make out the wet cunt that was outlined in silk crotch free lingerie. Her fingers pinched her nipples and she whimpered again, this time Abigail ignored the sound of her sister and opened her legs wider, hoping to give her sibling the view she deserved.

She did.

Joyce played with both her nipples as she saw her husband's familiar hand move against her sister's shaved mound. The fingers rolled and twisted in and out of the sweet flesh and the scent of two women filled the air.

Roger dipped and curled his digits having added another to his slippery home. He drove in hard several times and then slowed whenever Abigail had to make a turn. When she'd come to a stoplight or stop sign he'd fuck her faster, then ease up again. Eventually she came for him and her shuddered gasps fell on silent ears, but he could feel every one.

Abigail gripped her brother-in-laws fingers tight within her pussy as she coated him with nectar long given to toys and her own fingers. She blanket his digits and his palm as her foot pressed on the brake of her car and she rested at the last stop sign before turning on to the road of her sibling and her husband's home. She shook against the palm he ground against her. "Roger," she sighed. Her head lowed back and she turned her face to his. Their lips met and she swept her tongue deep into the recesses of his mouth. Her fingers came up to grip his chest and when they parted she looked to Joyce, a tear streamed down her cheek as she released Roger's shirt and signed to Joyce, "Thank you."

Joyce was touched to be thanked and she lifted her fingers and with her right '5' hand, she moved it straight out toward Abigail with the palm facing away from her chest and then swept it down in an arc over the left side of her chest, and ending with her palm-up.

Abigail then repeated the "Thank you" to her brother-in-law, who in turned made the same "You're welcome" agreement his wife had. He moved his fingers from her wet pussy and again cleaned them and slipped back to his seat. "Drive," he demanded with his hands holding an imaginary steering wheel which he pretended to maneuver.

His cock ached and he wanted to desperately bury it in the folds of not only the woman at his side, but the beautiful creature in the back that was giving them each a welcoming gift of pleasure and delight.

To be continued...

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