tagSci-Fi & FantasyLustfall Ch. 03

Lustfall Ch. 03


"Fay! Hey, Fay!" a soft hand shook her body. "Wake up!"

Fay opened her eyes. Again lying on a bed, was it hers this time? The sunlight entered through a large window with balcony.

'Daybreak already?'

Fay sat up on the comfy bed. A white blanket was covering her naked body and slipped down her chest when she got up. Noticing that someone was next to her, Fay grabbed the blanket in a rush and tried to cover her privates.

"Embarrassed?" grinned the pink-haired woman. "There is nothing that I haven't seen already."

Fay tried to remember her name.

"Valyxa, right?"

She nodded.

'So everything happened after all...'

"I-I... so it wasn't a nightmare... Did I hurt someone?"

"What? If you hurt someone?" Valyxa laughed at her. "You have had the night of your life and made someone else had theirs too and you're worried if you've hurt someone?"

But Fay was genuinely worried. What's wrong with that demon woman? Did she not think about other people's feelings?

"I'm serious..."

"Oh, my... You're so funny gal." Valyxa rested one hand on Fay's shoulder. "You don't have to worry, everyone's fine. You don't have enough power to injure anyone."

"T-That's a relief... I suppose."

Valyxa moved away for a second to grab something from the closet.

"I have mended your belongings with my magic."

"Hm... Thank you...?"

"Don't need. Everything's right here."

Valyxa handed over a pile of folded clothing containing Fay's dressing.

"Your bag it's right there too." Valyxa pointed at the desk.

Maybe this demonic woman even had a heart.

"That's nice." Fay stood up and dressed in her underwear. "Why are you helping me, by the way?"

"Well... I've told you last night. I can't afford to have an astray succubus running wild and..."


"We have to look after each other now that we're the same."

Fay looked horrified at her hands.

"Do you mean I'm still a monster?"

"Monster? Wow! No... We're not monsters... We are desire, gal... The kind humans thrive but cannot reach."

"I think you said that it could be reversed, that I could be human again... Am I not?"

"You look human, that's correct, and I've taken all the measures to revert your condition back, stopping the transformation but..."


Fay was preparing to receive a shock.

"I think you're special."

That didn't sound so bad.

"And what do you mean by that?"

"Means that the succubus taint is still in you."

The nightmare wasn't over after all.

"Can't you get rid of it? Remove it in any way?"

"I'm afraid not. This is no usual succubi breeding... Look, you have something inside you. That man, Shakron, was correct, this essence inside you has awakened and you will see more of it for sure."

"So I really am a demon..."

"A succubus."

"And will I turn again into that... creature?"

"Hmmm... It depends... Can't tell you for sure."


"But I can help you control it."

'Control it? What does she mean by that? Was there a chance to contain it?'

After another quick visit to the closet, Valyxa brought with her a box made of wood and opened it before Fay. Inside the box there were six vials containing an orange liquid that looked just like the one Valyxa made her drink during the night.

"Take one. If you get your lust taking over again, drink it. It will help keeping your senses an soothing your hunger."

Fay grabbed one vial and put it with care inside her bag.

"You are being too kind Valyxa. Perhaps I misjudged you."

The pink haired woman raised one eyebrow.

"Well, I'm not your enemy," Valyxa said with a smile. "Now, don't you have a life? Get out of my apartment!"

Fay suddenly realized.

"O-Oh my gosh! T-That's right! I'm getting late to my work and today is a special day! T-They will get mad!" Fay talked desperate as she finished dressing in a rush. She grabbed her bag, put it on the shoulder and walked toward the apartment door.

"Hey!" Valyxa stopped Fay on her rush. "I shouldn't need to say it but keep your mouth shut about your condition, will ya?"

Fay nodded before twisting the doorknob and getting stepping out of the room. She leaned out her head one last time to say one thing. "Thank you for everything."

"We will meet again. Now go!"

Valyxa waited two minutes after the door closed. Thinking, considering her options. There were a lot of variables now, unexpected agents. Her Lady's plan might need a new perspective.

'I suppose that the best choice shall be to consult her directly.' The mere thought of visiting her Mistress made her shiver. 'The sooner I deal with it the better.'

Valyxa gestured with her hands, lighting up the room with the bright sparkles of her magic. A dark glooming portal with the shape of an oval appeared on the wall where she aimed for.

Valyxa gulped before taking a step into the vortex of darkness.


Valyxa appeared inside a large room after she crossed the magic portal. It was a long chamber carved in the hard rock of an ancient cave. A red silk carpet with clear signs of degradation went across the central hall, guarded by pairs of columns that supported the weight of the stone ceiling.

The darkness made it hard to see, even with the thin beams of light that entered through the narrow openings in the broken ceiling.

Valyxa used her demonic eyes to dilate her pupils, accommodating her sight to the lack of light. She walked between the columns towards the other side of the room where a throne chiseled in the stone awaited in silence after centuries have passed since the glory of better days abandoned this cursed place.

The throne was not empty. A dark thick feminine shape was sitting on it. Her chestnut skin was covered in droplets of sweat and crowned by a scarlet mane of hair locks and two pairs of black horns. Her breath was heavy and she let out sweet moans of pleasure through her half shut lips. The mounds of her buxom chest jiggled every time a wave of ecstasy exploded in her loins, which were being worked by a poor human woman who happened to be the latest succubus victim.

Valyxa stopped just a few meters before the throne and waited with patience making no sound. She crossed her arms behind her back and stood still. Valyxa knew well that her Mistress made no please in being interrupted in the middle of her meals. She wanted to avoid discussing with an angered Mistress.

The ancient succubus didn't realize the presence of Valyxa as she had her eyes closed, locked in a delightful joy that was firing through her veins. She opened her mouth in a joyful shriek that echoed through the chamber, revealing a set of fanged teeth and a long blue tongue that stuck out to lick her dark plush lips.

The Mistress raised her eyelids as the wave of pleasure reached its end. A pair of magenta iris inside a pool of darkness fixed their look on Valyxa.

"Oh, Valyxa, my dear child. I assume you bring news from Lumnex...?"

"My Lady." Valyxa bowed in reverence when she felt the fire of her Mistress's eyes looking at her. "That's right."

"Then speak my dear."

Valyxa took a moment to consider her words.

"The plan is going as you have foreseen..."

"Hmmm..." The Mistress expression was a delightful wide opened smile. "Something tells me that your presence here brings more than that."

"Yes, my Lady, something happened."

"Oh." The mature succubus pushed her victim aside and crossed her thighs. The pressure on them made her love juices to slide down her copper limbs, reaching for the dark hooves at the end of her hairy legs. "Tell me everything."

Valyxa explained the details in the progress of their scheme under the watchful eye of her Mistress. She looked pleased with what she was hearing.

"... but, I've found something tonight. A woman who is like us but not exactly the same-"

Valyxa's words caught the interest of her Mistress.

"Tell me more about this gal."

"She's just a young human, awakened to the ways of succubi but not yet a full succubus."

"A proto, huh...? I suppose you've dealt with her as I commanded."

"Yes, my Lady..."

"So what's the matter? Why you bother me with her?"

"She's not a usual proto, my Lady, hasn't been turned by another of our own. She doesn't even have the Covenant Sigil." Valyxa was talking about the twisted and thorny black heart that every succubus displays under their navel.

The Mistress raised one of her scaled eyebrows.

"Hmmm... That's... interesting..." The demoness took a moment to think. "This... woman, what's her name?"

"She goes by Fay."

"Fay..." The Mistress drummed her fingers on her cheek.

"Tells you anything?"

"Not at all... But... A succubus without the Covenant Sigil... Where does she get her power from?"

"I think she has a Primal Essence inside her."

The demoness stopped her finger drumming and stood up from the throne. Her dark dragon wings spread wide to the sides from her back while a thick tail twitched around her legs, dancing with grace.

Those fiery magenta eyes pierced through Valyxa's soul.

"Are you serious?"

Valyxa nodded as well as she trembled.

"And not a usual one."

"A Primal Essence granting the gift of succubi? Never heard anything like that... Are you sure, Valyxa?"

"I felt it inside her. It has awoken... Reacted to my sounding, it almost burst with a tremendous amount of power."

The Mistress kept her gaze on Valyxa, now with a straight face. "I see... I want to see this... Fay. Bring her to me."

"There is more, my Lady. She is a librarian sorceress, I saw her red quill."

"Now, now..." The demoness brushed one arm over the prominent mounds of her chest. "That is something rather interesting... We might have found a diamond in the rough." She sat back on the throne, making herself comfortable. "She could be very useful. Now I'm even more interested in meeting her. You know what to do... Anything else?"

"In fact, yes... When I was cleaning the mess that Fay caused when she turned I met someone... A man, dressed in a white coat."

The Mistress leaned her head over one hand, resting on the stone armpit.

"Joyd Marsyus..." She mentioned. "So you've seen the Man in White. What did he tell you?"

"You know him, Mistress?"

"Answer me."

"He's interested in Fay too. Seems like he was looking after her, in an unusual human way I mean. Could be trouble?"

The demoness laughing resounded inside the chamber.

"He's no man, Valyxa. Just a fool who knows one or two tricks. I've dealt with him before. Don't worry about that, he won't be a problem."

"As you say, my Lady."

"You have your orders." The Mistress was about to bid farewell with her dark taloned hand when she stopped in the middle of the motion. "It's been quite a while since you and I had fun, right?"

Valyxa felt a sudden eagerness to give herself into the lecherous curves of her Mistress, the result of her master's intoxicating scent, a fragrance that could make everyone near horny and hard to resist its effect, even for a full succubus like Valyxa.

Valyxa tried to defy her Mistress with all her willpower but the need she felt was stronger, her Mistress's power was more intense, nearly impossible to counter.

"I don't think you're in a position to reject my offering, Valyxa." The demoness grinned. "Anyway... You have something to do. I will give your reward when you return with that girl." Her eyes went over the woman kneeling before her, she had a delightful lewd expression on her face, eager to taste the demon juice one more time. "Till then."

"As you wish, Mistress."

Valyxa left her master and her new pet in the midst of joyful moans and pleasure groans. The slurping and sucking sounds were still audible from the far end of the room when she stepped back into the portal for Lumnex.


Fay somehow managed to get in time for her first practice class. She knew she was going to have her first contact with the new job as a sorceress that day but didn't imagine it would involve physical exercise.

The middle-aged man assigned to her teaching put Fay to do a bunch series of push-ups, crunches, and squats. After the last set, her whole body was bathed in sweat and her limbs hurt with the pain of enforcing all the physical activity she has skipped during the years.

The intense session ended with Fay lying exhausted on the ground, fighting to catch her breath.

"Why do I have to do this...?" Fay complained. "Do not sorcerers rely on magic to do the heavy stuff for them?"

"It is equally important to train both mind and body, Ms. Sadford." The teacher replied. "When you are out there fighting monsters or helping those in need, there will be times when you couldn't make use of your spells and will have to rely on your own strength."

"But is so tiring..."

"And this is why I always tell the Archiver we should enforce exercise on the novices from the very beginning."

"You make everyone go through this torture? I've been told that I was going to do fun stuff."

"What do you mean? This is fun! Watching all of you suffer when you struggle to get in shape. This makes my day."

Fay sighed, she didn't even have the will to reply. Lying on her knees, she observed the spacious room they were in, a vast chamber within walls of stone, ground covered in grass. Beams of natural light entered through a glass dome in the center of the ceiling.

From the outside, Fay would never have imagined that a room so large was part of the library's basement.

"I thought we were going to learn some spells."

"There is a time for everything. Look at Ms. Oxorn," He pointed at the voluptuous blue-haired woman who was walking towards them. "Even with all her duties as Archiver she never misses her daily practicing. That's dedication, my dear. You should learn from her."

The teacher made a reverence before the Archiver when she got close enough.

"Nice to see you, Ozzy. I've told you need not salute me every time."

"Manners make a man, Lady Archiver."

Gwenvyr turned to Fay and lent her a hand to stand up.

"Good day, Fay. Looks like you've been greeted with our welcoming party."

"Yeah... I think I'm gonna break into pieces..."

Gwenvyr chuckled with the innocent comment.

"Let me take over from here. Ozzy, if you don't mind that I teach the first lessons..."

"As you wish, Lady Archiver."

Ozzy stepped back but didn't leave, he stood still just a few meters away, observing the duo in their practice.

"Let's show you some basics, shall we?"

Gwenvyr drew two different symbols in the air with her quill, the glowing ink floated before her waiting for its master's command. She pushed forward with her hand towards the magic glyphs, they vanished with her touch, releasing the magic spell hidden in the written words.

A fireball blazed past to the other side of the room where it exploded against a magic barrier, leaving ashes on its trail.

"Woah! That's cool..."

"Now try yourself."


"Use the manual we gave you in case you forget the glyphs requested." Gwenvyr was referring to the light volume Fay received from Ozzy's hands before starting class. It was titled: 'Spellbook I: Basic glyphs' and contained a full list of abstract characters requested to do the simplest magic scripture.

Fay searched for the two symbols corresponding to the words 'fire' and 'ball' respectively. She scribbled them, imagining a hard board in front of her body. Her red quill shined with every trace given.

When she finished writing she touched the mixed characters, leading to a little explosion of light that showed a tiny flaming ball falling into the ground, vanishing into a sparkle.

"Hm... Well... at least the execution was right..." Gwenvyr commented. "You need to build up your anima."

"My... anima?"

"Your inner essence, what connects you with the auryl around you and gives you the power to wield magic."

"And how do I do that...?"

"Practicing and exercising."

Fay sighed, she expected that answer.

"Don't be hard on yourself. It's normal when you just get started. Another important factor for the type of magic we use here is the calligraphy. We base our spells in the scripture of these symbols, the meaning of the glyphs hold their power and we make use of that trait to release their potential into ideas that came alive with our spells."

"I-It's like we are writing things into the world? Changing... reality?"

Gwenvyr shut her eyes for a moment, thinking about those words.

"Kinda. There are limitations, of course. In the end, it all depends on the willpower of the sorcerer and its skill to properly use the tools it has."

"So I just need to get better."

"You now understand why we insisted so much in practicing calligraphy during your trial period."

"And here I thought it was just a requisite for librarians..."

Gwenvyr smiled at her.

"Come on, let's try something easier."

The Archiver took a small leaf from one of the trees that were growing in the roofed courtyard and placed it over the palm of her free hand.

Using her quill she wrote two more words which glowed with a green light just before a wind current raised the leaf in the air, sweeping the thin layer on its trail.

"Try that. Wind current."

Fay searched the words in her manual and wrote them at once, then she pushed the characters towards the leaf.

"Now guide it with your quill, imagine the stream of air in your mind, where do you want it to go."

Fay did exactly that, grabbing her quill with care, she pointed it up. The leaf swept within the air stream and rose in a spiral motion.

Fay giggled. 'I am doing magic!'

"That's right, lead the movement. The wind is yours to command."

Fay kept playing with the leaf in the wind, watching it soar as she wished for it.

"This is awesome. I can't wait to try more stuff."

"Sure my dear, there is much to learn and it can only get better."

Gwenvyr gently caressed her back.

"Now we could move on to water manipulation..."

The Archiver spent the next hour teaching Fay basic spells and how to improve and twist some details to craft her own spells using what Fay had learned today.

"The only limit is your imagination. As both librarians and sorcerers, we are supposed to be creative people, and that should show in our magic too."

"I'll try..."

"Just remember not to use it in public. In this region of the world, magic is not well-known and could bring you trouble if someone finds out. Keep it in secret and practice only when you're alone, here in these grounds or in your house if you feel in the mood to test the most harmless spells. Just try not to burn anything."

The Archiver patted Fay on the back before bidding farewell.

"Let's wind up here and take a rest. Remember what I said, practice is the key to mastery."

Gwenvyr left the grounds at a swift pace, her long mane of blue hair rippling with the waved motion of her hips.

"You heard the Lady, Ms. Sadford. Now take some earned rest and then carry on with your duties."

"Yes, sir."

Fay's clothes were sticky and wet by the physical effort she had endured. She needed a cold shower to clean herself as soon as possible.


After taking a shower to clean her body and changing her clothes, Fay felt a sudden wish to take a walk around the new area of the library that was now accessible to her thanks to her new status as a sorceress.

An entire room filled with bookshelves containing piles and piles of books she had never heard of, essays detailing the use of magic, volumes, and maps recording the history and geography of all the civilizations that inhabited the land before the current Lumnex.

Fay considered her first read, lost in so many possibilities. Walking the halls she felt a strange thrill like something was calling to her.

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