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Lust and Longing


Thanks to Rickyboxen for his wonderful editing, yet again.

After a luscious meal and hours of dancing, I thought that our wondrous night would soon end. Little did I realize that the fun had only begun. We ascended the elevator to the hotel's top floor, where you rented a large suite. My feet were unsteady in my three-inch heels so I leaned against you as the elevator slowly trembled upwards. Was it my body warm from dancing against yours or the chemistry that seems to flow between up that let me feel you raise against my back? Emboldened by your body's unconscious response to me, I rubbed you with my hand. As I rested my head on your chest, I looked up to see you smiling down at me. You draped my auburn hair over my right shoulder before bending to kiss my neck as an old couple left the elevator for their floor.

Finally alone, I turned toward you, one hand rubbing you through your pants, the other pulling your head toward me for a kiss. My fingers tangled in your coarse brown hair. I heard the elevator door open, but didn't care. So long as your large hands were caressing my body through my velvet-topped gown, I was in my own world

I could taste a bit of the evening's wine on your breath and wanted to consume more of that heady vintage. You obliged me by drawing my tongue into your mouth, muffling my soft moans.

Without warning, the elevator stopped. Drunk from your kisses, I could not balance on my precarious shoes. As you grabbed me tightly to keep me from falling, your cock stabbed at me greedily. Looking over, we saw the stranger who must have entered the elevator when the doors opened a few moments before.

Her long black hair fell silkily over her shoulders, drawing the eye to her alabaster skin. Bright blue eyes stared at us as one of her hands rested on the stop button and the other was rubbing herself through her short black dress. She nodded to us as if to say, "If I don't mind, why should you?"

"I'll have to remember that the 25th floor is lucky," you whispered in my ear as you resumed your ministrations. Your warm mouth traced kisses from my ear to breast. You pulled one shoulder of my gown down to kiss my skin and caused shivers throughout my body.

With shaking hands, I unknotted your tie and pulled open your shirt buttons. I buried my fingers in your chest hair. A wicked glint entered your eyes as you dragged your tie from your collar. I heard the stranger enjoying herself as you tied my hands to the handrail behind me. Although you gave your tie one last jerk before deeming the job finished, the restraint was more symbolic than physical.

Going to your knees in front of me, you disappeared under the satin skirt of my floor-length gown. I leaned back towards the wall and spread my legs wide for you. I watched your head bobbing and felt your warm hands on me. I felt you push aside my panties and lick my clit. Your warm tongue breathed life into me. You lipped my soft rose petals, tempting them to bloom for you.

I heard you laugh wickedly as a moan escaped my lips. Extracting yourself from my skirts, you looked me in the eyes.

"We must be quiet," you said. "Voices echo."

You stood and kissed me softly. I hoped that your kisses would quench the fires you lit, when I felt a hand creeping up my skirts. I tasted myself on you and basked in your heat. My breath caught when I noticed that although you're tall and have long arms, your arms are not long enough to allow you to kiss me and reach under my floor-length dress at the same time. Looking down I saw the black haired stranger's arm moving up my dress as she fitted your clothed cock in her mouth. I was so focused on you that I didn't notice her move toward us.

She looked up at us hungrily. Her fingers, buried inside of me, twisted and tickled my sensitive spot. I heard my juices squelch as she brought me to rapture. After experiencing a small orgasm, I told you to help her out. Staring at me with disbelief, you complied with my order. I watched as you opened your pants and I felt a wave of satisfaction when you didn't bother removing your clothing for her. After putting a condom onto your released cock, you pulled the woman so she faced away from you. As you quickly entered her from behind, you stared at me challengingly.

"Don't cum inside her: that is mine!" I warned as my juices began to soak my panties. After a dozen rough thrusts, the woman screamed that she's climaxing then fell wearily to the floor. Ripping the condom off, you stalked toward me. Grabbing my legs, you pushed my full skirt to my hips.

"Is this what you want?" you grunted at me. You pushed aside my panties. I felt your exposed penis enter me. Its warmth flooded my body. Wrapping my legs around you, I tried to draw you in deeply but you moved slowly and shallowly. I heard my fluids moving as they tried to welcome you, but you refused to fully penetrate me.

I grasped you with my legs as if I could hold you forever. Still the length of your rod separated us. You gasped as the woman pulled your pants to your ankles and sucked your balls. One sinewy hand snaked up your boxers as she rubbed your asshole.

Suddenly you rammed yourself fully into me with no regard for the stranger's comfort. When you entered me deeply, I felt the stranger's head between my thighs. I imagined her hair sticky with my fluids. After a few sharp thrusts, she was no longer between us. My eyes closed, I almost forgot where we were.

Grasping the handrail to which I was tied, I tried to forestall my climax. I buried my head into your chest and attempted to regulate my breathing. You pounded into me with such heat and intensity that I could no longer control myself. Throwing my head back, I howled until your mouth covered mine

I felt you spurt inside me, your hot fluids adding to my continuing pleasure. Sweaty and reddened by the heat, you quickly unbound my hands, which I immediately wrapped around you. The stranger sat forgotten on the floor.

After we exchanged a few more teasing touches and kisses, the woman asked to clean you off. Thinking she had a tissue or handkerchief, I moved aside to let her at your soft member. I was surprised when she began licking and sucking you. Happy whimpers escaped her throat.

Without warning, you pulled back. Looking boldly at me, you told me that this was my job. I slid my back against the wall until I was eyes to "eye" with you. Leaning on the wall and gripping the handrail, you looked down at me and smiled. I winked up at you before taking your flaccid member in my mouth and I tried to wake the sleeping beast.

Gently, I rolled you around my mouth, massaging you with my tongue. I smelled the stranger in your pubic hair and although I told you to help her out, I felt jealousy seethe within me – jealousy to which I had and have no right. Burying my face deeper into you, I grabbed your ass and pulled you closer to block out the black haired stranger. I wanted you alone for myself. I felt you grow stiff inside my mouth. I began to suck as if I could remove the memory of the stranger from you.

Stepping back, you looked down at me. Could you read my thoughts? You smiled tenderly at me and pulled me to my feet.

Wrapping your arms gently around me, you stated, "That was for lust. This will be for longing. Longing for happiness. Longing for fulfillment. Longing for the light at the end of the tunnel." Gently you kissed me before removing the last of your clothing. Balling them, you tossed them into the corner. The stranger looked on greedily, but you had intentionally spoken so she could hear. Glaring at us, she sulked in the corner.

After you lowered yourself to your knees, you were barely a head shorter than I. I wrapped my arms around your neck and rested my head upon yours. Holding you tight, I knew that the longing would be fulfilled, not forever, but for now.

Cupping your face in my hands, I kissed you softly on the forehead, on each eye, on the nose and on the mouth. I rubbed my cheek against yours and felt the beginning of your stubble. I breathed in your musk and knew that "for now" is all anyone has and all I needed.

Slowly you stood without breaking eye contact with me. Your hands deftly unzipped my gown, which rustled softly to the floor. Your fingers unfastened my garters and pulled my damp panties from my legs. You stopped me from removing my bra and unclasped that yourself. The two of us stood holding each other with only our skin between us.

The dark haired woman's breath echoed loudly in the small elevator. From the corner of my eye, I saw her remove her own clothing as we held each other. I closed my eyes and inhaled your warm, musky scent. Your heart beat in time with my own. I clung to you as tears fell from my eyes.

After making bedding of our discarded clothing, you eased me onto the floor. All the while, our mouths continued kissing and our hands explored. You positioned yourself between my open thighs and entered me slowly.

My hands rubbed your back and my mouth covered your chest with kisses. Our sighs intermingled. Carefully you pushed yourself deeper inside me. You made sure that as feral as our first joining was, our second was just as tranquil.

Perhaps we were joined for a minute or perhaps it was a year. We climaxed while holding tightly to one another. A part of me wanted to know if we had good timing or if you waited for me, but in the end it didn't matter. For now, the longing was satisfied.

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