Lucky Lawnmower Ladies Ch. 1

byTawny T©

"OK, you have me dead to rights. I hope you are up to this. Come into the den." I said getting up. I know I must have had this shit-eating grin on my face. I got the tape and popped it into the TV. When the screen came up, I sat on the sofa and pulled her close to me. I hit the remote button and on the large screen in beautiful full color were two beautiful women, one with her face buried in the other's crotch, the sounds of liquid slurping clear and sharp.

"Oh, yes! Yes! Yes! God you are killing me, Trish. Eat me, suck my clit. Ohhhhhh, yessss. Shit, I'm coming! Yesssss! Ohhhhhh!" Came from the high quality sound system and it sounded like they were actually there in the room.

Diane's face went beet red. Her mouth dropped open. She sat stunned. "How? How? How the hell did you do that? Jesus, you filmed us? But, but I saw you outside mowing the lawn." Her eyes were very wide, a frown on her lovely face.

I pulled her close and cut the sound way down, leaving the erotic picture on. I told her exactly what had happened, even about jacking off twice while watching it. She sat, very quiet. I could see her mind turning, trying to remember exactly what they had said and done. Then her face went ashen, the color drained out.

"Oh, God. You heard everything. Oh, Shit! Shit! Shit" She said burying her face in her hands.

"If you mean about how sweet my sister's pussy tastes? Yeah. I must admit I was a little, no, really surprised at that. You and Joanne? That's really something." I said shaking my head.

"Oh, shit, Honey. I'm so sorry you found that out. I wouldn't hurt you for anything in the world. You know that." She said a tear forming in her eye.

"Hey, it's OK. Don't cry. Hell, when I was growing up I used to dream she and I were fucking. I dreamed that a lot. I saw her naked several times after she matured. I used to jack off thinking about her tits and pussy. It's her life. I guess I just never thought that she would make love with a woman. Have an affair with a man, yes. A woman, no. My wife, no way!" I held her and kissed her cheek. "God, you and little Joanne fucking. Sucking each other's pussies. Wow! Shit! Oh shit. Wow! " I laughed. "You beat off thinking about your own sister, dreaming of fucking her? You goddamn pervert!" She laughed. We both saw the humor of it and began laughing together.

She took the remote out of my hand and stopped the tape and rewound it. "I want to see this. Caught us on tape? You dirty bastard!" She started the tape, and turned up the sound. She leaned forward watching intently. "Did I say that? God, do I make faces like that when we fuck? Shit, look how far I pulled her nipple, it's a wonder I didn't pull it off."

She was quiet as she talked about Joanne, and how sweet her pussy was and how good Joanne was at eating her pussy. She looked at me and shrugged. I kissed her softly. Next was the part where she was licking Trish's ass hole. "I can't believe you caught me doing that on film. I can't believe I did that! I never did that in my entire life. God, that's disgusting. I put my tongue in her ass hole? Shit, well it is an erogenous zone, and she is a very clean lady. I can't believe I did that! And you filmed it!" She said shaking her head.

We watched as she made love to Trish, heard the sounds, and watched her head bob, and heard Trish's cries of passion. She was quiet for several minutes after the video was over.

"Well, it was pretty exciting video, Mr. Producer. I'd like fifteen copies for my friends, and particularly my family, and when will it hit the local porn theater? Seriously, Darling, what are you going to do now? It looks like you caught me red handed, with my face in a beautiful, delicious pussy." Diane asked seriously.

"Well if she were a man, I'd either kill her or horse whip her. Seeing as she's a beautiful, sexy, stacked wench who likes to eat my wife's pussy, I guess I'll just let her keep on doing that. If that's what you want to do? I was surprised, that's for sure. But I wasn't shocked and angry. It excited the hell out of me. I wanted to get it on video. I guess if you hadn't caught on, I'd just watch it every once and a while, and pound my pud watching it. Probably wishing I could see the real thing. Seeing you and Trish eating each other was one of the most erotic things I've ever seen." I said kissing her.

"Well, I'm sure glad it doesn't trouble you. You men are strange creatures. If I came home and found you sucking a guy's dick I'd probably kill you both, or divorce you. You'd like to see the real thing?" She asked reaching down and feeling my cock. It was swollen, not rock hard.

"I sure would, Honey!" I said with feeling.

"You Fucker, if I did that, you'd want to fuck Trish I'll bet on that." She laughed.

"Well, the thought did enter my mind, but only if you said it was OK, Dear!" I said quietly, bowing my head in mock servitude. . She broke up. "Think how it would be if you and Trish were in a 69, with you on the bottom, you are licking her delicious wet, juicy pussy, and I came up behind her and slipped my long, hard, thick, rigid cock into her hot, dripping pussy. You could lick her swollen clit and my cock as it slowly slid in and out. You could fondle my balls, and watch it moved in and out, while you licked her pussy and my cock." I said whispering in her ear.

"You Shit! You're doing it again. You are getting me hot just thinking about it. You are fucking her, while I'm eating her pussy. Damn. My pussy is getting wet. I must be crazy. I like it. Shit, yes." She reached down and freed my cock, and pulled it out. She went down and my cock got rigid immediately. I pulled her up and we kissed. Her nightgown and my PJs came off immediately. She pushed me back on the sofa and put her feet on either side of me. She pushed her pussy in my face and ground it against my mouth. I grabbed her ass and pulled her hard against me. She bent slightly and let her legs spread. I slid my tongue into her pussy. She was wet and hot. I flicked it up and found her clit hard and poking out of its sheath. She moaned softly. I sucked and tongue fucked her for a while till she was moaning out loud.

She pushed away and dropped down to a squat. She reached down and took my cock and guided it to her pussy. She didn't have to run it up and down her slit, my cockhead was wet with precum. It parted her pussy and with a squeal, she dropped down, and I slid all the way into her liquid core. God, her pussy was hot. My hips thrust up and she grunted as it hit bottom, and we began to fuck like we hadn't fucked in months.

Her pussy muscles milked my cock on each upward movement as she raised and lowered her beautiful body. Her breasts jumped and jiggled and I pushed her back a little so I could lean forward and catch a nipple and suck her erect nipples. She put one hand down between us and her fingers moved up and down her pink clit. I thrust up to meet each downward thrust of her body, burying my cock deep inside her. She was pressing down, I could feel her cervix hit my cockhead with each stroke. I don't remember when we had made love with such passion, and sheer ferocity. She began to cry out for me to fuck her harder, and I pumped for all I was worth. She dropped down hard, and my cock shot its wad deep inside her as she came, her fingers a blur as she fingered her hard clit.

She fell forward on my chest gasping for breath. I held her and kissed her until she finally slid off my pole, and fell back on the sofa, her deep pink pussy leaking my cum.

In the shower, we kissed and washed each other non-sexually. "Well, I definitely think that we should get Trish over here. If just talking about it gets you that hot, then think what having her present will do for you." I laughed swatting her magnificent ass lightly.

"You are still a Shit. OK. But you are right. The idea does set me on fire. There's only one thing. What will Trish think about it? Will she go for it? She was married, but maybe she just wants to make love to women now. No men. It's happened." Diane said looking over her lovely shoulder.

"Oh, God, no!" I groaned. "She wouldn't do that to me, would she?" We both laughed. We'd have to see.

The prospect of my wife, our lovely neighbor Trish, and I in a threesome was a fantasy that raised my erotic senses, and something else, to a new level. I guess it's every man's fantasy to have two women in bed at one time. Whether it would come to fruition or not, depended on Trish. I hoped Diane and I could persuade her. We talked about it the rest of the day. We decided to ask her over for dinner the next evening. We made a tentative plan. Trish could decide whether she wanted to make it a threesome or not. Diane called her and she accepted the dinner invitation. The scene was set.

We didn't make love that night, we both wanted to let our ardor, or lust, or both build up. What is it they about anticipation? We were both anticipating the hell out of this scenario. Diane was hot and so was I, but we refrained from fucking our brains out, or bringing ourselves off.

My cock stayed semi hard all day, waiting for Trish to arrive. Diane said her panties were wet all day. We took showers before Trish came, and I really had to make my hands stay off my cock. We showered separately, just in case.

Trish looked stunning. She wore a summer dress that was short, and showed off her long shapely legs. She wore a thin push up bra, and a blouse that showed lots of her beautiful breasts. Her large areolas were just barely visible through the blouse. We had drinks and talked before dinner.

"God, Trish, you look stunning. Good enough to eat, right Darling?" Diane said.

I almost choked on my drink. I could only nod.

"Well, if you've got it, then flaunt it, I always say. Besides you two are happily married. After I leave you can give Diane a real hard fuck. Right Diane?" Trish said in a low seductive voice.

"Well, only if he behaves himself." Diane countered. I wiggled uncomfortably as my cock was growing hard. They saw it and laughed.

"Jesus. Take pity on me. You teasing wenches! I'm only human."

Fortunately the dinner was about done and they went into the kitchen. I adjusted myself and finally went in to help set the table. The dinner was superb and we had lots of wine, as Diane and I had planned. I couldn't take my eyes off of Trish's boobs. The nipples acted as magnets for my eyes. She knew it and made a point of jiggling them from time to time. Diane saw and had to hide her mouth to keep from grinning up a storm. She kicked me lightly under the table.

We went into the den and had a couple more drinks. "Do you ever watch porn video, Trish." I asked.

"Sure, I like it sometimes. Since my divorce, I watch it and get off to it." She stated evenly.

"Do you like to watch two women making love? " Diane said looking at her.

"Oh yeah, one of my favorites." Trish said, licking her lips and looking back at Diane. I had to suppress a moan.

We had planned this out before hand. I put on the one I'd shown Diane, of the two beautiful women making love. I had it cued up and I hit the button. We watched as the two ate each other with real passion.

"Damn, that really looks like those two love to eat each other, right Trish? Look at that tongue slide into her pussy. Shit, she's really giving new meaning to tongue fucking. Look at that pink clit. Honey, does that get you really hot?" Diane asked.

Before I could answer, Diane said, "It sure does!" Then she realized that the question had been meant for me. We all three broke up. That broke the ice. We watched until the end when the two lay kissing and the screen went dark.

"Wow, that was really good. I may have to borrow that." Trish laughed. She was sitting so her legs were slightly apart, and I could see her thighs almost up to her panties.

"Hon put the other one on. I think Trish will like this one even better. It's two really lovely women, and these two aren't acting. This is one of those amateur videos. These two go for it. I think you'll like this Trish, I did!" Diane said giving Trish a meaningful look. Trish frowned slightly, not getting Diane's meaning.

I put the tape in, sat down and pushed the button. Diane and I both sat looking at Diane's face as the tape rolled. Her mouth flew open, and she turned beet red, just like Diane had done. She looked at us and stammered. "You, you, did you two set this up? Jesus H. Christ. Holy shit! Diane did you do this to me? Damn you! I trusted you!"

"Wait a minute, she had nothing to do with this." I interrupted. "It was as big a surprise to her as it was to you." That calmed her down and I told her the whole story.

"Well, I guess I owe you an apology, Diane, but you, you, Son-of-a-bitch. Shit!" Trish said. "Caught red handed."

Then Diane and I began to laugh. At first Trish was mad, then saw the humor of it. The three of us sat there and laughed till tears ran down our cheeks. When we finally were able to quit laughing, Trish, like Diane, wanted me to start it over. We sat and watched it. Diane sitting beside me slid her hand into my lap and stroked my cock through my pants.

"Damn, are we good, or what, Lover?" Trish asked as her screen image ate Diane's pussy. She glanced over at us and shook her head. After the video had run, she sat shaking her lovely head. "Well from this, I take it you weren't upset enough to kick your lovely wife's ass out on the street?"

"Do you know what this Shit, did?" Diane asked. Then she told Trish the whole story of what I had done to her. She left nothing out at all. Trish sat looking at us with a bemused grin on her face. When Diane finished her story, Trish laughed and shook her head.

"So, Don, you Bastard, you want us to have a threesome, a menage a twat, as it were. The three of us! Well, what the hell, you have a very, very sexy wife and she and I love each other in a special way. I have no intention of breaking up your happy marriage. I don't want another husband for a long time to come. The last one was a rat bastard. I like a hard cock, and I like a soft pussy too. Well, that's out in the open now. Diane, Darling, it's up to you. He's your husband."

"Honey, would you leave us girls a little while. We need to talk. I'll call you. OK?" Diane said kissing me. I nodded and left the two together. Diane winked as I left.

Well, I thought that went well. Maybe I was in luck? Trish seemed willing. Could one man be that lucky?

They called me in a few minutes later. I walked in and my mouth dropped open. They were both gloriously naked, standing hugging each other, bodies pressed together. Their hips pressed and moved slowly while they kissed. I could tell they were tongue kissing. Diane motioned me over.

"What are you waiting for? I get the first fuck however. You'll just have to be strong and wait a little before you fuck Trish's sweet tight pussy." She whispered her voice husky with desire. They went back to kissing. I shed my clothes. My cock was rock hard. They lay down on the deep soft carpet, and wiggled and twisted together. I moved over and reached out and stroked Trish's firm breasts.

She looked at me and smiled. "Help yourself." She went back to kissing Diane.

I was in heaven; I stroked and fondled her firm mounds. The large pale pink areolas drew my lips like a magnet. I'd never seen any so large. They were fully three inches across. I caught her firm nipple and sucked it in. Remembering she liked a little pain, I nipped it lightly with my teeth. She groaned her approval. I reached over and stroked her other breast and tweaked the nipple. God, it was a dream come true. Her skin was like warm velvet. Diane had her hand between Trish's thighs, her finger buried in her pussy.

They broke apart and swung around. They lay on their sides and moved into a 69. I was inches away, my hands stroking their bodies. I slid down to Trish's pussy and watched fascinated as Diane slid her tongue up and down the spread pussy of her lady lover. I could smell the odor of her excited sex. My cock felt about to burst. Diane looked directly at me and slid her tongue into Trish, then closed her eyes and her lips sucked. Trish groaned softly. They shifted and Diane rolled on top of Trish. They repositioned themselves so they were more comfortable and began to eat each other in earnest.

I moved behind Diane and watched Trish lick her pussy from inches away. Her eyes caught mine. I couldn't hold back any longer and got behind Diane. I placed my cock against her pussy, and Trish moved her head aside slightly. She reached over and caught my cock and guided it to her mouth and licked the head, tasting my pre-cum and slid her lips over the head. God that felt good! Before I could react further, she took it and placed it against Diane's drenched pussy.

I thrust forward and slid it effortlessly into her tight pussy. She and I both moaned aloud. I felt Trish fondle my balls and her tongue flick my exposed cock flesh. Slowly I began top fuck my wife. Her head was bent forward, bobbing up and down as she licked Trish's spread sex. I could feel Trish's tongue lapping my cock as it moved in and out drenched with my beautiful wife's pussy juices. It stopped lapping from time to time so she lick and suck Diane's clit.

The two women sucked and licked each other as I slid in and out of my wife. The tempo moved up and the two began to groan and cry out as the drove each other closer to a climax. When I heard Diane's quavering moan, I sped up my tempo. Her head moved faster and faster between Trish's thighs and Trish added her throaty moan to the chorus. I felt Diane's body shake and her pussy clamped down on my thrusting cock. Trish's hands caught my tight balls stroking them. I exploded inside Diane and she cried out, her voice muffled by Trish's pussy. Trish joined in and her cries came from below as Diane's mouth brought her to a climax too. With a cry I slammed my hips against her shapely ass and my cock shot juices deep inside her, again and again.

Spent, I pulled out and fell back. Trish moved her mouth to Diane's pussy and her lips covered the slowly closing opening as it leaked my cream, and she sucked it from the hot, wet slit. They lay for a while still in a 69, and then rolled apart.

"Damn, that was wonderful!" Diane was the first to speak.

"Oh yes. It was certainly different. Seeing his big hard cock sliding in and out of your pussy and tonguing it as it came out covered with your juices was something else. Lover, you really were putting out the juice. I loved the combined juices of his cum and yours. Don, you stud. I want that big cock in me later. I didn't know it was so long and so thick." Trish said reaching out and stroking my now soft and still wet cock. It twitched and she laughed. She moved slightly and sucked it down and her tongue and lips cleaned it off. Having her mouth around it got it hardening in record time.

"Damn." Trish laughed. "This husband of your is really quick to recover."

"I wonder if having a beautiful sexy totally naked woman, not his wife, sucking it has anything to do with it?" Diane laughed.

"OK, I can get it up quickly with my beautiful sexy totally nude wife too." I protested. Diane told Trish that was true too. Her talented mouth worked it's magic on me and soon had me hard and ready.

"Lover, I want him to get behind you and fuck you doggy style, while you and I eat each other. He had me so hot the other night describing it. I want to try it now." Diane said kissing Trish. She didn't need any urging and moved over Diane's lovely body and straddled her head. I moved behind her and looked at her beautiful ass. I almost drooled. They began to kiss and tongue each other. I spread Trish's ass and ran a finger over her neat small asshole. I would try that later if she were willing. I bent forward and slid my rigid cock against her pussy. Diane was watching and moved her mouth. Her hand took hold and ran it up and down her friend and lover's spread and wet pussy, parting the lips wide. My head was slippery with pre-cum and I pressed it against her shining wet core. She pressed back. Slowly I pushed it against her opening.

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