tagErotic CouplingsLunch on Friday

Lunch on Friday


It was Friday and Nikolaus Lundborg was furious. He hadn't been able to concentrate, his cock had been hard most of the morning and so he was now in a great deal of pain. It was her fault and he wanted to make her pay. He could not believe that he had not slept with his wife in a week. He had barely spoken to her, the cold nod when he happened to pass her in the corridor on Tuesday and when he attended her meeting to close the Ikea deal yesterday was all the contact that he had had with Lauren for the past seven days.

Lauren had walked out of their marriage taking their son, Jonas, with her. She had moved into their apartment in downtown Stockholm, the one that he used to grab a quick shower and change if the events of the day proved too fast-paced for him to get home before his evening began; the one that they used to grab a quick fuck at lunch break if they couldn't wait to get home to dive into each other. She had allowed him in when he had gone by last night "to see Jonas" but she had not permitted him to touch her despite the fact that the tenting in his pants was painful to him and obvious to her.

No, this wouldn't do. He was going to show the little cunt that she had no business to deny him his conjugal rights and take his child. They would be back at home by this evening and he was going to sex her into oblivion before he allowed her to sleep that night. Nikolaus went to his private bathroom to relieve himself and to plan his next move.

"Astrid? I need the list of all of our major meetings today," he paged his assistant.

The woman came in and he had to look away quickly and shuffle the files on his desk so that she would not see that his nostrils flared and that his mouth watered when he looked at her breasts. An image of himself biting and sucking Lauren's nipples hard came to him immediately and he nearly creamed his pants. He barely managed to hold things together until Astrid went back to her own office when closing himself into his restroom again he wrestled his stiff aching member out just in time to shoot one of the largest loads that he could remember. Nikolaus groaned and slid to the floor in desperation. He had to have her back. He had to have her back today, or he would go insane.

Lauren had her back to the door when he got off the elevator and entered her department. He shook his head slightly, silencing everyone who made as if to greet him. She was leaning over with her hands on the conference table, her butt in spanking position. She wore a festive floral two piece dress in a light material that called attention to her curvy figure and proclaimed her Jamaican heritage proudly to this new Swedish world in which she found herself when she walked out of a promising career in academia to marry Nikolaus and work for his family. The innocence of the skirt that fell mid-calf was offset by the high-heeled fuck-me sandals that she wore on her perfectly pedicured feet.

Lauren stopped talking when she noticed that her two colleagues seemed a bit distracted. She turned around and noticed Nikolaus staring at her. She stared back defiantly, hoping that he wouldn't notice how uncomfortable she really was. The woman fought to maintain eye contact with her husband, control her breathing and squeeze her legs together to dampen the painful throbbing that erupted in her cunt. She folded her arms across her chest to hide nipples that were also suddenly painfully erect.

"Ah, how are you? Are you here to check up on the Ikea contract?" she asked ushering him politely into one of the small meeting rooms away from the rest of the staff.

"It's time for you to come home," Nikolaus said without preamble when she had closed the door behind them.

"That's not going to happen," she said shortly.

"Things can't go on like this."

"Jonas and I are perfectly happy," she said nonchalantly.

"Liar," he said softly and reaching out suddenly, he grabbed her arm and dragged her to him. He pressed her against the back of one of the chairs and forced her to palm the hardness in his pants.

"Let go of me Nikolaus!" she said angrily. "Everyone can see us."

She tried to reach passed him to close the blinds.

"No leave those open," he said. "I want them to see this. They're all your friends aren't they? Don't they know what a naughty little wife you've been this week?"

Nikolaus swept the woman into a searing kiss, crushing her mouth against his, demanding access with his teeth and tongue. He held her in place with one hand while his other jacked up her skirt so that he could squeeze and slap her butt cheeks, bared because she wore only a thong. Lauren tried to wrestle herself away from him but the more she did so the more tightly he held her and the more roughly he manhandled her. He spun her around and pressed her roughly into the table. He forced her down, presenting her ass to him for penetration. He didn't care that the entire staff in her division was watching them through the thick glass in shocked fascination. He didn't care that a couple of the men had pulled their cell phones out and were recording his and Lauren's coupling for posterity; at least it wasn't him and Erik! He fumbled with his zip and released his monster erection. He had prepared himself for her and so he was already lubed. He didn't hesitate, he forced himself in.

"You nasty little slut," Nikolaus murmured into Lauren's ear when he encountered less resistance than he expected.

She had obviously been preparing to be entered like this because her hole was slippery and fairly relaxed as well.

"You been sleeping with your butt plug in every night this week haven't you?" he asked hotly.

"Shut up," Lauren said breathing deeply struggling to get up.

Nikolaus pulled his cock entirely out of her body and pushed in again even harder, burying himself up to the hilt. He hoisted her skirt up around her waist, pulled the thong to the side and rode her ass hard, slapping her round butt cheeks with stinging blows from his open palm when he wanted more connection between them. He knew that his fingers were leaving marks in her flesh where he held her down but he couldn't make himself release his grip. He felt shame at what the watching staff must think of him when his thrusts became hard enough to begin to lift her off the floor and they both began to groan loudly enough to be heard in the next room, but he could not control himself.

Then pulling himself away from her desperately he flipped her over so that she lay on her back on the conference table and immediately stuffed himself into her glistening cunt to lube up again before a second assault on her ass. She wrapped her legs around his waist and clung to him, only her pelvis grinding in time with his rapid thrusts into her body. He ripped open her blouse, hoisted one of her breasts out of her bra and squeezed it hard. How dare she withhold herself from him like this, he would make sure that she didn't try this again.

Nikolaus swallowed Lauren's scream in his mouth with a wicked laugh. He squeezed her teat even harder and felt her milk spurt into his hand. He bowed his head to suck hard at one of her straining nipples but bit down on her tender nub when he remembered how much he had suffered during the week.

Lauren struggled to free herself from the torment but this only drove Nikolaus wilder and made him deal with her in a more severe manner. He slapped her breasts hard with his hand, causing them to jiggle saucily for the watching crowd. He slapped her face and ripped off his belt to whip her butt, her fleshy thighs and her exposed cunt.

Nikolaus felt his balls tighten at the sight of his wife squirming so sexily under his barrage of blows and knew that the end was near for him. He checked to see if Lauren looked as if she were close too. She wasn't as close as he was so he pulled out of her and holding his cock, offered it to her to cool it down a little in her mouth.

Lauren deep throated him mischievously and he nearly fainted. He squeezed her breasts again, pinching her nipples savagely, to control her. Lauren laid panting up at him, wanton desire in her eyes as she gazed at him towering above her. She dialled down the intensity of her sucking and gave him a little breathing space to calm himself.

They didn't last much longer though, Nikolaus felt his balls erupt and he sprayed Lauren's mouth with his jism. She swallowed and kept swallowing until she choked from a lack of air but then he sprayed her face and her tits with the excess. For her part, she clung to him, her nails painfully digging little crescent ridges into his back and buttocks. The realisation that they had seen more than one flash go off, pictures of their mating being taken, drew them back to the present and it dawned on Nikolaus that they had just given the staff in the little R&D department a show to end all shows. He glanced up to see two of the men heading quickly for the toilets - undoubtedly to help themselves there -- but the others didn't bother to hide, they wanked openly and one couple, was that Christina Asenlund from the dispatch department and Gunner Ericksson from marketing(?) - were slung over a desk in their own desperate dance to the death. He had no idea that they were together!

Shit! There were people there other than those from her department who'd seen them now. There would be need for some damage control, but on reflection Nikolaus did not care. He had never hidden from the staff how deeply he loved Lauren and they really were their friends. Besides, the feelings of loss that he had experienced during the week had taken him back to the time before he had met Lauren and he had no plans to experience that again, ever.

"Let's go," he panted. He wanted her again but suddenly, didn't want the staff to think him greedy. He wanted her alone so that he could worship her body this time and take his rightful place in her arms suckling her breasts. He wanted to be her baby again. He wanted to have her spank him for being such an impatient little brat and demanding her attention the way that he just did. He was afraid of bursting into tears when the enormity of how much this game had taught him about his love for her came crashing back on him and he did not want to do that in front of any of these people. He needed to get her away and have some alone time with her as quickly as possible.

He wouldn't be able to wait until he got her home into their own bed so the apartment where she and their son had spent the week would have to do. Nikolaus grabbed his keys from his pocket and threw it to his friend, the ever-present Erik, who smirked at him evilly.

"Pick up Jonas at the nursery for me. I'll collect him later."

He hoisted Lauren in a fireman's carry over his shoulder, her butt high in the air for all to see, and ran with her to the lift. Pressing the basement button he took her to her car and drove her to the place where they would really get their marriage back on track.

"So, what did you think?" a languidly happy Lauren asked.

"No... Let's not do this again. A week of foreplay is far too long and I don't think that I could survive that again... And I'm sure that there were some people who thought that you had really left me...Something like that could affect our share price if it got out you know," Nikolaus said, solemnly. "And mamma and pappa would think that I was a real screw-up!"

"You know that we're not a publicly listed company, don't you, Mr. Lundborg? We weren't playing long enough for you to forget a thing like that!" Lauren giggled. "And your parents know that you're not a screw-up; so don't even try that argument on me."

"I know, but it doesn't matter; we're not doing this again, Doctor," he said, drawing his woman into another lingering kiss.

All was right with his world again.

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