Lust Days


I first knew I was not alone when I heard a low giggle. It came from somewhere to the left of where I was lying, and it sounded very much like that of a young girl's. It was really very much a giggle of someone who was contemplating mischief.

I had been lying in the dark for some time now, so I had gotten fairly used to it, as I had the daily routine. The giggle... now, that was something different. It just never happened. Nor did what I was to hear next.

"Shhh!" whispered another voice as the giggler continued announcing her presence in my room. "Mel! Keep it down, will you?"

At the mention of the name, I remembered how Lucy had told me about her nieces' proposed visit. She had asked me if I minded... of course I wasn't about to object to two 18-year-old twins paying their aunt a visit. Apparently they had arrived without much fuss -- I had not heard as much as a pin drop before the giggle -- and were now in my room.

Not that I was in a position to mind. I had been lying here in the dark for quite some time, and I was really quite surprised that two weeks had passed since Lucy had mentioned the twins to me. Melody and Melissa, if I remembered correctly, were born and raised in a small farm somewhere out in... out in... I couldn't for the life of me remember which town it was Lucy had mentioned... but apparently, their parents were very strict with them and this was their first time away from home. Lucy had told me just how much persuading it had taken for the girls' parents to even consider allowing them to visit, but Lucy said she had been persistent. The poor girls had not had much of life as teenagers, according to Lucy, and she felt it was her duty as aunt to at least give them an inkling of life outside of their one-horse town.

I guess I shouldn't have been surprised. Children raised under such conditions will naturally try their level best to enjoy their freedom when their leashes are removed. I remembered the scrapes I had gotten into just days after my own father's death. Still, I wondered what it was they had come into my room for. What were they planning to do? Were they curious about what their aunt did for a living? Or were they just exploring the place and happened to stop by to see what was here?

While I pondered the rationale for their intrusion, I was shocked to feel the covers suddenly being drawn down, exposing my body to the cool air-conditioned air. Shit. I wasn't dressed, not since I'd had my last bath. The girls would see...

"There, see?" whispered one girl. "I told you!" I winced, embarrassed that Lucy's young nieces had seen me in such a state of undress. Worse, because of the medication I had been given, I knew I sported a massive erection that would not go down. It hadn't been down in weeks, I should add, and wasn't likely to anytime soon. Good thing they were of age or this would have been a real shocker for them. Or so I thought.

"Wow! That's big!" whispered the other girl, and I heard movement to my side, followed by a slight sinking of the bed on the side where I had heard their voices. At least one of the girls was climbing onto the bed! I gritted my teeth, a little angry at their temerity, but was further shocked when I felt her straddle my chest, smooth bare skin against my cool body. At the same moment I realized this, I felt her hardened nipples scraping against my abdomen and her warm breath on my cock. Clearly, the girl was naked as the day she was born. What in the world was the little imp doing, coming into my room stark naked?

"Too bad you can't see this fresh pussy right in front of you," came the teasing voice from somewhere near my prick. "Here, smell it!"

I felt her move and suddenly something soft and moist brushed against my chin. God help me, I could certainly smell it. It was fresh and earthy, the way a juicy pussy smells on a young girl. She seemed to be wagging her butt at me because I could feel her wiry hair brush against my nose several times, leaving a heavenly scent of wet musk in my nostrils.

I was almost in tears, remembering all the young pussies I had fucked, the young girls who were eager, willing and all-too-wet to please me to even wait for the door to close before they dropped their wet panties on the floor. Oh my Lord. What a life I'd led, what wonderful memories I'd made, what beautiful and sweet girls I'd made love to... and oh, how much I'd give just to see these two teens in their naked glory.

While I reminisced, the girls appeared to be examining my cock because I could feel two warm gusts of breath on my erection. The nearness of the pussy to my nose certainly didn't help make things any easier for me or my cock, and I wondered if I would have had as much patience with this little tease in my younger days. No, I would most likely have grabbed her and plowed into her in one motion before she could even squeal.

But I was no longer the young buck, so I had to wait to see what the naughty twins intended. Fortunately, I had not had to wait long -- the girls' parents must have been really strict with them, they were so impatient -- before the one on top of me made the first move.

She suddenly sat up, giving me an idea of how wet she was down there -- she left a wet spot in the middle of my chest as she moved her limbs about and straddled my waist. Then she leaned forward, pushing her groin back down towards my pubis, until I felt something wet and slippery press up against my erection. I felt a hand reach down and hold my cock in position. I'm not sure, but I think she was pressing it into the narrow space between her thighs. Then she let go and leaned forward, lying on top of me while her legs moved back. At that point, my mind was racing: What was she planning to do? Was she really going to..?

She answered my question immediately by vigorously rubbing her slit up against me. I don't know how she did it. I think it was a combination of hip and leg movements that kept my cock in place between those soft velvety cushions that were rubbing so enticingly on my straining erection. Oh Lord, give me eyes to see. Was that why she had come into my room naked? She wanted to...

"Mel, how is it?" her sister whispered, interrupting my thoughts. "Is it really better than old Woody?" For a moment, I imagined a sexy young thing named either Melissa or Melody lying on her back, her legs wrapped round the hips of an old man named Woody in some deserted barn. The girl rubbing herself on me spoke up, dispelling the thought.

"Huh... huh... uhh... umm... mmm... this is... mmm... much... better... than any... old... toy..." she gasped as she rubbed her liquid split up and down my prick. Her pussy was soft and certainly juicy... it squished with every move she made, and I could feel her fluids running down the stem of my cock, onto my balls. Oh God. I must be in Hell now. So near, yet so far... her pussy was right against my cock, but I was nowhere near where I wanted my prick to go. The smell, the sensations, the rhythmic liquid sounds... it was enough to drive a man crazy.

I was surprised by how quickly Mel on top seemed to be reaching her peak -- after only a short while, she began panting and gasping loudly, even as she escalated the movement of her groin against my aching cock. The wet squelching sounds came quicker and louder. I cursed myself for not being in a position to reach up and feel her soft breasts or grab her young butt so that I could ram my cock into her sex.

"Oh! Oh! Oh! Oooooooooooohhhhh! OOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHH!!!" she moaned softly in my ear as she climaxed. Clearly, this Mel was a screamer, and she had done admirably well in suppressing her screams of ecstasy as she came against my now completely wet prong. She shuddered, her fingers grabbing my shoulders, her heaving breasts pressed hard against me. I couldn't tell how big they were, having not had the pleasure of holding them, but I was pretty certain she was relatively well endowed. Good girl. I hate girls with small, crab-apple-sized boobs after all. Mel was certainly a girl who fitted my taste.

"Oh shit... that was incredible," she panted to her sister as she lay on me. "It was much better than old Woody." I surmised that old Woody was the name they had given to their sex toy... and given what she had just done with my old cock, I was pretty sure Woody was a much-used toy too. "I... wait... let me get my breath back first..."

"Oh come on, Mel!" whispered her sister fiercely. "It's my turn now!"

Oh Lordy Lord. Here we go. Round Two.

The other Mel wasted little time clambering on top of me as her satiated sister moved off. She was even more eager than her sister, because she didn't even wait for her sister to get off my bed before she straddled me like her sister had. She seemed to be lighter than her sister, she smelt different -- she was sweeter, almost reminiscent of honey -- and had longer hair, which I felt brushing against my chest and waist as she sat on me. Then she leaned forward and pressed herself up against me the way her sister had, and began humping her wet pussy on my still stiff cock. She seemed to adopt a different strategy from her sister, or maybe she was just too impatient... she didn't fiddle with my cock or move her legs to clasp it. She simply began moving her hips up and down, slapping her groin hard against mine while she pressed backwards, keeping her wet pussy in constant contact with my prick

I suppose you could say that she was just a little too eager for her own good. I realized what was happening the moment it began to happen, but it took her a little while longer to get up to speed.

As she rubbed the length of her vulva up against my rod, I felt my cock head sliding up her slot to lodge against her vaginal opening. She was too preoccupied to notice, I think, so she continued rubbing herself up and down, but I could feel her soft lower lips opening up to my probing cock with each downward thrust of her hips. After a few more strokes, I could feel warm flesh surrounding my cock head every time she ground her groin down against mine.

I don't think she was all that aware that I was already inside her by that time. She appeared to have been carried away by the moment, so she didn't stop until my cock was safely ensconced within her leaking vagina, and pressing against what felt like a tiny barrier inside her. Another downward stroke and I felt something give inside her as my cock slipped further inside her delicious warmth.

That was the moment when she stopped with a squeak. "OH!" was all she said. At that point, I think about half of my cock was buried in velvety warm, wet pussy flesh. "What? What happened?" whispered her sister. "Why are you stopping? Are you finished?"

"N... no," the girl on top of me said, trembling slightly. "I... it... hurts." I was surprised to find out that she was a virgin. Perhaps the girls had not even put old Woody into their pussies when they were playing with each other. Or Woody was really a thin stick that they used to diddle each other with. Who knows what girls in small farming communities did to pass the time? But wow. Imagine that. A virgin fuck for me, at my age. I couldn't believe it.

"What? How can it..?" her sister whispered. "It didn't hurt me at all."

"No... he's... inside," her sister replied. The poor girl sounded terrified.

"What do you mean? How can he be..?" her sister responded. Then I felt a hand on my balls, sliding up the stem of my prick to where our bodies were joined. Mel on the side gasped as she ran her fingers up onto her sister's opened vulva.

"Oh my God," her sister whispered. "You're fucked!"

"Oh please," the girl on top of me pleaded. "Help me."

"Get it out yourself, you silly bitch," was her sister's response. "We agreed that we would play with it, not fuck it!"

"But... but it was an accident!" Her sister was now close to tears, I could hear it in her voice. I felt sorry for her even as I savoured the feeling of her hot pussy around my cock. "I was doing just what you said when it... when it... went in..."

"Too fucking bad!" the girl at the bed side was not sympathetic at all. "You're really such a silly slut, Mel!" Then Mel on the side appeared to change her mind, and her tone became more soothing. "Look, all you have to do is to raise yourself off of him..."

Mel on top of me did as she was told, and sighed softly as my cock slid smoothly out of her squelching vagina. She was definitely slippery when wet, much more so than her sister had been. I thought I heard the slightest hint of wistfulness in her sigh when my cock head popped out of her clasping pussy. Was it wishful thinking on my part?

"So... you wanna stop now?" whispered the girl at my side, and I felt Mel on top shake her head, her hair lightly brushing my nose. She really did smell of honey. "No... I wanna go on," she said, lowering her groin down to my now wet pubis. "You've had your turn, mine isn't over yet."

"Be quick about it then," growled her sister. "I wanna go again."

The girl on top of me began her gyrations again, rubbing her obviously erect clitoris up hard against the base of my cock. At that point, I realized that she had either had very little or no pubic hair... I could not feel the same prickles that her sister's pubic hair left on my skin. Fantastic... I love bare beavers, and this one was certainly plump, juicy and ripe for fucking.

That thought was amplified even more as she increased her tempo. She didn't change her position, but moved differently from her sister, shaking from side to side while rubbing up and down at speed on my stiffness. I thought she did so to circumvent any further accidental penetration, but I was wrong -- I quickly found myself enjoying the sensation of having my cock head engulfed by warm wet flesh once more.

While her innocence had made her ignorant the first time, I was sure Mel on top did not want to stop this time round. There was no way she would not have known that she was being impaled, not after I felt the silky sheath of her vagina massaging my prick. In fact, I got the distinct impression that she was doing her level best to swallow as much of my cock as she could, because she changed her movements to shorter, sharper jerks that kept my cock firmly ensconced within her as she shimmied up and down.

As I reached the end of her vagina, she grunted and suddenly rocked backwards, driving me up as deep between her thighs as she could, gasping aloud as my dick butted against what felt like her cervix.

"What..? Why did..? Did you..? Mel!" her sister squeaked. Again, I felt fingers on my balls, running lightly upwards to where her sister's pussy opened around the base of my stiff rod. "You're fucking him!"

"Yeah... it's... I can't... help it. It just... feels so good, like scratching an itch... deep inside..." her sister responded between gasps. "I don't even wanna... take it out. I... like it... inside..."

"You're such a slut, Mel!" scolded her sister. "We agreed!"

"I... I don't... care," Mel on top whispered back. "It's too... good to... miss..."

"Then get going!" whispered Mel at the side. "I'm up next!"

What else can I say? Mel on top fucked me silly for what seemed like hours. I could tell when she came because her pussy gripped me so tightly I thought she would wrench my cock out by the roots. I lost count of her orgasms after three, because I came too. Yeah, that's right... not possible for a guy in my condition, but it happened anyway. She didn't seem to notice because her pussy was busy milking my cock for all it was worth when it happened. Since she was leaking so much anyway, I suppose she wouldn't have been able to tell my semen from her own fluids.

I think she stopped only because she was a little tired, but there was to be no rest for me. The very moment my cock popped out of her juicy pussy, her twin sister immediately replaced her.

This time, there was no sly rubbing of pussy on my cock, she ferociously drove her sex down onto mine. This Mel was clearly turned on by what her sister had done with me, because she was so wet her liquid was spilling onto my cock even as she positioned herself over it in preparation for penetration.

I won't go into the details of the fucking simply because it was just too crazy. She was humping me like a madwoman, and coming again and again. Her pussy was just as tight as her sister's, if not tighter when she came.

I think I came again... I couldn't tell because at some point, it became slightly painful for me. I know it sounds like some sort of great guy fantasy, but the truth is when you've got really horny twins intent on fucking themselves senseless on your never-ending erection, it does get to hurt after a while.

I don't know why the other Mel stopped when she did. Perhaps she was tired too. But when she climbed off the bed and whispered to her sister: "Tomorrow we're gonna try it in the ass", I knew I was a goner. Damn the doctor. Damn that Viagra.

I'm not sure, but I think I fell into some sort of sleep after that. I don't think I was sleeping for that long, however, before I heard the door open. Shit, were the twins back again?

"Hello Andrew," said a familiar voice. "Time for your medication." I heard the familiar rustling as she removed her clothes. Damn it. I'd forgotten all about Lucy.


News report:


Steel magnate and reclusive tycoon Andrew Arnold was found dead in his bed today. Mr Arnold,72, had been in a coma since suffering a severe stroke 6 months ago. Dr John Brubaker, his attending physician, confirmed his death at 7am this morning.

Mr Arnold was the first stroke patient to undergo controversial treatment involving a cocktail of drugs including Sildenafil Citrate, more commonly known as Viagra. His vital signs had stabilized and he had appeared to be on the mend despite remaining in a coma, until the last month, when he appeared to deteriorate.

Mr Arnold's body was found by twins Melody and Melissa Smith, nieces of his live-in nurse, Lucy Michaels. Both girls and Ms Michaels were disconsolate at his passing, and unable to give a comment at press time.

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