tagSci-Fi & FantasyLucky Ep. 12

Lucky Ep. 12


From Atop the Rafters

Lucky hadn't known tough emotions before. He thought he knew what sorrow felt like due to his position in life being so low, but nothing compared to the anguish that he felt at that moment.

Two days had passed since Addison Gray had returned him home to Cheryl and not much had been said other than the occasional floaty conversation that would always either end in tears or with both Lucky and Cheryl walking away from one another.

He knew that his master had no idea of his part in Vicky's demise, but it didn't help his guilt either way. It was as if she was punishing him anyway by not being able to speak to him for too long before seeking distance.

Maybe this was what he deserved. He barely knew Vicky to be honest. He knew more of her physical attributes than he actually did her personality. He knew that her long and wavy red hair was a unique trait among the other women in his life. He knew that her piercing green eyes were both terrifying and seductive, depending on the mood that she wished to share at the moment.

He also knew that she put her life on the line to start the ball rolling on this project without even knowing what the project was. He knew that she saw something in him that he couldn't even see in himself. He had no idea what freedom and equality would feel like and didn't even know if that's something that he wanted. Vicky was special to him because she saw him as special.

It couldn't have been the mood change that he was able to change in women alone. He didn't see Cheryl or Rebecca trying to push for his freedom. He hadn't heard from Jean since the night of the party and Addison had only called once within the past few days to check up on things.


Vicky was different and now she was gone. All because of him not thinking anything through properly and only doing what others would have him to do. How could he please everyone when everyone had different end-goals for him? He had to look at his life in a different way from this point on. But how should he look at his life?

Shaking his head, Lucky looked up as Cheryl came from her bedroom wearing all black and with a somber expression painted over her face. Her eyes met his for a moment before she looked away and walked into the dining room where he was sitting.

"The funeral's today," she explained, still not looking him in the eyes. "I'd take you, but men aren't allowed."

Lucky dropped his head and stared at the surface of the table. He glided his finger across as scratch mark that was left from the night of the party as his thoughts raced. How could the world be so cruel as to not allow him to attend a ceremony celebrating the life of a woman who had become, in a strange way, closer to him than any other? Anger began to swell within him, but he shook his head in an attempt to shake the futile feeling away.

"I'm sorry," Cheryl said as her voice cracked. "I know I've been a mess lately, but you have to understand that I just lost my best friend."

Lucky looked up to see his master staring at him with tears dropping from her eyes. Instead of his usual empathy, he just allowed the anger to erupt from deep within him. That was all he could take.

"And you think I didn't care for Vicky?!" He almost shouted, causing Cheryl's eyes to go wide in shock from the outburst. "Aside from you, she was the only woman in my life to see me as a human being and not some object to be used. She's never tried to play me for some agenda. She was someone who I was considering a friend, and for me, that would have made her just as valuable as she was to you."

He realized that the way he was shouting at his master was not only inappropriate but quite uncalled for. It wasn't Cheryl's fault that she wasn't aware that he had feelings for the woman. How could she? He wasn't even aware of it until a this all happened.

"You're right," Cheryl finally said as she walked to lucky and placed her hands gently on his shoulders. "Hurry up and get dressed."

Lucky looked up at Cheryl to see the determination on her face. She meant it. Would he end up going to the funeral to pay his respects?

"Really?" He asked as he stood up and faced her. "I can go?"

"Yes," she said, but a frown grew on her face. "But you still won't be able to actually go into the funeral home. Men are strictly not allowed in. There's building just outside for the men to wait. If there was anything I could do to change it I would, but you'll have to wait there. Is that okay?"

"It's better than nothing," he explained before rushing into his room and getting dressed.

He might not be able to enter the funeral home, but maybe there was a way for him to sneak a bit closer. He wasn't even sure what he was planning on getting out of it. Closure?

An hour passed with no interruptions or events and the two finally walked up to the large church as many women stood around weeping and sharing stories about Vicky. Lucky looked over to see the building that Cheryl had mentioned. It was much smaller than the church, but that was to be expected, and he could see men piling into the building like obedient puppets.

"I'll be out as soon as it's over to get you," Cheryl said as she placed her hand on the small of his back and turned from him. He walked over to the small building and looked over his shoulder. All the women were stepping inside and before long the parking lot was completely empty. He could hear laughter coming from inside the small building where the men were telling jokes and stories of their own. He had no place in there.

Scanning the outside of the church, Lucky spotted a lattice leading up to a window. He wondered if the flimsy wood would hold his weight long enough for him to get a peek inside. Shrugging away any doubts, he walked over and placed his fingers on the wood before lifting himself up and placing his feet in the holes below. So far so good. The climb was easier than he thought and soon he found himself peering into the window of the church.

He couldn't make anything out but could see that the rafters of the building were spaced enough apart with a long and wide board stretching all the way across the ceiling for a walkway and storage. Boxes of what appeared to be some kind of holiday decorations sat at the other end of the walkway. He gripped the bottom of the window and was pleasantly surprised when it swung open. He climbed inside and let the window drop shut softly by holding it with his foot.

He crawled on his belly over the walkway, trying to be as quiet as possible as the sounds of a woman spoke about souls or something below. He made it about halfway when a small movement caught his eye to his right.

He looked over and noticed a woman wearing all black lying on her stomach on another rafter to the back of the church. She was holding something long and looking straight down at someone. He found a rafter that he could crawl over to take him right to her back. If he could be quiet enough, maybe she would be too focused on whatever she was doing to hear him approach so he could get a closer look.

He placed his hands on the rafter and spun his body as quickly and gracefully as he could before belly crawling over to the back. He was about twenty feet from the woman now and could see what she was holding.

A rifle!

His heart started pounding so heavily that he was starting to fear that she might hear it and so he approached her from behind, slowly closing the gap. She didn't turn to face him as she was looking through the scope at someone below.

Could this woman be the one to kill Vicky?

The woman was tiny, wearing long black pants and a longsleeved shirt to match. He couldn't tell what color of hair she had, for she wore a black toboggan and had it all tucked inside. He was close enough to touch her boots at this point and she turned to look down her body at the man crawling up behind her. Her eyes shot wide as she spun on her back and tried to sling the rifle to aim at him, but he was faster and caught the barrel with one of his hands.

"You idiot," she whispered to him as he crawled up her body while still holding the rifle by the barrel. "What in the hell are you doing here?!"

"Who are you and what are you doing?" Lucky demanded through his own whisper. The messed up thing about this entire scenario was that if they were caught, he would be the one punished the most.

"What I am doing here is none of your business," she stated flatly as she grunted, trying to pull the gun away from his grasp. "You are in the way!"

The woman was quite beautiful. She was of an Asian racial background and spoke with an accent. He could feel the heat of her body as she tried to wrestle the gun back in her control, which was causing his instincts to take over. She shook his head as he struggled to keep the task at hand simple. He had to stop her. That's all that mattered to him at that time. She couldn't be allowed to fire that gun inside the building. Cheryl was in there and probably Rebecca too once he thought about it.

He shifted his body up higher until his face was a few inches from the would-be-assassin's face and he could feel her warm breath on his mouth as they struggled for control. He wanted to kiss her for some reason. Something was coming over him. He could feel her pelvis shift under his groin and it was enough for an erection to swell.

Her eyes popped open wide as she surely felt it.

"You are keeping me from my task and now you are becoming aroused?!" she exclaimed in a harsh whisper. "You are a simple minded buffoon!"

Lucky couldn't disagree with her statement. It wasn't like he was wanting to become aroused. He just was. Maybe it was the danger. Maybe it was the body heat. Maybe it was that they were just above what was probably one hundred unknowing women. Maybe it was because the woman was gorgeous. He wasn't sure what it was, but he could feel the barrel of the gun start to slip from his grasp as he hands were grown sweaty from the heat of the roof.

He wasn't sure what to do as the woman smiled and looked from him to the gun and back again. He was running out of time and options. He couldn't allow her to fire the gun. He couldn't allow someone else close to him die. The woman's dark gray eyes peered into his as her smile grew larger. He didn't know. An idea came to him just then. Why was he fighting his urge as hard as he was fighting with the gun? The woman obviously wasn't disgusted by the feeling of his erection and so maybe there was a chance.

He let go of barrel and pressed his lips to hers. She didn't resist at all. She actually embraced it faster than even he did. Her free hand grasped the back of his head while her tongue entered his mouth. She moved her tongue in ways that he had never felt before, causing his erection to grow further.

The woman rubbed her hands down between them until he could feel her hands enter his pants and grab his cock, bringing a slight moan from him out of the shock. Her fingers twirled around his shaft in a dexterous way that he didn't know was possible. He lifted his hips up enough to pull the waist of his pants down, which took longer than normal, considering he was only able to use one hand in order to maintain his balance on the rafters.

She lifted her hips up and pulled her pants down as much as she could before lowering herself back down on the wood. He lowered himself back on her and she spread her legs as much as her pants would allow in order to give his cock room to enter her. He pushed until he felt himself slide inside of her cunt, drawing a whispered moan from her lips.

He continued to push until he was as far in as their position would allow. The woman reached above her head and gently sat her rifle down on the rafter just passed her head as Lucky pulled out slightly, before pushing back again. Even though he wasn't able to enter her all the way due to their situation, her soft moans and scratching of his back showed him that she was enjoying it.

He could feel her thighs close tightly around his throbbing cock as she began trembling. He could tell, from her bodily motions and short tight whispers that she was cumming, but he wouldn't be able to do the same if he didn't change their position.

He pulled out of her and held himself above her while looking in her eyes as she looked back in confusion.

"Roll over," he ordered, bringing a spark in her eyes as she realized what he was after.

She shifted around until she was laying on her belly and her naked ass waited for him. He dropped himself once more and pressed his dick against her asshole, causing her asscheeks to tighten.

"Wait," she ordered in a panicked whisper. "What are you doing?"

"Just slide her arm under you and start fingering yourself," he demanded. "If you don't enjoy this then I'll stop."

She didn't say anything for a moment. He was starting to wonder if she would ever say anything, but then she did as he requested. He could see her shoulders adjust as she slid her arm down and could hear the soft sounds of wet pops as she began playing with her pussy. He had enough of her still on his dick to where it was wet enough to allow him to push until the head of his dick was inside of her.

She let out a soft whimper and he could hear her fingers stop for a moment before returning to their dance. He pushed further inside of her until she tensed up again and her fingers fell silent once more. This continued until he could feel her asscheeks firmly pressed against his stomach and his entire dick was throbbing inside of her asshole.

She breathed heavy as her fingers picked up their pace and he began to pull back out slowly before re-submerging in her. He could feel her heartbeat around his cock every time he stopped and her whimpers grew more frantic as her hips began to grind. He looked up to see her free hand gripping the side of the rafter so tightly that her fingers were turning white.

"I'm cumming," she whispered as her fingers sped up lightning fast.

He started moving his dick in and out of her ass faster and faster to match the rhythm of her fingers as she stifled a scream by biting her bicep. He felt his own orgasm coming on strong and shoved his cock into her ass as far as he could before releasing all of his juices into her. He heard a pop sound come from her mouth as she pulled away from her arm and threw her head back in pleasure.

They lied there together on the rafters with her ass squeezing the last few drops of cum from his dick before he pulled out. He raised himself back up and pulled his pants back around his waist as she did the same before turning on her back once more to stare at him.

"I wasn't exactly expecting that," she admitted with a soft chuckle. Lucky shared her amusement, but that was the last thing he thought he'd experience here as well.

He started to feel guilty for having sex at his friend's funeral but knew that it was the best method that he would be had available. He wasn't going to throw the woman off the rafters and to what could have been potentially her death and he couldn't bear the thought of another person close to him dying.

"Fine," she finally said with a sigh. "You win. Let's get out of here before we get caught."

Lucky smiled and nodded before shifting and turning his body back around to face toward the window he came in. He began crawling back down the rafter and looked behind him to see the woman crawling behind him. He turned back to his path in satisfaction. He couldn't believe what he had just accomplished.

He pushed the window open and spun his body around as he felt for the lattice with his feet until he could feel them firmly in the holes of the wood. He lowered himself all the way down until he was standing on the ground once more and looking up. He waited to see the woman's feet pop through the window, but something was off.

He should have been seeing her by now. What was taking her so long?

Was she?!

The sound of a gunshot stopped his heart as he realized the errors of his ways. She didn't follow him out. She remained up there and completed her job. He started to climb the lattice back up when he saw another window of church pop open and the woman leaped from it and fell to the ground in a roll, not stopping as she darted out of sight.

He could hear screaming and pressed his back to the wall of the church as women began sprinting out the front doors screaming in pure fright.

He saw the men run out of the doors of the small building and stepped up next to them as if he were with them the entire time. He watched for Cheryl and the more the women poured out the more frightened be became.

Where was Cheryl?!

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Of course he's an idiot, men in this world are completely uneducated and trained from birth to not think for themselves and be subservient to women. How else would you expect him to act???

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Lucky seems to me to be an idiot

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