Lunch Date


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This story includes scenes of graphic non-consensual sex that some readers may find offensive.


I was sitting at work on what seemed to be a normal Tuesday doing some minor planning for my wedding which was only a week away when I received an IM from this this guy I had been talking to on and off for several months.

He asked that I meet him for lunch because we needed to talk.

I met him at this pub downtown. We talked and had lunch and right as I was getting ready to leave he grabbed my arm and said "No, I won't let you do this."

He took my hand and pulled me into the bathroom and pinned me on the wall. I pushed against him and tried to keep him from kissing me.

I kept telling him it was wrong and we couldn't do anything. He pinched my nipple through my clothes hard enough I screamed. He slid my panties out from under my dress and stuffed them in my mouth and with his cheek against mine he whispered in my ear to not make a sound or he would show me what real pain was. My whole body stiffened in fear because we had never done anything before and I didn't know how serious he was.

With me still pinned on the wall he slid a finger inside me and my body began quivering. He whispered again, "Oh yea. I love your tight wet pussy." He thrust another finger in, going deeper, "You like that don't you?"

I tried to fight and push his fingers out, but he just pushed them in deeper and smiled. He was enjoying having me fight. All of a sudden he stopped and said he was going to make it where my fiancé would always know he had been inside me.

He took out a small knife, carved an X into my upper arm, then took out a small bottle of cayenne pepper, poured it into his hand and rubbed it into the wound. This made me scream and fight harder until i was too exhausted to fight. He took the panties out of my mouth, picked me up, and carried me to the car, telling everyone I had too much to drink. The ride was very blurry and I was in and out of consciousness.

I woke up in a room with the curtains blocking out all but small slivers of sun. I had cuffs on my wrists that were attached to chains just long enough to stand up. I was on a large bed with silk sheets, in a red lace nightie.

I started fighting with the cuffs to try and get them off when he opened the door. He was in gym shorts and tennis shoes (no shirt) and was sweating like he had been working out. He came closer to me and pulled on the chain connected to my injured arm. I fell to my knees, my head hanging down and my arm on fire from the pepper.

He lifted my face to look at him and said not to worry because he would take good care of me. "You will love me and serve me, won't you?" I didn't answer. He squeezed the wound and repeated the question. I screamed, "Yes!" He squeezed harder and yelled, "Yes WHAT!?!?" "Yes, master," I said with shame burning in my face.

He smiled as he looked me over. I was chained, helpless, and at his mercy. He got on the bed behind me and rubbed my breast before pushing me over so I was on my hands and knees. He slid his dick inside me and moaned. He started slowly at first and gradually getting harder and faster until he was so deep I was screaming in pleasure. My muscles tightened around his dick and spasmed as I came.

He pulled out and turned me around, grabbed my hair, and put his dick in my mouth. "Taste it! Taste what I do to you." I sucked all of my cum off of him and just when I thought he would stop he gripped my hair tighter and shoved his dick to the back of my throat and erupted.

Exhausted, he laid me back on the bed and brushed my hair from my face. By then the cuffs were cutting into my skin and my wrists were red from the friction. "Can I trust you enough to take these off?" I nodded and he freed my hands. "Now stay here and rest. I'll expect another performance later." He left locking the door to the hallway.

When I woke I could hear people downstairs like he was hosting a party. I went into the bathroom and started the shower to try and wash the pepper out of my arm. As I wet my hair I heard the door open. When I opened my eyes he was in front of me. He grabbed me by the throat and pinned me against the cold shower wall just where the water was running down my face and I couldn't see him.

He took the rope from a robe hanging nearby and tied my hand over the shower head. I coughed and struggled to catch my breath between the grip of his hand and inhaling the hot water. He yelled at me that I hadn't gotten permission to shower and what if someone had noticed I was here.

Suddenly he calmed and began rubbing my chest. "I don't have time to punish you right now." He finally released me and I fell to the shower floor. He walked into the bedroom to get the cuffs and chains.

I grabbed the robe and ran to the hallway but didn't make it to the stairs before he grabbed me and dragged me back to the bed. He straddled me to put my cuffs back on and lock them back to the bed. I screamed for someone to help and that's when he taped my mouth.

He kissed me through the tape. "I love you too much to let you ruin this," and returned to the party.

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