tagExhibitionist & VoyeurLuna vs. The Camp Ch. 01

Luna vs. The Camp Ch. 01


As we finally arrived at the campsite, me, Rebecca and the girls got our luggage and started walking towards the main cabin area.

On the way, the counselor launched into some informative speech that the four of us completely missed as Rebecca tugged at my shirt and held me back, we soon found ourselves trailing behind the group by a good 40 feet.

I noticed Rebecca was toying with the elastic band of my shorts; I said nothing, despite being pretty nervous with other people around.

"Luna, stop!" Rebecca whispered in my ear, I came to a complete halt, wondering what was going to happen.

Suddenly, I felt the shorts being pulled down, and I was soon bottomless save for my shoes, I was panicking, that was quick!

"start walking." Kylie placed her hand on my back and pushed me along at a slightly faster pace than we were going previously, supposedly to close the distance we gained during my stripping, with this, I was forced to step out of my shorts, leaving them behind.

I didn't know this at the time, but Rebecca had picked them up, so, for the time being, I might as well have lost the only piece of clothing I had to cover my lower half for the rest of the trip.

The feeling of the cool air tickling my exposed pussy was already driving me insane, I held my duffle bag in front of my exposed sex, the bag only held toiletries and essentials, naturally, it had no clothes.

The counselor went on about the activities of the camp, of course, the girls and I were too engrossed in our own activities to notice what she was talking about, I certainly couldn't focus on what she was saying when Rebecca came up and placed her hand on my butt, giving it a tight squeeze.

I didn't dare look back in fear of missing a critical moment when someone would look back and somehow realize that I was bottomless out in the open, a notion which loomed stronger as Rebecca's hand crawled down from my ass to my pussy, gently pressing a finger against my lips and parting them slightly.

My awareness was slowly fading as Rebecca continued to gently caress my wet, lower lips, and I was doing all I could to walk, pay attention and stop myself from moaning all at the same time.

I'm not exactly sure how long we walked, but we passed several buildings before Rebecca grabbed my shoulder again and brought me to a halt.

"So girls, you'll be staying in that cabin, are you four okay with each other?" The counselor stopped and asked us, I was not in a condition to answer her question; I was pretty distracted, and thus fairly slow on the uptake, finding myself tongue-tied and unable to really string a useful sentence together, thankfully, Jackie jumped in with a "yup!" and saved me the embarrassment of having to say anything.

The counselor left us to our own devices after she told us about the time we had before lunch, and the other girls went ahead to the other cabin, soon enough, it was only the four of us.

I took a deep breath in relief, but that only made me let my guard down as Jackie took my bag from me and left me empty handed, which made Kylie's job of grabbing onto my shirt and lifting it off my head far easier.

It took me a few seconds to realize that I was naked, but I didn't say anything, I curled my sandaled toes in excitement as I gave my breasts a squeeze and pinched my already hardened nipples.

"Come on Luna, let's get inside." Rebecca, instead of pushing me forward like she did before, opted to give me a sharp smack on the rear, sending me jumping forward and into a steady walking pace towards our cabin.

Even though it was a short distance, it felt like an eternity walking the courtyard from where we stood all the way to the door of the cabin.

I looked around as we walked, there was the second cabin where the rest of the girls (who until now I've yet to meet to or even catch the names of), and in the distance, past the picnic area and the counselors' offices, I could see the boys' cabins.

There was even more to the camp, a beach and a lake, a hiking trail, even archery ranges and a basketball court, you could really get lost in this place, and considering the number of kids here, you could probably get away with being stripped naked like this quite easily.

I was snapped back from my musings by the realization that we're reached the steps to the cabin porch, I looked back, it was so quiet, save for some birds and the rustling of leaves, I looked down at Rebecca and the girls, they were grinning, sizing me up from head to toes, and I felt a little self-conscious, I wasn't used to people being aware of my love of getting stripped like this, not so explicitly at least.

"The door's open, Luna." Jackie nodded her head to the door behind me, I nodded back and turned around and walked in.

The place was roomier than I expected, there was a living room with nothing but a sofa and coffee table in the middle of it, a small kitchenette right in front of it, and beyond that a small bathroom and an equally sized storage closet, the living room was overlooked by an alcove to the left, separated by a low roof that had yet another alcove on top of it, one that could be reached by going up a ladder just short of ten feet high.

The girls walked in from behind me, too impatient to wait for me to soak in the location, they instantly started ooh-ing and ah-ing at every little detail in the place.

I relaxed a bit, letting myself enjoy the place a bit more until I noticed that the girls were done fawning over the place, they were now gathered around me.

"Well, Luna? What are you waiting for?" Rebecca had her hands clasped behind her back, she swayed gently as she looked me from head to toe "Get comfy."

I swallowed, feeling a faint twinge of embarrassment being stared at by three girls who were waiting for me to strip naked, that didn't really last long as waves of excitement washed over me, I quickly forgot that sense of shame and reached down to the hem of my shirt, pulling it over my head and released the twins, without hesitation, I untied the drawstring on my shorts and pushed them down, stepping out of my sandals at the same time.

I stood there completely naked in front of the girls, I couldn't help but reach up and pinch my aching nipples, biting my lower lip as what I'm sure was a goofy grin spread across my face, the girls laughed, and I could feel myself blushing hard.

"Hey Luna, how d'you feel about getting filmed?" Kylie pulled her cell phone out and shook it in her hand "Becky got a video of you on the bus, but does it do anything for you?"

"I love it." I squeaked, my legs were getting shaky just thinking about it.

"Well then, how about we make a christening video?" Kylie began toying with her phone, setting it up to capture what Kylie called the "christening video" before she looked back up at me, with the phone's camera pointing squarely in my direction "So go ahead and introduce yourself, pretend that this is being seen by a lot of people online."

"Um... Hi everyone..." I was taken aback by Kylie's declaration, but I decided to go along with it and ask afterwards, especially since I felt that telltale feeling of arousal the moment she said it, I waved to the fictional audience behind the lens of the phone's camera "I'm Luna, and we just got to our cabin, and now we're going to... Christen it."

"That's right, we're gonna have you give us a tour, Luna." Kylie seemed happy that I was going along for whatever she had planned for this tour "Let's start with the living room."

I gingerly walked past the girls and to the "living room", which really was nothing more than the space in between the beds and the kitchenette, populated by nothing other than a simple couch set and rectangular coffee table.

"Um, okay... This is the living room, not much to see, just a couple of couches and a table..." I was kinda lost, not exactly sure what I was supposed to do, I gave a pleading look to Kylie, hoping she would give me a hint, thankfully, she came to my rescue:

"Why not try the couch out? Let us know if it feels nice?" Kylie gave me further directions, and I followed them, sitting down and leaning back

I saw Kylie waving her free hand about, basically telling me to spread my legs, at least, that's what I thought she was trying to tell me to do.

I slowly let my legs spread open, my arms were resting by my sides, giving my friends and the camera an unobstructed view of my round breasts, erect nipples, trimmed pussy mound and slightly moist pussy.

"Does it feel good?" Kylie asked me, not sure if she meant the couch or being naked in front of them.

"Yeah," I answered both questions anyways.

I sat there in silence, not sure for how long but it couldn't have been more than twenty seconds, I looked around the place but occasionally gave a glance and a smile at the camera.

"Okay then, how about we move on to the kitchen?" Kylie suggested, and I sprung up from the couch and moved towards the kitchen.

The kitchen was comprised of a small counter that separated it from the living room, a fridge, a few cupboards, a sink and a microwave.

"Here's the kitchen," I waved my arms to show off the place, this time around I at least had a few things to interact with, I curiously opened a few of the drawers and cupboards, naming out loud what I found in them.

"Wait! Go back!" Kylie piped up, and I looked at her before opening the drawer I just opened, I think I knew what she saw; there was a spatula in there.

I picked the flat utensil up, and displayed it to the camera, waiting for Kylie to give me the word, but she turned it around on me:

"What do you think we should do with this?" Kylie asked, I gulped and turned around, thinking about it, I hadn't given the camera a clear shot of my round butt just yet, I held the head of the spatula out close to it, looking back at Kylie, who just nodded.

I reeled my arm back and swatted down, catching my left cheek with the spatula, it bounced lightly against the smack, I switched to my other hand and gave yet another smack.

"Great, let's move on." Kylie said, and I put down the spatula "Let's make a quick visit to the bathroom."

"We walked over, the bathroom was absolutely tiny, barely enough room for a small sink, a toilet seat and a small compartment for the shower, separated by a pane of frosted glass. I was getting excited, wondering what I might have to do here, sadly, Kylie was content to announce that we'll be having a lot of fun here later.

Coming out of the bathroom, we were left with one last section of the cabin; the sleeping area, which was segmented into two "floors", though the upper floor was located halfway between the ceiling and the ground, there were two beds on each floor, the upper of which was connected to the ground floor by a sturdy, varnished wooden ladder.

"So Luna, since we like you so much, we'll let you have the upper bunk." Rebecca grinned and motioned with her head towards the second floor, I wondered if there was a hidden intention behind it.

"Um... Thanks?" I rubbed my arm, somewhat nervous, but to be fair, I was already naked and willing to do much more, so there wasn't much to be worried about.

"So let's go check out your new bed!" Ah, so that was it, I smiled inwardly once Rebecca continued, I turned around, grabbed hold of the ladder and began climbing upwards.

As expected, the camera focused on my ass and even managed to peek at my moist pussy lips, I tried to sway a little more than usual as I climbed the ladder.

The second floor was fairly sparse, in fact, there was barely enough room for two beds up there and what little room left was necessary to walk between them.

The beds themselves looked comfortable enough, with white sheets and a single pillow on each bed, again, nothing too fancy, but it was far from what you would call spartan.

"Well Luna, just like the couch, time to give a tour of your bed." This time it was Jackie who spoke up to declare the next part of the christening.

I first sat down on the bed, smoothing out a wrinkle on the sheets, then I lay down on my stomach, the sheets were fairly soft, I let my head rest on the pillow, aware that I was giving a good view of my bubble butt to the camera, but still, I wanted to go further, I slowly let my legs open, trying to look as natural as possible as I gave another peek at my pussy, not satisfied, I got up onto my hands and knees, pushing my hips back, I made sure to give as clear a view of my pussy and asshole as I could, I patted the pillow as if inspecting it.

"That's a comfy bed." I said, nonchalantly, before turning around and facing the camera, standing on my knees "Is that it for the tour?"

"Not quite," Kylie corrected, I took a deep breath and held it in, waiting for her to continue "there's still one place left we haven't gotten a tour of."

"That would be you, Luna." Rebecca clarified Kylie's statement "give us a tour of yourself."

"Oh." I chirped, perhaps letting a little too much excitement show in my voice, but I didn't really care to correct my attitude, sitting down from my kneeling position "well, let's start from the top."

"I'm around five foot six, my hair is black, but I like to dye the tips blond." I began the description, matting my hair, which reached to my collar bones, down against my body, which naturally led to me moving on to my breasts "I'm a C-cup, 36-C to be exact."

I gave the girls a light squeeze, my hands continued downwards, fingers brushing against my bare tummy.

"I wouldn't say I'm athletic, my body's about average." My hands came to a rest on my luscious thighs, I wasn't hesitant to continue, but I wanted to give myself a chance to let this all sink in.

"You've got a bit of a tan, Luna." Jackie remarked, I nodded "Is it natural?"

"Yes, I'm part native." I answered succinctly, and then carried on with my tour, I parted my legs a little, letting my pubic mound come into view "I never shaved this entirely, I mostly just keep it trimmed."

"We'll see about that later." Rebecca gave a retort, my head swam just a little bit from the expectation "for now, let's take a closer look at what's below."

I sat back, reclining on one hand as I took a deep breath, I teased the camera a couple of times, but now I was about to expose it completely, I spread my thighs open and propped my legs against the bed with my heels, making an M shape with them.

My free hand reached down and spread my lips open for the camera, there was no denying how slick I already was, I began giving out a tour of my most private part:

"This is my pussy..." Was all I could manage, I didn't know what else to say at first, but the words came to me "I love showing it off."

"I bet you do, it's pretty wet." Kylie commented, and I could feel myself blush hotly "Are you a virgin, Luna?"

"No, I'm not," I replied, still feeling extremely flushed, not only were my private parts being exposed but so was my sexual history.

"Yeah, I figure it'd be hard to do that for someone like you." Another barbed comment from Kylie "Get on your hands and knees Luna, and show us what this pretty thing looks like from behind."

I nodded and turned around, bending over and letting my head rest on the pillow as I reached back and spread my cheeks apart, then gingerly reaching further and spreading my lips again, this time with the added bonus of putting my puckered anus on display.

"Those are very pretty, Luna." My face was hidden, so neither the girls nor the camera caught the big grin on my face, not that it mattered, it was fairly obvious that I was doing this of my own volition and pleasure "That's about it for the tour of the cabin, except..."

"... Yes?" I was fairly sure that I knew what was coming next, I eagerly awaited Kylie's prompting.

"Well, you showed us how comfortable the bed is for sleeping..." Kylie began, looking back, I could see her getting a closer look at my exposed pussy with her phone "But do you do anything else in your bed, Luna?"

"I do!" I couldn't hold my enthusiasm back anymore, and it showed, I wiggled my butt in anticipation, I didn't want to hold back anymore.

"Show us," Kylie whispered sensually, and I complied.

Not bothering to change my position, head in the pillow and ass pointing to the ceiling, I let go of my cheeks and directed one hand to begin toying with my aching clit, the other hand took to pinching my nipples as I rocked back and forth in unrestrained pleasure.

The pillow beneath my head muffled my moans quite well, but I was still loud enough to be heard on the video, I was now rubbing my clit with wild abandon, the hand tweaking my nipples and squeezing my breasts changed position and darted right towards my pussy, I easily inserted two fingers inside of it, that made an even louder sound as the juices inside me churned and I gasped for air.

Before long, I was furiously pumping my fingers into my pussy, the squelching sound of my masturbation only made me more aware of how humiliating this was, I've only met these girls a few hours ago, and already they'd gotten me naked and masturbating for them twice, both times on film.

My thoughts went back to Rebecca, remembering her calling me a slut on the bus, and that thought was the last straw, I came to a thunderous climax, I was shaking with pleasure as I drove my fingers deep into my pussy, spasming and convulsing as if electricity was running through my body, juices leaking down the side of my thighs, panting like I just ran a marathon.

"Wow, you looked like you enjoyed this more than last time." Rebecca chimed in, though I barely heard her, hell, I was barely aware of everyone else but me at this point, as far as I was concerned, I was alone in the world.

It felt like forever before anyone else spoke up, only when my breathing stabilized did they prod me up and lead me to the bathroom, the girls shoved me into the shower and told me to get cleaned up (making sure to make a video of me doing so, naturally), when I got out, they told me to get dressed.

We were going to get lunch.

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