tagNonHumanLust on the Beach

Lust on the Beach


This story is about Viona, the cat-girl I always write about. It's related to the other stories, but you don't need to read them in order to understand this story.

I had this posted on Literotica before, but every time I read it again, I grew more dissatisfied with it. So I took it down and rewrote it; this is the second, final version. Hope you like it.

An important note: Viona, the main character in this story, is a Nekomimi; a human with a few catlike features (most importantly: furred ears, tail, claws and the ability to purr). This story does not revolve around these characteristics, though. If you have never read stories about so called "furries" before, maybe this one will be able to ease you into liking them. Who knows... ;)


Reaching out from under my blanket with an arm, I spent a second or two searching for my mobile phone, before finding it and turning off the alarm. Time to get up, I guess. I never enjoyed this part of the day very much.

It wasn't until then that I opened my eyes and threw the covers off. I rolled over onto my front and stretched my legs for a few seconds, then arched my back and thrust my rear up a bit while stretching my arms. No cat can get the day started without this routine. I yawned and lay quietly for another lazy moment, before standing up and hopping out of the bed -- barefoot and naked, except for a small golden loop through the tip of my right ear and a wedding band around my left ring finger. I took a quick shower, and went downstairs without getting dressed. Else than my sister, nobody would see me anyway. Probably.

I guess it's best to describe myself before proceeding to the story itself. I'm a rather tiny girl, being 5'4" tall and weighing 112 pounds, yet I have no issues getting people's attention, often turning many heads when I'm walking down the street. I tend to be quite happy about subtly displaying my 33C-25-34 figure, and even though people seem to love my breasts, the main thing that makes them stare and wonder, is my hair. Its natural colour is brown, but I've been dying it cotton candy pink for some time. Obviously, nobody ever fails to notice me because of this.

Along with my hair, I keep my ears and tail pink, too. That's right; I'm a cat-girl, and although my body isn't furred, my ears and tail are. My ears are quite large, even, and I have the ability to perk them to the top of my head, or droop them slightly so that they hang down the sides. Other than these, my prominent catlike features are my claws, my ability to purr, and the soft paddings on the soles of my feet. I never wear shoes for my claws feel uncomfortable in them, so this last feature comes in very handy.


"Morning!" I called out while hopping down the stairs. Silence answered. With a shrug, I walked into the kitchen and found my twin sister's note, saying that a friend had picked her up early for a day out. Thanks for mentioning that earlier, Lily. I never liked waking up to an empty house.

I shrugged off this thought, and smiled to myself while grabbing the first thing I could find to eat: a bowl of cereal with ice cold milk. Soy milk. Cow milk gets my stomach upset. One of the less lovely perks of being a cat.

Normally, I would have changed into my workout clothes and gone outside for a run, but that wasn't really what I was looking for today. I had already seen the sun gloriously lighting the skies, and it had looked incredibly warm outside. Way too warm for a run. No, I'm not lazy.

So the plans were changed. Working out had to make room for lazy leisure; a day by the lake would be perfect. It barely took me a few minutes to get into a modest, red bikini, and to put on a sundress of the same colour. I grabbed my beach bag after stuffing it with whatever I was going to need and walk out of the door.

As soon as I walked out, I realized it was already an incredibly hot day, at 10 AM. My lips curled up into a smile, and my hand reached into my beachbag and pulled out the black sunglasses. Despite the warmth, there weren't many people out, but my own explanation for this was that most people were probably hiding from the sun, preferring shadow instead. I couldn't blame them, of course; part of me already wished I had stayed at home. I kept going though, determined to have a nice day out. See, I told you I'm not lazy.

The lake and its little beach were only a five minutes walk from where I lived, so I could return at anytime if I pleased to. Moreover, hot days like these were rather rare in Belgium, so I was determined to get rid of my exceptionally pale, almost white skin. For what I knew, tomorrow could be a rainy day.

Now, when I mention a beach and a lake, don't imagine too much. The Meuse's water forms some tiny lakes here and there, and artificial beaches have been made at some places to attract tourism. They're very popular during the highschool holidays, but otherwise they're often deserted.

Today was a Saturday in May, and the beach was indeed lifeless except for myself. Appreciating the privacy this granted me, I smiled to myself and picked a nice spot to sprawl my beach towel out on, before sitting down on it. I glanced over the beach once more, and saw that there was a beach bag about 60 feet from where I was sitting. Its owner was probably out in the water, or buying a drink in the bar. Either way, I was probably not truly on my own.

Little did I care, though! I slipped out of my dress and lay down on my back, immediately closing my eyes to think for a while. I had brought half a liter of water, which would probably not be enough for the day. Moreover, I didn't bring any food, so I'd definitely have to get up in an hour or so and visit the cafés and snackbars. Wish I wasn't this forgetful. I didn't even bring a book.

A few minutes after having lay down, I was purring softly and dozing off, when suddenly startled by a male's voice. "Hey there."

I opened my eyes, immediately glad that I had kept on my sunglasses. The sun was beaming powerfully even through them, and I was squinting my eyes half closed while trying to look at the person who had walked up to me. It was a man, probably about three years younger than me, and only a few inches taller. He was wearing black swim trunks which just covered is knees; the rather long type. In his hands were two cans of beer, one of which was opened. Either he was an alcoholic, or he was being very nice unaskedly. I gave him a faint smile, although it probably looked more like a grimace, thanks to the sun shining straight into my very sensitive eyes.

"Good morning," I said, bringing a hand up to shield my eyes from the sunlight so that I could give him a better look. He was holding out one of the cans to me, so I smiled and sat up to accept it, feeling very pleasantly surprised. "Oh, thank you! How much-..." I began, but I was cut off midsentence. A very nice way to meet somebody new.

"It's nothing. Do you mind if I sit down?"

"Oh no, go on!"

I was, in fact, not just surprised by the free beer, but even more so by his friendliness. Cat-people like myself aren't very common where I lived then, and they are still subject to a lot of racism. Finding a job is next to impossible, unless it's as a strip dancer in a club. Needless to say, I didn't have a job myself, for this reason.

We introduced ourselves to each other, and started having some small talk. I learned that his name was Chris, and that he was 19 years old -- indeed three years younger than me. A pleasant surprise; I'm usually terrible at guessing people's age. Apparently, we had been in highschool together, and he remembered my face, unlike the other way around.

"I suppose people like me catch the eye a bit more," I said, shrugging in response to this.

"I guess. Though you're probably thinking about the wrong reason."


The reason always seemed to be fairly simple to me. During my six years in highschool, there had been a total of four people like me in school. All four of us had been female, and all had been world famous in the entire school of over 1,000 students. We were like celebrities, simply because they weren't human; we were commonly referred to as "kitties". And even though everybody avoided us, everybody always knew every little detail about us. I can't say I enjoyed it, but I learned to live with it throughout the years. I was lucky to have my twin sister, too; it must have been much worse for the other two cat-girls who had nearly no friends, and not a single very good friend.

"You don't know, do you?" Chris responded to my wordless question.

"What do I not know? I'm a kitty, is that what you mean?" This was getting annoying. I didn't like being reminded of these times, and if he was trying to hit on me by acting mysterious, he was not doing a good job.

"No, that's not it. It'll probably sound weird to you."

"Then what is it?" I had to resist rolling my eyes at him.

Chris had been facing away a bit, seemingly looking out to the beach. Now he turned his head and looked me in the eye with a thoughtful smirk. Just tell me, will you?

"The guys didn't call you kitty, Viona. They called you fox."

"Fox? But I..."

It then dawned upon me, and I couldn't help but laugh softly, curiously tilting my head. "Very clever. I hadn't heard that one before."

"I'm being serious!" Chris responded, defensively holding up his hands.

Shaking my head in a disbelief, I listened as Chris explained that I had been considered to be one of the better looking girls in school, after the dreadful jokes about bestiality had died down. Chris' story was simultaneously funny and flattering, and I caught myself blushing several times, although I had sunglasses to hide behind. What is it with me? Always flaunting every curve I have, yet bashful when I'm told about it.

When Chris finished talking and I had stopped shyly laughing, a few minutes of silence followed. I just sat and stared at the lake, wondering how life had been in case my looks had been able to make people accept me as a person. Maybe I'd still be in college. Maybe I'd have gone to university. Maybe, even, my mother would have loved me.

I was suddenly snapped out of my daydream when Chris stood up and stretched. "I'm going to get some food," he said.

"Oh wait! Could you quickly help me with my sunblock?" I quickly responded. I have no idea where I got the nerve.

He turned back towards me and smiled. A verbal answer wasn't needed, and I quickly took the tube of sun lotion from my bag, then handed it to Chris before lying down on my front.

Chris kneeled down beside me and without saying a word, he unclasped my bikini top before brushing the straps off my back. I responded with a thoughtful smile, but did not protest, since I would have done it myself if he hadn't.

What followed felt incredibly good. A man's hands can feel so amazing sometimes. Chris wasn't lingering anywhere, but he skillfully turned the situation into a superficial massage. Inevitably, a loud purr started rolling out from my lips, which only grew louder when Chris hit the right spot now and then. He constantly remained very respectful, although he apparently couldn't help but give a quick, gentle squeeze here and there.

When he finished, he eventually got up and left to get food, like he had intended to. I took my solitude as an opportunity to relax some more, and completely removed my bikini top before closing my eyes. A dull feeling of sleepiness hit me not much later, and I entered a trance of being half asleep. I thought about my years in school some more, and wondered whether there was any chance to meet the other "kitties". One had been five years older than me, the other four years, and the third was my own twin sister.

My slumber was abruptly aborted when I felt a prod in each of my sides. I flinched lightly, and when I opened my eyes and turned my head to look, I saw Chris standing over me with a big smile on his face.

"Good morning again, Viona," he teased.

Letting out a soft sigh, I formed a pillow below my head with my arms, lazily laying my head down again. "Thanks, I guess."

Chris had apparently found my reaction amusing, and poked my sides again with a fingertip each. I responded with another flinch and turned again, holding a hand to my right breast to conceal it a bit as it came from the ground for a second. "Hey, what's that for?" I asked. I realized I was feigning discomfort in my tone despite the grin on my lips.

"Oh, nothing," he nonchalantly responded. The next thing I knew, he was promptly sitting down on my ass, with my body between his legs. He wasn't resting his weight on me, but it was obvious he was there. I was rendered quite helpless in this position. Having taken off my top, I couldn't just roll over to push him off, and I knew that he was trying to tease me, which meant that he wasn't going to listen in case I politely asked to take a more convenient chair.

I just let out another sigh and looked up at him over my shoulder. He had his arms crossed, and was now looking at me mischievously. Then after a few more seconds of silence, he brought his hands down to my sides, ready to start tickling. Oh god, not this...

The moment was noticeably loaded with suspense. I was aware of how little I could do in this situation; all I'd be able to do was to ask him not to tickle me. And in case he would do it anyway, my only choice would be to roll over on my back to push his hands away, but this meant he would get to see my breasts; something I had not particularly planned to happen.

Instead of tickling me, though, Chris decided to teasingly prod my sides a third time. Yet again, I gasped and jumped a little, and quickly grabbed his wrists, trying to pull him away with the little power I had from this position. At first, I seemed to succeed, but I could then feel feel him effortlessly pulling his hands free from my grasp, and rest them on my waist. He began softly kneading his fingers into my skin, and I lifted my body and turned an inch or two, giving him an unobscured view of my right breast's side as I tried to push his hands away.

"What's wrong, Viona?" he teased with an obvious smirk. He was immediately moving his hands back to where they had been, each time I clumsily pushed them away. The way he did this made it very obvious that my resistance was completely futile.

"Come on, stop that."

"Stop what?" His smirk grew wider, and he finally used his fingertips to tickle my right side. I turned my body yet a little bit more than before, and pushed his hand away. More of my breast became visible for a split second, and judging from Chris' widening eyes, he had seen more than he had expected to.

Finally, he moved his hands away and stood up, with an almost teasingly innocent smile. "I'm going to go in the water for a bit. See ya later," he added, before turning away and dashing off to the lake. I chuckled softly as I saw his body gradually sinking into the water, eventually disappearing in it completely for a second or two. Flees like the wind once he gets to see a boob. What is wrong with this guy?

This gave me some very welcome liberty. Chris was at least fifty yards away from me now, so I was able to sit up without having to care about him seeing very much. I searched through my beach bag, and pulled out my spare bikini top; this one was one with strings instead of straps, which would only leave very thin tan lines on my back. In case I'd end up getting a tan, of course. I put it on and looked around for a second, before standing up and walking off into the water as well. I quickly joined Chris in the cold, fresh water, finally taking a very refreshing dive in it.

When I emerged my head from the water, I glanced at the beach once more. It was deserted, so it was quite safe to stop caring about my bag and towel for a while. Swimming further into the lake, I looked at Chris again. He was enjoying the water by himself for a bit, giving me the chance to do the same. Despite his teasing, it seemed like he really was a thoughtful and respectful guy.

"I'm going to sit on the raft for a bit," I told him, and I received an acknowledging "okay" in return. The raft in the middle of the lake was a curious thing. During summer, teenagers always tried to be the first ones to claim it in the morning, only to be joined by their puppy lovers later to cuddle all day -- in plain sight. Nobody ever did anything active on it, and as far as I knew, children were actually not even allowed to swim that far into the lake.

I climbed onto the small raft, and sat on its edge, my feet dipping in the water while I looked around for a while, enjoying the sight of the calm water below me. My eyes then fell on Chris again. He was about thirty yards away from me, and paying me no attention as he seemed to be searching for something on the bottom of the lake. I could repeatedly see him taking a breath before disappearing under the water. After a few times, he stopped doing this, and I decided to call out to him.

"What's up down there, Chris?" I said, loud enough for him to hear.

"Just trying to see how deep it is." Such a child. Did I do things like that when I was nineteen?

"Did you find out?"

"Nope, too deep. I suppose it's five metres or so."

Chris gave it a shrug, and started swimming towards the raft. I moved away from the ladder a foot or two, allowing him to climb up onto it.

To my surprise, Chris didn't actually join me on the raft. Instead, came to rest in front of me, suspending himself in the water and smiling up. "Are you going to dry up? You know you'll have to swim back, right?"

I nodded, then curiously cocked my head as I thought it over. Indeed, I'd have to swim back, and I would probably look up against getting wet again after having let the sun dry my skin. Shrugging and nodding, I smiled at Chris and let myself slide back into the water.

"Actually, the water does feel good. It's great when it's calm."

Chris agreed, then asked about my plans for the day. We slowly swam back to the beach while the I told him about my intentions to just relax all day long, and take the opportunity of the day to get a tan.

"Now if you behave, I'll be able to continue tanning my back," I said playfully.

"I'm not sure if I can."

We both laughed, and I splashed some water against Chris' face.

When we returned at my towel and bag, I sat down again, and Chris right next to me. A few minutes of silence followed. It wasn't awkward; both of us were just taking in the atmosphere again for a while, without needing to say anything. I wanted to lie down on my front after a few minutes, so Chris stood up to give me some room on my towel. He finally spoke, now.

"Don't you tan your front, too?"

I laughed and shook my head. "I do that in my backyard, when nobody's watching."

Chris returned this with a laugh of his own. He seemed to be hiding disappointment as he looked down, avoiding eye contact. I rolled my eyes this time, and reached for my tube of sun block. "Would you mind helping me out one more time?"

"Oh, sure. Gladly."

He smiled again immediately and took the bottle. Instead of sitting down next to me, he now straddled my ass. I smirked and lifted my tail behind his back, softly tapping his shoulder with its tip, which apparently surprised him a bit.

"Don't tickle, okay?"

His only response was a smirk and a nod, before untying my top and letting the strings fall off my back. I hesitated for a few moments, but eventually decided to trust Chris. Instead of keeping the top on below my chest, I now untied the string behind my neck, too, then briefly lifted my body to move my bikini top away, laying it down next to me. Afterwards, I formed a pillow with my arms again, and relaxed when I felt his hands touching the back of my shoulders.

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