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Loving Wife Tells All


EPISODE 1: The Introduction

I've read stories from Literotica for some time now and am impressed with the writing and imaginations of the contributors. My favorites are Loving Wives, since I am one of them. I assume that most readers are male, but there are some women who also get off reading what others have done or fantasize about. So, after much internal debate and encouragement from my husband, I've built the courage to share some of my own experiences, which I will call Kitty Tales.

I prefer stories that are true more than I do fantasies. There is something enticing and exciting about true stories. So, until further notice, all of the Kitty Tales are true experiences.

Since I want to relate true stories, you need to know who I am and what I am about. I think that it is so much more sexual if you know the person you are reading about. That way, you can picture me when I say I am naked and bent over a couch with my butt cheeks spread waiting for your dick to slide into my ass. You have to have that mental picture to get the most bang out of the fuck, so to speak.

Maybe I should begin with a description of myself. I am a female, of course. I'm in my mid 40's. I know that being in your mid 40's sucks, for a female anyway. Most men prefer women in their 20's or early 30's, but you guys are missing out on some exhilarating sex if you pass on more mature women. I should know. I've had sex with a lot of women in their 20's, 30's and 40's, and mature women are so grateful and giving.

As far as my physical features, I like to think of myself as resembling Stevie Nicks of Fleetwood Mac. I'm taller (about 5'7"), but have the same body style. Of course I am blonde and thin (about 115 lbs.), and I have the small breasts (b cup). I have very long legs and a small butt.

Concerning my itty-bitty titties, they may be small but they don't sag much at all, and they are soft to the touch. Not like the fake kind. My areoles are pink and also small. Actually, I personally prefer a woman with brown areoles, but pink is just fine.

My nipples become very long and hard during sex. I love to have them licked, bitten, pinched and pulled. Heck, I even like nipple clamps.

I have a very tight pussy (thanks to an extra stitch or two from the doctor), and I get extremely wet during sex. Believe me, even a guy with a pencil dick will get a major clamp down when I cum.

Yes, I am a major clamper. You have to hold on for dear life when I cum, and if you are only partially hard, your dick will be expelled like a high school delinquent.

I also have a bad habit of pushing my pussy into the face of a woman when I cum. I am into therapy right now trying and break that habit.

I have an average sized-clit. It is very sensitive to the touch and is easy to get aroused. I don't shave my pussy. So I have a patch of pussy hair that I trim.

I think a woman should look like a woman between her legs. I don't mind a woman who shaves her pussy bald, but I'm just not excited about it as many men seem to be. So, if you want to eat my pussy, be prepared. On the bright side, I do shave my legs and underarms. I'm not Euro trash.

I'm married to a man who allows me to explore my sexuality without any guilt. We met in a chat room for BDSM, and quickly developed a real time sexual relationship that has turned into a great marriage. We are into swing with other couples with a male and a bisexual female.

Oh, we also have had a number of single bi-females as playmates. We are always on the lookout for these sweet women. They are the most prized recruits of all.

As you can tell, I am bisexual, but I'm not a lezzy. I love a dick in my pussy, mouth or ass, and sometimes all at once. (I do love anal sex.) But I am into women just as much as I am into men.

The exquisite feel of a woman's tongue on my pussy is hard to describe. Men can be very good at licking pussy, but women seem to have a special touch, and they take their time to enjoy the experience. It's not just foreplay; it's real-play for us girls. On the other hand, a strap-on just doesn't cut it as a substitute for the real thing.

Feeling a tongue glide over my pussy lips and circling my clit while watching a pretty woman's face between my legs is one of my most exhilarating experiences, especially after we have started with a warm bath to get our juices flowing. Basically, I think all women should be bisexual. Hey, you have a better chance for a date of Saturday night if you are bisexual.

Even inexperienced women are usually damn good lovers. They may be hesitant at first, but my experience is that once a woman feels another woman's mouth on her pussy or gets a taste of that smooth flesh between another woman's thighs, there is no going back.

Well, at least most women are willing to try having sex with another woman, and most women do fantasize about another woman from time to time. Plus, the relationship between two women during sex is much different than it is between a man and a woman. That's something else that makes being bisexual so wonderful.

Regarding men, I like a man with an average penis in length but thick. This means at least 12 inches in Internet measurements. The first thing that you learn on the Internet is that you have to divide Internet measurements by two.

I love the feel of that smooth skin on the head of a man's dick as I run my tongue over it. I especially like to lick the underside of a man's dick and feel his body react as I use the tip of my tongue to explore. Usually, I have an orgasm when a man starts to respond to my mouth and fingers. I guess I am just overly sexed. LOL.

The shaft of a dick is also enticing. The skin is so smooth. It feels like a warm, velvety all-day sucker as it glides across my lips and down my throat. The cartridge on a nice thick dick feels like tiny ribs, and I LOVE ribs. Sometimes I can actually feel the blood pulsating through the veins. Wow! That gets me excited.

I love it when a man gets a little rough with me. Having his hand on my head and pushing his cock into my mouth sends spasms through my body. One of my favorite positions is to be tied to the bed with the back of my head against the headboard. The man then straddles my body and caresses my face and lips with his dick. Once his pre-cum is flowing, he pushes his dick past my lips and fucks my mouth until he cums in my mouth or on my face. If he cums on my face, he uses his fingers to wipe the cum off my face and then feeds it to me.

When I give a blowjob, I always jack the man off and run my fingers over the head of his cock as I lick his shaft and balls. That area just below a man's balls is fun to nibble and lick. You know what I am talking about: the area that attaches a man's scrotum. I can then lick a little lower and wiggle my tongue into his ass, as I gently squeeze the head of his dick and stroke his shaft.

The best feeling is when he cums in my mouth. I enjoy the salty taste of a man's cum as it squirts in my mouth and down my throat. All men taste a little different, but it is all good. For that matter, I love to eat cum from the pussy of another woman. That is a real crowd pleaser when you are playing at a swing party.

I crave to be tied up and spanked. Not hard spanking mind you, but having a man treat me like a slut is simply orgasmic. Telling me I am a slut while fucking me hard will get me off every time, at least once. Maybe this is evident, but my most treasured fantasy is being a sex slave to either a man or a woman.

I mentioned that I love anal sex. That is so true. I love it when a man fucks my pussy until I cum on his cock. He then turns me over, slips a pillow under my hips and slides his dick into my ass.

I want it slow at first until my ass adjusts to the penetration, but then I want him to fuck my ass so hard that I feel his balls slap against my inner thighs.

Anal play is so much fun. I get off on licking a man's balls and anus. Along with giving your own ass to a man, there is nothing more slutty than licking a man's ass before he fucks you.

I always run the flat of my tongue over the cheeks of a man's ass, and then lick along his crack with the tip of my tongue until I get to his anus. It drives a man crazy when I tongue-fuck his ass, while stroking his cock.

Of course, I enjoy the same (except that I have no cock to stroke), especially when a woman does this to me, which I am more than happy to reciprocate.

There are many sexual adventures that I have enjoyed over the years. In fact, there are some experiences that I probably shouldn't share with anyone. Some are illegal in most states. LOL.

Now you know a little about me. I'd love to share some of my experiences with you if you are interested. If not, then go screw yourself. LOL

Let me know if you would like to hear some of the Kitty Tales, and I will write a few. The ones I am thinking about writing about are my lesbian, loving wives, BDSM, incest (yes, I have had sex with some family members), anal, fetish, group sex, and non-consent (and I have experienced that, too) adventures.

Let me know of any you would like to hear about, and give me some feedback about what I have written here. I know that this wasn't the most exciting of all the stories on Literotica, but I wanted you to know a little about me before we proceed, if we do. I hope that this didn't leave you hanging too much.

By the way, have you ever wanted to fuck Stevie Nix?

Love ya,


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