tagIncest/TabooLoving Moms Ch. 01: Night Moves

Loving Moms Ch. 01: Night Moves


All characters are purely fictional. All parties in the story are18 years or older.

I would like to greatly thank Todger64 for taking the time to review my story.


As I watched my wife Sam and son Kevin horsing around in our pool, it made me smile and I couldn't help but reminisce back to a time when I was a younger man.

Unlike the loving relationship I can see Sam and Kevin sharing. Mine was a bit different with my own mother. To try to explain how it came to being that way is kind of hard to do. However, I'll try my best and then maybe you'll understand.

It all started almost before I was to turn 19. I lived with my Father Chris and my Mother Jenny in a small Midwestern town just south of a big metropolis city. My father at the time was in the Arm reserves and had just been deployed overseas. So to make ends meet mom took up an online typing position on a part-time basis while I stayed in high school.

It was my senior year, and I couldn't wait to finally get the hell out of there. You see I was a little shy back then and really didn't have any friends to speak off. I never even had the courage to ask a girl out on a date because of my shyness. And let's not forget how totally clueless I was as to what to even do with a girl on a date. Yeah I was that pathetic.

Nevertheless, this year there was an exception to all that. There was a girl in my English class that I truly fancied. Even though I was fully aware of my backwardness when it came to girls, I found myself wanting to risk it and take a chance.

So on this particular day, that I'll never forget, I built up enough courage to approach her. Steadfast in my resolve I marched towards her seat and when I was just about there... (I don't know what you call it. All I can say is it all sounds good in your head until your feet begin to move.) I chickened out at the last second and made a total fool of myself when nothing, but gibberish fell out of my mouth. Thank god the bell had rung, and I didn't have to listen to my fellow classmates laugh for too long.

Depressed, ashamed, and angry at myself I went home and decided that I wasn't going to ever let that happen again. The next time I would be more prepared. But how? Shit if I knew. Which only got me more depressed. My mind was so far out of it that when I walked through the house, I didn't even hear my mom call my name as I walked passed her heading towards my bedroom.

"Jarid!" She yelled causing me to jump.

"Oh sorry mom. What's up?"

"I asked you how was your day?"

Wow she would ask me that. So I lied and just said, "Fine."

Her look told me she wasn't buying it. However, I really wasn't in any mood to explain so quietly I just shuffled past her and closed my door.

I must have sat on my bed for hours and thought over my predicament. The sun was setting fast when I finally got up and ventured out of my place of solitude.

Walking into the living room, I noticed Mom was at her... Well the only computer, working as usual and this time I actually heard her speak. Very sternly I might add, "So, are you going to tell me what's eating you?"

I remember sighing loudly when I said, "It's something I have to figure out for myself."

Mom stopped typing and turned around in her chair and with a puzzled, look started drilling me for an answer; doing her best to draw out my problem.

"Mom please. I don't want to talk about this with you."

Finally, she dropped it and replied stoutly, "Fine... Your dinner is in the oven. I kept it warm for you."

Wow I felt like a heel. Here is my mom still thinking of me, and I'm acting like a shit head. But I was so ashamed of myself, I just couldn't tell her and just said, "Thanks mom."

Mom went back to work on the PC as I sat quietly watching her while eating my steak and mashed potatoes she had fixed. It was then that it struck me. I could use the computer to find answers to some of the troubling questions that boggled my brain. Mind you back then you just couldn't google it. You actually had to use Netscape or WebCrawler to search over multiple websites and hopefully come across something that might be close to what you were looking for. However, at least now, I had somewhat of a plan.

So later that night as my mother slept, I fired up the PC and started off my trolling of the Internet with "How do you ask a girl out on a date?"

Not much info there and what information I did find sounded so corny I was sure I would get a slap on the face instead of a date.

Not giving up, I next tried. "What to do on a date?"

At least, this got some better results, and I actually jotted down some of the suggestions.

Lastly, I did a search on. "How to have sex?"

Holy crap! The number of websites and information blew my mind. So many websites showing explicit graphical instructions my tiny brain couldn't comprehend it all.

All this was new to me and in my search for sexual knowledge and dealing with a massive boner; which I had no clue as to what to do with mind you. Didn't realize it was almost dawn. Thank god mom was a noisy riser who at least bought me some time to quickly turn off the PC and skedaddle back into my room. Let me tell you between being tired and extremely horny I sure had trouble getting dressed and acting like I had a good night sleep when I sat and had breakfast. Not to mention trying to hide my stiff pecker that stayed with me the entire day. That is until I came home.

Really exhausted now all I wanted to do was crash and get some sleep. However, that wasn't going to be the case. Because when I opened the door mom was on the phone with my dad and was in the middle of a very heated conversation. I had no clue at the time what it was about but mom quickly called me over and had me speak with him.

Excited to hear his voice since it had been months since we last spoke, I happily said, "Hi dad."

"Hi son. How's things?"

"There okay. You coming home soon?"

"No. It looks like I'll be over here for a bit longer. Listen your mom tells me you've been acting reclusive. You sure your fine?"

I looked at mom kind of angrily and replied, "Yeah everything is fine."

"Okay but if you need to talk to someone your mom is always there."

"I know dad."

"Well listen, I have to go so put your mom back on so I can say good bye."

"Okay. Love you and I hope you get back soon."

"Bye son." I heard him say as I handed mom back the phone.

I fast paced to my room as mom finished talking to dad and didn't pay attention to her last words. All I wanted to do was sleep.

I was just about out when I heard a light rap on my door and mom walked right in saying, "We need to talk young man!"

Groggy I sat up mumbling, "Huh??? What??? What wrong?"

"You doing drugs?"

"Huh? No!" I fired back rubbing my eyes.

"Then why are you already in bed? Never mind, I'll get back to that. I found the websites you visited on the computer today when I was working."

OH FUCK! I thought feeling my face blush as I scrambled to think of some excuse, except nothing jumped into my head.

"Well what do you have to say Mr.?"

No words came out. I didn't know how to handle this very uncomfortable conversation. So I just looked down at the floor and listened as mom ran off the names of some of the sites. I finally yelled, "Sorry!" When she paused for a breath of air.

Mom sat beside my bed and in a heartfelt, tone said, "I didn't know I raised such a pervert."

Pervert? Me? "Mom it's not what you think."

"Then explain yourself to me."

Taking a deep breath I told her my miserable tale and how I was only looking for information.

"I knew your father never talked to you about this stuff!" Mom said. Quite pissed I must say. However, what she said next just blew my mind.

"I guess it's up to me to help you."

"Whaaat???" Shocked I replied as my heart skipped a beat.

"Tell me what you were going to say to that girl."

"Oh???" I said, feeling a sigh of relief. I went through what I thought I was going to say before my mouth stopped working and waiting for mom's response.

"That wouldn't have worked." She said explaining how girls didn't care for forwardness. I needed to make small talk first and then slowly work my way into asking her out.

"Mom didn't you hear me before? I really am shy talking to people."

"You need to get over that if you want to succeed. Just relax and then try. You can start by apologizing for acting like a buffoon the other day. That should break the ice.

"I guess... I mean I'll try."

"Good. Now why are you in bed this early?"

Feeling bashful I told mom how I spent the entire night at the computer.

"Well that explains all the websites. I hope you didn't make a mess out there. I mean I do work at that computer you know."

"Huh?" I said with a puzzled expression.

"You do know what I'm talking about right?"

I slowly shook my head.

Mom sighed and then dropped another life shattering bomb.

"So you've never masturbated?"

Apparently, I was supposed to know this stuff already. But now I'm glad I didn't. Mom tried to keep it technical on how it works and how even girls did it.

And that was when I had my first sexual thought about my mother. As she explained how girls would do it. I found myself picturing her playing with herself. My dick started to get hard, and I also began to sweat. Thank God mom just figured it was from what she was talking about and decided that was enough information for the night.

However, as she kissed my head and started to leave I blurted out, "So you masturbate also mom?" Mom paused for a moment and then smiled while nodding her head.

Boom that did it. I was hard as a rock when mom said goodnight as she turned out my light.

Needless to say in the darkness I tried out my new-found knowledge and masturbated several times to the image of mom toying with herself. If it wasn't for the fact I was so tired I'm sure it would have been another sleepless night. However, sleep I did and in the morning I had another go at it. I have to say this new-found experience was the most pleasurable thing I had ever felt in my life at the time. And I really looked forward to trying it again.

Feeling quiet chipper I greeted mom with a quick kiss on the cheek before sitting at the table.

"You have a good night?" Mom said with a big grin.

"Yeah I did. How about you?"

I saw mom glance down at my trousers and reply, "I guess about the same as you did."

That was the first time I actually got mixed feelings from my mother.

Did she know what I did? Did she masturbate also? I questioned myself but then I noticed what caught her glare. I was fucking hard again!

"Oh shit!" I said covering my crotch.

Mom just laughed and said very lovingly, "It's okay honey. You're a young man. It's going to happen."

With my face red, I sat and quietly ate my breakfast. Mom once again was able to pull me out of my shyness and brought up how I should talk with the girl today.

So taking mom's advice at school, I somehow found the nerve to approach her and did as mom said first apologizing before continuing on. Surprisingly once I got started it became much easier to talk to her. Unfortunately, I stopped shy of asking her out but hey this alone was a big leap for me.

Mom was on her computer when I got home, and as I rushed up to her to give her my great news. I was taken back when I glanced at the computer screen. Mom had apparently been looking at some kind of porn. But that wasn't all that I noticed, mom's jeans were unbuttoned and her face looked flushed. Stunned at first, I tried to focus as to what I was going to say, and once again gibberish came out.

"Jarid..." Mom said taking my hands in hers. "Slow down."

I shook my head and closed my eyes. Concentrating on my words I wanted to say, and not actually what was running through my head. I said, "I did it. I talked to her."

"That's great honey." She expressed, pulling me into her as she sat and hugged me.

While mom held her head tight to my chest, I once again glanced at the computer screen and felt my dick twitch. There in front of me was a very explicit photo of a man kneeling behind a woman engaging in some kind of a strange sexual act.

Mom pulled away, buttoning up her pants and noticed my eyes and replied, "Sorry you have seen that. I didn't expect you to come home this early."

"It's fine mom." I said with a smile.

"Let's sit and talk," mom said leading me to the sofa.

For the next, half an hour mom explained how girls also experience sexual urges not unlike how guys can get hard out of the blue. But it then went into greater depth and said how since dad was called away she was experiencing them more often. As a way to deal with it, she resorted in self-pleasure.

"Mom please I don't think I want to hear anymore." Bashfully I said.

"Nonsense Jarid, it's part of life. You need to know this. As a matter of fact, now is a good time to show you."

"Show me!" I shouted.

"Yes." And with that led me back over to the computer.

Mom had me take a seat while she worked the mouse and flipped through several of the photos. Explaining to me what the people were doing and also what it was called.

I heard terms like doggy style, missionary, cow girl, etc. But some of them mom didn't even know. Apparently changing positions somehow made it feel different.

Mom then changed to another website. One that I had never seen before. My dick even though it was hard from all the porno I just saw, seemed to get harder. If that was even possible.

On the screen were two women standing naked with their bodies entangled in a sexual embrace. It was the first time I saw a lesbian act, and it greatly stimulated me. Unknowingly, I rubbed my hand just once across my groin as mom explained to me how sometimes women had sex with each other.

Sweat poured from my brow as, I gawked, mouth open as to the different ways women could pleasure each other.

"So there you have it. I hope this cleared some things up for you." Mom said.

Fully hard and in a state of total awe, I just nodded.

"Good, now I would suggest you go take care of that problem in your room." I heard her say pointing to my protruding appendage.

I was so blinded by sexual lust it didn't bother me in the least that she said that and just agreed dashing out of the chair, and bee lined to my bedroom.

Needless to say my first wank was quick. However, my next two took some doing. Images of people fucking and women licking kept my sexual urges at a full throttle. I swear if mom didn't call me for supper, I would have for sure, jerked my cock completely off.

Exiting my room feeling quiet satisfied, I sat at the table with a smile.

"Better now?" Mom said as she placed my supper in front of me.

Feeling shameful after my jerk session, I grumbled softly, "Yes."

Mom sat and also ate. Changing the subject she asked me to give her the details of what I said to the girl today.

Cheerfully I explained all that I said and how I stopped short of actually asking her out. Which I guess was the right move any ways. Mom explained how it was still too soon to do that, and that I needed to make her feel more comfortable first.

"So I should just keep talking to her?"

"Yes." Mom said and followed by suggesting that since my birthday was right around the corner, I should invite her and some friends over for a party.

"Oh mom. I don't think I can do that. Besides I really don't have any friends to invite."

"That's an easy fix." Mom replied.

You see my birthday fell on Halloween which as mom put it, could be more of a holiday party then a birthday party. And to make it more interesting all the people could wear costumes.

Still unsure of being able to actually ask people, mom suggested she'd make up some invitations and all I would have to do is hand them out. Even that seemed very difficult, but I agreed feeling that would at least get mom off this subject. Besides she would still need to make up these invitations, so I still had time to convince myself on doing it.

Little did I know how quickly mom can do something when she put her mind to it, because two days later she had a stack of invitations ready. Sometimes a computer and printer isn't a good thing.

Hesitantly, I took the stack of self-made invitations from her as I went out the door. I still didn't feel very comfortable carrying out my task at hand but somehow did manage it.

Surprisingly, people actually seemed interested, and I was pleasantly shocked when the girl I had my eye on accepted my invitation right then. Of course, a couple of the guys were hesitant when they asked me if there was going to be any alcohol, and I said no. This led them into saying they'd think about it.

I rushed home after school that day to tell mom my good news. I think she was just about as excited as I was and wanted me to fill in all the details. This I did and was once again surprised when after I explained what the guys asked about alcohol, I heard her say she would spike the punch just a little.

This was a side of mom I never knew existed and I felt a deeper appreciation for her.

So come the next day no longer feeling bashful, I told the guys the punch would be spiked, and they accepted my invite right then.

Now onto my next dilemma. What would I wear? With limited funds, I knew there was no way I could just buy a costume. I also wanted to impress this girl somehow. So corny outfits like being a pirate or ghost was out of the question.

That evening at home, I asked mom what she thought, and quickly she came up with an answer.

"Fonzie" she said

"Fonzie? Who the hell is that?" I replied.

Mom chuckled and went on describing how there was a 70's TV show that had him in it, and he was the coolest person alive.

"Maybe then mom. But not now?"

"Cool is cool." She said. "Besides his attire was the cool kid look back in the 50's"


"Trust me it still is." Mom replied patting my leg.

I wasn't so sure about this. However, then again, mom hadn't steered me wrong yet. So I agreed.

Quicker than I thought the day had finally come, and mom had already decorated the house and set out the clothes I would wear for my Birthday/Halloween party. It consisted of a pair of worn-out jeans, a white tee-shirt and a black leather coat that my father had. I went into my room and put the stuff on and admired myself in the mirror and thought. Ok I guess this isn't half bad.

But I didn't realize mom needed to add the finishing touches. So when I came out and asked, "What you think?" Mom called me over and put some kind of a gel in my hair while she combed it around.

"There," she said, standing back, holding my shoulders. "You can't look any cooler."

I went and looked at myself again and had to admit she was right. I then heard mom say, "Okay listen for the door while I get myself dressed."

"Dressed?" I yelled.

"Yes I have to put my costume on."

"Yours?" I said stepping out of my room.

"Of course. This is a costume party. Did you think I wouldn't have one?"

"Well... Yeah."

Mom just laughed and went into her room. Leaving me to ponder on what she could possibly be dressing as.

Well, I didn't have to wonder for long. And had another first in my life. I remember distinctly how I felt when I first gazed my eyes upon her and thought. Holy shit!

I couldn't believe what I was seeing and found myself actually getting hard when mom spun around wearing a black skin tight playboy bunny outfit, cottontail and all.

I blushed feeling ashamed for the unmistakable sinful desire that sprung up out of my depths. No longer did I see the sweet loving woman that raised me but a hot sexy mature woman. It caused a stirring in my loins that I shamefully couldn't hide.

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