My feet gently pad down the stone hallway illuminated by torches. The flames make shadows dance playfully on my skin mimicking my immediate mood as the bell tolls midnight. I subconsciously navigate my way through this labyrinth of wood and steel, hungry for what awaits on sleeping breath at the end of the tunnel. I cannot hear anything but my heart pounding in my ears and my fingers fumble for my shawl with tingling numbness.

A silent song pulls me toward the black door at the end of the hall. My queen has awoken and she is expecting me. I hear her heartbeat match mine and my skin breaks out into gooseflesh out of hungry excitement. I could smell her blood right through the wood as if she naturally secretes the sticky sweet metallic nectar. I press myself against her door as if to seep through the grains like liquid through a sieve. I lean against the door, chest heaving in shuddering breaths letting the change take over me. My senses are keen and I could smell sleep on her along with feeling the burning desire that mirrors mine in her body. My beautiful queen. My horrible queen. My heart. My soul. My Luna.

I hover my hand over the doorknob to only grasp it so hard it leaves its intricate designs tattooed on my palm. Upon entering, I am greeted by a pungent breeze of dead flowers and sandalwood with the underlying smell of her. The room is cloaked in darkness yet ambiently lit by the moonlight spilling in through the windows yet I do not need any light to find her. My nocturnal eyes fall onto the dark beauty lying in a sea of satin blood and crimson clouds. Our eyes lock and I come to her drawn by her sexual magnetism. I feel drugged as if her breath were pure arsenic yet I breathe it in by the lungful. I wish for this angel to poison me. Poison me with her breath, her blood, and her saliva until I die because dying by her hand would only give me rebirth.

I crawl into her arms admiring the contrast of my chocolate flesh on her creamy skin and how her jet black hair splays over the pillow in tendrils. There is a waterfall between my legs as she let the sheets fall away from her bodice revealing her glory to me. Her skin as smooth as silk, her breasts perfect mouthfuls , and her maidenhead a nautilus of pleasure. I let my shawl float to the ground, putting my soul up for display to her. We have not even touched and the bed smells like our mingled secretions. Her nose traces a path up between my breasts and lets her lips playfully tickle my neck.

I climax as her fangs melt into my arterial stream and her fingers plunge into the lust nesting between the stems that are my legs. My blood flows toward the holes in my neck as she drinks her fill. I am wasted as she pulls away from me yet I feel a smile creep up the corners of my mouth as she lays back, submission to me. My shallow breaths grow into shuddering ones and then steady exhalations as I watch her taste me on her fingers.

My body rides on the crests of satin waves and I am intoxicated by the aroma her smooth mound fans my way. I am embraced by her musky scent which pulls me toward its source. My rose petal lips caress the silky euphoria that is her inner thigh and the musk drives me to dive into her shadowy bliss. The snake in my mouth works its way through each of her chambers as she locks me into a death vice. Her center hardens into bits of glass and her muscles tighten below as she arches like a bow revealing herself in all her splendor. Warmth rolls down my chin and fills my throat with comfort like hot tea. I taste the liquid muskiness first and then came the wave of blood as I break the dam that is her veins with my teeth like a predator devouring his prey.

I drink greedily from her fountain and my spirit soars, flying with the moon. Her point of climax is the sun turning black, the rivers running dry, the stars growing cold, and the moon glowing like a thousand white hot suns. I feel her heart weaken and reluctantly let go licking my muzzle. We collapse in each other's arms looking into each other's eyes allowing ourselves to merge into one, feeling one another's blood churn through the molecular maps in our bodies. We fall asleep, legs entwined like the creeping ivy on the castle walls atop the beautiful mess that was her bed.

The warmth of her body and the wind rustled leaves that is her breath confirms that she is mine. My enchanted queen. My vampira. My blood. My Luna.

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