tagIncest/TabooLusting For Him

Lusting For Him


I quietly followed you as you entered a bar across the street from where you worked. I knew I couldn't go in because I didn't want you to see me. So I sat there waiting for you to come out. I leaned against a tree, constantly thinking about you. How I was craving you. How bad I wanted you inside me. I could tell I was getting wet. I tried to calm myself down as I waited.

Thirty minutes passed and you finally walk out. I get up and start walking. I'm far away from you so you don't notice me. Where were you headed next? I'd hoped that it would home, so I could finally make my move. When I noticed you walking in an unfamiliar direction I stopped myself. I sighed deep and turned to go home. Did I really want to give up that quick? After all that it took for me to sneak out and follow you. I guess I didn't have a choice. I jogged home letting the cold breeze hit my face. I coughed a little bit and continued jogging.

I climbed the tree that led to my room window. Mom and dad thought I was in my room, surfing the web. I climbed in the window and jumped down from the sill. I kicked my shoes off and threw my jacket on the bed. I stripped down to my panties and bra. I closed the window and curtains and walked over to my bed. Though it was cold outside I was so hot. I don't know why, but it could've had something to do with you. I flopped down on my bed, my legs slightly opened.

The image of you shoving your dick deep down my throat suddenly popped into my head. My pussy twitched and quickly moistened. I jumped up trying to clear my mind. I was getting hornier and hornier thinking about the things I'd do to you. I quickly undid my bra and tossed it to the side. I sucked on my finger and rubbed and pinched my nipples, making them stick straight out. I moved around a little loving the feel of my wetness. I slowly slid my hand down and stuck them in my panties, shoving my two fingers deep inside me. I moaned out, falling back bringing my legs up on the bed as I fingered myself nice and fast. I tried hard not to moan too loud. Images of you bending me over and fucking me from behind raced through my head. My moans got louder and louder, as I fingered fucked myself faster and faster. I used my other hand to switch from pinching and pulling each nipple. I continued to imagine all the terribly naughty things we did as I drew myself closer and closer to my orgasm. Images such as me riding you, you eating me out, me sucking all over your dick, you pounding your dick in me deep; constantly ran through my mind. I slipped my other hand down and started rubbing my clit in a circular motion. I slightly thrust my hips forward as I keep this pattern going for a while until:

Before I knew it I was coming hard, moaning loud as I did, my pussy still pumping as cum leaked out. I jumped up to hurry and get ready to shower. I threw my clothes in the dirty clothes basket and walked into my bathroom, turning the shower on. I waited till it got hot, then stepped in. I cupped my hands together so water would go in there. I splashed it on my face. I let a little of my hair get wet. I couldn't get you out of my mind. I needed to feel you inside me. I tried to shake it off and continue washing.

I could've sworn I heard footsteps. That couldn't be, this is my bathroom. I squinted trying to focus and look out the shower curtain. I saw the silhouette of a man's body. Who could it have been? Was it you? Could it be that you're standing there? You move in closer, making it easier for me to see your figure. I slowly but surely stop washing. I stood there frozen, not knowing what was about to take place. It was you, you were standing right there. My pussy reacted to seeing you. I turn so I wouldn't face you anymore. You get closer, standing right next to me now. I back up some. My pussy twitched again, as I felt your dick right on my ass. I wanted to moan out, but I didn't want to scare you away. I felt your hand slowly caress my ass. I turned around so that I was now facing you through the curtain. I pressed my tits against your chest. I felt you grab one and start to massage it as much as you could. My mouth slightly opened, letting out soft moans. You take your other hand and move it down my body slightly rubbing right above my clit. My moans grew a tiny bit louder. You suddenly let my tit go, turning to leave. I whimpered as I saw you leave out. I quickly finished washing and jumped out the tub, more turned on than before.

I got dressed and crawled under my covers, waiting and waiting. It felt like hours went by. I glanced over at the clock, seeing that it had only been ten minutes. I sighed and got out the bed, standing up and walking over to my mirror. I tugged my shirt off and went into my drawer to fish out a bigger shirt. I slid my panties down and laid them neatly in my drawer. I slipped on the biggest shirt I owned. I sat down on the edge of the bed and turned on the TV. I flipped through the channels hoping I could get my mind off craving you. For some reason my pussy wouldn't let me forget anything about you. The thought of your cock pressed against my ass made me drip onto my t-shirt a little. Was I really to go at it again?

I spread my legs and slowly ran a finger up my slit. I shivered, wishing it was you who was doing this to me. I spread my lips and used my middle finger to rub up and down my clit. I slowly started to circle my finger on my clit. I bit my bottom lip, holding myself from moaning. I continued, moving faster and faster. I allowed myself to let short quiet moans escape my mouth. I slipped in another finger and continued to work my clit nice and hard. I was going insane. All I had to do was continue thinking of you and I could release myself quickly. I held back though. I slipped another finger in and went insane, falling back on the bed and holding my legs up a little. I continued going until I came hard. Breathing heavy I realized I couldn't wait any longer. I needed to taste you. I needed you to be inside me. I slowly calmed myself down as I stood up and walked over to the door, slowly opening it. I tiptoed down the hallway, being careful not to wake mom or dad. I walked up to your door and opened it as quietly as I could. I stepped in and closed the door. There you lay fast asleep in your bed. I stood there for a moment getting wet all over again.

I finally decide to walk over to your bed. I lift the covers and get in the bed. I laid there sniffing you just a little while. You turn so that you're lying on your back. I smile and slowly slide my hand down getting ready to do what I longed for. I move in and kiss you lightly, being sure not to wake you. I lift up and stare at your gorgeous face. I move my other hand down and undo the button on your boxers. I slowly pull your dick out and stroke it carefully. You moan quietly, keeping your eyes clothes. I continue moving my hand up and down your cock. Listening to your sweet moans made me so much wetter. I could tell I was dripping a lot. I continued pumping my hand up and down your dick. I could feel you were fully hard. I slide my head under the covers and feel my way to your dick. I slowly licked around the tip, down your shaft one side and licking back up the other. I listened to your moans and grunts, making me go crazy. I slowly started to slide your massive member into my mouth, trying to go as far as I could. I kept going till I felt it touch the back of my throat, making me gag a little. I slowly started sucking hard, my head bobbing up and down, your dick disappearing and reappearing in and out of my mouth. I continued going faster and a little harder. I hear you moan a little louder, thrusting forward. I started sucking and stroking, wanting you to cum hard in my mouth. Your grunts grew longer; I could tell you were about to cum. I prepared myself to taste you. I kept going, working my mouth and hand piston-like up and down your cock. You suddenly explode in my mouth, I was sure to get all of it. I moaned out quietly, coming on myself from the taste of your cum. Do I bother to go further?

I lift up, crawling over your dick. I slowly slid the tip of you in me. I moaned out a little, trying to stay quiet. I kept inching in till you were two thirds in. I started moving up and down, getting used to the feel. I kept going till I was comfortable enough to fuck your cock they way I wanted to. I started riding you properly, moaning out loud. I covered my mouth as I realized I was being too loud. I felt your hands lift and hold on to my hips. I jumped and stared at you, noticing that you were fast asleep, moaning out. I placed my hands over yours; I continued working your dick inside me properly. I slightly rolled my hips, thrusting you in and out of me hard. I bit down on my lip hard, trying to stay quiet. I continued, licking my lips, tasting a little blood from biting down on my lip. I allowed you to be the only one who moaned tonight. I continue moving in nice even rhythms. I could feel I was about to cum any second. I kept going as fast as my body allowed me to go. I screeched as I came hard on you cock, still going so I could feel you bust in me. My pussy throbbed, but that didn't stop me. I kept going until finally, YES! There it was your huge load of cum squirting deep in me. I slowly slide you out of me and fall down next to you. I stuck my finger in me and got some of your cum on my finger. I slid it out, slowly slipping my finger into my mouth and sucking it off. I smiled and stared at you. Though you were sleep, your smile was as big as mine. I didn't want to move, but I knew I had to get up sooner or later. After five minutes I finally stood up. I kissed you on the forehead, whispering 'thank you' and quickly leaving the room. That was that, I had found a way to take care of my needs. Whenever my brother thought it was necessary to starve me of his affection, I found a way to get it without him ever knowing. I found a way to fulfill those lonely nights when I lay alone and lust for him. I won't tell if you don't....


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by Anonymous04/05/18

My sister is my toy

People need to understand its all just fantasy. I liked the horny sister concept because in reality........they are. Ignore the negative feedback, they couldn't write shit.

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