tagNonConsent/ReluctanceLunch Time Surprise Ch. 2

Lunch Time Surprise Ch. 2


Getting back to work was no big deal. I gave the worker the part for them to fix the machine. I went into the office to think about what had just happened, the last time I fucked a virgin, it was my girlfriend that turned into my wife 10 years ago. It took me four months to get into her pants and then I was so in love I took my time at trying things with her. Therefore I got a very conservative wife; she never gives me a blowjob and will not even let me lick her pussy. I tried porno tapes only to be told that they were disgusting

As I thought of all this I decided I would meet Judy tomorrow and begin to turn her into a slut. I was sitting at my desk with a hard-on just thinking of what I wanted to do to Judy. I think I could still smell her pussy on my upper lip and dreamed of licking her again. First I had to finish this day; I went home to my boring wife who until today I was happy to fuck. Besides the slightly sagging tits was not a bad looking women, she is big as in 5' 10" broad shoulders and a size 14. However, with her height it fit her well, she is also a natural redhead which does seem to catch some attention from time to time. I just could not envision her as the slut I was going to make Judy. That evening I went to bed early telling my wife I had a hard day at work.

Tuesday morning was going, so slow I had already arranged to take a half-day off, so I would not have to worry about time. I sat doing paper work and the clock moved ever so slow, the thought in my head were all of Judy's young body, her sweet pussy I was going to lick again and how I could get her so hot that she wanted it worst than I did. It is amazing that I got any work done. Finally 11am I went out to my car and drove to the same parts house as yesterday, I sat there for what again seemed like forever my stomach was churning, I should have ate something. Then it hit me as I watched two different girls walk to the edge of the fence and walk back that I was in a different car and maybe Judy would think I did not show up.

Just as I considered the worst I saw Judy crossing the street toward the parking lot, looking for the van I'm sure. I gathered myself for a second and stepped out of my car calling her, Judy just walked to the passenger side opened the door and got in.

"Let's go"

We drove in silence making me have second thoughts, but as my eyes looked at her nice young legs, the thoughts of making her a slut started coming back. We parked and I got out before realizing Judy had not moved she was just sitting there in the front seat looking at me. I quickly and strongly said, "GET OUT OF THE CAR NOW! Judy opened the door as I walked towards her; again, Judy was wearing a short pleated skirt her legs looked so good I wanted to push her into the car and start licking at her pussy.

Before I knew it, Judy was out of the car, walking toward the apartment. I again followed only this time I stayed maybe four steps down, looking up I could see her white panties and the little bit of ass cheek on the sides. As Judy unlocked the door I came up behind her, reached under her skirt to felt her ass. As we entered the apartment I turned Judy towards me and we kissed. After a minute or so, Judy pulled back.

"We shouldn't be doing this"

"Doing what?" I asked

"You know, THIS!"

"You don't want to kiss?"

"Yes, but...but I could hardly walk today, I hurt a little from yesterday"

"Oh I know what you need"

Therefore, I walked her over to the back of the couch I asked her to sit on the edge as I unbuttoned her blouse. I leaned into her and kissed her neck, removed her blouse and her bra. Judy's tiny tits looked so inviting, her nipples were hard so there was no hiding the fact that she was just as turned on as I was. I kissed my way down to those wonderful little tits of her. I licked and sucked on them as if there were no tomorrow; my hand was now on her leg oh the smoothness of them. I knew I had to get to that tight pussy, so much for my plan I just couldn't wait my cock was so hard and taking over my mind. Maybe I could lick her into submission I thought so as gently as I could I pushed her back onto the couch. Now she was upside down, Judy's legs were kind of flipping not knowing what to do. I grabbed them pulled her whole body towards me as I started to kiss her thighs.

"What are you doing?" she asked as I pushed her skirt up sort of speak, this time I had to get her panties out of the way. I reached for the waistband of her panties and pulled towards me, they were off in no time at all. Again, I pulled Judy up toward me, opening her legs in the process. Judy had to use her hand to balance herself on the cushions of the couch. The look of that entire black bush, surrounding her pussy lips was a remarkable sight. She still had on her knee sock, which added to her overall good girl look. I pushed her legs apart as far as they would go, as I watched those lips open slightly, I could hold back no longer I brought my tongue to the bottom of her pussy and licked my way to her clit. Judy began to moan as my tongue worked the folds of her pussy. Judy had her eyes closed and her breathing was getting faster as I was licking her sweet pussy toward orgasm.

"Ohh my god that feels good" Judy began moaning

"Oh you like this do you?"

"Ohh god Yes I love it, but it's wrong"

Just then I stopped; I had her where I wanted her. Judy's eyes opened up.

"Why'd you stop, lick my pussy"


"What why not?"

"Say it's my pussy"


"Say it's my pussy"

"What do you mean?"

"You sat it my pussy and I'll lick it again"

"OK, OK It's your pussy, Please lick your pussy!"

While Judy was saying this, I lowered my pants and boxers. I brought my tongue back to her pussy, licking it twice from bottom to top before sucking her clit in my mouth causing Judy to orgasm. Judy yelled "OHH GOD OOHHH GOD YES". At this point, I pushed two fingers into her pussy. I could feel her pussy tighten around my fingers. I just had to fuck her again, but the position was not right. I pulled out my fingers and pulled her up by her arms. Judy's face was all red and she seemed a little dizzy. This brought her into a better position to fuck. I picked up one of her legs as I placed my cock at the entrance of her tight pussy. I wanted to see my cock go in so I bunched up Judy's skirt, even then it was hard to see through all that black hair she has. I shoved my cock into Judy before she had a chance to recognize want I was doing.

"Oh, Please god, no not again"

"This is my pussy, remember?"

"OK, OK, Your pussy"

"I can fuck it anytime I want"

"Oh yes god, you can fuck me anttime"

Judy's previous orgasms allowed me to penetrate her in one stroke; her pussy was so wet but still tight. Judy's pussy lips just grabbed at my cock. It is such an erotic sight to see my cock slide in and out. I was sliding almost all the way out before pushing back in. but being so turned on I knew I would not last this way. I reliantly pulled out of her pussy and made her stand up. Judy had a relieved look on her face as I kissed her and removed that little skirt of hers. I stepped back bringing Judy back with me to the other side of the couch.

"Sit down" I commanded and Judy just did as I told her.

"Now kiss my cock"

"No Way, I'm not doing that" I grabbed her head in one hand and my cock in the other and slapped her on the cheeks with my cock. I put my cock in-between her lips but she would not open them, so I grabbed her nose causing her to open her mouth enough to get the tip to her teeth.


Her eyes looked so sad as she relented and let the tip in her mouth. I of course released her nose.

"Wider, don't let your teeth touch my cock"

Judy was looking up at me as a little more of my cock went in. I let her get used to the idea then pushed in til half my cock was in her mouth. Judy seemed to pull back and gag alittle at that point. I held her head still as I began to fuck her mouth with half my cock. Judy seemed to start to get the hang of it as I noticed that her tongue would touch the underside of my cock every now and then. I began to pick up a rhythm and Judy seemed relaxed, but I held the back of her head making sure she did not let up. Of course I wanted more before I came so one time I pushed hard as I pulled her head toward me. I could feel the back of her throat giving way as my cock pushed it way in there. It almost felt like her tight pussy. Judy was pushing against my hips so I pulled out only to slam back in again two seconds later. It only took about ten strokes like this before I was spraying my first load down her throat. I pulled out alittle to give Judy a chance to sallow as I filled her mouth to overflowing with cum, soon cum was dripping out the edge of her mouth.

Judy's eyes were filled with tears as I lifted her head to look at me. "Sallow slut" I said as I held the bottom of her chin.

"Now go clean your mouth" Judy just got up and started walking toward the bathroom without saying a word. She looked great walking away in just knee socks and shoes the sight of that prefect ass moving from side to side as she walked away. Knowing I wasn't done here, but also knowing that at 36 it would take alittle while to get hard again I waited five minutes before going to see what Judy was up to. I found Judy just staring at herself in the mirror, I watched for a few seconds taking in her beauty and removing the rest of my clothes. I walked up behind her, cupped that lovely ass of hers, and kissed the back of her neck. The sight and feel started stir feeling in my cock again. I moved to her side so that I could turn her head towards me and we kissed. Our tongues meeting each other's, I allowed her tongue to stab my mouth one hand reached for her nipple and the other felt that great ass of hers. My cock was now semi hard and I knew I had to fuck her again.

I pulled her with me out of the bathroom and into the bedroom, the one with the larger bed. I got her on the bed and told her to stay there I entered the master bathroom unsure of what I was looking for. I looked around opening drawers and there it was a scarf, I would blindfold her. I went back into the bedroom came over to Judy and brought out the scarf. I went to blindfold Judy but she pulled back.

"Don't worry I will not hurt you, this is to heighten you feelings"

"You promise?"

"Of course I promise"

With that, Judy allowed me to blindfold her. A thought crossed my mind about sharing this experience I reached down and squeezed a nipple with one hand as I lightly bit the other. Judy jerked a bit, as the pain must have registered in her mind, and then a moan escaped her lips as I let go just as quickly. I let my tongue trail it way down her flat stomach, just as I reached all that black pubic hair I thought no one will ever believe me when I tell them about this teenage body. I stood up telling Judy to lay still as I went to the living room. I was back in less then two minutes; Judy was still lying there awaiting my next move. I jumped into the bed I picked up her legs and began eating at that sweet pussy again. I wanted to get her nice and wet so I could fuck her good. I did not take to much time before lining my cock up to her pussy. I tried to push in her but she was so tight I could only get half way in. so I slowly began to pump her easing more of my cock in each time. I finally got my cock all the way and put her legs on my shoulders, I started to really pump into that tight pussy. Her pussy walls stretching to accommodate my cock it felt perfect. I could feel the building of my orgasm in my balls when the doorbell broke the silence.

"Oh my god who could that be?" Judy asked

Who's at the door? .......Will this change things?........Comments welcome

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