tagInterracial LoveLucky You Are Ch. 03

Lucky You Are Ch. 03


At the sound of her heels on the pavement, Julian threw aside his cigarette and offered a prayer up to God. He had sped home right after he left Demi's. Her...proposal had been on his mind ever since.

And the way she had grabbed his...

"You're smoking again? You have to quit that as long as you're working for me," she ordered. Demi stretched a heeled foot and snuffed the glowing cigarette out. Leaning her lithe body up against his broad, muscular one, she asked in a suddenly husky voice, "Have you thought about my proposal?"

Julian allowed his eyes to look at her, really look at her. Inwardly, he groaned. Her dress was the color of brown topaz and glittered similarly. It had a sweetheart neckline with spaghetti straps and fit her body like a floor length glove.

"You look like a slut in that dress," he said chokingly. Her glossed lips spread into a sultry smile as she pushed herself on tiptoes to be level with his ear. Her wavy blond hair brushed his neck. "You can take it off if you like," her tongue briefly flicked at his earlobe.

"This has to be sexual harassment," he growled.

"Not if you like it."

"That's exactly why its harassment. I'm being manipulated into liking it."

Demi stepped back and smirked at him. "You're a grown man Julian, I can't manipulate you any more than you wanna be." As if coming out of a seductive trance, she snapped at him and said waspishly, "Now come around back. Andre and others are waiting."

The others turned out to be her drivers, her publicist and numerous bodyguards. After piling into their respective cars, the first being Demi, Julian, Andre and Tina-the publicist- and the other for the bodyguards.

Not for the first time, Julian wondered why he was here. Demi rolled her eyes. "I take most of my team with me when I go to these red carpet events," she said, answering his unspoken question.

Had he said that out loud?

"Whose event is this anyway?" he muttered.

He wasn't too sure of it, but he swore Demi stiffened in her seat. "It's an album release party...you'll see. It's coming up now."

Looking out the window, Julian could see they were somewhere in Hollywood, in front of a club that had an old Spanish décor, with Spanish tiles and gaudy lion heads.

He could also see the red carpet and the hundreds of flashing bulbs of the paparazzi. Their voices- "Who is that?" "Whose in the limo?" "Better be worth these shots..."- could be heard by everyone inside the limo.

Julian swallowed and looked away, his gaze catching Demi, who was staring at him intently. As if putting a mask on her face, her features softened and she winked at him, before stepping out of the limo.

The bodyguards barely had time to get out and surround her before the paparazzi, lights and questions swarmed her...

Speaking of questions...some of them, Julian thought, were outrageous. Especially when he stepped out of the limo.

"Who are you?"

None of your business, he thought, walking forward.

"Are you Demi's boyfriend?"

He smirked at that, but immediately caught his mistake when the crowd collectively gasped and pressed their shutter buttons eagerly.

"How long have you guys been dating?"

"Are you going to get married?"

"Is there a baby?"

"Are you-"

Julian sighed with relief when the door of the club closed behind him, cutting off the eager reporters. How did they jump from being her boyfriend to her baby's daddy was beyond him, but he knew he wanted no part of that. Demi was a bitch, but he gave her props for being able to handle that...craziness.

"You learn to get over it," a deep voice said, coming from behind him. Julian turned to see Andre, one of Demi's assistants, smirking at him.

Andre was almost as tall as Julian, which meant something, since Julian himself was quite tall at 6'0''. His brown eyes sparkled with mirth and he had slight laugh lines at the corners of his mouth.

A man who liked to laugh, and had done so many times.

Julian returned the smirk. "Yeah, well, I guess I'm lucky. I only have to deal with this for three weeks."

Andre snorted. "According to the paparazzi, you're in this for nine months. You know, with the baby she's expecting and all."

They both laughed.

"So you heard that shit too huh?"

The pair lapsed into an easy conversation, ignoring the other people and celebrities in the room, for different reasons. Andre had already seen them all and Julian simply didn't care.


It was well past cocktail hour when she found them. She began to look for him when the false smiles became too much on her cheeks and she felt her lips could crack under her expensive gloss.

She was bored and wanted to go home, maybe get a move on her proposition. She smirked.

"There you guys are!" she exclaimed. Two heads simultaneously swiveled towards her direction and greedy eyes gobbled up her approach.

But it was a pair of dark blue eyes that interested her the most.

Julian looked good tonight. Well, he always did, but he had a debonair quality to his looks today. His black designer, Armani perhaps, suit fit him well along his broad shoulders and muscular, lengthy limbs. His usually unruly black hair was slicked back with industrial strength gel and product.

Yes, definitely suave.

Tightening her hand on her champagne glass, she walked up to the tall gentlemen. "Julian," she gave a polite nod in his general direction, feigning disinterest. "Andre," she nodded again.


"Ms. Smith."

The two glanced at each other before looking back at her. Julian swiped a drink from a passing waiter's tray.

"I trust that you two are enjoying yourselves," she said, making it more a statement rather than a question.

Andre dutifully nodded, while Julian smirked at her over his glass. "Yes, I trust that I am rather enjoying myself," he muttered.

The two men snorted with laughter.

"What?" she barked.

"Do you always speak like that in public?" Julian asked.

"Like how? Proper?" she suggested sassily.


A small silence descended on their group, despite the noise in the room.

"I always speak this way," she uttered, through slightly clenched teeth.

"You didn't when you were on the radio," he pointed out.

She swirled her champagne around in her glass as she glared at him. "Yes, but certain settings call for certain...things. When you're speaking on a radio that only airs in the ghettoes, you should speak...informally. When you're at a party with your peers, you should speak proper."

"Ah," Julian said, tipping his head back slightly. "So you're a conformist?"

In her peripheral she could see Andre hide his smile behind a hand. "No, I just have many personalities."

"So now you are not only a conformist, but you have multiple personality disorder." He smiled widely, showing even white teeth. She wanted to slap him.

"Now that is distasteful," she said, pouting slightly. "I'd like to refer myself to a chameleon. I'm able to adapt to different surroundings and environments. And if you were half the reptile I am, maybe you could learn the necessity of the talent," she suggested, smirking.

"Oh, but I'd rather much be warm blooded."

Demi raised a brow, and clenched her teeth briefly. "So you say now. One month in this business and you'll change your mind. I'm sure of it."

Before he could answer her, a voice- one that she knew well, and hated just as much- drifted over them.

"Demi, doll!" Brie's voice was syrupy sweet and just as cloying. Pasting on another fake smile, Demi turned around, ignoring Julian's questionable glance. "Brie! Congratulations on the new album!"

Brie laughed, showing off perfect teeth. "Thank you! I'm so glad you could make it."

Yeah, right, Demi thought.

Brie was in top form for her album release party tonight. She was beautiful with her curly black Afro that was full and lustrous and highlighted her chocolate brown eyes and skin. The gold dress she wore put Demi's to shame, making her feel like she was wearing a burlap sack.

Demi smirked happily when she saw the deep V-neck of Brie's dress and saw the flatness there.

Brie may beat her in an ass competition, but at least she wasn't apart of the itty-bitty titty committee.

"Oh, Demi, whose this?" Brie asked, locking her eyes on Julian.

Demi tensed as she saw the look in Brie's eyes and was tempted to say 'none of your damn business', but properly responded with an introduction.

"Julian, its nice to meet you," Brie said, extending a smooth, dark skinned hand towards him.

Julian's eyes made a quick circuit up and down Brie's body that made Demi's blood boil before shaking Brie's hand.

"I don't believe I've seen you around before," Brie rasped.

"You haven't. I've only been with Demi for a day. I'm her...temporary manager," Julian explained.

"Oh," Brie said, turning toward Demi, "is he any good?"

"So far," Demi said, briefly glaring at Julian, who returned the glare.

Brie bit her lip as if thinking, but Demi was willing to bet it was a seduction ploy. "Well, maybe when you're...done with Demi, you could come over to me. I've been looking for a new manager."

Demi rolled her eyes.

Julian smiled politely. "I'll see what I can do."

Brie smiled back at him and winked before saying her goodbyes to Demi and Andre.

Looking up, Demi could see Julian's eyes glued to the sway of Brie's wide hips as she walked away.

Shoving her glass in his hand, she muttered, "Close your mouth. You look quite dumb," before walking away into the crowd.

To distract her from thoughts of Julian and Brie fucking, Demi started to strike up a conversation with the first person she saw, which so happened to be Jared King. He had been her music producer for her last album, Demi-God, and before Juliann came along, Demi had a little crush on him.

He was tall, almost as tall as Julian, had smooth dark skin and a winning, bright white smile. His body wasn't the most muscular she had seen, but he still looked damn good in that tux.

And he had so much power and sway in the music industry...

"Hey Jared! Long time, no see," she gushed, cringing slightly at the clichéd icebreaker. "How are you?"

Jared smiled at her and she felt a responding throb between her legs.

She smiled smugly when she saw his eyes absorb her in her dress. Her skin was glowing, thanks to a special lotion that costs her hundreds. Her breasts were pushed up enticingly in the cups of her sweetheart gown. And her hips were not lying as they protruded from her small waist. When she was younger, she had been self-conscious of her curves, hiding herself in baggy clothes and the works, but now she was a woman well aware of the political and romantic advantage her body gave her over men.

And not for nothing, she enjoyed being a cock-tease.

"I'm good, I'm good, can't complain since I made a million dollars yesterday sitting on my ass. And you? I'm sure you're well with your new album. Congrats by the way," he lifted his champagne glass to her briefly as a toast.

"Thank you. I'm doing all right; you know how it is with a new album. Interviews, tour dates and everything. It gets a bit hectic." She breathed deeply and smirked when she saw his eyes drop quickly to her heaving chest and back.

Jared almost seemed to blush when their eyes met. Caught. "I'm sorry. You're beautiful body is just distracting."

Demi lifted an eyebrow, but inside she was smiling wide. "Oh really?"

Jared nodded in agreement and opened his mouth to say something when they were interrupted by a voice beside her.

Looking up at the waiter, she daintily grabbed a hors d'oeuvre. Unconsciously, her eyes drifted further up and over the waiter's shoulder and she saw a sight that made her heart stop and beat faster at the same time.

Julian was leaning against a far wall, staring at her intently. She could feel the heat of his gaze all the way from here. To anybody else he looked to be casually resting against the wall, with his hands in his pockets, but she knew better. She'd seen him angry enough to know he was tense, jaw was locked, and his blue eyes were glittering at her with a possessive anger she felt he had no right to have.

She shivered and turned back to Jared. The moment took only a few seconds, but she felt as though hours had passed.

Snapping back, she resumed her conversation with Jared. "Distracting how?" She questioned coyly.

Jared smiled again. "Distracting like half the time I was thinking about your album and half the time I was thinking about what I would do to that body if we were alone and you were mine."

Demi blushed, "And what would you do?"

She stood in shock as a harsh, yet seductive deep male voice whispered in her ear. "I know what I would do. I'd bend that sweet caramel body over and plunge my fat cock into your tight pussy. I'll pull out all the way so I see your virginal blood on my dick and then I'll push in again and groan when I force your snug sheath to stretch. And then you'll take all of me," Julian said, pushing his lower half against her ass slightly.

She could feel his hardened member against her. Between her legs she received an answering throb that nearly took her breath away. Her panties were sticky with cream from her weeping slit.

"And then...and then baby, I'll fucking own you; it'll be like daddy's home- matter of fact, why don't I show you exactly what I want to do? I don't care what you say to this fucker, but you better be following behind me."

His tone tipped her off and shivering slightly, she said goodbye to Jared, pleading a business emergency.

She didn't stick around to see if he believed her.


When he was sure they were out of Jared's line of sight, he grabbed Demi's elbow and guided her down a hallway and into the last door in the corridor.

"What the hell are you doing? Someone could see us!" Demi screeched as Julian pushed her inside the room and locked the door behind them.

Julian did a quick sweep of the room with his eyes for cameras, noting they were in a dressing room. There was a standard brown couch and a white vanity table. Perfect.

Taking off his suit jacket, he tossed it onto the couch. "Go sit on the table," he told her, rolling up the sleeves of his white button down shirt.

Inside he was seething. He had steadily followed behind her after the encounter with Brie, keeping a slight distance, and had been bothered when he saw her approach some guy.

He became irritated when he saw the same guy look at Demi like a cat does a mouse.

He quickly became enraged when he saw what were sure signs of her flirting: flipping her thick hair over her shoulder, hand on her hip, excessive smiling...

Then she looked up at him. He tried to make his thoughts known to her, telepathy.

'You are MINE', was the general message.

But when she turned back around and continued her conversation with the man, Julian was up and off the wall, and speed walking towards them. He was seeing a mixture of red and green like it was goddamn Christmas, and it had nothing to do with the club strobe lights and more to do with his friends.

Anger and Jealousy.

"Excuse me?" Demi questioned, not looking inclined to move.

"I've accepted your proposition: it's time for lesson one," he said lightly, nodding his head toward the vanity table.

"But- why here?"

Julian shrugged. "Why not?"

Seeing that she wasn't going to move on her own, Julian picked her up and quickly sat her down on the table. He sat down on the chair in front of her closed legs. Shaking his head, he gripped the hem of her gown and pushed it up her legs slowly, his eyes trained on her the whole time.

When he reached her upper thigh, he stopped. He stared at her more closely, noting that she was breathing heavier. She returned his gaze with a raised brow, daring him.

Julian smirked and grabbed her knees, forcing her legs apart. He heard her inhale sharply before calming down. Julian gripped her thong with his thumbs and began to steadily tug it down, still maintaining eye contact with her. She kept her green eyes trained on his, surprising him.

Pulling the thong off, he briefly noted it was a lacy, beige number before putting it in his pant pocket. He pulled her forward, so that her ass was barely on the edge of the table. From where he was sitting he had the perfect view of her bare slit, which he noted pleased, was wet, extremely.

"When you're alone, how do you touch yourself? Show me," he commanded.

Demi shook her head stubbornly. "I don't touch myself."

It was his turn to lift a brow. "You mean to tell me a young woman, who's incredibly sexy and a virgin, raised in the 21st century, has never masturbated."

Demi blushed slightly and rolled her eyes. "Okay. I lied. I have."

Julian gave her a charming smile. "Great. Show me how."

Demi hesitated for a minute before her hand fell between her legs. When he saw what she was doing, he grabbed her wrist and pushed it aside. "That's the problem with Americans, everyone wants to rush. Andare lento. Take your time."

Standing up, he pressed his lips to hers, teasing her with light nips before stroking her tongue with his. While his tongue was busy, his hands were stroking her inner thighs, making a continuous circuit back and forth.

Demi moaned lightly against his lips. Julian marveled at the smoothness of her skin. It was like rubbing his hand against butter!

On one particular circuit, Julian brushed his thumb against her smooth slit. She jumped in response. He continued to brush against her pussy, gradually moving closer and closer to her clit.

When he finally touched the now pulsing nub, Demi let out a shuttered breath and bit down on his bottom lip a little. He groaned, feeling his patience run thin. Forgetting what he had told her previously about going slow, he kneeled down and licked at the slight moisture between her legs.

His licking and sucking increased in speed and he worked one finger into her tight body. He began to flick her clit with his tongue, enjoying her moans above him.

They stayed that way for a short while; Demi's moans gradually becoming louder as she came closer to her climax.

And when that moment finally came, Demi's hips lifted off of the table and she let out a keening cry as he legs wrapped tightly around his neck. Julian swore, God damn him, but he wanted her to be his. He wanted to fucking own her- his own private sex goddess.

Right then he knew he would do anything to have her.

When Demi finally came down from her high, she flipped her wavy blonde hair to one shoulder and smiled shyly at him.

"Can I have my panties back?"

Julian paused, pursing his lips as though he were thinking about it. "Nope."

Demi's gaze dropped briefly to his pants, and his erection. He almost groaned aloud when he saw the hunger in her eyes. He couldn't help the twitch his cock made when she bit her lip.

"Do you want me to help you with that?" she inquired innocently.

Hell fucking yeah, he thought. Visions of him bending her over the table and taking her like an animal flooded his mind, but he shook them away.

"Nope. Another lesson, for another day," he said, helping her down from the table.

As her dress fell back into place an odd look came over her face. "Why didn't you sleep with me?"

Julian raised a brow at her briefly before smiling and donning his suit jacket. "Like I said, another lesson for another day. Is my tie straight?"

Demi stepped forward to straighten his tie, a vacant look in her eyes. "Are you going to go fuck Brie?"

The air left his lungs; he was stunned. Where the fuck had that come from? Brie was the farthest from his mind- and so was the thought of having sex with her. And then he started to get angry. Why did she have to ruin everything?

Julian took a threatening step forward, backing her onto the couch, and bracing himself on his forearms above her. He suddenly wanted to get her as angry as he was.

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