tagSci-Fi & FantasyLucky Ep. 10

Lucky Ep. 10


The Case She Gave Me

"Cheryl?" Lucky called as he stepped into a trashed dining room. The table had been turned over and a few chairs were scattered across the floor in pieces.

"Cheryl!," he screamed as fright-filled him. What had happened here? He ran from the dining room, through the hallway and crashed into his master's bedroom as his heart beat so fast he thought he would collapse at any minute.

Looking across her room, the first thing he noticed was a foot stretched up from the other side of the bed. He ran over to investigate and found Cheryl lying on the floor, between the wall and her bed with her leg sticking up as if she fell off.

"Cheryl?" he asked as he bent down and placed his hand on her chest to feel for breathing. He let out a sigh of relief as she coughed and opened her bloodshot eyes. Her breath smelled of liquor and he allowed his heart to slow its rhythm once more.

"Lucky," she whispered with a smile. "My Lucky."

"Let's get you to bed," he stated calmly before lifted her up into his arms and laying her down on her bed. She rolled over to her side immediately as he pulled her covers up to her shoulders.

He wasn't ready for sleep at that moment so he quietly stepped out of Cheryl's room and closed the door behind him. He stepped into the dining room and began straightening the mess up. The broken pieces of wood from the chairs went out on the front porch, leaving only two intact chairs left. He shook his head and stifled a laugh as he thought about how much luck he had that night. He met up with Jean and it felt like things went extremely well with her and then, even though he was late, didn't have to worry because his master had drunk too much.

As he looked across the dining room to see if there was anything that he had missed, he noticed movement from outside the window. He couldn't make anything out but a shadow, but there was definitely someone there. A smile stretched across his face as he walked over and opened the window.

"Terra?" he called in a whisper. "You there?"

"Who's Terra?" a familiar voice called back from beside the window. He looked over to the side and seen Rebecca standing with her back pressed against the wall and looking directly at him. His smile faded for a second, but he forced it to return so she would think he was happy to see her.

"Rebecca," he said as he placed his elbows on the window frame. "Out for another jog?"

"Something like that," she said, returning his smile. "I was hoping Cheryl would still be at that party."

"She's back," he said, drawing a frown from the dark woman. "Seemed to have drunk too much and is passed out on her bed now." That brought a smile back to Rebecca's face.

"Well, crawl out here then," she said with pure joy in her voice. "It's pitch black over here."

He stepped out the window and followed the woman into the shadows next to the house. She stopped and turned to face him. Her eyes shined brightly from the light coming from the still-opened window. He felt her hands brush up his chest.

"I saw you the other night," she whispered as her hands slid down his stomach. "In the bushes with Cheryl. I went home and masturbated to the thought of that being me in there with you."

"Is that so?" He teased as he leaned forward and pressed in for a kiss. She opened her lips and he could feel her tongue enter his mouth to dance with his for a minute. One of her hands worked on the button of his pants as her other hand slid up his back.

"I want you to fuck me right here and now," she demanded through a light whisper as she pulled his pants down with both hands, causing his growing erection to spring up once they had lowered enough. "Take me."

He dropped to his knees and worked her button and zipper loose, just before yanking her pants down to her ankles in one motion. She kicked one leg off of her foot. One of her shoes flew off as she kicked, leaving her with one shoe and two socks. She moaned as he slid his tongue over her clit immediately. Her hands grasped his hair as he began playing with her.

She moaned from pleasure as he gripped her asscheeks and squeezed.

"Oh baby," she moaned. "Don't stop."

He pulled his head back and looked up at her with a smile spread across his face. She looked down into his eyes with her mouth still open.

"Why'd you," she began to say, but he spun around behind her and smacked the back of her knees, causing her to fall over onto her hands in the grass with a quick shout from the shock. He stood up on his knees behind her and pressed his hips forward until the top of his cock was rubbing along her cunt.

"Well," she breathed as he rubbed his hands around her ass and up her back, pushing her shirt up to allow her black sports bra to show. She began moving back and forward at a slow pace, feeling his shaft rub against her.

"Lucky," he heard Cheryl call from inside the house in a rough voice. "Where are you?"

"Shit," Rebecca whispered as she heard Cheryl as well. "I guess we'll finish this later then."

Lucky wasn't going to allow that though. He pulled back, aimed his cock and jammed it into her wet pussy hard and fast. He kept his eyes glued to the open window as he began slamming his rod inside of the woman over and over again.

She was trying her best to remain quiet, but Lucky was pumping her so hard that she couldn't help but to chirp and moan from time to time as he could hear Cheryl continue her call for him.

"I'm cumming," Rebecca whispered before making small crying noises as her pussy began to quiver around him. "Oh god, I'm cumming!"

"Lucky?" Cheryl's voice seemed louder. He saw her form slide into view from inside the house as she leaned forward and looked out the window. Her eyes were squinting heavily as she was trying to adjust her vision for the darkness of the night.

"Cheryl," he called out as he pushed Rebecca on her stomach and dragged her over against the wall in the darkest part of the shadows. "What are you doing up?"

"I went to check on you, but you weren't in my room or yours," she answered as she looked over in his direction. He could tell that she still couldn't quite make out where he was but knew from the sound of his voice which direction he was standing.

"You seemed to have had a bit to drink," he answered with a chuckle as he pulled his pants up and walked over to the window. "I put you in bed and started cleaning up the mess."

"Thank you," she said as he stepped into view from the window. He leaned into the frame and smiled.

"It's not a problem," he stated. Hands gripped the waist of his pants and he could feel them slide down just enough for his still throbbing cock to spring out once more. Rebecca had crawled over to him. He could feel her lips cover his dick as her tongue worked around the shaft as he stared into Cheryl's eyes.

"What are you doing out there," she asked as she leaned forward and pressed her lips to his for a quick peck.

"I thought I heard that dog in the yard, so I came out here to chase it off," he lied as he could feel the back of Rebecca's throat slam into the tip of his dick before taking it the rest of the way in. He held back a moan from the pleasure as his master still looked into his eyes.

"Come inside," she pleaded as she leaned forward and kissed him again. He could taste toothpaste in her mouth. "Come inside and hold me until I fall back to sleep."

Rebecca made a gagging sound as she choked on his cock. He hoped Cheryl didn't hear it. He might have been pressing his luck just a bit too much, but her mouth felt too good to pull away from.

"Ok," he said with a soft smile. "I'll be right in."

Cheryl stared into his eyes as if she were refusing to move until he either stepped around and through the front door or back in through the window. He wanted to cum desperately bad. He wanted to grab Rebecca and fuck her as hard and fast as he could until he finished inside of her, but with Cheryl staring at him, that wasn't an option.

He reached one hand down, grabbed a handful of her hair and started working her head back and forth like a puppet, making sure his movements weren't too obvious as he continued to stare into his master's eyes.

"You look tired," he stated, attempting to keep a conversation going for just a few more minutes until he was able to finish. "You really do need sleep."

"I know," she said with a laugh. "That's why I'm trying to get you to come inside."

He could feel his balls tighten just before he held onto the back of Rebecca's head and filled her mouth full of shot after shot of his cum. He felt her hands grasp his ass and squeeze as she choked down a majority of his spunk. Soon he was finished and pulled his pants up before leaving the woman outside by crawling back through the window.

"About time," Cheryl stated as she turned to walk back toward her room.

Lucky stuck his head back out the window and looked down to see Rebecca looking up at him. His cum shining off of her face as it dripped from her chin. She smiled as he closed the window and turned to follow his master.

He found Cheryl already in the bed with half the blanket thrown open, inviting him. He crawled into bed and pressed up against her back as he placed his arm over her. She held onto his arm and was breathing heavily in a deep sleep within a few minutes. He followed soon after with thoughts of relief and pride flowing through his thoughts.

Morning came quick and this was the first day that he awoke before Cheryl. She was laying on her stomach with one leg hanging off the bed and the other ones straight down. It looked as if she were trying to fly like a superhero. He smiled as he scanned her pose. Her short black hair was frizzed out like she had been electrocuted and she was making a soft snoring sound.

He quietly got out of bed and exited the room. She needed to sleep after as much as she had to drink the last night. He went into the kitchen and started to make a large breakfast for the both of them when heard the doorbell ring. He left the kitchen and pulled the door open to see a woman with short brown hair, hazel eyes and tanned skin standing in front of him.

"I need to speak with your master," she demanded, barely acknowledging Lucky's existence. She reached into a pocket from her long black coat and pulled out a phone. She began rubbing her fingers over the device as she waited for Cheryl.

Lucky turned from the door and walked down the hallway and into his master's room. Cheryl was still lying on the bed asleep. He leaned over her and gently shook her shoulder to prod her awake. She made a mumbling noise but then went still again so he shook once more.

"Five more minutes," she pleaded.

"There's someone here asking for you," he explained in a whisper. She picked her head up and looked at him with one open eye.

"Okay," she said with a sigh.

She sat up, pulled her pants on and stepped through her bedroom door. He followed her to the door where the woman awaited them.

"May I help you," Cheryl asked as she approached the other woman.

"I'm Detective Addison Gray," the woman introduced. "I'm here to ask you a few questions about last night."

"Come in," Cheryl said as she moved aside and gestured for the detective to enter the house. Once the woman had entered, she closed the front door and walked over to the dining room table. "Would you like some coffee?"

"Yes please," Detective Gray said with a smile.

"I'll go make some," Cheryl said before she started to make her way into the kitchen.

"Isn't that something your man can do?" The detective asked with a raised eyebrow.

"He has his job," Cheryl returned with a scowl. "He does his job very well."

"I understand," she said with half a smile on her face.

Cheryl left the dining room, leaving Lucky alone with the detective, who was staring at him with a look of disapproval. He remained quiet and didn't make eye contact with the woman. The seconds felt like hours as he waited for Cheryl to return.

"What is your job," he heard Addison ask. "What do you do very well?"

He thought about the proper way to answer the question. He had grown used to speaking openly with the women lately and didn't want those bad habits to bleed through to a woman with the power to put him away.

"My job is to please my owner sexually," he finally stated, which seemed to have amused the detective.

"Really?" she questioned teasingly.

Cheryl stepped back into the dining room with two cups of coffee in her hands. She set one down in front of the detective and then sat down across from her at the table. The two women took time to smell the coffee and take a sip before any more words were spoken.

"What about last night?" Cheryl finally asked as she looked up at the woman holding the cup as a heater for her hands.

"A woman was murdered last night." The detective stated in a cold tone. "Her last known location was here."

"Oh my God!" Cheryl sat up in complete shock. "Who?!"

"A sex worker trainer named Vicky..." She started, but Cheryl cut her off with a shout.

"Vicky?! No!" Cheryl slammed her hands on the table as she started to cry.

Lucky didn't know what to think. He had just seen Vicky the last night. Vicky was the one who drove him to the party. She was the one who set this whole thing in motion. She had slowly turned into a friend. She was supposed to be going back to her childhood home to help on a farm. Who would kill her? Why would anybody have reason to kill her?

"Where were you last night?" The detective asked and that's when Lucky noticed that she was staring directly at him. Cheryl slowly turned to follow the woman's eyes to him before turning back to the woman.

"How dare you?!" She shouted at the detective. "Lucky was here. You have the ability to check his location on your computer don't you?"

"We do." Addison agreed calmly.

"Then I suggest you do that."

Lucky reached up and touched his collar and then panic started rushing through him. His collar had a tracking device on it! He hadn't thought about it. Didn't really think it would matter since there would be no reason to check his location. But then again he didn't expect to be a suspect in a murder either.

"Ok," the woman said as she stood up from her chair. "I'll return once we have the data." She walked around the table and eyed Lucky closely as she stepped past him.

"I can't believe Vicky's been killed," Cheryl exclaimed in almost a whisper as she looked at Lucky. "Who would want to hurt her?"

"Don't go anywhere you two," Addison ordered as she reached the front door. "I'm calling in the order and should have the information within a few minutes."

Was this is for Lucky? Was he going to be framed for a murder that he didn't commit just because he was somewhere he wasn't supposed to be?

He noticed Cheryl looking at him with a concerned facial expression on her face. She had been staring at him while he was panicking over the current situation.

"Where were you last night?" she asked as her eyes widened.

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