tagNonConsent/ReluctanceLunch Time Surprise Ch. 3

Lunch Time Surprise Ch. 3


"Stay put - I'll take care of it." With that I went to the door checked the peephole to find Raymond my district supervisor. Some times, we all make bad decisions this may have been my worst. Raymond had just gotten a divorce and was complaining about not fucking in a while. I thought I was doing him a favor, but some people you just cannot help. See in the two minutes I was gone before I made a phone call. I let him in and whispered to get undressed and come into the bedroom. Raymond followed me but seemed unsure, when we reached the door Raymond's eyes opened wide as I place a finger to my mouth indicating to be quiet.

Raymond understood and began to undress. I felt so happy at that moment I went to Judy slowly climbing on the bed as I put my cock up to her mouth. It took a few seconds before she realized what I wanted but she opened up and took half my cock in her mouth. I put her hands in mine as I put them both over her head, then I used my free hand to tell Raymond to go ahead. I could now see Raymond getting onto the bed his cock was maybe as long as mine but he was very thick compared to me. Judy tried to push me away from her mouth as she felt the presence of some one else. Raymond did not waste any time he opened her legs and quickly pushed his wider cock into Judy's pussy.

"Oh man this is one tight pussy Smith"

He had the habit of calling other people by their last names at work. Judy was again trying to say something but I held her onto my cock, she was really squirming as Raymond pushed in his cock.

"She really likes to fuck, look at her take your cock but you can not cum in my pussy."

"Do you like this Judy?" I asked but all I got was more mumbles and squirming. I wanted to cum in her pussy so I had to remove my cock from her mouth before I came. Immediately Judy asked

"What are you doing? Who is that?"

"Look that's my pussy remember, I get to say who fucks it."

"No, No please don't do this"

"You know you like it, don't you like a cock inside you?"

"No he's so big, Oh My"

"Would you rather have my cock?"

"Yes please god, Yes give me your cock, No wait, Oh My, Oh My god, OHH MY I'M CUMIN, OHH MY I DON'T CARE JUST FUCK ME"

Raymond did just that he continued to pound into her pussy as hard as he could. Then he began to groan.

"I can't hold back any longer. This is one great pussy!" with that he pulled out and shot his cum all over her young body. Judy's hands were going to her blindfold but I stopped her telling her to leave it on. Raymond moved out the way and I got between Judy's fine young legs and jammed my cock into her pussy. She was not as tight as before but her pussy still felt good wrapped around my cock. Her pussy was hot and slick with her juices. I leaned in to kiss her as I slowly fucked her, I could feel the cum between our body's. I never realized something like that could turn me on. I liked the feeling and also watching her get fucked.

"Raymond put your cock in her mouth"

I had Judy roll over so I fucked her from behind, while Raymond tried to get her to suck his cock.

"No, Oh god no I can't"

"Suck it," I said as I slapped her ass a few times, Judy finally took in his deflated cock as I was fucking her pussy she was now bobbing on his cock.

"Oh you love it don't you, two cocks at once"

And I continued to fuck her, Raymond began to get hard in her mouth, Judy could only seem to suck only part of it, but the slobber around his cock told me she loved it. I parted her ass checks and with a finger that I took cum off her belly I slowly started to penetrate that virgin ass of hers. I knew I had to be the first to fuck this tight ass. I pulled out of her pussy and placed my cock at that winking brown hole. I slowly penetrated her ass. Raymond began to laugh.

"Hey I want some of that tight ass"

Just then I got an ideal. Raymond pulls out his fully erect cock as I started to give Judy nice long stokes in her ass.

"Oh no, Oh my god you're ripping me in two. Oh please stop"

Judy cried, and to her surprise I pull all the way out Leaving pressure on her back with one hand on her back for her to stay put. I signal Raymond to come to my side of the bed. Raymond hand replaces mine. I lay on the bed with my hard cock just waiting for Judy's tight pussy.

"Judy I want you to straddle my body I have to fuck my pussy one more time before I go"

I could tell she was crying but she did as I said. Raymond was behind her helping her into position. Soon I had Judy smiling as she was ridding my cock. I pull her shoulders down toward me and began to kiss her lip. Just then I felt Raymond lift her up.

"Oh no please god no, tell him not my ass"

"Shut up and enjoy" I tell her as I kiss her deeper push my tongue into her mouth. Tears are coming from under the blindfold as I now can fell Raymond's cock almost like it sliding against mine Raymond is started to set the rhythm and Judy is now rocking on my cock. Raymond must have only lasted a minute before fill Judy's ass with cum. Judy is exhausted as she slumps all her weight onto me Raymond quickly gathers his clothes and dresses I removed Judy's blindfold as soon as he left the room and I began to rock her on my cock again now I fill her pussy with my cum. It felt so good to finally release into her pussy. I laid there for a few minutes just enjoying the feeling of my orgasm.

"Damn you're a great fuck you slut"

"I'm no slut" Judy replied

"Yes you're my slut, and don't forget it"

Judy's eyes began to tear up again, I got up dressed and leaned in to kiss Judy good-bye, she turned her head, and she was crying.

"Didn't you enjoy it?"

"Yes but did you have to do that, Oh god my ass"

"Next time it's just me OK?"

"OK just you"

"Next week?" I asked

"I don't know"

"Well I wait for you on Wednesday"

With that I left her lying there in the nude, I had to get home and shower before my wife got home. Of course, she was surprised that I was there before her but I played it off as no big deal. Everything was fine till Saturday when Raymond came by unannounced wanting to talk he wanted to get in touch with Judy, he wanted to fuck her again, of course I didn't give him any info as I really didn't have any. Raymond got mad saying I just wanted to keep the bitch to myself. Raymond was getting loud before I asked him to leave; of course, my wife wanted to know what that was all about.

I tried to convince her it was about work but I was not sure she bought it. Not more than two hours later Raymond called. Seemed he had tracked Judy down and she was upset, he told me her period was late and that I had a problem. My wife was really getting suppositious as I change my story about Raymond to say that he was just upset about the divorce. Of course, I could tell she did not buy that either. I got her mind off of it by getting a baby sitter and taking her to an afternoon movie.

But it did not help when my wife caught me checking out the baby sitter, she had to be about the same age as Judy. My mind was asking if she was a virgin? Would she like to get fucked like Judy? Suddenly I realized I did not know myself; Raymond must have come over after we left. For when we got back the sitter's father was there, seems that Raymond made a pass at her asking if she was another of my bitches. I apologized profusely and just got things under control when the telephone rang. I paid the sitter well for the episode, and they left. Now my wife was saying I had a phone call.

"Who's Judy?" she asked as I lifted the phone to my ear.

"Hello?" as I heard crying on the other end, I tried to walk away from my wife but she followed right next to me.

"John, I'm pregnant" I hear as I wonder how she knew my name, how did she get my number? Raymond of course I thought. My wife went to the other phone just as Judy was asking what we should do.

"Who are you?" my wife asked

"John what do I do?" Judy asked crying over the phone

"Do about what?"

"Your husband got me pregnant"

"What you Asshole is this true?"

"Please let me explain, Honey," I say as I now hear my wife crying. I convince Judy I will call her back later to talk about this. I'm fucked now, I calm down my wife then I tell her it didn't mean anything it just happened during the rest of the evening I convinced my wife not to leave me that it would never happen again.

"What if it does? She asked

"Never again"

"What if I did the same?"

"You never would, you can't"

"Why not don't you think someone would want me?"

The way my wife dresses and acts I knew I was safe but I could not say that. "Of course someone would your beautiful"

"But not beautiful enough to stay faithful"

"I'm sorry it will never happen again"

"I'll leave you, you asshole"

"No, please don't' leave me it will never happen again"

"It better not or I might go out and get fucked myself" my wife never talked like that so I was surprised. My wife made me sleep on the couch it was the first time things have gotten that bad. In all the excitement I forgot to call Judy back, I spent all Sunday trying to talk to my wife she would not even talk to me. Another night on the couch and off to work on Monday. I was pissed at Raymond and we got into it for a little in the morning, he apologized, but I was still pissed. He is still my boss so as pissed as I was I had to hold back a bit. He really seemed sorry and asked about my wife's reaction

"She said next time she would get back at me by fucking someone herself"

Late that afternoon Judy called me at work seems that it was I false alarm, she started her period that morning but for some reason she said she still wanted to talk to me in person. I told her to call me back next week as I still had to fix things at home and my wife was checking on me during the day now. It took two days before my wife would even let me complete a sentence and tell her Judy was not pregnant after all. This news got me back into the bed on Saturday but being every clear that I was not to touch her, not even my feet. The weekend was very trying but now we started to talk to each other. I guess her being conservative has its benefits cause my wife never wanted any details.

Monday was back at work trying to keep my mind off sex, as it had been almost two weeks since I last had any. I kept busier than usually helping the worker till almost quitting time. I walked in the office to see Raymond there on the phone, after a minute he handed it to me. It was Judy saying we still needed to talk about this but that was all talk.

"Thursday 2:30 the apartment"

"OK, I'll be there"

I arranged to leave early Thursday, Raymond just smiled saying, "behave yourself" I just smiled back. I did not give it much thought till Thursday afternoon. I called my wife before I left at two knowing that she would be wrapping up her day and get busy later, she had gotten into the habit of calling close to three so I beat her to the punch knowing this would satisfy her for the day.

Just as I found a place to park, I saw Judy going upstairs. I went to the door rang the bell and she let me in. I was on the defensive

"What do you want to talk about"?

"How did your wife take the news?"

"What would you expect, she's still pissed, she will not even let me near her. Hell it will probably be weeks before she does again"

"So when was the last time you fucked?"

"It had to be with you, Why?"

"Oh here sit down," she said

I sat but Judy remained standing, she never answered my question. Oh god I felt a stirring in my pants. Something about this girl made me lose my mind again I wanted to fuck her; I had only been in her presence for two minutes. She was looking so innocent in her school uniform. I figured from her questions she wanted me as well.

"Do you want something to drink?" she asked trying to be a good host, but what did she want. She was standing right in front of me and I could not take it any more. My hand went under that skirt as I got up and kissed her. I had to fuck her one more time.

"NO, NO That is not why you're here, you can't fuck me any more I might get pregnant" Judy said as but she pulled me to her. Her tongue was dancing in my mouth as again one hand cupped her tits as my other reached to her panties. I pulled them down to her knees so fast that I wasn't sure Judy even noticed. I picked her up just enough to lay her on the couch; she had a surprised look on her face as I removed her panties the rest of the way.

"No, No, Please don't, I don't want to get pregnant"

"But do you want to fuck?"

"I don't know what I want"

I pushed up her skirt to that nice black bush of her again, opening her legs as I got between them. I quickly unfastened my pants and dropped my boxers. Without removing my pants all the way, I laid on her, my hand guiding my cock to her pussy. I could feel that Judy was already getting moist as I started to push into her.

"Oh, No what are you doing to me? You can't do this" Judy said as half my cock disappeared into her tight pussy. I could feel her pussy opening up to accept my cock as I pushed in some more.

"Oh why do you do this to me? You make me want to fuck"

"Oh you are just so fine, I have to fuck this sweet tight pussy"

"Please don't get me pregnant, Oh yes, Oh my I can't believe that I like to fuck like this, but please don't cum in me".

Judy was right I could not cum in her pussy, as I felt myself go in as far as I could, her pussy felt so good so I had to take my time as I knew that this had to be the last time that I would ever fuck her. I knew I would always think of this time even years for now I will remember just how her pussy felt. As I started to fuck her, she began moaning.

"Oh yes, Oh yes that feels good, Oh my god I want all your cock, Fuck me, yes Fuck me"

I continued to pump into her until I was on the verge of orgasm them I pulled out of her pussy in order not to cum.

"Oh no, I was almost there was" Judy's reaction.

I told her to turn over and Judy did just that, this little break was what I needed to allow my orgasm to subside. I had to flip her skirt out of the way so I could slowly enter her from behind. I had no sooner got all the way in before Judy began yelling.

"Oh yes, Oh yes I'm cumin Please Fuck me hard, Fuck me harder" I managed to pump my cock in her about twenty times really fast before shooting my cum deep in her pussy.

"Yes, Oh yes fill me up it fills so good"

Judy dropped on the couch breathing hard as I sat behind her looking over the lovely ass I was never to see again. My hand just went to massage the cheeks of her ass. Judy turned to me and smiled.

Although this all happened very quickly I knew I should get out, and get home now. I stood pulled up my pants and straighten up, then I leaned down to kiss Judy saying.

"You know I may never see you again? You are one great girl"

"Yes I know but it's for the best" Judy was being very mature about all this. I gave her a deep kiss, and I had to touch her ass again. Leaving her was so hard but I had to leave even though I wanted to see her again I knew it would not happen. I left slowly making my way home I did not want to get there sooner than expected. When suddenly I noticed the car behind me was flashing his long lights at me. The car came to my side, it turned out to be Raymond; he lowered his window and asked if I had good time. I just waved him off and headed home.

Everything at home was OK but I could not get my mind off Judy. Later that night my wife surprised me by coming to bed in what she considers a sexy nightgown. It is the same as her flannel ones only silk. It was the first time we would be together since she found out. I did fuck my wife but it just did not feel the same. She never talks during sex, I'm sometimes not even sure she has an orgasm, although at times I can feel her pussy tighten around my cock and she gets very wet.

Friday was uneventful, but Saturday was another story again Raymond came by somewhat early. I knew I was in trouble right away my wife was saying that I must have been fucking that bitch again. Raymond claims that he needed to borrow some tools, which I loaned him. When walked out to the garage, he told me to leave Judy alone. I agreed then he told me that if I fucked her again he would tell my wife. I asked if he was seeing her to which he said yes. He was glad I didn't try to take advantage of her Thursday. I just smiled knowing as least I had just fucked his new girlfriend and she didn't tell him. Finally I asked "what are you planning to do take her to the prom?" Raymond left a little pissed at that joke.

I found out that Judy was pregnant the next month and Raymond was so happy. I wonder if it is his or mine?


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