tagGroup SexLoving to Like Ch. 04

Loving to Like Ch. 04


Well here we are, my friends. At the beginning of the last chapter for Troy and Molly. How gay is Troy willing to become for Molly? How much of a cuckold is he willing to be? And what's his secret? I hope you enjoy!


Three weeks passed before Molly's next tryst with another man, followed by another three weeks without one. Alex had remained out of the picture since their Saturday together. They met with Karen and Nelson several times, but nothing happened. In fact, nothing was said. Molly still dotted their personal conversations with words like "cumslut," "cocksucker," or the politically incorrect word, "fag," but those words felt more like outrageous terms of endearment than statements of fact.

After making love to Molly, Troy didn't go down on her. They fucked. She came, he came, and afterwards he cuddled with her, cooing congratulatory and affectionate little nothings with her about how good it had felt, how special she was, and how the world felt so good after sex. She never suggested he wasn't done yet or had missed a highlight of their lovemaking for her or him. Troy felt the urgency to share his final secret slipping away as life with Molly became comfortable and lazy. For the rest of that week, he didn't go down on her after fucking. She never mentioned the change.

He had been here before in other relationships. There was plenty to like, nothing to hate, and life was as easy as it was predictable and it had grown very predictable. Monday and Thursday nights were Happy Hour after work nights, followed by a visit to her apartment. Wednesday nights he cooked for the two of them. Friday nights were a grab bag, but spent together. Saturdays were spent with friends and Sundays were reserved for football. If they missed a night here or there, it wasn't a big deal. Little things popped up from a bachelorette party for her or a night out with "the guys" for him. Molly never had to work late at her job, but sometimes Troy did and would miss a Happy Hour. There was a broken leg scare with one of Molly's cats that turned out to be nothing. An unexpected car repair left Troy without a car for a day and a night.

Wednesday night, after he cooked for her, they watched a movie, made out on the couch and finished in his bedroom. Once again, Troy went down on her before they made love, but not afterwards. Finishing after a single orgasm for him, Troy pulled on his jeans while Molly was in the bathroom. He knew why; he wasn't sated and didn't want her to see. He waited for her in the living room. "That's a different look for you," she said, giving the loose fitting waistband of his jeans a tug before picking up her purse.

"Yeah, new neighbors," Troy said, walking her to the door. He was sure it was a lie, but since he had never met his neighbors, it could be true, too. After kissing her good-night and chasing down a few leftover dishes, he finished his night watching porn and jerking off. The biggest change in his life were his "go-to" fantasies. If he watched a movie of a woman masturbating, he imagined she was watching him sucking dick, egging him on and encouraging him to be so wrong. Real men didn't suck dick, but he did. He played gay porn on his laptop. Gay porn never graduated to his big screen TV, it felt too wrong, too nasty; but seeing it on the smaller screen of his laptop reminded him of what he had discovered with Molly. He liked the feel of a hard cock between his lips and the taste of cum on his lips.

Shutting down his entertainment center and laptop, he was brushing his teeth when his phone chirped with a text message from Molly. "You still awake?" He jabbed the call button. She answered before he heard it ring. "Hey baby, whatcha doing?"

"Brushing my teeth. What I was doing is probably more interesting."

"Did you jerk-off?"

"Yeah, I did," he said, putting the phone on mute while he rinsed and spat. "Problem?"

She was quiet long enough that he checked to make sure he hadn't left the phone on mute. "No," she said at last. "Just feels funny that you would do that so soon after we had sex. We could have done it again."

"I know, but you needed to get home to the cats." He didn't resent her leaving. Spending the night meant an earlier wake-up call. It wasn't worth the sacrifice.

"They would have waited."

"It's all good," he assured her, sitting in the living room while they chatted.

"Did I miss a good fantasy?"

"Just watched some porn and took care of myself." Omitting the details of his fantasy felt like less of a lie than telling her he had been thinking about her as he jerked off. "Any reason why it's been so long since we played?"

"Miss it?" Molly asked.

Troy bit back a sigh. What the hell kind of question was that? If he didn't miss it, why would he ask about it? "Just curious," he said, quickly followed by, "Are we going to do Happy Hour tomorrow after work?"

"You still want to, right?"

"I do. Beats cooking. I like their buffet."

It was an unexpected call, a throwback to a time after they first became intimate when he or she would call as soon as they reached the car and they would talk until the other reached home. Those phone calls were rambling conversations, fueled by nothing more than the desire to stay in the moment. This phone call had all the small talk and none of the magic of those earlier ones. As he listened to the last cat antics in her house, being reported in real time, he realized it was easier to live without their extra play than it was to live without knowing why she had pulled away. What had changed?

Troy waited until her cat story was over. "You know, you never answered my question."

After sighing, Molly was quiet for a long time. Troy waited, worrying. "I was a real slut in college," she said. "You know how small my town was." He did, two traffic lights and only one of them worked. "I didn't want a reputation, so I waited until I got to State to get my freak on." She laughed. She talked about the night her and Karen made up a sexual bucket list. From sex with one night stand pick-up to sex in unusual (mostly public) places. "And I liked doing those things. A lot. I was a real slut."

"Okay, but what does that have to do with us?"

"I liked being a slut," she said, telling the story of her first gangbang.

"So what's wrong with being a slut if I still want you?"

"Turning you into one," she said. "It's so tempting to feed you cock, but I don't want you to do it for me. I want you to do it for you. I know what it's like to live as a slut. But is that what you want to be, too?"

"Yes!" Troy said, answering as quickly as he could and confused when there was another long pause on her end of the phone.

"What if we try and it's too much? There's no going back."

"What if we don't try and screw this up?" he asked.

Late leaving work on Thursday, Troy sent Molly a text message. Rushing into the bar, he nearly ran over Tricia. "About time you got here," she said, flashing a big, happy smile. "Your booth is getting crowded." Walking down the row of booths, Troy saw Molly sitting between two guys he recognized as Happy Hour regulars. When he drew close, he saw the third guy sitting across from her looked familiar for the same reason.

"Hey baby," Molly said with a smile. "About time."

Troy slipped into the booth next to a well built, older man with salt and pepper hair. "Brad," the guy told him, offering a handshake.

"Leonard," said the man across from Troy. Thin, with a closely cropped goatee, Brad was sure he had seen Leonard leaning on the bar most nights watching football.

"Johnson," the last man said. He sat on Molly's other side, squeezed against the outside wall. As best as Troy could remember, Johnson was usually standing next to Leonard on football Mondays.

"Will you please tell Johnson how close I live?" Molly asked. "He's afraid he's going to miss the kick-off."

"Late starting game," Troy said. "Kick-off isn't until 8:35, but why would he miss..." He stopped in midsentence, doing the math himself.

"Told you," Leonard said, leaning in front of Molly. "We can do her and still be back in time."

"Just remember the rules," Molly told them. "I'll fuck or suck you, but you're not allowed to come inside of me, not even my mouth."

When a smiling Tricia set a drink in front of Troy, he sucked down half of it on the first try. "Hey man, she said it was cool," Brad said.

"It's up to Molly," Troy said, not knowing how much say he had in the matter. He felt his cock growing hard. Was she really going to do all three of these guys? He smiled at her.

"What if we want to go more than once?" Leonard asked. "Is that okay? I mean, I have quite the back-up going over here."

"Whatever, as long as Troy is last," Molly said, smiling back at him.

"Better first than last," Leonard said with a smirking.

"Just remember what we decided," Johnson said. "We all come on her tits, okay?" Leaning across the table, he looked at Leonard. "And I swear, if you fuck up and come on her pussy before I get a chance to screw her, I'm busting your chops. You hear me?"

"Aw, shut the fuck up, Johnson. You're still pissed because you don't get to go first," Leonard said.

"Yeah, well you guys fuck her all you want," Brad said. "I want her to suck me off. Pussy I can get at home," Brad said.

"They've been at this for half an hour," Molly told Troy.

"Yeah, she said you have to go last and you get to watch," Leonard explained.

"If it's what the lady wants," Troy said without offering more of an explanation.

The three men from the bar followed Molly and Troy. Molly insisted on driving. As soon as they hit the car, she reached into Troy's lap, caressing the hard-on she found. "That's what I thought," she said, before putting both hands on the wheel to drive.

Inside her apartment, the one-upmanship stopped as the reality of the moment settled over the three guys from the bar. "How about a little striptease or something, you know, to set the mood," Leonard suggested.

"I'm here to fuck and suck, not strip," Molly told him, pulling off her baggy work scrubs. Whatever kind of body they thought she had, Troy knew it was better. He could remember the first time he saw her out of her scrubs. Molly had a tight, firm body made for fucking. "Come on," she told the guys watching her. "You don't want to miss kick-off, do you?"

Troy set the example by pulling off his work shirt. Once he started, the other three fell into line, One by one, they made three piles of their clothes on her couch. Troy was the only one hard and the only one who got completely naked. Brad and Leonard kept their socks on while Johnson took off his socks, but kept his shirt on. "This way boys," Molly said, leading the parade to her bedroom. After caressing Brad's hard cock, she nodded at the corner near her closet door. "Why don't you go over there and wait while I see if I can help these other three guys get hard?"

Dropping to her knees, Molly pulled skinny Leonard's cock between her lips first. After a few moments between her warm, wet lips, Molly moved to Brad, sucking him while Leonard finished getting hard. Molly lent him a hand and it soon became clear Leonard's frame was the only skinny part about him. His cock was an average length, but fat. Brad needed the least encouragement to get hard and shirt wearing Johnson the most. Satisfied with their progression, Molly climbed into the middle of bed, spread her legs apart, and rubbed her pussy. "Who's first?" she asked.

Troy stood in the corner with the other two guys lined up next to him. "Do it," Johnson said, cheering on Leonard as he moved between Molly's legs.

"C'mon baby, fuck me. Show your friends what you've got," Molly told the skinny man, pulling his thin cock to her pussy.

Leonard didn't was any time getting down to business. He groped Molly's tits as he fucked her, his skinny ass rising and falling between her thighs. "Oh fuck, you're tight," he said. A few minutes later, he was pulling and spraying his orgasm across her stomach and tits.

"You could have aimed higher," Johnson complained when Leonard moved out of the way.

"Fuck you," Leonard said as he gave high fives to Brad and Troy.

Johnson's prick was neither skinny nor exceptionally long. While he was the biggest man of the quartet, he was the least endowed. If it mattered to him or Molly, it didn't show. "Fuck me," she told him. "Fuck me hard." Johnson knelt in front of Molly, pushing his dick inside of her, but was careful about the streams of semen left behind by Leonard. "You're a real jerk," he said over his shoulder.

"Fuck me," Molly told him, turning his head back to hers. "Do it, Johnson. Come on me."

Her focus got his attention and his rocks off. As Leonard had done, he pulled out and let his orgasm fly. It sprayed across her chest and stomach, adding to the mess on her.

Brad had been jerking his prick the entire time, clearly enjoying the show. His long but thin cock throbbed and stood firm when he pulled his hands away. "Suck me," he said as he stepped forward.

"Mm, such a pretty cock," Molly told him, sitting on the edge of the bed to reach him. She shot Troy a sideways glance as she sucked on Brad. There was fire in her eyes. Focusing on what she was doing, she brought him off quickly, jerking her head away as the first spray of his orgasm splashed on her chin, then neck, and finally her breasts.

"You still going back for more?" Johnson asked Leonard, who had worked his prick hard again.

"Yeah, why not?"

"She's got cum on her chin."


"Fucking fag. Do it if you want, but I ain't watching it," Johnson said, leaving the bedroom. "Hurry up, you fags. I don't want to miss kick-off."

Replacing Brad in front of her, Leonard fed his cock to Molly. Brad watched for a few minutes before leaving to keep Johnson company in the living room. Seeing his friends were gone, Leonard pulled out of Molly's mouth, jerking himself to a fast finish. When he came, his orgasm splashed across her mouth, lips, cheeks, and chin. "Sorry dude, but they're my ride," he said, rushing out of the room.

"What about you?" Molly asked Troy as if he was just another guy. "You wanna fuck or get sucked?"

"Blow me," he said, stepping in front of her. He watched as she looked up him, something she hadn't done with the other two men. Cum streaked her cheeks, exciting Troy even more. Holding back wasn't an option for Troy. He felt her doing the things to his cock that he had tried to do to Alex and Nelson. When he moaned, she pulled her mouth away. "Remember, on me, not in me," Molly told him. She stroked his cock, risking a couple more bobs of her head before he reached his orgasm. She held his spurting prick, letting his cum land on her face, neck, and tits. When he was done, she backed away from him, sliding back to the middle of her bed. "Look at me," she told him, holding herself up on both hands. "This is what a slut looks like. Is this what you want?"

Cum dripped off her face. Streaks of wetness run down her chest and stomach. Her swollen pussy looked both fucked and fuckable to him. On all fours, Troy crawled on the bed, stopping when he was over her. "I want all this and more," he said before kissing her on the lips. She wrapped a hand around the back of his head, pressing her face against his as they kissed and rocking back and forth. He felt the cum on her face being smeared on his. He could smell where the other men had been and he felt his heart racing. Yes, this is what he wanted. "All of this," he told her, breaking their kiss to kiss her cheek. "And this," he added, moving to kiss where cum dripped off her chin. "And this, too," he said, pushing her back and licking a streak of cum that ended low on her belly. His tongue traced the track it had made backwards to where it had begun. "This is what I said I would. This is what I said I wanted." He covered her body with licks and kisses, following every streak of cum and cleaning it from her. He licked her tits, her neck, chin and cheeks. After making sure he had cleaned her completely, he stared down at her. "Now do you believe me?" he asked.

"Yes," she told him and he sealed the deal with another kiss before they fucked.

Dressed, they walked back into the bar. The three men they had entertained were leaning shoulder to shoulder on the bar, watching the game. Johnson was first to notice them walking back in. He nudged the other two men who tracked them as Tricia led them back to their usual booth. When Tricia brought over their drinks, there was a twinkle in her eye. "These are compliments of the tall, thin gentleman at the bar. He said to tell you thank you."

Molly cuddled close to Troy, resting her head on his shoulder as he watched the game. "You know they're telling their friends at the bar, right?"

"So?" Troy asked, kissing her forehead.

"Everyone in here will know what we did, what I did. They all know I'm a slut."

"So what? You're still my girlfriend."

"Good answer, cumslut."

Friday night, they went to the movies to see the Hollywood's latest version of a comic book superhero come to life on the big screen. The movie had gotten good reviews, but with the latest blockbuster opening that weekend, their theater was sparsely filled. "Let's sit in the back," Molly suggested leading the way up the stairs to the last row. Midway through the movie, while two or three dozen other patrons were watching the movie, Molly got down on her knees and sucked off Troy. After he came in her mouth, she stood up, leaned over, and kissed him. She hadn't swallowed and she pushed his orgasm into his mouth.

In Troy's mind, there were only two things that could have made that hotter. If there had been a stranger in the seat next to them and she had blown the stranger. Or, better yet, if she had Troy blow the stranger. But over the course of the next several weeks, Troy learned he had no reason to second guess Molly's ability to be a slut without his help.

During a Monday Happy Hour at the bar, Molly left with one of the guys from the bar. Troy watched through the window as they visited the man's car. Two silhouetted heads became one while Molly sucked off the man. When she returned to the booth, she kissed Troy and enjoyed another drink before repeating the game twice more with two different men.

"What about me?" Troy asked after she returned from giving her third blowjob.

Molly put her hand in his lap, feeling this hard-on. "I think you're fine," she said. She tortured him by giving one more blowjob before they ended up at her apartment. Once there, she fucked him, made him eat her, and when he was still hard, she repeated the process.

The next time the visited the bar, Troy saw heads turning as they walked in. He watched men nod in their direction and whispered among themselves. He could guess what they were saying about her and him. She was a slut and he was nothing more than her cuckold. Men would send drinks and messages to the table. "You're getting very popular around here," Tricia told her.

"Just nice to have options," Molly said. They left alone that night, but it didn't change the impact it had on Troy or what happened later in Molly's bedroom. As they cuddled in the afterglow of his second orgasm (they never bothered to count hers), she ran her hand down his chest and stomach until she cupped his balls in that intimate caress reserved for lovers. "This isn't too much for you, isn't it?" she asked.

"Not even close," he admitted.

"Is that a challenge?"

"Think of it more as a promise."

It was around two o'clock on a Saturday afternoon when Molly showed up at Troy's apartment asking if the battery on his digital camera was charged. "I like to keep it that way," he said, pulling the camera out of a desk drawer. "I thought Karen and Nelson were coming over."

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