tagLoving WivesLust in La Jolla Ch. 01

Lust in La Jolla Ch. 01


Note: This is a long multi-chapter story that eventually leads the protagonist of this story, Jake, to La Jolla and thence to a complicated web of lust and love. In order to establish the situation and characters, significant story building is required in the early chapters.

Chapter 1 Theresa's Titillation (MF, voy)

A young man receives an unexpected going away present.

Thursday, August 28

Farasan Banks, Hilton Hotel in Jeddah

Jake Schwann felt uncomfortably nervous for the first time in years. He recalled the time a few months ago when some large tiger sharks showed up at the reef and began feeding with incredible violence, catching Jake and the other diver down with him that day by total surprise. No doubt about it, his fear for his own physical safety was intense that day, but this awkward social situation he was now facing was much more uncomfortable. He walked into the Sierra Room in the Hilton Hotel where the party had already started -- the party in his honor, "celebrating" his departure from the expedition crew in order to pursue his Ph.D. degree. Every single member of the crew was there. Many of them he counted as his very best friends in the world while a few others were just colleagues with whom he had worked closely. He was comfortable with these people, but not when he was going to be the center of attention for the entire evening. He had been rather shy his whole life, and even though he had grown into a competent and self-confident young man over the last few years, he was still very introverted in large social gatherings. He also had a deep sense of sadness in saying goodbye to his good friends -- he would be half a world away from them, and the rightness of his decision did not lessen the sense of loss.

His good friend and mentor, Jerry Zhong, was the first to greet him. Always perceptive, Jerry took in the tension on Jake's face and advised "Take some calming breaths and clear your mind -- you're wound tight as a spring."

Jerry was Jake's martial arts training partner and much more. In the last year, Jake's impressive physical skills had surpassed Jerry's, who had a good 20 years on Jake. More important to Jake, however, was that Jerry still had a great reserve of wisdom and teaching about Eastern practices of mental and emotional discipline, and Jake had become a firm believer in the power of meditation. Soon, Jake felt much calmer and comfortable, and found that he was ready to enjoy the party.

Besides the crew, there were just a few outsiders. First there was Jake's replacement on the crew, a kid fresh from college much like Jake had been 3 years ago when he had joined the crew on their previous expedition. A couple of professors remotely associated with the research were also there, taking advantage of the relative infrequent appearance of the expedition in the port of Jeddah to meet with Dr. Adams, the expedition leader. Mike Carter's fiancé, Alessandra, was also taking advantage of the break in the work schedule, flying in from Rome to spend a few days with her soon-to-be husband. She was quite sexy, and Jake didn't want to dwell on what Mike and Ally had been doing in their hotel room all afternoon. He hadn't been with a woman in far too long and thoughts in that direction would undoubtedly lead to a state of arousal that was all too visible -- he was blessed (or cursed, depending on the situation) with a very large penis, and his hard-on would obviously show under the thin material of the dressy slacks he wore for the party.

The final guest was Dr. Adams wife, Theresa. She was about ten years younger than Dr. Adams -- somewhere in her early thirties. As Jake took in the room, his gaze paused for a few long seconds on Theresa, who was standing alone a few feet behind her husband seated at a table with his colleagues. If he were Dr. Adams, he would definitely give up the field work and might just give up getting out of bed altogether. She was really gorgeous: thick curls of dark brown hair framing an extremely pretty face that reminded Jake of a young Elizabeth Taylor. Her body was amazing as well -- today she was wearing a casual blue denim dress that hugged her curves and accented her full breasts and wide hips. Jake felt his cock twitch and took another deep breath to calm himself. Just then, Theresa caught his eye from across the room and flashed a very friendly smile. Knowing he was still watching, she unabashedly scanned her gaze down Jake's body, stopping when she had reached about crotch level. Her smiled broadened even more, and she ran her tongue over her lips, moistening them. His cock pulsed as the blood rushed to it, and Jake felt like a deer in the headlights.

Across the room, Theresa was literally dripping with anticipation as her and her husband's plan for Jake began to unfold. Of all her sexual fantasies that her husband had helped her fulfill, this one was at the top. She had met Jake perhaps a half dozen times before, and each time he looked better, sexier. She had mentioned to Connor how attractive she found Jake, and was a little surprised when he suggested that they should plan something for this night, Jake's last night with the team. Surprisingly, her interest in Jake seemed to be extremely exciting to Connor as well. Maybe it was because swimsuits were standard dress on the ship and Connor had noticed that Jake was very well-hung. She still didn't really understand why he got off so much on her sexual escapades with other men, but she was more than happy with the arrangement. She hadn't been completely confident in their plan until she had seen the hunger in Jake's striking blue eyes as he looked at her across the room. Her pussy, pantyless under her dress, had responded immediately to his gaze, and wetness now trickled down her inner thighs.

Still smiling, she walked slowly across the room to him, and reached out to shake his hand. He could not help but notice that the top button on her dress was undone, giving him a very good view of her cleavage. After the handshake had finished, she came closer and reached up with her left hand to hold his in both of hers.

"It's really great to see you again, Jake. And congratulations on your acceptance to Scripps -- that is quite an accomplishment. Connor says you've really developed to be quite a biologist over the past 3 years. I also see the changes -- of course, I don't know anything about your science, but I can certainly see you've become ..." and here she lowered her voice to a sexy purr, "a very fine specimen of manhood. The young ladies of San Diego are so lucky you've decided to come back to civilization!" As she talked, she began to lightly trace her fingers over Jake's hand, sending electric shocks up his arm

Jake could only stammer a reply "Ummmm ... th-th-thanks s-so much, Theresa. " His face reddened in embarrassment, in part because of the directness of her words and the uncertainty of how to respond to her touches, but more because he knew his slacks were now tented visibly. She continued her caresses, gazing at him with smoldering gray eyes but saying nothing. "Uhhh -- I'm really happy ... ummm that you could make it to the party."

She looked deliberately down for a couple of seconds, then gazed back at him with a big smile and said in an even lower voice, "Yes, I can see how happy you are to see me." Jake thought he was going to die of embarrassment when he was rescued by crew buddies. Franz walked up with Jean-Claude, clapped him on his back, and said in a loud voice "My man Jake -- glad you could make it to your own party! Where you been, man?"

Theresa dropped Jake's hands then and said "Well, I'll leave Jake to you gentlemen ... for now. See that he gets a drink -- we should get to see Jake's wild side once before we lose him to grad school!"

She turned and sashayed away, all three of the men silent as they watched her sway. Little did they know that Theresa was so aroused that the trickle had now become a near torrent, and she was afraid the wetness would soon begin showing below the hemline of her dress, so she needed a trip to the ladies room to dry herself. The men then hustled Jake to a table near the front of the room, close to the podium, and gave him a glass of wine. A steady stream of well-wishing crew members came by, clapping him on his back and telling him to keep in touch by e-mail. The activity helped distract him from his confusion about Theresa -- why was she teasing him like that? For God's sake, she was the bosses' wife! Well, technically, Connor was no longer his boss, since Jake's official last day on the expedition had been last Friday.

After about 30 min of well-wishing, Dr. Connor Adams came to the front of the room and announced "OK folks -- let's quiet down. I must admit, I feel a certain sense of pride to see Jake Schwann take step this big step in his career, because I've been able to be a part of his growth as a scientist in the 3 years he has worked with me. As hard as it is to lose such a talented co-worker, I know that Jake is destined for greater things and now is the time for him to move to the next phase." The crowd applauded along with Dr. Adams. "However, he is not going to get away Scot-free! Just to make sure he arrives at Scripps with his humility intact, a number of crew have some humiliating anecdotes about Jake to share tonight."

The next hour were a series of humorous stories about events that Jake had participated in, mostly just funny and not very humiliating at all. Every so often, Jake would look over at Theresa, and most of the time, she was already looking at him and smiling. Finally, the stories ended and the gifts began -- small items that were heartfelt and meaningful. The party then began to wind down, with small groups separating off for conversations. Theresa waited until Jake went to the men's room and then caught him in the hallway.

"Hi Jake. Connor is tied up with Drs. Little and Ryan, so he asked me to give you his gift. It's in our room ... do you mind coming along?"

"Sure, Theresa."

When they got to the room, Theresa turned to him with a sexy smile and said, "You know, I just love to surprise people. Will you please close your eyes and not open them until I say so?"

"OK." Jake replied and closed his eyes.

Theresa heart raced as she quickly activated the two cameras they had hidden in the room and then unbuttoned her dress. She stood directly in front of him, opening her dress to bare her breasts but holding it closed with her left hand at her waist to keep her throbbing pussy covered ... for now. "Jake, you can open your eyes now."

He did so, and then gasped "Omigod!" and stared open-mouthed at the beautiful woman deliberately displaying her firm full tits to him.

"Do you like your gift?" she asked coyly, lifting and squeezing her left breast with her free right hand. "My body is all yours to enjoy for the next hour."

"B-b-but what about ... your husband?"

"Jake, he and I have a very unconventional marriage, but it works for us. He's aware of this."

She walked right up to him, letting her dress fall completely off her body. "Let me give you some instructions on how to operate your gift." She said with a teasing voice, "First of all, here is the "on button". She took his right hand and brought it down to her pussy. She guided his fingers between her open cunt lips, soaking them completely with her juices, and then brought them to her swollen clit. She bit her lip and moaned loudly as she stroked her button with his slippery fingers. "Mmmm yesssss ... I guess I was already "turned on". Ohhhh god, don't stop."

Jake's mind couldn't really come to grips with what was happening, but his body certainly responded quickly and decisively. Intense sexual need overpowered him, and, without removing his hand from her pussy, he stepped forward and kissed Theresa hard, thrusting his tongue deep into her welcoming mouth. Their tongues danced, and she lifted one leg to his hip, giving his hand free access to her sex. After a minute, Theresa's hand sought out Jake's hard member, measuring it through his slacks. Even with her anticipation, the size of his cock took her by surprise, and she pulled away from the kiss.

"Omigod, you're so big," she gasped. She dropped to her knees in front of him, and quickly unbuckled his belt and unzipped his pants. She pulled his pants and boxers down to his ankles, and Jake's cock pulsed and twitched just inches in front of her face, precum oozing slowly from the opening. "So beautiful" she crooned, and she gripped his thick shaft with both hands, one above the other, and began to pump slowly. He was uncut, and the foreskin slid up easily over his swollen glans. Now it was Jake's turn to moan with pleasure. She stopped on a downstroke, and used one hand to smear the oozing precum all over the head and upper shaft. "Oh shit ..." Jake groaned. Theresa thought he wouldn't last long, and considered whether they were positioned such that his first cum shot into her mouth would be caught by the cameras. Yes, this is good, and the thought of Connor watching this later took her to an even higher state of arousal.

Eagerly, she leaned forward, opened her mouth wide, took his beautiful cock as deep as she could. She prided herself on her cocksucking skills, but his cock was thicker than any she had ever sucked before. She marveled at the feeling of the huge velvety head against the roof of her mouth, the sensitive underside gliding over her tongue to the back of her mouth, and her lips barely fitting around the massive shaft. She began to slide her mouth back and forth along the top half of his cock, stroking the bottom half in time with her right hand while she fondled his large balls with her left. He was growling words now "oh yeah ... oh god yes ... that's it" as his hips began to thrust involuntarily, and she let him face fuck her as he built rapidly towards his explosion.

Suddenly, he grunted "Unnnnhhhh" loudly and doubled over as his abdomen tightened -- she pulled back a few inches and let him blast into her mouth and on her face. She was amazed at the force and volume of his ejaculation -- the white cream spurting out with great speed repeatedly, filling her mouth, covering much of her face, and one jet sailing past her face and landing some feet behind her. She stared up into his eyes, her cum-filled mouth open, working his seed with her tongue for a few seconds before swallowing. "Mmmm ... you taste really good." She used her fingers to wipe the rest of his cum on her face into her mouth as well, making a show of it both for Jake and for the cameras. Rather than swallowing the second harvest, however, she mixed it with her saliva and artfully spread it along the top of Jake's still-hard cock with her tongue, then used both hands to smear it over the entirety of his shaft, her hands sliding easily back and forth now in the slippery cum mixture.

Jake was still super-sensitive after his climax, twitching and groaning as her hands worked back and forth with increasing speed. "N-n-no more -- c-can't take it ..." he panted, grabbing her hands. Now far past any residual doubts as to her intentions, Jake felt it was his turn to please. Through his sexual experiences in college, he very much enjoyed and was proficient at oral sex -- on the other hand, his attempts at intercourse were a different story. He pulled Theresa up by her hands and kissed her again, tasting his cum in her mouth. His hands now roamed aggressively over her naked body, fondling her soft full tits, squeezing her firm ass, sliding two fingers into her overheated cunt. He kicked off his slacks and boxers, and walked her backwards 2 steps to the edge of the bed. He gently lowered her onto the bed, so she was laying back with her legs over the edge. She eagerly spread her legs wide.

He stepped between them and then came down over her, supporting himself about a foot above her body. He kissed her again deeply, then ran his tongue over and around her lips, across her jawline to her ear and then down her neck, kissing and licking. She arched her back in pleasure, bringing his dangling erection into contact with her slit, which sent a shock through her. He continued kissing down her body to her left nipple, which was protruding like a pencil eraser from the center of her quarter-sized areola. He sucked it firmly into his mouth, causing Theresa to sharply suck in her breath and then groan "Ohhh yeahhh ... that's it baby, suck my tit good." He sucked and licked and gently bit her nipples, first one, then the other while Theresa moaned and squirmed beneath him. She had absolutely fantastic tits and he couldn't get enough of them. Every so often, she would thrust her pelvis up towards him, seeking to drive some kind of contact between her throbbing clit and his body. Finally, he realized she needed some attention down there, and continued his journey down her body, licking and kissing. Her squirming and hip thrusting increased as his tongue licked in and around her navel, and he felt her hands on his head, guiding him downwards.

His paused for a second with his head between her legs, seeing her cunt lips engorged and protruding in obvious excitement, her clit swollen, her juices dripping. He turned to the right and licked up the last six inches of her inner thigh, then slowly ran his long tongue right up her slit from bottom to top, going deep inside and then back out. "Uhhhnnn ... ohhh shit yes!" He repeated the deep tonguing twice more, and then brought his tongue to bear on her clit. He swirled his tongue around it rapidly, avoiding direct hard pressure. She panted and gasped and lifted her hips, trying to grind her needy clit into his mouth, but he pulled away. He tongued deep into her pussy again, eliciting a cry from her "Ohhh yeahhh ... fuck me with your tongue". Instead, he now slid two fingers deep into her, while attacking her clit in earnest with his tongue. "Ohhhh gawwwddd yessss!" she cried out, and then her whole body tightened, including her legs closing around Jake's head, holding it in place. He continued to lick her clit and pump his fingers in and out of her clenching pussy, while she just let out a long low guttural cry.

After many long seconds, she loosened and pushed his head away " No ... stop ... too much now" He knew exactly what she meant -- that feeling of almost painful hypersensitivity immediately following the explosion of pleasure. He pulled himself up and laid close beside to her. She rolled to her side and kissed him aggressively, thrusting her tongue into his mouth and then licking her juices off his face.

"That was amazing!" she said softly, and then kissed him again. This time, her hands reached for his still hard cock, and began to pump up and down the shaft. In turn, his hands were exploring her body again, but soon came to rest on her lovely tits -- he just couldn't get enough of them. After several minutes of kissing and caressing, they were both ready for more.

"How much time left in my hour?" he asked, smiling.

"Mmmm ... if up to me, I'd say ... oh ...90 min. But, I really do need to go in ...ummm, 25 min. Time to move on to the main event, I'd say."

She climbed over him and straddled his hips, his long hard cock pinned under her. She rocked her hips back and forth, sliding her slippery labia along his shaft. She lifted up a bit, reached down with one hand to lift his cock up and guided it to her eager hole. "I've waited so long for this" she purred, and then impaled herself on his huge cock. "OH ... DAMN!" she panted between gasps, "SO ...FUCKING ...BIG!"

Two-thirds of the way down, she stopped for a few seconds, absorbing the intense sensations radiating from her pussy. Jake remained motionless under her, desperately fighting the primal urge to thrust upwards and bury his shaft completely in the hot and slippery but very tight sheath embracing him. Even though Jake was nearing his 25th birthday, he had really only had successful sexual intercourse with one woman, his last college girlfriend Bridget -- he simply could not fit inside the (few) previous girls he had been with. Or they hadn't been willing to try. Even with Bridget, he had to be careful -- he had hurt her a little a couple of times by thrusting too deep, and he always let her control the depth.

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