tagInterracial LoveLovita's Dinner Invitation

Lovita's Dinner Invitation


"I will be in Mumbai in March and would love to meet you for dinner."

Lovita had been corresponding with Jim over the internet for about a month now. It was quite exciting and she had had her share of fun using the cam for him with voice chat. She however was now in a dilemma as she never thought that she would ever meet Jim in person and now that she had to, she was not so sure that she was ready for the same.

Lovita is fun loving, 23 year old girl who loves sex. That would describe her personality in one line. She was however, also fat. This was one fact about herself that she was never comfortable with and as such she hardly ever went out on dates. Ever since her operation, she put on weight due to the antibiotics she was put on. This had put her sex life to a stop except for the occasion masturbation sessions she enjoyed. She had told Jim about her body type and he had seen her on cam as well, but she was scared about whether he would enjoy sex with her in person. After a lot of self debates, Lovita finally decided that she would after all meet Jim in person for dinner and then let matter move from there on.

Jim on the other hand was 57 year old man from the US and he loved his sex as well. He was quite distinguished looking and knew how to treat his ladies. He often traveled to India and found both the place and the people quite interesting. Most of all he fancied the women in India. He had been looking forward to meeting Lovita for sometime now and the only thing that worried him was whether she would indeed turn up to meet an old man for sex.

She received an email from Jim on March 6th that told her that he was finally in Mumbai and he had given her the number to the hotel he was staying at and his room number as well. Lovita called the number with much apprehension and spoke to Jim. The conversation was very short with them only deciding on when they would meet and at what time. They decided to meet the next day at 19:00 hrs for dinner.

Lovita took her time dressing up the next day. She wore a knee length navy blue skirt, with a short cream top. She also made sure that she wore her sexiest underwear for Jim (just in case), all back and lacy.

She arrived at the Hyatt Regency with 5 minutes to spare. They had decided that she would ask the receptionist to connect her to Jim's room when she arrives. So she walked to the receptionist and asked for Jim Nelson and quoted the room number as well. The receptionist dialed the number to his room and handed the phone to Lovita. However there was no answer. After 2 or 3 attempts leading to no response from the other end Lovita was disappointed and realized that in most likelihood she had been stood up. She decided to leave and was about to do so when she turned around and dialed the number to Jim's room once again. As luck would have it he answered the phone, quite out of breath and apologized for being delayed. He explained that he had in fact been delayed due to traffic on the roads. Since he needed to freshen up, he asked Lovita to come up to the room. She was so happy that she was not stood up after all, that she agreed immediately.

Lovita found Jim's room with some difficulty and while she waited for him to open the door all her fears returned. Jim opened the door after the 2nd knock dressed in the hotel bath robe and water dripping from his hair. Lovita entered the room and just as soon as she was in Jim kissed her. He told her how much he had waited for this moment. Lovita relaxed and opened her mouth and Jim immediately let his tongue explore her juicy mouth. After sometime of heavy kissing both surfaced for air and realized that they were still standing at the door which was slightly ajar. Luckily no one passed by.

They moved into the room and while Lovita took in the simplicity and beauty of the hotel room, Jim asked her about her journey to the hotel and caught up with her in general. Jim couldn't believe that this beautiful girl was actually standing in front of him. He wanted her so bad just from watching her stand there talking about her work and friends in general, that he walked up to her and kissed her again and this time let his hands explore her body as well.

Lovita was surprised when Jim started kissing her and feeling her. But meeting him finally and seeing him sit there in the edge of the bed with only the hotel bathrobe on had her getting horny. She responded to his kiss by opening her mouth and kissing back as urgently as he was. She let her hands wander in his hair and down on his body until she reached his buttocks. Here she gave him a slight squeeze and continued the tongue action.

Jim let his hand linger on Lovita's breasts and gave it a squeeze about the same time that she squeezed his buttocks (which did shock him by the way). Now he was kissing and licking her ears and neck. He finally stopped only to hear her moan in protests, which brought a smile to his lips. He knew he was going to enjoy fucking this Indian beauty.

Jim asked Lovita to get undressed, which she willingly did. Jim lay on the bed after taking of his robe and watched as bit by bit of her body got exposed. When she was finally naked she joined him on the bed and her hand immediately found his aching cock. She gave it a slight squeeze and began pumping it while Jim played with her ample breasts. She started moaning and let go of his cock to enjoy Jim's hand and mouth on her breasts. After sometime, Jim started moving lower and lower until he reached her love tunnel. He always loved women who kept their pussy bushy and had told Lovita about this. He was pleased to find that her pussy was just the way he like it. He began licking her pussy slowly at first and then increasing the tempo. Lovita began moaning and after 10 minutes of licking, Jim felt her pussy contracting indicating that she was nearing orgasms. He started tongue fucking her and soon she erupted in his mouth with stream and streams of nectar flowing directly onto his willing tongue. Jim made sure he did not let a drop go to waste.

As soon as her orgasm subsided, Jim began once again bringing Lovita to new heights of passion. When he knew that she was about to cum her stopped and moved up slowly licking her body as he moved up. He kissed her and Lovita could herself when she kissed him back. She found herself getting more aroused with the taste. She started grinding her pussy to his pubic area to scratch the itch, suddenly without warning Jim entered her pussy and in one stroke embedded himself into her. She was breathless. Jim did not have a very thick or big cock; however he knew how to use his tool. He started fucking her with slow strokes, but after a few minutes of this he could not take any more and started ramming into her with strong powerful stroke. Lovita also raised herself to meet his every stroke and demanded to be fucked harder and harder.

After a few minutes of these animalistic coupling, Jim erupted inside Lovita who also climaxed immediately after him. As soon as his cock popped out of her pussy Lovita went down on Jim and began to lick him. She then took his cock in her mouth and began sucking on it. Jim began enjoying the leisurely sucking that Lovita was giving him. However, after a few minutes, Lovita began sucking and licking more vigorously, immediately bringing his cock to stand up right. When he was hard as a rod, she sat on him and impaled herself on his cock and began riding him. She went slow and then fast. This time she took her time. She would go fast and then when he was nearing eruption, she'd slow down and begin kissing him and licking his nipples. Jim also was playing with her breasts and she would sometimes lower her upper body so that he could take her nipple in his mouth.

After some time she started riding faster and faster until they both climaxed together. She stayed on him until she knew that he had come in her completely. He could feel his cum flow out of her pussy and onto his balls. She finally collapsed on the bed beside him totally spent. They rested together for a while and after sometime woke up and ordered dinner in the room.

P.S.: This is my first story and would appreciate your comments, good and corrective.

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