tagIncest/TabooLoving in Silence: Sisters' Sin

Loving in Silence: Sisters' Sin


When Roger felt the vibrations of his sister-in-law's car stop, he knew the vehicle had been shut off. The erection from his ministrations earlier were still very much apparent and the scent of his sister-in-law and his wife filled the car. He opened his door and signed for Joyce and Abigail to stay put. He then opened the backseat and extended his hand to his beautiful, green eyed lovely and walked with her to assist Abigail out of the driver's seat.

Abigail blushed when her eyes locked with her sister's and Joyce smiled back at her. She looped her arm through Abigail's and pulled her against her. Her one hand came up and she signed again that what Roger and Abbey had done in the car was "okay" with her and not to worry. She added with graceful fingers, "That this is what tonight is all about."

Roger ran his fingers through his wife's hair and kissed her forehead. "Let's get inside and have something to drink, to settle ourselves," he signed to both women. They agreed and were soon settled on the back porch enjoying the sounds of the night with a bottle of wine. A warm summer breeze danced around them and the Tiki torches were illuminating the small flower beds that sprinkled across the lawn.

Eventually, Roger rose and took his wife's hand and began to sway with her in the stillness of the dark night. He looked to his sister-in-law and wove his steps over to her where he took her hand and helped her too stand. Slowly they moved together. Roger kept one hand on his wife's hip, the other on Abigail's back. He dipped his head down and kissed first Joyce and then Abbey. Each one tasted different to him and he found himself curious as to how else they were different.

Joyce moaned softly and then recalled Roger's idea. She stepped back and signed, "The earplugs?"

Roger cocked his head and then smiled. "Yes, I was... distracted," he signed back adding a wink to his wife.

"We can see," she said with her slim fingers and ran her hand over his cock. "Go find her the earplugs and we will wait for you."

"See that you do," Roger told Joyce before leaving the two women alone.

Joyce took her sister's hand and held her finger to her lips.

Abbey giggled, but followed her sister though the house. She thought if funny that Joyce had "told" her to be silent when in fact Abbey could make as much noise as she wanted since the couple was deaf. But she didn't. She only grinned at the demand to proceed quietly because it brought back memories of times when they were little and Abbey would want Joyce to move through the house silently. Joyce copied her younger sister and had picked up the habit of - "when sneaking off to do something you shouldn't" you should always "say" "Shhh" before you go. It was funny to the older sibling that a part of Joyce had never changed.

Joyce led her sister into the house, staying clear of her husband's office. She proceeded past the kitchen and living room, until she came to her bedroom door. There Abbey was again reminded of the past when Joyce opened the door slowly as if the slightest sound would alert her deaf husband.

When they got inside, Abbey closed the door just as slowly as Joyce did. When she turned around Joyce must have realized what she'd done, because she was standing there looking at Abbey with her hands on her hips and her tongue sticking out.

Laughter filled their features and Abbey signed, "What are we doing hiding from Roger?"

A pink tongue escaped to lick at dry lips and Joyce answered back in a flurry of fingers and hand movements. "I am nervous about you and I. I want to try and live a fantasy I have always had and I want it to be with you, but I don't want you to think I am icky or gross and I want to make you happy, but I don't want to feel like you have to do this for me and Roger ... and I..." Her words were stopped when her sister grabbed her hands and pushed them together.

Abbey pressed her mouth to her sister's and kissed her firmly. Her tongue swept in and coaxed the timid one out. She was shocked by her actions. She was not the aggressor in any relationship, but in fact Joyce was. Joyce had overcome all sorts of obstacles in her path, and now suddenly when faced with something that was taboo and from what she had learned... Joyce's idea... Abbey was shocked that her sister had suddenly become panicked.

The kiss worked its magic and Joyce felt the tension leave her. She wasn't sure where the burst of doubt had come from, but as her sister eased up the grip on her hands, she eased up on the fluttering nerves that had sprung up. In time Abbey's hands fell away and she pushed her fingers into the blonde curls of her sister's hair. She tilted her head and deepened the kiss. Joyce helped in her sister's search for more to taste, by pressing closer to her and moving her tongue along side of Abbey's.

Joyce rested her hands on her sister's hips and brought her further in. There breasts pressed against each other, fabric moved sensuously across each woman's nipples until all four pearls were hard and begging to be polished.

A moan escaped Abbey's lips and though her sister couldn't hear it she could feel the soft puff of air. She stepped back and helped her sister remove the short black dress she'd worn to dinner. Joyce stepped back and looked at her sister. Her gaze feasted on the round globes of tanned flesh and the pink gems that protruded from their center. Her pussy constricted and moisture beaded along the sides of her cunt lips. "Abigail, you are beautiful," she signed to her sister.

Abigail smiled softly and slipped her fingers to her crotchless panties.

Joyce very quickly brought up both hands placing the right behind the left and wiggled the '5' hands telling her sister to "wait."

Abbey signed back, "Why?"

"I want to feel it against me," Joyce answered and slipped to the floor. She rested on her knees and ran her fingers up her sister's stocking clad legs. Her husband and played with these legs, earlier, though really he had only been traveling a path to the sweet shaved lips that rested just within a touch of Joyce's tongue.

Joyce noted Abigail's breathing becoming harder as she slowly petted her sister's cunt. Delicate fingers kept soft from countless lotions, yet were strong and knowing, spoke a different language. What was similar to how Joyce touched herself, she now did to her sister, this time she savored the movements more than she had on her own sex.

Abbey's fingers slipped to her sister's shoulders and she pressed against them, softly massaging her skin as she whimpered for more teasing caresses. She combed her fingers through her hair and urged her forward more.

The sandy texture of her sister's tongue scrapped against the soft hairless flesh of Abbey's sex sending a shiver of lust through her veins. She shifted on her heeled toes and rubbed her pussy against her sister's face. "More Joycie," she whimpered, calling her sister by her pet name from younger years.

Joyce didn't hear her and so continued to tease and taught the sweet flesh. She lapped up one side of a velvet lip and then down the other. Occasionally she'd feel the soft silk and lace of the crotchless lingerie rub against her skin. Her tongue traveled the length of Abigail's cunt from the end to the top where she hooked it under the sweet flesh and flicked it back and forth. Eventually, she opened her mouth fully and ran warm air over the increasing fluids, bringing another round of goose bumps and shivers to her sibling.

Abigail growled in frustration and pushed her fingers into her sister's hair. She lifted her head from her cunt long enough to release her hair and then she curved both her index and middle finger of her right hand and brought them down hard and sharp against the back of her left "S" hand. "Harder!" she added verbally due to frustration. She glared down at the wet mouth of her sister.

Joyce smirked and signed back. "You taste good." She then winked and kept her eyes on her sister's hands as she fed one of her fingers into the succulent folds of Abigail's cunt.

"Oh, yes," Abigail signed and closed her eyes as she felt Joyce begin to move her fingers in and out and then slide them to the front and then back of her sex. She began twisting them, then scrapping the inner walls. Joyce would watch her sister "tell" her to move faster and then slower. Each time she could feel her sister's pussy tighten and release and she knew her sibling was controlling the tempo of her fucking so she too could savor it all. When Joyce saw Abigail's hands move up and her fingers flutter to make the "Wait" word, she waited and watched as Abigail shuddered for a moment.

She moved again when her sister's body seemed to sigh. This time there were no signs to stop and so Joyce went back to the heavenly pussy before her and began to lap up the liquid heat that had cascaded from Abbey. Her tongue washed away cream that had flowed onto her hand, but Joyce knew this wasn't the true gift. She went to work forcing her tongue to tickle against the finger-filled hole; her other hand came up and she started to pull, twist and roll the hardened clit until she felt a wave of juice erupt from her sister.

Abigail cried as her body shook. Her nails dug into the soft scalp. "Joyce... oh ... ohhh, fuck! Joyce," she called out over and over. Only her ears could hear the sound of passion as sparks flew through her veins. She shuddered violently and felt her sister drink the heady perfume that seemed to flow more than it had before.

Joyce hurried to gather up the rush of wine and her hands moved away to grab her sister's ass and she pushed her face deeper, moved her tongue further in and helped the honey come down from its source.

When she felt her sister's body slowly calm itself, she kneaded the soft flesh and welcomed the tiny climaxes until Abigail pulled her from her sweet home. The sound of a cough filled Abigail's ears and she turned around to see Roger standing there. His cock was in his hands, hard and thick. She blushed realizing he had entered the room and his sounds were lost to the exquisite pleasure she'd been receiving.

Joyce saw her sister turn and looked around her sibling's shoulder and saw her husband. She grinned wide.

Roger lifted his right hand and with his fingers closed over his thumb he place his fist level with his lips. He then opened them into the "5" position and moved them in a counterclockwise circle over his face until the circle was complete. He stopped it where he'd started it.

"Beautiful," Abigail whispered and fisted her hand up to nod the answering "yes" to his loving sign.

Joyce stepped back and slipped free of her clothing and motioned for Roger to do the same. Abigail followed suit and she slipped out of her heels, stockings and crotchless panties.

"Are you ready?" Joyce signed to her husband.

To be continued...

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