Loving on the Levee

byRumple Foreskin©

Desire, need, lust, longing, plus totally unrestrained love pounded through every fiber of her being. The sound of Mike’s breathing, the smell of his after-shave, the way his hair was mussed, it all seemed so familiar. And yet, everything was different.

The body she’d known all her life, had wrestled with as a kid, had danced with in high school, was now naked and entwined with hers. But the real difference was Mike being inside her; uniting their bodies in a way she’d never imagined before the night they first kissed. She wanted nothing more than to keep making love with Mike Floyd for the rest of the day, and then for the rest of her life.

Another wave of passion soon began building within her until it finally broke in a long, exquisite orgasm. Although stunned by the erotic explosion, her mind and body were still in synch with the rhythm of Mike’s movements.

As she reeled from the force of her own climax, Mike began slamming into her with almost savage thrusts. He moaned, “Oh, Deb,” and buried himself deep inside her trembling body.

She luxuriated in the feel of his shaft throbbing in time with her own excited pulse. When his body finally relaxed, Debbie pulled him close and wrapped him in her arms.

They lay together, spent and happy, their moist bodies tangled in a lover's knot, savoring their first moment of shared, post-coital bliss. Debbie would have been willing to lie there all day, just looking up into the clear, late afternoon sky while holding Mike in her arms. But the moment ended when someone yelled for them.

“Hey, where’d y’all go?”

The driftwood that protected their hiding place from prying eyes also blocked their view. However, Debbie recognized the voice of her cousin Linda. Apparently she and Frank had finished their own lovemaking.

“We’re over here,” shouted Debbie.

“Where’s over here and just what are you two doing?” There was a note of uncertainty in Linda’s voice. For years she’d tried to talk Debbie into making some sort of move on Mike. Before now, she’d known only failure.

Mike turned his head and yelled, “Tell us what y’all were doing, first.”

Debbie could almost see Frank grinning as he said, “Oh, you know, this and that.”

“Well, this and that is exactly what we’ve been doing,” said Mark.

“Are you serious?” The tone of Linda’s voice was a mixture of excitement and incredulity. “I mean, the two of you, have you really been doing it?”

“We’re getting married.” Debbie’s announcement brought a squeal of pleasure from Linda.

“She’s wrong,” said Mike. He turned and looked down at Debbie, who grinned back. She knew exactly what he was about to say. When he spoke again, his voice was just loud enough to let Linda and Frank eavesdrop. “We’re already married. Husband and wife, it’s even been consummated, the whole nine yards. We just haven’t gotten around to a wedding ceremony.”

“That’s us,” said Debbie. “We’ve gone from being old friends to being an old married couple.” She wrapped her arms around Mike’s neck and tried to pull his head down to hers.

Before she could get his mouth within reach, Mike said, “Hey Frank, you engaged young people make yourselves comfortable. Us old married folks have some more consummating to take care of.”

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