tagRomanceLust in La Jolla Ch. 03

Lust in La Jolla Ch. 03


Chapter 3 Jenny on the Jet

A long and bumpy flight for Jake turns out well.

Sunday August 31

Jake stowed his carry-on in the overhead bin, and settled heavily into his seat 31B. Although it was still too warm, it was nothing like the sauna-like conditions of the jetway, which mirrored the sweltering August heat wave that continued to baste NYC. He was on the aisle in the very last row before the lavatories with just a single seat next to him. He never been on a plane configured like this before, with 2 seats on the left side (facing forward) and 3 on the right -- it was a McConnell Douglas S80, according to the info in the seat pocket. It was a long flight from JFK to San Diego, and he couldn't help but wonder who, if anyone, would be sitting next to him.

Meanwhile, Jenny Dawson was stepping through the door at the front of the plane, and felt her stomach flutter nervously. By God, she hated flying, but it was a price worth paying to be able to attend her older sister's wedding yesterday. She had waited as long as possible to board, and now she checked her seat assignment for the 10th time -- 31A, a window seat near the back of the plane on the right side. With her luck, a fat old lech would be sitting next to her, trying to look down her top the whole flight back home to San Diego. Dammit, I shouldn't have worn such a low cut top, she thought, but it was so bloody hot today! As she slowly made her way down the aisle, she scanned ahead to where she might be sitting, and noticed a very attractive man looking very intently at her. She looked back at him and smiled, but he didn't respond. It was then that she noticed his eyes were focused on a spot about 8 inches below her smile. Men stared at her breasts on a pretty regular basis, but she felt a little flustered this time because this guy was really great looking.

Her attention was momentarily distracted by a woman struggling to put her bag into the overhead bin in front of her. Fifteen seconds later, she looked back at him and he was still staring at her. Suddenly, he looked up and caught her eye, and then quickly averted his gaze down to his lap while his well-tanned face darkened as he blushed deeply. Very curious! Jenny thought. Another 10 rows of progress down the aisle, and she could see that the mysterious man was in row 31, and her seat was right next to him. The flutter in her stomach was now accompanied by a distinct tingle a little lower -- it had been almost 2 months since she had split with Brad, and the idea that this hot guy was very interested in her chest definitely started her motor running.

Still staring blindly at the airline magazine in his lap, Jake chastised himself again for being so lost in his thoughts that the pretty girl had caught him staring at her -- at her tits to be exact. And he was almost sure she knew exactly what he was staring at. Worse still, he thought that he had been looking at her for quite a while as she came down the isle. While beautiful women always caught his eye, he normally limited himself to quick appraisals, believing it was rude to stare. His thoughts were interrupted again by a feminine voice from the aisle "Excuse, that's my seat." Looking up, he saw it was the pretty girl, and the feeling of embarrassment flooded over him anew as he mumbled "Oh sure ... right .. let me get out of your way."

Jenny watched him with ever increasing interest as his face flushed again, and he fumbled with his seatbelt buckle. Her eyes followed his down to his lap, and she could not help but notice the large bulge in his khaki shorts, and the muscular tan thighs below, and, most importantly, no ring on his hand. Mmmmm nice she mused to herself. After a few seconds, he undid the buckle and stepped out into the aisle. Oh yeah she thought as she got a better look. He was tall -- about 6-1 and extremely well-built, broad muscular shoulders and a narrow waist under his tight-fitting knit t-shirt. His hair was relatively short and wavy, sort of a golden brown -- it looked sun-bleached -- and his eyes were an intense blue. With his dark tan, she decided he likely lived in the San Diego area. He was "tall, dark, and handsome" personified in Jenny's opinion, and she really didn't know what to make of his blatant sexual stare and then the subsequent embarrassment.

After they were both seated again, Jenny cleared her throat and then said "Hi, I'm Jenny" and held out her hand. "Hi Jenny, I'm Jake" he replied, as he reached across his body to shake her hand with a warm firm handshake which ended too quickly from Jenny's perspective -- she liked the way her hand felt surrounded by his.

Jenny decided she had to know more about this guy and decided to break the tension "I thought I'd spilled something on my shirt a minute ago when you were looking at me so intently". She saw him redden again. "Oh no, there was nothing wrong at all with your shirt ... what I mean is ... " he sputtered "my mind was a million miles away thinking about ... stuff. I wasn't really aware I was staring at you ... I'm very sorry, you must really hate it when guys just stare at you."

Jenny couldn't help but break into a big grin "Yeah, normally that's true. I think I can make an exception in your case." Jesus, she thought, I think I just told him I'd like for him to stare at my body -- mmm, I'm good with that as long as I can stare back! And now she felt her own face flushing a bit. She continued "You sound like you have some heavy ... stuff on your mind. Are you heading back home to San Diego, like me?" Jenny was now determined to get the scoop on Jake. Not only was he so sexy and maybe single, but it also appeared he might be a pretty nice guy who was genuinely embarrassed by his staring. And, from the way he apologized, it seems he did rather like what he was looking at, so he also wasn't gay -- not a minor point, as it often seemed to Jenny that most of the hot-looking single guys in the San Diego were gay.

Jake paused before answering "Well, I guess the answer is yes, but it's been ten years for me. I grew up in San Diego -- actually, in North County -- but moved away with my family to Switzerland after my freshman year in high school." So, thought Jenny, that's makes him about 24 or 25- perfect. "I'm coming back to attend grad school," Jake continued. He's moving here from Europe and doesn't know anybody, Jenny mused, which means, no girlfriend. And he's gotta be reasonably smart and somewhat ambitious - he's almost too good to be true. She could feel her heart begin to beat a little faster as her excitement grew. She took a deep breath to calm herself, but it had the opposite effect as she caught a strong whiff of his musky man smell mixed with a hint of a nice cologne. For as long as she could remember, Jenny had always reacted strongly to the way a guy smelled, whether good or bad, and Jake's fragrance was in the serious pheromone category. She leaned slightly towards him, closed her eyes, and breathed deeply and slowly again, and it was like a electric current ran directly from her nose to her pussy. She could feel herself lubricate, and that tight, itchy feeling of sexual need was almost overwhelming for a second.

Jake had heard Jenny breathe deeply after he had spoken, and had turned to looked at her. He had watched her with curiosity as she took another deep breath with her eyes closed, and could not help noticing that her nipples were now protruding quite visibly through her top. Funny, he thought it was still rather warm. He took the opportunity to look at Jenny more closely: she was really beautiful, with wavy blonde hair framing a face that was extremely cute. She was wearing a low-cut white spaghetti-strap tank top -- braless? he thought as he observed only the one set of thin straps over her shoulders - and jean cut-offs that were quite short, giving a good view of her nicely toned legs. Although they were closed now, he had already noticed her deep blue eyes. As he watched, she squirmed a bit in her seat without opening her eyes, and for some reason, this seemed very sexy to Jake. The flight attendant's voice suddenly rang out from the speaker above their heads, snapping her eyes open. This time, Jake quickly turned his gaze forward so she didn't catch him looking at her again. As he replayed that first exchange in his mind, he realized that Jenny's response to his admission of staring - "I think I can make an exception in your case" -- was puzzling. Did she mean it was okay because his mind had been wandering, or was she OK with him staring at her body?

The flight attendant droned on for several minutes, while they prepared for departure. As Jenny felt the plane begin to taxi away from the gate, her fear of flying began to reassert itself. Now she felt the anxiety on top of the sexual arousal -- what a combo, she thought. After the flight attendant finished, Jake and Jenny sat in silence as the waited in a short line of planes on the runway. Jake wondered what Jenny thought about him, and Jenny thought about the impending take-off, which came right behind landings and in-flight turbulence as the most stressful parts of flying for her. The plane turned the corner and began to accelerate down the runway, and Jenny gripped her thighs tightly with her hands as her whole body tensed up.

Once they had lifted off the ground, Jake asked "Are you okay?" A little surprised, Jenny answered "Umm -- yeah, I'm OK. Well, actually, I'm not so great right now. You see, I'm one of those people who has a fear of flying. I still do it, but it can be pretty rough. Especially take-offs and landings." She saw the concern in his eyes. "Don't worry, I'll make it. I never have understood exactly why I have this fear, it's not like I'm afraid of other things in my life. I'm actually quite adventurous in other ways, so please don't think I'm a nutcase or anything." He smiled at her, and she felt the anxiety ease and the arousal return. Damn, he has such a sexy smile. She smiled back and continued 'It actually helps a lot to be talking to you -- keeps my mind off it. You had just starting telling me about coming back to San Diego to go to grad school after ten years when we were interrupted. Are you going to UCSD?" "Sort of" Jake replied, "I'm actually going to attend Scripps Oceanographic Institute, which is associated with UCSD, but kind of separate too. I'll be in their Marine Biology program."

For the next 3 hours, Jake described to Jenny what he had been doing in the ten years since leaving San Diego. Jenny was especially interested in the 3 years he had spent after college working on an expedition in the Red Sea to study the coral reef ecology there. It seemed very exotic to her, and it readily explained his dark tan, and also the slight hint of a sexy foreign accent that she couldn't place. He described how he had a lot of free time between intense work periods, so he had spent many hours on conditioning and his martial arts, which explained his fantastic body.

He was also passionate about his music, both as a fan of many different types of music but also as a performer -- he played on a portable electronic keyboard while he was in the Middle East, but he was looking forward to a real piano again. He specifically mentioned he was excited about going to see live music again. At this, Jenny thought Should I offer to show him around the club scene? They talked for a long time about their tastes in music -- Jake had an enormous collection of mp3 music of all virtually genres. While Jenny's tastes were a bit narrower, there was still much overlap. Jake had his mp3 player in his carry-on, so he let her sample some music that he really liked she had never heard of before, and she agreed it was very good. She also learned that his time in the Mideast was quite isolating socially speaking, since the expedition crew was all male, and the local women were strict Muslims and covered head to toe at all times. He didn't say so, but Jenny imagined he hadn't been with a woman sexually for a long time, possibly years, and this did nothing to cool off her simmering arousal.

Curious, she asked him to describe exactly what he did to support the scientific research of the expedition. While listening to him describe the dives on the reef, Jenny started imagining him in a swimsuit, and then she imagined him out of the swimsuit. She became so aroused she was afraid she would soak right through her cutoffs. She excused herself to use the lavatory, and as she had feared, discovered that her panties were soaked through and the inside crotch of her jean shorts was getting a bit damp too. She had to get some relief. Sitting bare-assed on the toilet set in the cramped compartment with her shorts and panties dropped around one ankle, she spread her legs and slid her right index and middle finger into her dripping pussy up to the knuckle. Pulling out, she spread the slipperiness over her clit, which was as swollen as she ever remembered seeing it.

She began to pump her two fingers in and out while her right thumb rubbed her clit back and forth. "Oh shit" she moaned softly as she rubbed faster. Her left hand went to her right breast and she squeezed and pulled her hard nipple as her tempo increased, the sensations from her clit and nipple working in concert. "Ohhhhh gaaawwd" she groaned loudly as her climax came on suddenly and she thrust her fingers deep with hard pressure on her clit as she doubled over with pleasure. She couldn't believe she had masturbated - and cum hard! - in the bathroom on a plane; it was probably that last place on earth she would have imagined this happening.

She cleaned up her pussy fluids from the seat, dried herself off, and pulled her shorts back on. She stepped into the aisle and belatedly realized that row 31 was right in front of the lavatory -- how loud, she wondered, had she been moaning? She felt her face redden in embarrassment as she imagined Jake listening to her moan while she fingered herself and fantasized about him. He looked up as she came next to his seat, and she said, "Don't get up, I can squeeze by". She turned sidewise and faced the front as he pulled sat back and pulled his knees out and back as much as possible. She grabbed the top of the seat in front of her and began sliding sideways in front of him. When she was directly in front of him, she caught another whiff of his smell, but this time, she could also easily smell her own arousal. She immediately thought about her ass being about 8 inches in front of his face -- had she unconsciously planned that - and thought, There's just no way he's not going to notice that smell.

Suddenly, with no warning, a big jolt hit the whole plane and Jenny lost her balance. She fell back directly on Jake's lap between his spread knees, with her ass landing directly on his firm bulge. The "Fasten Seatbelt" sign immediately came on. "Omigod" Jenny exclaimed "I'm so sorry". The plane began now to shake and bounce vigorously, and Jenny felt paralyzed. Thinking quickly, Jake flipped up the armrest between their seats, and then placed his hands on her sides just above her waist and lifted as she sort of slid herself across to her seat. Her face bright red with embarrassment, she struggled with her seatbelt. As soon as she got the buckle clipped, the captain came on to announce "Folks, there's a large thunderstorm system in the Midwest, and we're going to be encountering some choppiness as we fly through it, so the fasten seatbelt sign will remain illuminated until we pass through the system."

"Oh no!" Jenny exclaimed. "Turbulence is the worst". Just then, another big jolt hit the plane, and Jenny gasped and grabbed Jake's arm. And then an even worse bump. "Ohhhh ... this is really bad!" Jenny whispered as she clenched Jake's arm tightly. He reached across with his own right hand and moved her hand down to his left hand. She relaxed a bit, and eagerly interleaved her fingers with his, so there were holding hands as a couple would. He squeezed her hand softly and said "Don't worry, it'll be alright." He felt very protective of her, She pulled their joined hands into her lap, and placed her left hand on top of his. The back of his hand rested against the skin of her upper thigh, and he couldn't help but think how warm and soft her skin felt.

The plane now began to bounce and lurch wildly, and Jenny's grip became tighter and tighter. Bang! Another big jolt, and a nearby overhead bin popped open. Jenny whimpered "Ohhhh noooo" and pulled her knees up to her chest in almost a fetal position. This had the effect of trapping their joined hands between Jenny's thighs and her breasts, and despite the gravity of the situation, Jake felt a thrill at the soft fullness against his hand. As the shaking and bouncing continued, Jenny's whole body began to tremble and Jake felt he needed to do more to comfort her. He whispered over and over "It'll be OK Jenny" while he extracted his left hand from her grip, twisted as much as possible in his seat, and put his left arm over her shoulders and his right arm around her pulled up knees. He hugged her firmly as she leaned into him, burying her face on his shoulder. Although the turbulence continued, Jenny felt so much safer in Jake's strong arms than she did before, and her trembling abated. She unfolded from her fetal position, now draping her legs across the top of Jake's, and reached out with her own left hand to place it on his chest. Only their seatbelts kept Jenny from essentially climbing into Jake's lap, and Jake's calming voice continued to help Jenny battle her fear.

After an interminable 20 min, the turbulence began to decrease somewhat, although it was still far rougher than Jenny's normal comfort zone. Cuddled in Jake's arms, however, her focus was no longer on the rough ride -- she became acutely aware again of his musky scent, and marveled at the sculpted muscular chest under her left hand. I could really go for this guy in a big way Jenny thought to herself, but will he go for me? Sure, he's being an absolute sweetheart now, but he's basically trapped in the seat next to a girl who was freaking out, so it probably doesn't mean much. A guy like Jake -- my god, the San Diego women are going to be all over him!

Jake could feel Jenny's body begin to relax, and he began to lightly caress her left arm and shoulder, occasionally trailing his fingers along her shoulder and neck and then through her soft hair. Jenny was acutely aware of his gentle warm hand on her skin, and she felt her nipples tingle and harden as she thought of that hand caressing her breasts. With a will of its own, Jenny's left hand had begun to roam slowly over Jake's upper body, and he felt his cock swelling in response to her touch. Unfortunately, it was not entirely comfortable, as it was trapped down the left leg of his shorts and he was in no position to adjust it. In fact, he realized it was dangerously close to poking into Jenny's right leg which was still draped over his left thigh. She had had her eyes closed from some time, but opened them when she felt him shift his body. She looked down to his shorts, and took in a sharp breath as she saw Jake's erection bulging underneath. A bulge much bigger than before -- clearly she had been mistaken in thinking he was already erect before. Omigod Jenny thought he's absolutely huge! She felt hot all over and hardly able to control the intense lust she felt. It would be so easy to slide her hand down his belly and over to his swollen member. Her hand began to slowly drift downwards, and, with her head still against his chest, she could hear Jake's heart begin to beat faster.

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