tagGay MaleLoving to Like Ch. 01

Loving to Like Ch. 01


I'm posting this story under the "Gay" heading because this story features man-on-man action, but it's done with Troy's girlfriend watching and participating. If having a woman being part of things isn't for you, consider this fair warning.


Molly and Troy had dated long enough for Molly to complain about the decor of his apartment and long enough for her to give up complaining about it. Troy knew it was his man-cave, a celebration of being who he was and refused to apologize for it. The blank wall held a massive flat screen TV, stereo system, and multiple gaming systems. The rest of the walls were adorned with sports memorabilia and bookcases filled with DVDs and video games. A black leather sectional sofa stood in an L shape with a coffee table littered with controllers and remote controls. But he kept his apartment cleaner than Molly's and did his own cooking instead of ordering take-out every night. He was a man and didn't apologize for being one.

Troy would describe the man sitting on Molly's left as metro-sexual, except he wasn't sure they still used that phrase. More likely to read GQ or Men's Health than Sports Illustrated or Auto Trader, Alex was a well put-together man with an easy charm. Without making jokes about how Alex could swap hair care or facial cream tips, Troy could see how Alex would appeal to most women, including Molly. Ironically, that was one of the reasons why Molly had broken up with him three years ago. She told Troy, "I was tired of dating someone who took longer to get ready than I did."

A year and half into a comfortable relationship, Molly and Troy embraced full couple status. They were an item, even without a ring shared between them or talk of sharing apartments. Ashes of failed relationships past still blackened their willpower for more than what they had; a beautiful relationship extending well past friends-with-benefits status. Troy felt the pull for them to become something more instead of a push from her for them to take the next step. Three months ago, he made it clear to Molly how he felt about her. "You're dangerous," he told her over quiet drinks in a booth at their favorite watering hole. "You make me want the things I said I never wanted again."

"Jerk, I was thinking the same thing," Molly accused. "And you do that too damn often. That's not the way this relationship is supposed to go."

"I know!" he said, losing his serious demeanor to a broad smile. "Which is better, liking loving you or loving liking you?"

"Maybe we need to find a way to sabotage this relationship before we get too serious?" she said, never choosing.

"Fine, I'll go first," he offered. He remembered staring at her across the dark booth before confessing, "If I don't jerk-off at least once a day, I get cranky."

"Even the days when we have sex?"

"Usually," Troy admitted. "If I didn't do it earlier that day, probably not. But the next day, after you leave? Yeah, most of the time I rub one out before the end of the day."

"So you're an oversexed pervert. That's what I'm hearing," she said before sipping her rum and coke.

He nodded. "Probably. There's more, but it's your turn."

"Fine," she said, looking past his shoulder as she considered. "Okay, my favorite sex toy is longer and thicker than you. A lot longer and a lot thicker."

"Ooo, that's good," he told her and it was the beginning of them trying to drive the other away revealing secrets too outrageous to ever be loved or even liked.

It took more than confessions of secrets before Molly inviting Alex to join them on a date, but that's where it started. According to Molly, Alex was the only man able to eat pussy better than a girl (and yes, she knew from firsthand experience the differences between a man and woman doing it). That confession stung Troy enough for him to retaliate with an in kind confession of his own, "Yeah, well the best blow job I ever got was from a dude."

Without realizing it, Molly changed the rules of the game. "Yeah, well maybe you should try it and see if you can do any better than me!"

Troy's indignant reply pushed things over the edge. "Fine, find me a dude who can keep a secret and I'll blow both his mind and his dick!"

He sat in his apartment, his man-cave, surrounded by the things he liked best, including the woman sitting on his left. Next to her sat the one person who went down on his girlfriend better than anyone else ever had. The same man who was there for one primary reason, for Troy to suck his cock in front of Molly.

Wondering if he should feel more nervous, Troy let go of the idea as they sat in a row on his big leather couch watching porn on the TV. He wasn't afraid to be naked in front of Alex. After high school, when the military was still under its "Don't ask, don't tell," policy, Troy had a gay roommate serving democracy with him. Brian was as much a soldier as any other man in the platoon, regardless of his sexual orientation. It was a lark the drunken night when Troy let Brian suck him off, but that single blow job had left him with a new summit that hadn't been achieved before or since. Even though the best, technical blow job he had ever received had come from another man, it hadn't been enough for Troy to switch sides. He loved women and pussy too much to switch teams. In the years since, he lived with the comfortable knowledge that a little man-on-man action wasn't enough to alter his manliness or reduce his alignment as a lover of women. He couldn't imagine that changing, even if he changed from pitching to catching.

"Am I the only getting excited?" Molly asked after half an hour of porn watching.

"From the movie or from what's supposed to happen?" Alex asked.

"Yes," Molly said, smiling.

"Maybe you should check to see who's hard," Troy suggested, knowing what she would find if she checked his lap. On a whim, he had forgone his usual jerk-off session yesterday and earlier in the day. He didn't feel cranky, but he did feel needy. It was a need Molly's hand found.

"Nice," she said, rubbing the long bulge in Troy's pants. Glancing past her, he saw she was doing the same to Alex. Had she meant her single word praise for one or both of them? Did it matter? "I want to see these," she said, leading Troy to believe she had been all inclusive with her first word, too.

"I think you know the combination," Troy suggested.

"Why don't you take care of that yourself while I help Alex. After all, he is a guest," Molly said, using both hands to work Alex's belt, the top of his pants, and his zipper. Troy did the same to himself, pacing himself to match Molly's progress. What Alex got that Troy didn't were Molly's hands caressing the length and girth of his hard-on.

Unaccustomed to being intimidated by other men, Troy found the sight of Molly's small hands caressing Alex's generously endowed manhood exciting. "Closer to the size of your toy?" he asked, stroking his own need.

"Not even," she snickered, wrapping both hands around Alex until this to tip of the head was exposed above her loosely closed fist.

"What toy?" Alex asked.

"One she has yet to show me," Troy explained, sending a message to Molly that she didn't miss.

"Maybe after I get to know you better," she said, giggling and offering a hand to Troy's cock, too.

"Is it just me or does she seem overdressed to you?" Alex asked, smiling and showing his perfect, bleached white teeth to Troy.

"Maybe you should do something about that," Troy said, content to let Molly's former boyfriend do the heavy lifting of unfastening and undressing Molly while he enjoyed the show. Interestingly, Molly kept her eyes on Troy while Alex undressed her. Troy's eyes roamed the fine body he had been making love to for the last eighteen months. Her small breasts were first to come into view and he laid a hand on her chest, caressing nipples he could see were hard and excited. She lifted up her narrow hips as Alex pulled her panties off with her jeans, revealing the closely cropped patch of pubic hair she kept just above her otherwise smooth womanhood.

"Remind me again why I let you get away," Alex asked, his hand caressed her flat stomach before slipping down to appreciate the length of her thigh. Troy saw the appreciation in Alex's eyes, the way his hand moved with familiar comfort, and how Alex's cock throbbed at the thrill of touching Molly again.

"Because you wear more product than I do," Molly told him, giving him a quick peck on the cheek. "Now get rid your shirt, too. I'm not going to be the only one naked in this room." As Alex pulled off his Polo shirt, Molly turned to give Troy a real kiss. Her tongue push past his lips as soon as they touched. Her fingers danced down the front of his shirt, undoing buttons as they moved. Moments later, the three of them sat on Troy's couch wearing nothing but jewelry for Alex and Molly and nothing at all for Troy. Her hand wrapped around his prick, squeezing it as she told him, "This reminds me some of the gang-bangs I did college."

"Now you're just playing," Troy said, though he knew she felt his cock throb. Still, he couldn't imagine prim and proper Molly Anderson being part of a gang-bang. He had seen the Debate Team trophies still on display in her apartment, along with the pictures from newspaper clippings. In college, Molly had looked more like the mousey hot librarian type than a sexpot sorority girl pining for the next on-campus visit from Girls Gone Wild.

"Twice," she insisted. "Three times if you count that time with Karen."

"You're just full of surprises, aren't you?"

"Still like me?"

"Ain't skart," he promised, unable to stop his eyes from drifting to Alex's hard cock. While he wasn't endowed well enough to intimidate Troy, Alex still had him beat with in both girth and length. Troy knew his equipment exceeded most other men. Alex's cock was bigger, but not big enough to dwarf Troy's.

Molly's eyes followed Troy's. "See something you like?" she asked, caressing Alex again.

"Is he the biggest you ever had?"

"Close, but not quite. There was one guy bigger."

Troy didn't bother to ask where he ranked. He was close enough and besides, what could he do about it? "Size queen," he teased.

"Only when it comes to my toys," she told him, her eyes fluttering as a surge of pleasure surged through her from the way Alex was caressing her chest. "It's okay for him to go down on me, right?"

"Let's see, he's bigger than me, better groomed, and eats pussy better than any lesbian you've ever met. Um, sure," Troy said, listing off the realities of the moment. Molly stared at him for a long time, her eyes searching his. She started to say something, but he beat her to it. "You know when this is over, I want to fuck Karen."

He watched Molly's eyes go wide as her mouth hung open from the words he had stopped her from saying. "Why? Because she has bigger tits than me?"

"Maybe," he said and covered her mouth with his before she could say anything more. The passion of their kiss made up for any lines they had crossed.

"You're okay with this?" Molly asked Alex.

"Wouldn't be here if I wasn't willing to play along," he said, kissing her lips. Troy noticed how Molly let him kiss her, but she pulled away before it became as intense as the kisses he had shared with her. He remembered one of the other things she said she didn't like about Alex. For as good as he was at going down on her, he was a crappy kisser. According to Molly, Alex kept his lips too tight when he kissed and jabbed with a pointy tongue that felt creepy and wrong. Troy had no plans to find out for himself.

"Let me borrow this," Molly told Troy, pulling the hand he had between her legs away from her pussy. He didn't fight it, letting her move his hand even as he felt her pulling it farther across her body until his hand rested on top of Alex's hard prick. "Oh fuck, yeah," she purred, watching him do it while she caressed Troy's hard cock. He throbbed inside her hand, telling her everything she needed to know. "I think you like that," she teased. "Does his cock feel good in your hand?"

"Yes," Troy mumbled, unsure what he should do. At first, he rubbed the length of it, feeling Alex's prick throbbing its welcome. Experimentally, he grabbed at Alex's balls, unsurprised to find them shaved. Alex was well groomed in every detail. He cupped the man's big balls, studying their weight. His body knew he wasn't touching himself, Alex felt different more than he felt the same, and the differences sent a surge of pleasure through him. He moved his hand back to Alex's shaft, touching the long, thick slab of another's manhood.

"Feel how wet you're making me," Molly cooed in his ear. With his opposite hand, Troy felt the difference between Molly's pre-touch and post-touch thrill. Where she had been wet before, she was now soaked.

"Damn," he said, glancing at her for just a second before turning back to watching his hand caressing this other man. He studied what he was doing, finding it oddly appealing to see his manly hand around the essence of another man's manhood. He knew he was crossing a line for most of society and didn't care.

"Suck him," Molly told him. "Get down on your knees, crawl between his legs, and let me see you suck him."

"Just like that?" he asked.

"Oh please, don't even try to tell me you don't want to do it," she said, giving his swollen, throbbing cock a squeeze. Any hesitation he felt in the back of his mind about crossing farther over society's lines was betrayed by the thrill on display inside her tiny hand. "Go on," she said, pushing at his shoulder. After slipping from the couch, Troy crawled past his girlfriend's legs, looking up to see the eager, needful look in her eyes. From the anxious look in her eyes, this was more than want for her, but a need. "Do it," she told him. "Suck him. Suck him for me."

Positioned between Alex's legs, Troy studied his hard prick for a moment longer. At least Alex smelled like a man. Without a reason to hesitation, Troy didn't. He gave Molly one more quick glace before opening his mouth and then he wrapped his mouth around Alex's hard prick, forsaking any remaining claim he had to heterosexuality.

"Look up," Molly told him. When he did, he saw her leaning against Alex, her head on his shoulder, watching. "That is so fucking hot. I'm so fucking wet right now. Feel." He reached for, fumbling between her legs before his hand landed against her pussy. She clutched his hand, pressing it against her pussy. "Mm, suck him, Troy. Suck that big fat cock. Does it taste good?"

"It's okay," he reported between bobs of his head. Troy felt his swollen cock throbbing, as it did whenever he ate pussy. He loved eating, loved making a woman squirm beneath him. He loved her taste, smell, and they way her pussy felt against his lips. Was that happening to him now? Was his cock reacting to what was inside his mouth or what was beneath his hand?

"Play with his balls," Molly coached. "He likes that."

Troy did, caresses Bob's hairless balls as he experimented with different ways to move his tongue and his head. While it was a new sensation to have a man's prick between his lips, Troy wasn't a stranger to blow jobs. He knew what he liked. He knew what felt best to him. He pushed his mouth down farther, engulfing as much of the thick shaft as he could. Molly let loose a moan when he did, a sound he recognized. She was having an orgasm. Beneath his hand, he felt her squirm and contract.

"Do it," she purred, wiggling next to him. At first, it didn't make sense how she was moving, it was as if she was sliding. He watched as she did it, sliding from the couch to sit on the floor. She rested her head on Alex's stomach and thigh, her face so close to Troy that he could smell her shampoo. One of her hands found his hard cock. She squeezed it. "Ooo, you're so hard. I think you like sucking cock, don't you?"

"It's not bad," he offered, embarrassed and excited at the same time.

"No, I think you like it a lot. And I think you like me watching you do it. Is that what it is, Troy? Do you like sucking cock for me?"

Troy moaned, unwilling to admit that her words were getting to him. Was it true? Did he like doing this? Was it the way she was watching that was making him so hard? He tried convincing himself he was feeding off of her thrill. He was prone to that with his women, he always had been. The more excited they got, the more it excited him. He considered himself a giver.

Molly moved again. She pressed against him, kneeling against him almost doggie style. She rested her chin in his shoulder while she reached beneath his body to stroke his cock. Her other hand reached between his legs, cupping his balls, squeezing them, too. "You know this makes you gay, right?" she cooed and gave him a kiss on the cheek before giggling. "Not as gay as when his comes in your mouth. That's going to make you completely gay. And you're going to do it, right? You're going to make him cum in your mouth, right?"

Troy offered another muffled moan as he head spun as if he was drunk. Damn it, she was getting to him.

"How's he doing?" she asked Alex. "Are you getting close?"

"Actually, I am," Alex sighed. "Really close."

"Do it," she told him. "Cum in his mouth. Make him gay for me." Molly tugged and pulled at Troy's prick, coaxing and caressing him balls. He fought against the thrill she was giving him, but trying to stay focused on the cock in his mouth made it difficult. "You're so hard," she purred in his ear. "I think you like cock, don't you? You like sucking cock more than you ever dreamed. Who's going to come first, you or him?"

Concerned it could be him who came first, Troy put more effort into his cock sucking. He focused on the sensitive underside of Alex's prick, aiming his tongue for the places he knew felt best when a woman did it to him. He could feel Alex swelling. He felt the other man's balls pulling closer to his body, tensing and making ready for an orgasm. What Troy couldn't be sure was who was closer, him or Alex?

He threw himself into his cock sucking, working hard and faster, adding more caresses with his tongue until it happened, startling him at first. Alex erupted inside Troy's mouth, splashing the back of his mouth with a jet of warm semen that felt a little like someone spraying a squirt gun inside his mouth on a warm summer day. Instead of choking or gagging, Troy accepted the sudden surprise as the pay-off for his labors, thrilling with each successive pulse, pump, and splash of semen. He felt Alex's pumping and throbbing cock in his mouth as if it were his own. He felt Molly's hands tugging and pulling on him. And he felt his cock spraying and releasing his load.

"Cocksucker," Molly said, grinning merrily at him from her perch on Alex's waist. "Did you like that mouthful of cum?"

"It was okay," Alex said, feeling triumphant and wondering how rude it would be for him to grab a towel for the cum he just sprayed on his couch.

"I'm serious," Molly said, though she was smiling as if keeping a secret from him. "Did you like it? Had you tasted cum before?"

"It's okay," Alex repeated, confused.

"Here, taste yours," she said, rubbing the palm full of his semen across Alex's hard cock. "Do it, baby. Suck him." She rubbed Alex's shaft, smearing his cum up and down the other's man's shaft. Troy stared at her moving hand, watching up close as she rubbed this other man's prick. "Do it," she told him again and held Alex's shaft out to him, her other hand pressing on the back of his head.

Troy did it. He didn't know why he was doing it, he just did. He opened his mouth, wrapped his lips around Alex's full cock, and sucked on it. "There, like this?" he asked, pulling away to say the words before licking and lapping at any spots he missed. "Is this what you want? Is this getting you off?"

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